Shannon’s Story

Part 3 of ‘Contact’


“The ungrateful bastard” I muttered to myself walking through the empty feeling flat. Tony had been called away to the other side of the continent on work. We had planned a pamper weekend for the two of us and now there was just me. And how does he tell me? A message left on my voicemail and a scribbled note on the kitchen table. I looked at the note again. “Too fuckin’ right m’laddio, me n’ Miche are going to spoil ourselves rotten! I ain’t so sure I’ll be in the mood next weekend fucko to have anything made up to me!” I wanted to cry as I had been looking forward to a weekend of massages, saunas, tanning and fucking all month. Well at least Michelle would appreciate the massages, saunas and tanning.

The only thing I could forgive Tony for was that he had managed to get hold of Michelle and that she’d been able to swap shifts at ‘Temptations’ so her Saturday and Sunday would be free.

The flat, ‘our’ new flat for seven weeks now, seemed to be full of creaks and moans with just the one warm body in it. I almost jumped out of my skin as Jerry sidled around my ankle mewling plaintively for food. “Okay, okay there are three warm bodies but you ‘n Tom just don’t…”my voice tailed off as Jerry sat back on his haunches and did his Meercat impression. I stamped into the kitchen followed at a safe distance by the tabby to see his brother sitting patiently by their empty bowls. Opening a couple of sachets of food I filled two clean bowls and watched them tuck in eagerly; Jerry growling as he ate. “Have you two got any idea just how sore I wanted my pussy to be by the end of this weekend?” another strange creak issued from the fabric of the building as if it was in agreement with me.

It was Friday evening and I was all alone in the big city. Michelle was going to be coming straight here after her shift ended at 2am so we could set off as early as possible for the Spa just outside the city limits. I ran myself a hot, foamy bath with the plan of spending a good hour or two in it with the latest book I was reading. Although it soaked away the stresses and strain of the working week I climbed out of it after only twenty minutes. Wrapped in Tony’s bath robe I pottered about for another thirty minutes unable to settle to anything. A strong mug of java and sitting in front of the plasma television that had come from Tony’s flat only increased my restlessness.

Surfing the channels the only thing I found that I wanted to watch was ‘Chocolat’ with Johnny Depp. Johnny’s moustache and goatee only reminded me of the one that Tony was now growing. I was still undecided about it although I did rather enjoy the sensations it caused when Tony was between my legs eating my snatch. I didn’t need Johnny ‘fucking’ Depp reminding me of what I was missing this weekend. Back to the book which lasted less than a chapter before it was discarded again.

I eyed the PC sitting in the corner humming away to itself. I didn’t even rise from the couch as I knew that I would eventually navigate my way to a porn site or one of the erotic story sites I occasionally browsed. I was so fucking horny and yet so not in a sexy mood.

Both Tom and Jerry raised their heads from their slumber on the couch beside me as I jumped up and searched the bookshelves. I thumbed the spines, ignoring the DVD’s on the lower shelves, as I looked through the undiscovered titles of Tony’s books mixed in with my own. Personally I would have probably have sorted them separately but Tony had insisted on the randomness. Grudgingly I had admitted he was right as I had begun to read other authors than those I had favoured previously. I had teased him mercilessly for having children’s books when I had stayed over in his flat and saw all of the Harry Potter series on his shelves. A month after moving in together on a lazy Sunday afternoon I had lifted down JK Rowling’s first novel and had proceeded to read the entire saga over the next four weeks.

I wasn’t actually searching for something to read at the moment although I did pause when I noticed Sarah Waters’ novel, ‘Tipping the Velvet’. It was upside down in the shelf so being a little retentive I corrected it. The next thing my fingertips found was the slightly different texture to an old almanac. I pulled the fake book from the shelf and opened the lid. “Drugs…” I smiled to myself. It took me a further five minutes to locate a rolling machine (Tony was the seasoned dope fiend in the flat and was able to roll a joint in one hand so I never had to bother) in one of the kitchen drawers and I soon had a nice spliff on the go.

The Lebanese had the desired effect and with a glass or two of red wine, Billie Holiday on the stereo, I watched the world go by down below in the busy street from the window for over an hour.

Although it had only just gone ten I headed off to bed and wearing one of Tony’s shirts I soon drifted off to sleep.


Awaking briefly in the small hours, I pulled the duvet that had gathered below my waist back over me (the damned heating seemed to be on the fritz) and drawing Tony’s pillow to my chest curled my body around it. A floorboard creaked somewhere in the flat. I slowly opened one lazy eye, still half asleep; I heard the rolling of a body from the spare room and figured Michelle had just got in. I closed my eye and drifted back to sleep trying to catch the warm cozy dream that I had lost…


“Hey sleepy head… rise and shine”

I came awake slowly with the aroma of caffeine wafting below my nose. The coffee was calling me upwards but the ghost of a dream was trying to hold me back. Michelle sat bright and cheery on the edge of the bed with her bright white teeth gleaming through a broad grin. I stared at the short cropped hair on her head, she had decided that she had been blonde for long enough so had chopped her locks back. The black roots were growing out beneath the blonde tips; for once she actually looked like the dyke she was though at work wigs were generally the order of the day.

“What are you grinning at?” I mumbled.

“Nothing… nothing at all” she answered and flounced from the room in her long ‘Blues Brothers’ T-shirt. My sleepy eyes followed the curves of her ass peeking out from below the hem as I wondered what my dream had been.

After a moment or two I pulled myself up re-arranging the pillow behind my back and reached for the coffee on the bedside table. I paused and looked down at the white cotton sheet beside me. No wonder Michelle had been grinning. My pink ‘Rabbit’ lay there innocently. I must have been more stoned than I had thought as I was almost positive that I hadn’t played with it the previous night. I felt my cheeks colour and cringed at the thought of Michelle seeing it. Thinking about it my pussy did seem a little damp and the evaporating wisps of my dream still lingered though to insubstantial to know for sure what it had been about. “Grow up Shannon” I said to myself. It wasn’t as if the pair of us hadn’t talked about everything at one time or another over the years including and especially sex; though in hindsight maybe we had never actually discussed masturbation in any detail.

I shook myself from my reverie and lifted the vibrator; comically looking around I lifted it to my nose and sniffed at it. Definitely the aroma of my sex! Flushing guiltily once again I hurriedly grabbed a wipe from the open bedside drawer and cleaned my favourite toy. As I went to put the toy away I noticed Sarah Waters’ book looking up at me. Had I been reading it the night before? I slipped the toy back into the drawer and lifted the book. One of the pages had been folded over (Tony would complain about that if he saw it) and I opened the book at the marked page. After a brief scan I realised that the passage was quite hot and wasn’t surprised at the state of my crotch any longer. Putting the book away I giggled to myself as I wondered what look I would have got from Michelle if she had seen it. I vowed that I must read it properly (in an un-stoned frame of mind, maybe with Tony if I ever forgave him for standing me up) before lifting the hot brew and savouring that first ‘hit’ of the morning.


With Tony’s bathrobe wrapped around me I headed into the kitchen to fix myself a second mug of coffee. Tom and Jerry prowled around my feet looking for food until Tom got in the way of Jerry and they started wrestling with each other instead. The clock said 8.30 am. I knew we should have left by now, I hated driving in the city at the best of times and the weekend rush hour was only a little less stressful than the weekday one. I heard Michelle humming Purple Rain to herself on the way to the bathroom as I increased my caffeine levels and warmed a couple of Pain de Chocolat’s in the microwave. The machine beeped twice to tell me the pastries were nuked and I opened the door to retrieve them when there were two further beeps. For a moment I stood looking at the digital display and then lightly smacked my forehead. I walked out of the kitchen and down the hall, the shower was running and Michelle was now singing an Annie Lennox number; a brief image of my best friend wearing/removing a man’s suit to the song while holding a riding crop flashed through my mind. “Get a grip girl… he’s only away for a couple of days and here you are turning into a lust crazed lesbian!” I muttered to myself.

The intercom beeped again in front of me and I lifted the handset. “Hello, the Limousine is here for you!” said a man’s voice.

“Pardon?” I replied.

“Miss S. Pine?”

“Yes, this is Shannon Pine…” I answered.

“I was hoping I got the right button… you’re boyfriend’s writing is atrocious” said the mysterious stranger.

“What? Tony ordered me a limo?” I almost screeched.

“Sort of… It’s the company Limo and he begged me for a favour. Said he was in deep sh… ‘do-do’ with you. So out of the goodness of my heart and tickets to next week’s game here I am!” confessed the man.

“…well… that’s… look I’m… we’re still getting ready… are you okay to wait…”

“No problem” he answered, “I’m parked just across the road beside the Chinese takeaway. You come down when you’re good and ready.”

“Thanks… I reckon about twenty minutes… maybe less…”

“Sure. I’ll see you in twenty.” The phone clicked as the handset three floors below in the lobby was replaced. I stared at the one in my hand grinning to myself like an idiot.

I stepped into the bathroom; Michelle was in the shower now singing Marley’s ‘Bad Boys’. The grin on my face broadened at her attempt at a Jamaican accent but stared at the outline of her body moving rhythmically to the beat. I could just about see the suds from the shower gel running down her side and over her hip. It’s been less than forty-eight hours since I was happy on Tony’s cock… what sort of slut am I? I thought to myself. I mentally shook myself, “Michelle?” I called.

Michelle stopped singing and turned within the shower sticking her head out past the screen, “Yes, honey?”

I tried not to look at her breasts, the nipples obvious, as they were pressed against the glass; “It seems we have a Limo at our disposal, courtesy of Tony. It’s waiting outside now.”

Michelle smiled broadly and jumped to the side exposing half of her body past the glass. Water droplets splattered on the floor as she jumped and clapped her hands; my eyes flicked to her bouncing breasts and down to her bald pussy where a white stream of suds cascaded past and down her tanned thigh. “What a creep that boy is!” stated Michelle, “…but you got to adore him… you know if he had a nice pair of boobies I might just be tempted to steal him from you…” My naked friend looked up at the ceiling considering her next comment while I watched fascinated as she idly massaged her right breast. “Could I live with a penis rather than a puss?” she continued, “… not so sure… nope gotta have a pussy!” she squealed with laughter as I turned from the room.

I stood outside the bathroom leaning against the wall wondering what had gotten into me. I could feel my crotch; it wasn’t soaking but it was definitely bothered.

It was nearer to a half hour before the pair of us walked outside and climbed into the Limo.


It was definitely a day to remember. The two of us had been like giddy teenagers in the Limo. Al, the driver, had even let us both stand up through the sunroof as he drove down the last couple of country lanes (officially it was against company Health and Safety Policy). He confided in us that there wasn’t a single member of the board who hadn’t done it themselves at one time or another and that one of the senior partners (he wasn’t saying who) had joined what he termed the ‘car-flying’ club and it wasn’t with his wife.

When we got to the Spa both of us squealed with delight when they told us that Tony had upgraded us both to a VIP day of treatments. The massages were wonderful, the mud treatment ‘yucky’ but invigorating, the saunas were bliss, the hot tub relaxing, the acupuncture scary but stimulating and all with Champagne on tap. The staff had indeed treated us like VIP’s catering to our every whim; the food was superb and through it all the two of us chatted and laughed and squealed. By the end of the afternoon we had vowed that we should make it an annual event and that we might even invite Tony along.

Even though Tony had stood me up he was going to get the best blowjob ever when he got back.


The day had indeed been wonderful but also frustrating. My mind kept wandering to Tony as I enjoyed the treatments and when I shared the saunas with Michelle I found myself torn between the thought of his hard cock and my friend’s hot sweaty naked body on the wooden bench beside me. When I was sure Michelle wasn’t looking I had stared long and hard at her bald mound coated in moisture wondering how she tasted and if all that dampness was from the steam or was some of it from within. I knew that my own pussy had never been wetter and gone without satisfaction for a longer period than in any other time of my life. I imagined her crawling over to me and slipping her slim fingers into my soaking wet pussy.


We arrived back at the flat at about 7pm thoroughly pampered and spoiled. The two of us collapsed onto the couch side by side. A moment later Tom and Jerry scampered in and jumped onto our laps. I looked at Jerry circling upon Michelle’s long thighs and then burst out laughing. Michelle grinned at me and waited patiently for me to stop. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I began to calm.

“Care to share the joke?” asked Michelle a little tersely.

I took some deep breaths and said “It’s not about you… oh… actually it is…” I snorted quite unladylike and continued; “… it’s just what you said this morning…”

Michelle tipped her head forward and stared into my face quite sternly managing a very plausible imitation of the ‘pissed-off school teacher’ even without horn-rimmed glasses. “What… when?” she asked.

“In the shower… you said…” I looked down at Jerry finally settling and wrapping his tail about himself as he readied for a quick nap; “… you might steal Tony from me but he would need a pussy! Strictly speaking both Tom and Jerry are his as well now… you got yourself the man with a penis and TWO pussies… give it time he might get man-boobs!” my laughter burst out again shortly followed by Michelle’s squeals and the two cats looked crossly at the pair of us and quickly vacated for quieter climes.

After a minute or so we calmed down and I went to the kitchen and ordered some Chinese on the phone both of us knowing that compared to the sumptuous food from earlier that anything we got would seem very poor in comparison. When I returned to the lounge Michelle was kneeling down looking at the various DVD’s on the lower shelves of the bookcase. Her denim clad ass was sticking up in the air and I made an effort not to stare at it as I sat down on the couch and cracked open a bottle of white wine.

The curve of her ass continually drew my eyes back as I tried to pour Pinot into a couple of glasses. “Got to say I like Tony’s taste in films.” she straightened up and twisted about her hips in that easy lithe way of a dancer. She held a DVD in her hand, “Do you wanna watch a vampire film? Or do you wanna see what he wanks over? In this case I lay odds it’s the same thing!” Without waiting for a reply Michelle removed the disc from its box and slipped it into the player. The machine whirred for a couple of seconds and then the screen came to life showing a knife slicing through a very rare steak.

“Oh!” exclaimed Michelle disappointedly as I picked up the remote and re-wound’ the disc. Images flashed by, definitely some naked flesh.

 I pressed ‘play’:-

 Susan Sarandon was sipping a small glass of wine asking ‘Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Blalock?’

“Call me, Miriam…” said a divinely gorgeous Catherine Deneuve.

“… Miriam?”

“Not that I’m aware off, Sarah.”

On the screen Sarah spills a drop of the red liquid onto her pristine tight white T-shirt. Her full unfettered breast beneath topped with a wonderfully hard nipple. My own were aching as the two beautiful women on screen became me and Michelle. My pussy soaked my panties as I could almost feel Michelle’s slender fingers gliding over my tingling nipple. I bit my bottom lip as the vampire drinks the character Sarah’s blood lying naked on a bed with Egyptian cotton sheets. My quim twitched as I imagined taking ‘vampire’ Michelle’s blood into my mouth.

The scene cuts to the knife slicing once again through the very rare slab of meat. I had actually risen from the couch and was halfway  across the room to take my best friend into my arms to kiss and to taste and to lick and to caress her flesh.

The intercom chimed.

The Chinese had arrived. “I have so got to get myself a girlfriend… soon!” utters Michelle as she leans forward to eject the DVD. I stand frozen for a moment before turning for the door aware of my pussy lips, hot and drenched, as they slide against one another as I almost stumble from the room.

The Chinese was okay. Probably better than that but after the treats at the Spa our taste buds had been spoiled. My heart rate had settled somewhat by the time I had gathered dirty plates and utensils though my wet quim remained an ever present source of discomfort and distraction.

As I settled back down on the couch beside Michelle she asked “Does Tony just fancy the standard adolescent male lesbian fantasy or is it me?” I raised a questioning eyebrow as I thought to myself that at the present moment it wasn’t just a male fantasy. “It’s just that he has at least three of the lesbian classic films down there… unless they are yours?”

“I’m pretty sure they are Tony’s, though if you mean ‘Thelma and Louise’, that one’s mine… I think Tony was very disappointed when Sarandon and Davis didn’t get it together” I leaned back and stared at Michelle looking slowly over her body, drinking in the curves and pulling back the blanket to look further down her jean clad legs. “Take it from me, he does fancy you! Though I suppose ‘bi’ would be his preference to dyke!” I let the blanket drop back and smiled.

Michelle considered my words for a few seconds, “I can live with that…” and then joked (I think) “though I was hoping they were yours!” she grinned broadly and lifting her glass drained the remains of her wine.

We opened another bottle of wine and finally decided to watch ‘About Last Night’; as Michelle put it, she got Demi and I got Rob but I must admit that it was very easy to see Michelle as Demi even with her short hair as my crotch didn’t fail to remind me.

We both noted that the DVD had been stopped after a very erotic montage including a full frontal. I wondered to myself if I was to go up into the loft and check Tony’s videotape collection, which I knew included hard core porn, where would they all be paused.

Both of us were wrapped up on the couch beneath a couple of blankets (as much for snug comfort as for the recently misbehaving heating), glasses within easy reach as Rob and Demi eventually re-united in the final Chicago encompassing shot of the film. We dried our tears and shut off the television. The digital clock on the DVD player told us it was almost 1am.

I wasn’t sure but our usual good-night kiss on the cheek seemed as ‘nervous’ from Michelle as I knew it was from me.


Once, alone, in my room I almost tore off my clothes determined to frig myself stupid. After a perfunctory brush of my teeth I leapt into bed and was already slipping two fingers into my soaking wet slit without any of the usual teasing, wondering if I should get a gag to stifle my moans when there was a crash and a string of obscenities from the next room. I muttered a couple of my own swear words and grabbed Tony’s dressing gown and almost stomped into the next room.

I would have burst out laughing if it wasn’t for the hurt expression on Michelle’s face. The bed behind her back was tilted as she sat on the floor, naked, her legs spread wide; in the instant it took her to close her legs together and pull them up to her chest I was sure that her shaven gash was as wet as mine. I rubbed my two wet fingers together and brought them to my mouth; tasting my own juices as I began to giggle.

“Some best friend you are!” she said clambering to her feet while rubbing the cheek of her ass and trying to keep a modicum of composure. One of the legs of the metal framed bed lay against the skirting board and once Michelle had pulled on her T-shirt and I had stopped giggling (well almost) our investigations turned up a snapped bolt. I contemplated a temporary pile of books for a makeshift leg but ‘bit the bullet’ (alas no frigging for me tonight) and invited her to share my bed.

Again I wondered if I sensed the same reticence that I felt in my friend.


We slipped beneath the sheets, I had pulled on Tony’s shirt that I had worn the night before; I had contemplated putting on a pair of fresh panties but was unsure what reaction or inference Michelle would draw from it. I had to admit that a part of me hoped that if I did they would only get in the way. We chatted for a few minutes before wishing each other good night. Michelle, sleeping on Tony’s side of the bed had rolled towards me; her nipples, hard, pressing briefly against my shoulder as she kissed me on the lips before rolling away. I lay there for what seemed like hours staring up at the ceiling aware of the warm soft body beside me. I was sure that I could smell the hot aroma of my own pussy as I fought to control my fingers which ached to slide into my wet cleft. I eventually fell asleep vividly remembering the smooth wet mound of my best friend from earlier in the day in the hot steam of the sauna.


…..I’m running stark naked along a narrow isthmus of sand, unsure if I’m being chased or chasing something or someone. The sky is a wild turbulent storm, streaks of grey and black, as a chilling wind lashes the waves impossibly up over the sand from both sides. My bare feet splash with every stride as they pound the wet sand. That same bitterly cold wind whips the spray up and against my burning hot flesh. I’m running faster than I have ever done in my life, my heart drums heavily within my heaving chest; every square inch of my body sensitive to every gust of wind and drop of salt water; it stings and evaporates instantly as it strikes me. My hair streaks out behind me as I close on my prey or it closes on me. My nipples are as hard as granite as they slice through the sea air, my breasts full and heavy aching for a firmer caress, my pussy hot and pulsing needing a release. I feel my juices flow down my thighs as my labia parts beneath an invisible touch….


…..slowly I come awake, the vivid dream etched into my vision as reality begins to intrude. My own fingers are deep inside my soaking quim, my clit hard and throbbing against the ball of my hand; my first conscious act is to squeeze and curl my fingers upwards to rub the tips against my G-spot. I moan into the soft flesh beneath the cotton pressing against my face. A distant echo of my moan is returned as I feel the hard nub of a nipple against my lips. For a moment my mouth opens and allows the erect tissue between my lips.

My eyes shoot open and I stare at the obscure blue pattern before me unable to focus. I slowly release the nipple and draw my head backwards. Michelle is lying before me; her T-shirt rucked up to beneath her bosom. The room is hot once again and the duvet discarded over the end of the bed as bright sunlight streams through a gap in the thin curtains. I glance up into her beautiful face to see her eyes shut, the pupils dancing beneath the lids as she breathes heavily, almost purring. My pussy shudders twice and I stifle a further moan from myself. My hand seems to be acting of its own free will as I fail to draw it from my pulsing crotch. My heart pounds as I let my eyes slowly move down her sleeping form.

Her chest rises and falls, her left nipple hard beneath the saliva soaked cotton; her taut stomach seems to quiver as my eyes drop lower to see her own hand buried between her thighs. My desire to roll her onto her back and dive between those thighs, to taste her and devour her almost wins.

I slip from the bed as quietly and as gently as I can. The slight movement causes my friend to stir and to roll onto her front revealing her naked ass to me, her ‘I love pussy’ ideogram above the crack of her ass, as I stand beside the bed looking down on her. She spreads her legs and I am able to see that her own glistening finger is lying along her bald pussy lips. She moans into the pillow as I pull my own soaking fingers from my hot cunt. I lick my juices from my fingers; I have the familiar slightly tangy taste that occurs after an orgasm. I smile to myself as I move towards the en-suite determined to have more.

Quietly closing the bathroom door and stripping off Tony’s shirt I step into the shower. I look down at my legs, the trails of pussy juice easily visible on my skin. The small battery clock above the sink tells me it is almost 9am as I turn on the shower. I wait for the powerful jet of water to warm and step into the cubicle. Grasping my left breast roughly I slip my right hand down over my stomach and across the stubble above my mound. This morning is no time for subtlety as I regret not bringing my ‘rabbit’ out to play and I thrust two fingers deep into me. I groan loudly as I lean against the cool tiles of the cubicle and began to thrust my fingers rapidly into my aching cunt.

Almost instantly the walls of my pussy begin contracting around my fingers as I close my eyes and finger-fuck myself harder and faster. My legs begin to shake and I slide down the wet tiles to sit in the basin of the shower spreading my feet as I curl my fingertips up to my G-spot. It isn’t enough so a third finger joins the first two stretching my lips as the hot water cascades over me. Faster, harder and deeper I slam my fingers into myself as the first wave my orgasm rolls over and through me. I pull and twist my nipple as my cunt tries to grip my thrusting fingers. I’m shoving my hips forward across the slippery basin to meet my fingers, groaning loudly as wave follows wave.

My thoughts switch between images of Tony’s thick cock and Michelle’s slender fingers and everything that I would let them do to me. I murmur their names in an orgasmic mantra. I hope/wish that Michelle possesses a strap-on and that both she and Tony would fuck me simultaneously as my body goes rigid and my cunt locks down onto my fingers and my fourth orgasm seems to tear me apart. I shiver in the hot stream of water as I slowly come down from the height of pleasure. My heart begins to slow and gradually my breathing returns to normal. I let my fingers slip from my quivering snatch and sit in the bottom of the shower waiting for my sanity to return.

I open my eyes grinning broadly to myself.

It takes me at least five seconds to see Michelle standing in the doorway to the bathroom. She is leaning against the door jamb, her right hand rubbing her mound; a finger sliding and disappearing between her wet lips. I open my mouth and no words come out as water splashes in. She looks me in the eyes and walks over to stand just outside the open shower door. Breathing heavily she says “Tony called…” she raises her left hand to show me my mobile phone and then drops it to the wet bathroom floor; “… I told him you would call him back… later…”

She steps into the shower, the water quickly soaking her T-shirt and kneels between my legs. She smiles at me as the water streams over her face and she leans forwards wrapping her arms about me pulling me forwards and kissing me on the mouth softly. There is no hesitation on my part as I return the kiss and slide my arms about her. Reaching down I grasp the hem of her T-shirt and pull it up over her head, breaking our kiss for the briefest of time. Our lips meet once again and our hands roam and explore each other’s bodies.

Her touch is soft and insistent at the same time as she slips her legs beneath mine and lifts me up onto her lap. Her mouth wanders from mine to kiss my face and neck before returning to my mouth; her tongue slips into my welcoming mouth. I gasp around her tongue as her fingers slide gently over my open labia and scratch across my clit. I mimic her actions beneath the hot shower spray; teasing, testing her sensitive parts. Her slightly larger breasts press against mine, our hard nipples searching for each other as we bring ourselves gently to orgasm.

Michelle whispers into my ear, “I’ve always wanted you Shannon…. I’ve always loved you…”

It is a long slow sensual orgasm that flows and ebbs throughout my body. The sort that you just want to go on forever and a day….


Eventually we make it back to bed and spend the rest of the morning and afternoon exploring.

“I love you, Michelle”

Tony is due back in an hour……

Michelle’s Story

Tony waited on the platform. It had been three weeks since he had ‘stood up’ Shannon and although she didn’t seem to be too upset with him (maybe even a little grateful for the limo and the upgrade) she had been acting a little distant since. He stood there beside the pile of bags and cases waiting for the girl’s. Normally he would never travel by train but Michelle was afraid of flying and the overnight train journey wasn’t too much of a hassle. This would be his first time travelling in a private sleeper cabin and he wondered how cramped they were. He was still unsure if they were sharing one cabin with Michelle or if they had separate ones.

“We’ll only be a few minutes” he mimicked Shannon’s tones as the clock above the platform ticked forwards to the departure time. Why had he let them go off to the boutiques? The guard stood at the door to the coach eyeing him as he played with the silver whistle in his hand. Four minutes Tony thought. It was two minutes later when he saw the girls coming towards him along the platform arm in arm. He smiled to himself as he saw a number of men turn their heads to follow the short-skirted progress of the pair. Even though Michelle had the more athletic figure and walked with the consummate litheness of a dancer he found Shannon’s ass to be the more attractive but he did suppose he was biased from intimate knowledge. In the twenty minutes they had been absent the two of them seemed to have the smallest of shopping bags dangling from their wrists.

“Loads of time!” declared Shannon as he hustled them onto the train with their luggage. The guard seemed to only too happy now and asserted that there was plenty of time to spare. They were still shifting along the corridor towards their compartment(s?) when the doors closed and the whistle from the engine blew. The carriages bucked and rocked as the train gathered speed and left the terminus. Shannon, leading their trio, checked the tickets and stated that the door beside her was the one that they wanted. She slid the keycard into the lock and pushed it open almost falling inside. Michelle followed and Tony brought up the rear to stand in the doorway.

The cabin seemed to be a reasonable size although when the beds were unfolded that might be a different matter. The girls had dropped their bags and cases against the wall opposite the couch, which was set back slightly into the bulkhead, below a good size television. Michelle was squatting over her bag rifling through it as Shannon dropped onto the seat, kicked of her pumps and crossed her ankles, resting them on the small coffee table. Tony lifted the last of their bags inside and closed the door behind them as Michelle said delightedly “Got it!” she stood up holding a bottle of champagne in her hand. “Now to get shit-faced!”

Tony looked from one girl to the other noting the smiles on their faces. “Is there an occasion we are celebrating or just that we are on holiday?”

Shannon smiled at her boyfriend, “There is. You see, Michelle has decided that…” she paused to consider her words.

Michelle interrupted “I wanna fuck! And I want you to do the deed, Tony. I want you to take my virginity!”

Tony knew he was blushing and his mouth had gone suddenly dry as he looked to Shannon who was nodding furiously with that smile of hers beaming out towards him. “I… err… don’t know what to say… I’m honoured Michelle”

“Yes you are” she grinned, “but there is a condition. You see I will be, I must admit I have been, munching on your girlfriends’ snatch for some time now”

Shannon was still nodding enthusiastically, “She has. And I’ve been doing the same. To Michelle that is, do you mind Tony?”

“Hell, no!” the grin was infectious and Tony felt it appear on his face as well.

Just then he felt the train give a violent jerk and heard a scream from the room next door as he reached out to the wall to steady himself. All at once their smiles disappeared to be replaced by puzzlement and then concern as Tony and Michelle were flung against the wall and Shannon slipped forward to land in front of the couch with the sudden deceleration of the carriage. A roar seemed to fill his ears as he landed on top of Michelle, he was vaguely aware that she didn’t make a sound despite the fact his heavier weight must have been crushing her. Liquid spilled out from under her, frothing excitedly as it was sent one way and then another. Tony looked towards Shannon wincing in her awkward position between the couch and the fixed table. His attention was diverted by the cabin window as the glass cracked and then the filigree of a ‘spider’s web’ radiated outwards. The roaring was increasing as the bright summer sunshine outside seemed to dim instantly. There was a loud bang and Tony felt his ribs crack and still wondered why Michelle was so quiet and so still beneath him as the window blew inwards. He was completely numb as he watched the face with the smile he loved disappear in a curtain of crimson fluid.

Something was burning…


Okay Dear Avid Reader,

               “Michelle’s Story” was just  a joke I played on a friend (you know which one) though I guess it could be construed as a lesson on how life can be fickle. Reat assured this story doesn’t end in a bloodbath… probably. The next chapter which indeed is called “Michelle’s Story” (the Official Version) will be along in a little while.

As ever I hoped you enjoyed my little tale and I’ll see you all again soon.


~ by ftfagos on February 3, 2012.

One Response to “Shannon’s Story”

  1. Pretty cool conclusion! You held my attention all the way; a true compliment, believe me!

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