The Box…Pt2

Well here we are again Dear Avid Reader…

As promised the second and final part, so without further ado  or my normal ramblings, read on. Oh! And remember…be careful what you wish for!!!



Sundays were always lazy days in the Keller household and this day was almost no different. John and Andrea were woken by their youngest bouncing on their bed demanding breakfast. John had risen after checking he wasn’t sporting a ‘morning glory’ and had taken the youngster downstairs and dished up the preferred cereal of the month. He brewed a pot of tea and armed with croissants returned to the master bedroom to find the eldest sitting beside his frustrated looking wife playing a handheld game system.

It was almost midday when sitting out on the veranda they got their first moments alone. “Have you felt like that before?” asked John nervously.

His wife pondered her answer obviously knowing what subject he was talking about. “I… let me ask you something first?” he watched as she bit her bottom lip before continuing, “Did you fuck her yesterday?”

John smiled, “I did wonder that you didn’t ask me last night… no I didn’t.”

“Were you tempted?” came the nervous reply.

“Yes,” he said honestly, “she’s an attractive woman… I’m… it’s odd but I knew that before but yesterday… I guess I seem to have been so horny lately… I was tempted but it wasn’t going to happen.”

“I know what you mean. Well, the horniness part anyway…” she blushed, “the last week or so I’ve… been unable to leave my-” she looked about making sure that the boys weren’t in earshot, “I’ve been masturbating like it’s going out of fashion when I haven’t had your… cock to play with!”

“And what you said about Lizzie?” pressed John.

“I honestly don’t know where that came from… odd, for years all those women’s magazines going on about our fantasies and it’s never appealed but…” her voice trailed off.

John turned in his seat and took his wife’s hands in his, “It’s not something I need, you are more than enough for me, Andi.” His eyes met his wife’s, “Especially these last few days!” Though I wouldn’t say no he thought to himself.

She leaned forward and lightly kissed her husband’s lips, “In the cold light of day… maybe it’s something… maybe?”


The next month life returned to a reasonable likeness of normality. John was glad that his duties at the hospital had only briefly synchronised with the luscious lipped Lizzie being on duty but in the back of his mind he was also disappointed. His sex life showed no signs of abating; it was almost as if every time he felt horny Andrea would be of a like mind. Where they had probably made love once or twice a week previously they now had sex at least nine or ten times a week. Even as his wife entered her menstrual period she had insisted on sucking his cock. When things, as she put it, became less messy he had almost been ordered to take her in every position possible and they had broken their record from their ‘courting’ days and had fucked eight times in a single day.

Andrea had complained when she had made him climax the eighth time that his balls were empty.


John was rummaging in the inbuilt cupboards of the master bedroom for a pair of trainers when he spotted the overnight back lying idly on the floor. The memories of his grandfather and those strange few days flooded back. The footwear forgotten he lifted out the ornately carved box and carried it downstairs to his study. His fingers tingled against the rough wood of the box. He’d placed it beside the ‘pornographic’ letters on a high shelf and as an afterthought placed the box behind some reference books alongside them out of reach of his children.

He almost had to physically push the thoughts of his ‘inheritance’ out of his mind as he sat down in front of his laptop and looked at the research paper he had been working on for the past eighteen months. The words seemingly danced across the screen as he tried to focus on details. “I can do this, I’ve got to do this” he muttered to himself. Gradually he managed to sift through the masses of data he had personally accumulated through the years and the various other studies by other more accomplished scholars in his field.

A message icon flashed up on his screen and he opened a fresh window to see a Dr. J. Harvey had sent him an e-mail. The tag against the name told him that he was a fellow Oncologist from San Francisco. The contents of the e-mail began to echo around his mind as he saw that the doctor had been following a similar thread to his own research but had come at it from a slightly different angle. As luck would have it the man was in London and felt that they should meet having read a synopsis of John’s research that he had published six months previously. Almost immediately after reading the message John had sent a reply saying that he would happily meet with him as soon as was possible.

The reply came within ten minutes which had seemed like an absolute age to John and the American doctor insisted that he would be available in two days and would happily come up from London to see him. A few seconds and a couple of sentences typed into the laptop and John had agreed happily for him to come to his house when he said they’d drive up on Wednesday morning.

He lifted the bottle of twenty-five year old Macallan and a glass from the shelf below the hidden ornate box and offered a toast to the God above that he didn’t believe in for his good fortune although he suspected, irrationally, that the ‘flute’ was responsible but couldn’t see it being a gift from God.

John felt like a little kid whose Christmas presents had all come at once. He was sitting back in his chair grinning broadly when Andrea came in with a mug of coffee. Briefly he explained about the American and his infectious excitement was all to plain for his wife to see. The door to the study was standing ajar and his coffee forgotten about as he fucked his wife over his desk, the broadest grin adorning his face as he emptied his seed inside her.

The two of them sat back on his chair, still ‘almost’ fully dressed to anyone looking in from the door. He hugged Andrea tight to him as he felt his cock soften within as her pussy trembled and quivered about him. She twisted slightly upon him and then told him her news.

The Keller family of four would be five by the spring. Christmas and Birthday presents all at once thought John.


John sat at his desk mulling over the events of the day in a state of euphoria. He shut down the laptop and was about to head up stairs to join his wife in bed and with a sure mind that he was going to ‘eat her out’ until she ‘came her brains out’ when he looked up at the high shelf. He lifted down the ornate box and opened it up. He stared at the roughly carved flute for a full minute before lifting it out of the box.

It was the first time he had actually touched the ancient musical instrument and he felt a power that he had known would be there. He knew that this was the object that had changed his Grandfather’s life and knew that it had already changed his. His rational mind was ignored, the flute was a magical instrument and where Wally had used it for sex and money he would use it for Good. He blew into the small pipe and was transported back to that strange glade. The most beautiful sound he had ever heard issued from the end of the flute. Where it had been day before, it was now night and if he’d been nervous about the shadows under the trees before he had to admit he was now terrified.

He dropped the flute back into the box. The stuff dreams or maybe nightmares are made off he thought. The box was closed and placed back up on the shelf secreted behind the reference books. Still he felt a surge of unnatural power as he walked up the stairs.

Andrea screamed and screamed as she climaxed. His tongue and mouth played her pussy and he heard that beautiful sound that had issued from the flute reverberate through his wife’s body. She thrashed and screamed loudly and he had known that his children wouldn’t wake or that the neighbours would call the police in fear that his wife was being murdered. When he finally relented with his tongue he had taken her to another level as his cock, thicker and longer than it had ever been, had plunged into her gushing quim. The smells of the glade assaulted his nose as he drove deep inside her, changing position and tempo frequently for what seemed like hours till he erupted inside her and she fainted dead away.

He looked down as his cock throbbed and pulsed within his unconscious wife watching his seed pour out around his manhood. Even without his medical background he knew that it was impossible for a single pair of testicles to contain so much fluid. When he decided enough was enough the flow of white semen ceased and rolled gently onto his side keeping his still hard length within his wife, slowly he let sleep take him afraid of his dreams.


The next morning he could only catch vague wisps of his dreams or nightmares as he slipped his erection out of his wife. She stirred but remained asleep as he showered and dressed and headed silently out of the house and to the hospital. That strong aromatic smell from the glade, the ‘haunted glade’ as his irrational mind had taken to calling it, appeared to drift across his path throughout the day which dragged him back to the box in his study and the strange instrument that lay within. Rather than being a distraction he found answers and responses popping into his head during his rounds and his meetings.

Alone in his office he pulled up his research and found solutions to anomalies that had perplexed him for the past year. He also knew that with Doctor Harvey’s help they were on a verge of a breakthrough. He’d just tweaked a chemical formula for a possible drug on his screen even though he only had an average knowledge of pharmaceuticals but was sure that his answer lay in that direction when there was a knock on the door. His cock twitched in his trousers. He looked down at his crotch amazed that there was any life still in his genitals as he called out “Come in Lizzie!”

The door opened and the young staff nurse stepped in carrying a folder. “Now that’s a good trick, Doc!” she stated.

“Lucky guess, Lizzie and please call me John” he said without turning around. She walked up to stand beside him. Even in his seated position the nurse’s diminutive stature meant that she was only a head taller than him.

“Here’s the file on Mrs Devlin… John” she said as she put the brown folder on his desk and rested her hand on his shoulder, “I haven’t seen you sneaking a crafty ciggie recently?”

“Have you not heard they’re bad for you” he joked.

“I did hear a rumour” she replied and twisted around to sit on the edge of the desk, her toes only just touching the floor. “I was wondering John…”

He looked up into her blue eyes, “I would and very much so, Lizzie, but I will not go behind my wife’s back.”

“So… you’re fairly open in your marriage” she said smiling.

“Nope, never have been” it was a strain for him to keep his eyes on hers as she shifted back onto the desk top. She spread her legs and he knew she was wishing they still wore the old uniform dresses rather than the practical trousers that were now standard. He imagined what she would have looked liked on his desk with her uniform hiked up exposing sheer stockings and suspenders and if he would have been able to resist. He shook his head slowly and her eyes saddened.

“Good for you” she said disappointedly, “I guess I better get back to the ward then.” She hoped off the desk and walked briskly across the room, “catch you later, Doc!” she said as she opened the door.

“Of course you could always ask Andrea… who knows?” John said without turning around. He didn’t need to look around to know that Lizzie now had a broad smile on her face. The door closed and he stared off into the distance in the vague direction of his house knowing that within his study, high up on a shelf was a small box with a ‘Magic Flute’ inside it. He burst out laughing at the name he had just given it.


John and Andrea managed to keep their hands of each other until after the kids were tucked up in bed. As he thrust deep inside her from behind he told her “You might be getting a phone call some time soon.”

Her knuckles were white where she gripped the headboard as she thrust back against him, “Ye… yeah… who from?”

He drove as hard as he could into her before answering “The luscious lipped Lizzie.”

“She came… onto you again” Andrea gasped.

Digging his fingers into his wife’s hips he twisted his cock within her, “She came right out and asked me.” A small groan escaped his lips as he felt his wife’s pussy contract tightly around his member.

“You said no? Mmmm…!”

“I said she’d have to ask you… she seemed hopeful… maybe even happy about it.” He pulled out with a loud slurp of her juices and slapped her across the left cheek before rolling her onto her back and moving up to straddle her stomach.

Andrea pushed her breasts together cocooning his pussy slickened cock opening her mouth greedily, “Maybe I’ll have to make her work for your cock!”

His cock jerked violently within the warm embrace of his wife’s bosom as he shot all of his seed directly into her open mouth.


John waited impatiently in his study for Doctor Harvey to arrive. His nerves were frayed with the anticipation of the forthcoming meeting and he’d almost popped out to buy a pack of cigarettes but he was afraid that he’d miss his arrival. Half ten arrived and a black saloon car pulled up along his drive. He rushed to the front door and down the steps to pull open the drivers door, “Doctor Keller?”

The man, a little younger than he was but with significantly more grey hair, behind the wheel got out as a twenty something oriental woman stepped out from the passenger side. He offered his hand to the man, “Doctor Harvey, I presume?”

The man grinned and shook his head, “I’m sorry but you presume wrong, Doctor Keller, I’m Paul Avis. This is Doctor Harvey.” He indicated the young oriental looking woman across the roof of the car.

“Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry.” He felt himself blushing, “I hadn’t even realised you were female, Doctor Harvey.”

“Not to worry Doctor Keller, if you don’t know Chinese names you weren’t to know that Jiao was a woman’s name!” she said softly, “My assistant Paul, you’ve met” she added with a grin full of bright white teeth.

“Call me John please”

“If you will call me, Jiao?” she answered.

“Jiao?” offered John hoping he had pronounced it correctly. She nodded her approval and John led the three of them into the house.


Back inside John was quick to introduce the doctor and her assistant to Andrea before she made the same mistake as he did. “Let me guess, John got the two of you mixed up?” asked Andrea with far too much glee in her voice. Once again John felt his cheeks redden as he led them through to the lounge and offered them tea and coffee. He hoped that Jiao wouldn’t be offended by the simple English Breakfast Tea that they had to offer but he shortly found out that she was third generation American even though her speech seemed to be greatly influenced by the land of her forebears. She also preferred coffee.

After about half an hour of pleasantries he led the two of them through to his study. He looked up briefly at the reference books concealing the ornate box before swiping his finger across the mouse-pad of his laptop and bringing the screen to life. John stood back and pulled out his chair for Jiao to sit down as Paul opened up the bag he had been carrying and lifted out the Doctor’s own laptop. As he plugged it in and opened up the relevant files John stood in the middle of his study wringing his hands. Eventually the small computer was ‘warmed up’ and Paul motioned John forward.

Jiao finished reading John’s files a good few minutes before him. She stood up and stretched interlacing her fingers behind her back rolling her shoulders. Stepping around the table she opened the French doors to the garden quietly followed by Paul. When John had finished he also rose and followed them outside.

The two of them were leaning against the garden fence chatting animatedly as he approached. Jiao looked at him as he looked at her and the two of them broke in to broad grins while he was still some yards away. “Between us we have something!” stated John.

“We have,” agreed Jiao “but can we make it work?”

“We can, I know we can… do either of you smoke?” asked John ignoring the fact that they were all in the field of Oncology.

Paul blushed and pulled out a crumpled pack. John gladly took one and accepted the lighter and leant on the fence looking at across the gentle undulating hills of arable land. Jiao stared at her assistant as he shrugged his shoulders, “A fine example you two set!”

“True,” answered John before continuing, “I think your trial of the Bovillaemauris drug is the key, I’ve got a drug which may kill the cancer cells but it never stops there, but yours looks like it could put the ‘brakes on’ so to speak.” He sucked the acrid fumes deep into his lungs.

“It does have that effect with some compounds, but…” Jiao hesitated.

“The Lab tests have been very disappointing, to the extent we haven’t yet applied for animal trials” added Paul.

“What do you think the issue is?” asked John.

“Toxic shock sometimes” answered the assistant. John was a little annoyed with the man’s reply stating the result and not the possible cause.

“It seems to be all in the timing of application between the two shots… leave the second inhibitor shot too long and it almost seems to become a booster” Jiao said, the disappointment obvious in her voice.

“How critical?” asked John.

“Possibly a few minutes… if the inhibitor isn’t given within a window of maybe fifteen minutes it either causes the initial injection to have no discernable effect in the long term or as I said apparently triples the strength and re-writes the medium to such an extent we have toxic shock!”

“But when the timings were right it’d be the perfect platform for my drug?” John drained the last nicotine from the cigarette and stubbed it out on the fence post.

“To be honest, even when we administer the second dose too late it could still be a perfect platform for your drug, it’d have coded your drug to the cancer genes… effectively making it a real surgically precise drug” answered the young woman.

“But the patient would already be dead… there’s just too many factors to gauge the time period between the initial and the inhibitor dose on any given subject” interjected Paul, he began to list them on his fingers, “Age, sex, weight, general health, stage of cancer, body chemistry-” He eventually saw the look on Jiao’s face and stopped lowering his hand.

“Paul give us a while” she said diplomatically and waited till he headed back to the house, “I hate to say it but he’s right. If only we could take out some of the factors?”

“Hmmm… take out some of the factors…” considered John wishing he’d ‘bummed another cigarette of Paul before he left. “So apart from the patient dying the drug does what it’s designed to do…?”

“Apart from that, yes!” Jiao stared at John and began to smile in reflection of the one she saw on his face, “What?” she eventually asked.

“The biopsy… we don’t need much tissue to add the drug to and then we re-combine it outside the body…-”

“-we re-introduce the genetically tailored drug after the inhibitor has taken effect and it’ll only attack the cancerous cells!”

“And all we need to know is the weight of the sample and the particular blood chemistry.”

“You’re right. When you re-configured your drug, which Paul reckoned was simply a matter of altering the order of combination during the manufacturing process, it improved its chances to sync with the inhibitor! Brilliant!” finished Jiao almost laughing.

John led Jiao over to a bench beneath the shade of a Pear Tree and the two of them continued throwing ideas back and forth.


Andrea stood at the sink looking out across the lawn as she chopped up some vegetables for lunch. She watched the three people talking passionately over by the fence. She felt pangs of jealousy from time to time with John’s work. This was one of those times, her own professional career as an accountant had never been rewarding on anything other than the financial side and she hadn’t been sad when she had quit it to have children. She filled her days now that the children were older with various activities and only felt the vacuum left by employment when she saw John so enthusiastic about his vocation.

She lay the knife down and walked to John’s study to gather the cups that had been left there. Stepping into the cluttered and yet comfortable room she saw the two laptops idling on the desk and began to place the dirty cups, milk and sugar on the tray she had brought. She shivered as she felt a chill run down her spine and Goosebumps swarm across her flesh. It was odd that lately she had felt unease when she had come in here and she shook her head to dispel the sensation. Her fingertip trailed across the hard dark wood of the desk and remembered last Friday when John had taken her roughly across it, her breasts pressed flat and aching as they’d rubbed across the smooth top. The Goosebumps remained but her nipples hardened and she felt warmth spread from her crotch. “Just so fucking horny these days, Andi!” she said to the room.

She was just about to lift the tray when her eyes wandered along the bookshelves. She stopped and stared at the faded shoebox up on the top shelf. All of John’s other files and book and folders, although well thumbed and often dog-eared were ‘brand-new’ in comparison to this one item. Her knuckles whitened on the side of the tray as she fought a battle within her mind trying to resist her curiosity.

She lost.

She released the tray and stepped over to the bookcase pushing the small hop-up with her toe, she grinned at the description of ‘half-a-Dalek’ that her eldest had given it, as she stepped up onto it and lifted down the musty box. She sat down in John’s swivel chair and lifted the top of the box gingerly to find all the old letters within. For a moment she wondered if they were some of her husband’s love letters to old girlfriends but the number and age of them made it obvious that they weren’t. Gingerly she lifted the first one out and read the name on the front of the envelope and realised they had belonged to his late Grandfather. She arched an eyebrow as she wondered why John hadn’t mentioned them.

Chewing on her bottom lip she carefully extracted the letter and began to read:-

Walter my love,

I know you still want me! I want, need you more than ever! I need to feel your hands grasping my flesh, I need to feel your mouth and your kisses teasing and biting my body!

“Raunchy!” whispered Andrea.

To feel your teeth pulling on my nipple, sinking into my flesh and leaving your mark upon my pale skin. My fingers are buried within my honey pot as your big hard cock was the last time you came a calling! My nectar is dripping down my legs as I wish you were here taking me any way you want. I need your cock pushing into my mount of Venus, I need to take it in my mouth, I need it my most private of places!”

Andrea’s own hand had loosened the belt on her jeans before she realized what she was doing. She didn’t stop and unzipped them before slipping her own hand into her already damp knickers and scratching a fingernail up along her slit until she found the small hard nub of her clit. The shoebox fell to the floor, the contents spreading across the wooden floor, as her hand shook slightly holding the letter. She gasped as she felt a small wave of warmth spread out from her centre.

Tie me up Walter, spread my legs and press your wonderful hard cock into my ass. Ram it into me till I beg for mercy and then ram it all the harder. I’m your slave and you can do anything-everything you want to me as long as you give me your seed. Oh God, Walter, I have my entire hand inside myself thinking of your fat cock tearing into my ass.

Make me whole, Walter, make me your slave, make me the vessel for your wonderful seed!

The letter fluttered to the floor as Andrea closed her eyes and pushed three fingers into her burning flesh. She felt her lips stretch around them as she slowly pushed them deeper past her knuckles till they twisted within her. Breathing heavily she slowly withdrew them and added her little finger and once again stretched her cunt as she eased them back inside. Four times she pushed them in and out of her soaking wet pussy before she looked out the open French doors to see her husband and his two guests still talking over by the fence. Pulling her fingers completely free, she stood up and pushed her soaking underwear and jeans down till they hung untidily around her left ankle.

She sat back down and lifted her bare leg over the arm of the chair and stared down at her gaping lips. They were red and angry and dripping with her juices. Reaching down she spread them as wide as she could with her left hand as she smeared the juices on her right all over her thumb and palm. Tentatively she placed the tip of her four fingers inside her slit and folded her thumb in between them before pushing them firmly and resolutely into her cunt. She groaned loudly as her knuckles spread her quim further than it had ever been spread before. She hesitated for a fraction of a second before her hand slipped inside her, her pussy spasmed almost instantly and a gush of juices squirted out around her wrist as she pushed it even deeper feeling her fingertips up against her womb.

“Ohhh…ohh… god, Johnny…where are you when I need your cock?” she moaned her eyes tightly shut as she twisted her fist within herself rubbing the knuckle of her thumb up against her G-spot. She bounced up on the chair as her entire body quaked and she bit her lip hard to stop herself from screaming aloud. Tears ran down her cheeks as she moved her fist fractionally back and forth, wave after wave of intense sensation emanating from every movement throughout her entire being.

She threw her head back as her mind exploded and she felt her cunt lock her hand inside her as if it was in a vice. She had no idea how long the sensations lasted but eventually she rolled her head back forward and opened her eyes. A figure was silhouetted against the French doors, a man with one hand rubbing his crotch, “Come here now!” she demanded without a clue if it was her husband or the other doctor’s assistant or even a complete stranger.

It wasn’t her husband and she didn’t care as he came into reach she grasped Paul’s belt with her slickened left hand and pulled him closer. She fumbled with the buckle and almost tore the button of his trousers before pulling his zip down rapidly. Her hand was inside his boxer shorts and extracting his erection within a matter of seconds. She looked up into his dilated pupils as she pulled his cock into her open mouth. He groaned aloud as his hands wrapped around her head and he felt his glans press against the back of her throat.

Andrea began to fist-fuck her pussy harder and faster as she urged Paul to fuck her mouth. He felt a hand slip inside her blouse and grasp her breast squeezing it tightly as his hips rocked back and forth against her bobbing head. Her cunt exploded once again and her hand reached around the almost complete stranger to pull him harder into her mouth. She heard Paul swear from above her and felt his body stiffen. She pressed her mouth firmly down on his erection feeling the glans pressed firmly against the back of her mouth as she dragged air in noisily through her nose. His entire length twitched hard and she felt the first jet of seed erupt into her throat, she gulped hard feeling as if his cock was sliding even further down inside her neck. Jet after jet issued from his spasming cock and she greedily managed to drink it all down. Only when his cock began to soften did she release it and gingerly slip her fist from inside her sore and stretched pussy.

“I…err…” stammered Paul.

“Oh shut up,” she admonished him, clumsily pulling her jeans and panties off her foot, “we ain’t finished yet!” she took hold of his saliva streaked cock and led him out through the door into the hall.


John and Jiao had gone over their ideas trying to find any potential problems and think of possible solutions in advance. The wind had picked up and John suggested going inside and getting something to eat to which the younger woman rubbed her hand across her abdomen and readily agreed, “I am quite hungry” she admitted.

They stepped back in through the French doors and John sensed rather than saw that something was out of kilter. “I wonder where Paul has got to?” wondered Jiao.

The room was as neat or untidy depending on who you asked, he almost immediately looked up to the top shelf but the reference books in front of the ornate box were still in place. The cardboard shoebox was also up there and he wasn’t sure but he thought it had moved. He looked down at the ‘step-up’ positioned directly beneath and knew that had been behind the door to the study. “Hmmm, let’s check the kitchen, shall we?”

The two of them entered the kitchen. “Hi” echoed Andrea and Paul together. John looked from one to the other and back again while Jiao looked at him trying to decipher the expression on his face. Andrea was busy at the hob frying something smelling of garlic in the pan while Paul was busy slicing vegetables with his shirt sleeves rolled up, his jacket hung across the back of one of the kitchen chairs. Andrea glanced across at him and for a split-second he saw a look of guilt and embarrassment flash across her face before her eyes flicked to Jiao and a more neutral expression returned, “Hungry?” she asked.

He looked back at his wife with the full knowledge that she’d had carnal knowledge of Jiao’s assistant. “Starving!” he replied and then answered the question he had sensed had really been in his wife’s mind, “You two kept each other entertained while we obsessed about our work?” He smiled and nodded fractionally at his wife.

She raised her eyebrow in that questioning look she often used and smiled back, “Oh you know, read a little, discussed this and that.” He heard the emphasis she had put on the word and once again refreshed his smile flicking his eyes to the study behind the wall to his left.

Jiao appeared to sense the coded conversation but was at a loss as to what the deciphered message was but she had noticed that Paul had remained resolutely fixated on the vegetables he was chopping and appeared to be blushing slightly. She’d have words with him on the journey back and she suspected it’d be about professionalism. She had never admitted to anyone let alone Paul or her husband that she had often fantasised about her assistant and was slightly (make that greatly) jealous if he had ‘misbehaved’ with Doctor Keller’s wife.


John and Andrea waved goodbye to the car as it pulled out onto the main road and away from their house. It was almost eleven o’clock and Jiao and Paul had stayed longer than they had intended as their flight back to America was quite early and they still had a two hour drive back to London. The kids were already asleep as John turned to his wife, “So did you fuck him?” he asked as he closed the door.

Andrea dropped her eyes to the tiled floor of the hallway and nodded. John reached out and grasped his wife’s breast through her blouse, finding her hard nipple easily he twisted it through the garment and the bra beneath, “You’re a bad, bad girl! Did you simply drag him to bed as soon as he walked back in while I was out in the garden with Jiao?” he reached up with his other hand and tore her blouse open, buttons popping and scattering across the stone floor.

“He caught me…” she whispered as her chest heaved.

John pushed up Andrea’s bra and grasped both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, “He caught you doing what?” Her reply was inaudible and he twisted her erect nipples in opposite directions savagely.

She gasped and he knew her pussy had spasmed and soaked her panties. He wondered if they were the same pair she had worn earlier and if Paul’s semen had oozed from her slit during the afternoon and evening or if she was wearing any at all. “He caught me fisting myself…” she said louder and then raised her head to look up into his eyes.

“Fisting your cunt in my study… while reading my grandfather’s letters?” he asked pulling the tender flesh away from her breasts and letting them spring out of his fingers.

Her fingers were unbuttoning her jeans as she stood there in the hall feeling her juices run down her thighs beneath the denim. “Yes” she breathed, “and I sucked him off when he found me! I’m a slut and I deserve to be punished!”

“Oh you will be!” replied John as he pushed her in the direction of the study. “Strip!” he demanded as he closed the door behind him and Andrea obeyed tearing her blouse further in her haste to pull it off. When she was completely nude her husband ordered her to bend over his desk as he reached up and lifted down the shoebox. He placed it beside her head and opened it briefly searching the letters till he found one he wanted. He laid the sheet on the desk beneath her face and told her to read it. She squirmed against the smooth top of the desk as he stripped behind her finally releasing his aching cock. She writhed even more when she felt his erection press between her ass cheeks as he grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back and tied them together with his tie.

He looked up to the top shelf and ‘saw’ the flute within the ornate box as he raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her ass. Andrea read the missal sent to her husband’s Grandfather and knew that John was going to redden her ass till her cheeks glowed before slamming his cock deep into her anus. Her juices streamed down her legs at the thought.

What hadn’t been in the letter was that John almost managed to get his entire fist into her ravaged pussy as he slammed his cock into her ass.

An hour later and they showered together, John had dropped to his knees and teased and caressed her throbbing slit with his mouth and tongue. Tiny orgasms had rippled through her till she could climax no more. In bed she had slowly and softly sucked on his cock till he erupted powerfully into her mouth. She regretted that her pussy ached too much for him to fill that hole with his seed as well.

As they lay together in each other’s arms he suggested that perhaps the kids ought to stay with her parents the following weekend. “What have you got planned” she asked with a smile in the darkness.

“I was thinking that we should get the Luscious Lizzie over” he answered.

“Only if I can suck your cum out of her cunt?” she replied.

“I think that could be arranged” he answered with a grin.

Andrea pressed her lips to his ear, “Promise?”

“I promise!”

As he drifted off to sleep he knew that the ‘flute’ would grant all of his wishes. A cure for cancer and a Nobel Prize for his efforts, as well as all of his fantasies, anything his heart desired.


He found himself in the glade once again. It was dark and unseen eyes once again watched him from beneath the trees. He stood there naked, ashamed of his body, the rough grass beneath his feet and the moonless sky above his head.

“Johnny, Johnny, Johnny… what am I to do with you?”

In that moment he no longer feared what lurked beneath the trees and even though he didn’t want to turn around to see the person or thing addressing him he felt his feet moving with their own will. Slowly the stone he had seen before came into view but this time there was a small man sitting upon it. If his feet weren’t obeying him, his hands were as he gripped his bicep between his thumb and forefinger and twisted the flesh as painfully as he can.

“Do you people really think that works?” the small man asked, “I can’t feel pain so I must be dreaming” he mimicked John’s voice precisely, “Well, Johnny, you can feel it, so are you dreaming?”

John’s breath caught in his throat as his brain seized up. “Come on Johnny, you’re an intelligent fella, cat got your tongue?”

Even though the glade was dark the small man seemed to be lit from nowhere, all of his details crystal clear for John to see. Why a completely non-descript man filled his soul with terror, he had no idea. Still there was the man’s tongue which seemed too big for his mouth and also appeared to end in a sharp point as he clearly pronounced his words. “Who… who are you?” John stammered.

“Oh come on John, don’t make me out to be a liar after calling you intelligent! You know who I am. Walter didn’t catch on half as quickly as you and yet here you are the scientist!”

“You knew my Grandfather?” whispered John.

“Sure, don’t I know everybody…” the man seemed to shimmer and shake and morph. One second John was looking at this boring little man and then he was looking at an old man sitting in a threadbare armchair, then a plump five foot woman with large breasts dressed in a cashmere sweater (Maria thought John), then a tall, striking brunette in a smart business suit staring at the entrance to his Grandfather’s block, then a grey haired Paul looking down at his wife’s mouth wrapped around his cock, then the Luscious Lipped Lizzie dressed in an old style nurses uniform with the hem pulled up exposing a hairy pussy framed between suspenders and then back to the boring little man. “Pinch yourself again, Johnny, just to make sure!”

John’s hand went to his bicep once again and twisted his own flesh till it tore. He looked down as blood poured from the wound and ran down his forearm to drip off the tips of his fingers. The pain ripped through his mind and he knew he wasn’t dreaming. “I… err…”

“Who am I, Johnny?” he asked.

“You’re him…”

For the briefest of moments a horned demon sat upon the rock surrounded by jets of fire and the stench of sulphur, “I am, but that’s such a melodramatic body… fun though with your devout believers, doesn’t half give them the willies!”

“Why…what?” stammered John.

“Oh come on, whose flute did you think that was?” he asked with a look of incredulity.

John stood there frozen as this ordinary man, a ‘nobody’ who’d you’d pass on the street, who’d you’d stand beside on a bus and not even notice proclaimed to be the Devil.

“Time to pay the piper, Johnny boy!” he grinned the tip of that unnatural tongue making another appearance.

“Wh… What? I don’t understand” whispered John, his eyes flicking either side of the Devil looking for a way out and seeing glowing red eyes appear in the darkness beneath the trees.

I don’t understand” mimicked the man, “Sheesh! They never understand!” he looked over his shoulder to where John was staring and turning back shook his head, “You don’t want to go in there, Johnny Boy, the remains of the damned always hungry for a fresh soul, I leave them with the vain hope that they can get their own back or borrow yours and escape their torment. Of course they can’t, but you should see them tear it out of a ‘live’ person?” the man shuddered for effect. “Even gives me the heebie jeebies!”

“But I’m a good man!” pleaded John.

“Yep, I’d have to agree with that but what do I care? Actually more fun if you are. All those wretches in there” he waved his finger around the glade and when it returned it was holding a cigarette which he took a long drag from before continuing. “As I was saying all those wretches have played the flute and profited from its power, actually old Wally is in there, no longer knows who he is but you get that when you become a slavering hound of Hell, would you like to see him? No? Okay then, they all enjoyed themselves immensely and generally made other people’s lives a misery and then I called in their markers and here they are for the rest of eternity!”

John watched the little man take another drag on the cigarette and even though he was terrified and he thought the tobacco smelt strongly of sulphur his hand trembled with the urge to snatch it away and suck the poisonous smoke deep down into his lungs. All of a sudden he realised he was also holding a lit cigarette and stared at it for a moment before he threw it to the ground. He crushed it with his foot in automatic response before he howled in pain as it burnt a hole clean through his bare foot.

The Devil howled in laughter.

John gritted his teeth, “I’ve made no one’s life a misery!”

“Doh! Why do you think I called your marker in so soon? A cure for cancer, have you any idea how much suffering that ‘flaw’ in the Creator’s design causes?” The man looked upwards, “And they reckon he doesn’t make mistakes? You can’t even cheat properly on your wife, you wish your children to behave, you keep an old man alive long enough for him to see his fucking Grandchild! Pass the fucking sick bag Vicar!”

“So you’ve got me, Jiao has made no deal, shit! I made no deal! She has no part in this and she’ll do just fine without me” said John defiantly. He ignored the stinging pain from his arm and foot and stared the Devil in the eyes.

The Devil just grinned, “No she hasn’t, though you know I am the Devil and well, I don’t play by the rules. All it takes is a little nudge here, a whisper in the ear so to speak, a little distraction at the opportune moment and I can achieve so much, God is an absentee landlord and the world is now my playground. All he left you with was ‘free will’. Did you know she had the ‘hots’ for her assistant and all evening she has become increasingly annoyed that he stuck his cock in your wife’s cunt. You wouldn’t have spotted it, those inscrutable oriental genes of hers. About an hour ago I gave her a final push and lo and behold we have an argument of her own free will. Nothing fatal about that, you ask? Oh I forgot, not a good thing when you’re tired and driving down unfamiliar roads in the dead of night. In her anger she pressed her foot harder down on the accelerator and ‘Bob’s your Uncle’, we have a Road Traffic Accident and another fatal tragedy to add to the statistics!”

John felt as if he had been in the accident as well as the wind was knocked out of him and he collapsed to his knees. He looked up at the grinning figure, “My data…” his voice trailed off as he feared the answer.

“Ahh… it’s all so very sad! I’m a bit of a people watcher but I suppose you’ve worked that out by now. Did you know your youngest has a fascination with matches? You and your entire family died in a house fire! Now if you’d been a bit more like your Grandfather I could have used you for a few years. The amount of wrecked marriages, illegitimate children, suicides… right to the end, getting that fat lump of a neighbour to suck him off every day and she couldn’t say no… Ha! Even after he died she still wanted cock, didn’t she Johnny, but no, you’re a good boy, aren’t you?”

Tears were pouring down John’s cheeks and he could hear the damned beneath the trees panting and groaning with the feast of his soul they were about to receive. “Of course old Wally wasn’t as good as his predecessor…oh no, now that man was a professional! Did I mention where Wally got the flute from?” He waited till John shook his bowed head, “Yep, a little bunker in Berlin! What I didn’t mention you’re the product of a zealous SS Gruppenführer? A very enthusiastic one at that, but you had to hand it to that little runt, Adolf, that boy knew how to party! You don’t want to believe me? Seriously, without the power of the flute who would have paid attention to a talentless painter, dwarf with stupid taste in facial hair?”

John felt his head being raised by an unseen force and looked up at the Devil, his eyes being dragged towards that mouth. “I was only joking about the rest of your family dying; I’m not really that cruel. But now it’s time to eat your soul and I’m always hungry!” the mouth widened, the pointed tongue beckoned him between two rows of razor sharp teeth as the world seemed to shrink away and all that was left was the dark void within.


John woke up with a jolt. In the darkness he could just see the familiar ceiling of his bedroom. Just a nightmare he thought and then he felt the pain in his upper arm and in his foot. He rolled from the bed and cried out as his foot landed on the carpeted floor. The pale outline of his foot was visible and a black hole seemed to be almost in the centre. He looked at his arm and could see the black wound with dark rivers running down to his fingers. He turned expecting Andrea to have woken when he had screamed in pain but she remained unaware of him. She was writhing beneath the covers beside the dark stain of his dried blood on the bottom sheet. Tentatively he reached forward and dragged the duvet down finding his wife with one hand crammed in her mouth and the other sliding its fingers in and out of her soaking pussy.

Only then did he realise how impossibly hard his cock was and he almost crawled across to her to shove it into her mouth. All it takes is a little nudge here, a whisper in the ear the Devil had said. John’s heart shot into his mouth as he imagined his son playing with matches and he hobbled awkwardly around the bed.

“Fill my mouth, my cunt, my ass! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” his wife pleaded in whatever erotic dream she was trapped within and John had to wrench his hand away from his painfully hard erection as he stumbled through the door. He made it to his youngest son’s bedroom leaving a trail of blood behind him as the wound in his arm opened up and a burning heat spreading up from his foot. His son was still in his bed writhing in a similar manner to his mother but from the most terrifying of nightmares. He was leaning against the doorframe and was about to go to comfort his son when the Devil’s words came back to him again, a little distraction at the opportune moment and I can achieve so much.

He tore himself away knowing what he had to do. He heard his eldest scream loudly as he made it to the top of the stairs, tears running down his face to splash against the banister. “If there’s a Devil, there must be a God!” still he resisted the desire to run to his children and descended the stairs, he stumbled and fell down the last few steps as his ‘holed’ foot gave way beneath him and heard a sickening crack issue from his wounded arm. The arm hung loosely as he pulled himself up, once he was steady he went to cradle it with his good arm and even that lightest of touches was too much and he vomited on the tiled floor.

Eventually after seeming to empty his entire system he made it to the study and looked up to where the ornate box with its poisonous cargo was hidden. He tried to reach up but the break in his arm seemed to open up further increasing what he had thought was as much pain as a human could take. He almost fainted at that point but thought about his unborn child within his wife’s womb. He smiled through the pain as he hoped for a little girl. He stepped up gingerly onto the ‘half-a-Dalek’ murmuring a quiet mantra to free will and the God he now believed in again and again, “I can beat the Devil… I can beat the Devil…”

He swept the old shoebox off the shelf spilling the contents behind him and pulled the reference books down hearing then thud heavily on the wooden floor behind him. He reached into the dark shadow to grasp the box.

It wasn’t there!

He pulled more books down until he had emptied the entire top shelf and had run his hand all along it to only find the smooth dusty surface of the bare wood. He stepped backward landing on his injured foot and screamed again, stumbling back and knocking his laptop to the floor. It landed beside the desk and the screen shattered followed by a sizzle and then a small stream of acidic smoke rising up from the gap where the letters ‘J’ and ‘K’ had been. He ignored it and stumbled forward throwing more books from the second shelf from the top. In his panic he threw the bottle of whisky behind him ignoring the crash of glass as it broke.

The shelf was almost half empty and still no sign of the box when the room brightened. For a moment he used the increased light to look into the shadows before he slowly turned about. The laptop with the last cure for cancer somewhere within its silicon heart was sitting in the centre of a pool of golden fire. “Fuck!” he cried and stumbled forward slipping on the letter from Annabelle with promises of her daughter’s virginity. He felt a sharp jab against his temple as his head connected with the corner of the desk and landed short of the precious computer. His impact stirred up his Grandfather’s letters and as soon as they came near to the small blaze fuelled by the whisky the tinder dry paper erupted into fire. He felt a small trickle of blood run down across his forehead and felt strangely cold as the room grew ever brighter and hotter.

Just before everything went dark he held up his broken arm, the pain distant, and stared at his unblemished bicep. No tear in his flesh and he knew without looking there was no hole in his foot. “Oh god…” he whispered as the darkness took him.


The little man stood beneath the pear tree with his hands out in front of him warming them on the inferno that had been a house. A small ornately carved box tucked under his arm.

“Oh, wait a minute… I am that cruel!” he said with a smile as a pointed tongue poked briefly between his lips.


The End


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~ by ftfagos on January 27, 2012.

One Response to “The Box…Pt2”

  1. See!!!! I told you the devil was in the details!!!!

    I did enjoy it. I really liked the way you wrote the “sex” scenes in this story. Rather than go into detail of each sensation in descriptive terms you kept it more vague allowing the reader to fill in all the sensations for how they might feel in the various ways.

    Another man with a funny mustache trying to conquer the world, but the bastard son tries to cure cancer. You twisty brained goofball!!! So where are you taking us next time???


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