Dear Avid Reader…

Back a while I posted some spoilers, now here’s the third completed of those four. Not sure if and when I’ll do the fourth, one of those stories that keep changing within my head. Anyhow I hope you all enjo this offering…



He held her hand as they rose up in the lift. He wondered if the digitalized and bastardized music annoyed her as much as it did him. Of course he knew all the tunes that the ‘tinny’ little speakers played except for one and he was glad that it wasn’t playing now. It had taken him probably six months to decipher the bland computerised beeps of all the other songs that played on the continuous spool. At least five of the twenty or so songs were out and out classics and if the composers weren’t dead yet they might just ‘off’ themselves so they could spend eternity spinning in their graves.

Her hand clenched his tighter the higher up the building they moved. “Kill or cure?” she had said that morning and he saw the icy resolve within her eyes as she decided to confront her fear. He had to think hard, it was over two years since they had started going out and they had now been living together for five months. He admitted to himself that he hadn’t liked the look he had seen on her face that morning. The hard edge to her expression had polluted the soft smile she normally wore. She definitely had strength to her character, she needed it to work in the hospital critical care unit, but it always remained beneath the surface.

He squeezed back as the digital numbers on the display climbed towards twenty-five. Her nervousness was infecting him and his heart ached to imagine what she must be feeling. Her breath sounded ragged within the small confines of the lift. The machine beeped loudly dragging him from his reverie and the doors slid open. “Look Amy, you don’t have to do this. We can go back down it’s not a problem.”

The door began to slide shut and she reached out with her free hand to stop its progression. “Now or never… now or never.” Her voice tailed off and for a few more seconds she remained still. The lift beeped angrily and Amy stepped out of the lift onto the highest floor of the building. Jack walked with her and guided her to the right. It was the weekend and apart from a couple of workaholics the only other people in the building were security. He led her down the carpeted corridor past the glass doors to the office suite which occupied the entire top floor and, Jack assumed the most costly in the building and because of its situation in one of the most expensive cities in the world probably one of the most highly priced places to park your ass while at work anywhere.

He lad his girlfriend to a small door which was painted the same colour as the wall and typed a six digit code into the lock before opening it to allow her through. They stepped from exquisite and luxurious decor into a simple concrete staircase with completely utilitarian lighting which switched on automatically as it detected their presence. Amy still held his hand as she climbed the steps in front of him. As usual his eyes dropped to the curves of her ass beneath the dark blue, mid-thigh skirt she was wearing.

Her stride was confident as she ascended in the narrow space, the solidness and permanence of the re-enforced concrete calming her from what lay ahead. The num of machinery grew steadily louder till they climbed the last steps which were made of metal onto honeycomb steel plating which branched left and right between huge air-conditioning and ventilation units which fed the building below. Pipes and ducting snaked in every direction, a myriad of cables ran along above their heads on galvanised tray forming the nervous system of the building keeping all the suits in their plush offices at their preferred optimum temperatures. Amy looked to her right and at the very far end of the walkway a large slatted metal doors allowed bars of daylight to shine through into the ‘Morlock’ world.

Jack looked at the central control panel in front of him happy to see all the indicators showing green before he turned Amy around to see identical slatted doors at the opposite end. “We should head out this way…”

Amy was once again breathing heavily, “It… looks sunnier at that end?” she queried loudly above the noise of the machinery.

“It is, but it’s also a lot windier on that side and trust me, there’s plenty of sunshine on the east side and a far better view…” he regretted the last comment almost immediately as he saw his girlfriend’s pupils shrink. “I mean there’s… there are more touristy things to see… the actual view is the same, err… if you know what I mean” he shut his mouth before his words increased Amy’s anxiety any further.

Her hand gripped his even harder as she looked at the ‘East’ door, “I know what you mean even” she leaned forward and gave him a light kiss on the mouth. “Time to face the music…” Amy walked just in front of Jack her heart in her mouth as the relative size of the doors grew in her vision. It seemed an eternity and an instant before they reached them and Jack’s hand took hold of the large yellow leaver which opened the right hand door.


“Yes” Amy replied shaking her head.

Jack pulled the lever and the door began to swing open. Amy looked up as she heard a loud ‘clacking’ sound above her to see what looked like a large mechanism from a wind-up toy let out a heavy steel chain. She was about to ask Jack about it when she realised it prevented the door from being dragged open by high winds. Her gaze dropped as the vista beyond was revealed to her. Even though they were still over thirty metres from the edge of the building she could still see a significant area of London spreading out towards the horizon. Jack’s eyes dropped to Amy’s skirt as it blew up with a gust of wind revealing her white lacy knickers beneath.

The view literally took her breath away and for those few short moments she forgot about her vertigo. The spell was broken when she inhaled and she felt her knees beginning to buckle. Jack’s hands slid around her waist and she leant back against him as she felt the very old familiar sweat coat her entire body. “Fuck” she breathed. The panic subsided a little with her boyfriend’s close proximity and her vision came back into focus. “Sorry” she apologised.

“Look babe, it’s a big first step, we can come back another time” replied Jack.

Amy grinned to herself as she remembered her Granny’s phrase, time to girdle your loins, m’dear. “Now or never… I think…” she stammered. She stood up straighter, her ass pressing against Jack’s crotch: the smile remained as she felt a definite swelling behind his zipper. Sex! she thought to herself but took a little comfort from the fact her boyfriend thought the quivering mass she had become was at least still slightly attractive.

Taking hold of his hands wrapped around her waist she tentatively stepped forward beneath the large satellite dishes that adorned the roof. It took almost five minutes to cover the thirty metres before her midriff pressed against the railing encircling the flat roof. Her eyes remained locked on the far horizon as her heart pounded in her chest.

Jack was blushing, partly because of the hot sun beating down and the strong wind pressing against them but also because his cock was misbehaving. Since leaving the ‘safety’ of the Services Building on the roof he had hugged Amy every step of the way towards the edge of the roof. He’d always loved her ass and today was no exception as his crotch pressed against it with every small step wishing that he could have followed at a short distance and watched her skirt rise with the wind. He felt a sense of betrayal as his mind kept thinking of her pussy instead of her phobia. When they reached the railing on the third highest building in the country he had tried to allow a little ‘breathing space’ but Amy’s hands had held him to her as tightly as ever.

Amy felt light headed, although her eyes remained fixed on the distance she could still see the ‘oh so long’ vertical drop just a metre in front of her and was aware that the few people walking along the concourse below did indeed seem like they were busy little Army ants in the hive of the financial district. “How are you coping?” asked Jack.

Amy gulped and replied, “I… I’m coping…” she stuttered as her she tentatively reached out and gripped the railing. The movement pressed her ass against her boyfriend’s crotch and his swollen cock within, “You’re feeling horny and I’m scared shitless, have you been a sex fiend all your life?” she asked with a grin.

Jack blushed “Don’t know, it isn’t over yet.”

The grin on Amy’s face faded as she started to draw her eyes closer; when she was looking at the nearest tall building she began to feel nauseous and instinctively closed her eyes drawing deep breaths into her lungs. She wasn’t sure whether or not she was going to faint when she felt Jack’s lips on her neck and one of his rough hands slide down over her hip. “I don’t think… that’s going to help?”

His lips moved up to the shell of her ear, “A distraction, maybe a pleasant one?” he whispered.

She stood still with her eyes still tightly shut and felt the calloused fingers reach to her bare thigh as his hot breath descended along her neck. Some chance of getting in my pussy Amy thought as all of her muscles seemed to be locked up tight. Still it wasn’t unpleasant as his lips nipped at the base of her neck and his fingers stroked the front of her thigh beneath her flapping skirt. Even with the strong breeze she could feel the sun warming her bare legs and arms as Jack’s fingertip made small circles getting ever higher up her leg. Her feet edged apart as that gentle digit slipped inwards between her thighs and he pressed the bulge in his jeans rhythmically against her ass.

She was chewing on her bottom lip as his other hand slipped upwards, his thumb and forefinger sliding along beneath her left breast. She felt her nipple, already stiff from the wind ache in anticipation as his thumb slid upwards missing it by a fraction of an inch. She moaned quietly, the sound lost in the wind as his finger traced the edge of her knickers. A shiver ran through her as she felt the gusset chill in the wind and realised she couldn’t deny that if she hadn’t been turned on before through the natural flight or fight response of facing her fear, she was now. She shuffled her feet further apart as Jack’s lips descended and kissed her lightly through her top down along her spine.

Amy was responding to Jack’s caresses and hadn’t told him to stop. He hoped that it was because she wanted him to carry on rather than being struck dumb with terror. As his finger tip slid along her gusset he felt the dampness that had seeped out from between her lips and had chilled as the wind had blown across it. He squeezed her nipple through her top as he bent his knees grinning to himself. He’d always wanted to have sex up on this roof but had always thought Amy would never get over her vertigo. His cock throbbed within his jeans as it slipped away from her ass. Amy’s feet moved further apart as she moved her hips forward pressing her encased pussy lips harder against his searching finger till it rested upon her clit. a tiny shudder rippled through her body.

The adrenalin was pumping hard through Amy’s body and her heart was thumping loudly in her chest but she could sense every single caress from her boyfriend. The dizziness still remained in her head but it was greatly reduced as she felt him trace small circles around the hard little nub at the top of her slit. She could feel her lips slipping against each other as her pussy moistened with every passing second and her clit ease out of its hood. Jack’s hand dropped away from her aching nipple and slid down across her stomach to wrap around the top of her left thigh urging her backwards. Shakily she moved her feet back over the gravel till she was bent at the hips, her hands folded beneath her on the rail and her head hanging beyond it. She slipped her hands and arms beneath the rail and pressed her bosom against the cold tubular metal, electric sparks flew from her erect nipples as she dragged them minutely from side to side.

Jack ignored the pain from kneeling on the stones as he rotated his finger quicker over Amy’s clit and lifted her skirt from behind with his left hand exposing her glorious cheeks. As always he gave each of them a playful nip before hooking his finger beneath the lacy material of her knickers and pulling them to the side exposing her neatly trimmed and now wet pussy. “Oh I so love pussy…” he murmured to himself as he manoeuvred his right hand, breaking contact with Amy’s clit for a second as the barrier of lace moved aside. She moaned loudly as the pad of his thumb unsheathed her clit completely from its hood and his tongue slid along her lips from behind.

“Oh fuck…yess” muttered Amy as she pressed her nipples harder against the unyielding metal and felt Jack’s tongue stiffen and push inside her. She rocked back and forth a little in time with his thrusting tongue and his talented thumb. She wanted to see all those people below walking around unaware that high above them she was getting tongue-fucked and that she could already feel her orgasm building. She pressed her chest harder against the railing, tiny lightning bolts earthing against the metalwork as her pussy trembled around Jack’s invading tongue and her clit throbbed beneath his thumb. She pushed her hips backwards against her boyfriend’s face, his nose rubbing up between her cheeks across the sensitive patch of flesh just short of her rear hole. “Come on you fuck…” she gasped.

Jack drove his tongue as fast and deep as he could as he felt Amy push back, the insides of her pussy was hot and wet as the thick creamy juice cooled rapidly as it dripped down his chin and neck. Reaching down he awkwardly unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his zipper slipping his hand inside to grasp his erection tightly. Jerking his hand in time to his probing tongue he shivered as the wind blew across the re-cum soaked glans as he exposed it to the elements. He began to lose his rhythm as the head of his cock trembled with the sensation and he could taste that Amy was quickly approaching her climax as her juices grew slightly sweeter. Reluctantly he released his cock and reached beneath her to slip his hand up beneath her top and push her bra up freeing her nipple.

Amy began to moan louder as her pussy began to clamp around Jack’s tongue, his cold fingers slipped between her breast and the railing and pinched her throbbing nipple her. “FUCK!” she screamed thrusting her hips back and pressing her chest down oblivious to the fact she was crushing her boyfriend’s fingers against the railing. Her eyes flickered open for a second and she looked down at the street below. Her slit clamped tight around Jack’s tongue and a surge of pussy cream squirted into his mouth and down his chin before eh closed them again. “OH CHRIST!” she shouted.

Jack felt his tongue squeezed hard within his girlfriend’s pussy and the rush of juices spurting out. He heard about such things but had never experienced it before with Amy or any of his previous girlfriends. He had to pull his tongue free from her slit and dragged it up between her cheeks, flicking across her anus as he did; he quickly stood up behind her, his jeans crumpling around his ankles as he took his throbbing erection in his hand. Amy moaned as she felt him drag the engorged glans along her slit, spreading her feet still further apart. Jack rocked forward sliding his length along her lips coating the top of it with her juices as his rough hands grasped her hips. He looked out across the maze of tower blocks as he lined up the angry head of his cock with her soaking pussy. His broad grin turned into a moan as he had to push hard to get the head of his manhood inside her.

Amy groaned loudly as she felt Jack’s cock seem to stretch her unlike all the times before. She knew it was because her pussy was clamped almost shut but he felt huge within her. She pushed back against him determined to get him all of his cock inside her despite her fear. “Open your eyes” hissed Jack.

Amy forced her eyes open and stared down into the ‘abyss’ as Jack’s fingers sunk into the flesh of her hips and her cunt yielded to the pressure from his cock. The two of them moaned together as the Amy’s muscles gave way allowing him to fill her completely. Jack felt Amy’s hot juices squeeze out around his hardness coating his balls and upper thighs. For the first time Jack closed his eyes as his balls jerked within his scrotum and emptied their cargo deep inside his girlfriend. Vaguely he thought about premature ejaculation as wave after wave of bliss enfolded his senses as his balls spasmed within their sac.

Amy stared at the void in front of her, aware of the potential drop that had previously brought her out in an adrenalin fuelled chill and paralysis when even thought about. Now all she could feel was her cunt squeezing and milking her boyfriend’s throbbing member as tremor after tremor rippled through her body. She could feel the glands within her working to produce her sweet tasting lubricant to a degree she had never known. The orgasm she experienced dwarfed the fear she knew she should feel because of the fear she was feeling. She looked down the precipice at all the ‘little’ people below and wished that they could feel a single percent of what she was feeling now.

Time had chosen its own pace and the two lovers were lost in their own personal Nirvana’s before they once again became aware of each other. Amy’s pussy had massaged Jack’s spent cock till eventually it had expelled it from its spasming haven. Eventually Amy’s mind had returned and her fear, although not as acute, had returned.

The two of them had returned to the ‘safety’ of the Services Building far quicker than their journey to the railing. “So, have you overcome your fear?” Jack asked once the door had closed on the outside world.

She kissed him softly yet deeply, “I think it may take some more sessions…” she replied when she broke the kiss. “Tell me, Jack, what do you fear?”

Jack smiled as he wondered was there such a thing as a morbid fear of threesomes…

The End…

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3 Responses to “Fearless”

  1. XXXXX

    Delicious, as usual!

    How did you know I had a fear of heights?

  2. I have a fear of ladders. Honest to goodness I do.

    I have to admit all the while reading this all I could think of was those cartoons where the character looks over the edge and the ground suddenly comes up then bounces back a few times. Ended up chuckling while reading this!!!

  3. Very hot and quite well-written! Good job!

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