Man’s Greatest Acheivement

(Possibly his greatest downfall too?)


Dearest Avid Reader…

I haven’t been writing much recently and for that I apologise. That isn’t strictly speaking true but what I have been writing isn’t for publication and has proven to be quite difficult. I’m not sure that it will ever see the light of day and there is a sort of time limit involved with it.

‘Anyhoos’ as a friend is apt to say, ‘Man’s Greatest Achievement’ and for all we know it was a woman who discovered it, almost seems more likely!

Some say it is putting foot on the moon. Or the invention of Penicillin, possibly that circular object, the wheel of more precisely the rotating axle. Lots of different devices and ideas vie for this mantle, the computer or the World Wide Web or the discovery of the fabled G-spot or all the things the Roman’s gave to us (or nicked from other civilisations). Language and the recording of it could also be a contender. The preservation of food, even the refrigerator could lay claim to the title but all of them pale against that one achievement.

An achievement that made all of the above possible or at the very least improved upon those inventions or ideas (with the possible exception of the G-spot). Mind you is the G-spot better for having hand held battery powered devices to reach and stimulate that fabled locale? Or so I’ve been told as I do not have the ability to experience that particular sensation first hand!

The apple that was plucked from the tree in the Garden of Eden could be an allegory of this very idea. The corruption (?) of innocence and the ‘device’ that led to the creation of civilisation and our ability to exploit our more base desires.

Where would we be without Fire?

Strictly speaking, the ability to control fire!

Of late I’ve been burning down the house, albeit in small controllable quantities, burning century old wood in the darkness. Waging war against the night, watching the almost liquid ebb and flow of the flames as they release energy in a chemical cascade that if physics didn’t allow for it would mean that we would still be fighting against the beasts and nightmares of the primordial night. How something so harmful and potentially dangerous can be so fascinating as each hydro-carbon molecule gives up its binding energy in sacrifice, igniting its next door neighbour and the one after that and so on.

My eyes dance across the thermal landscape before me, staving off the cold of night as it did in eons past back to that first bunch of Neanderthals huddled around its glow in a cave fending off the cold and the more dangerous beasts who only lack the size of brain and the folds without to realise that this danger possesses freedom and safety. Light and shadow forming shapes that exist within my own imagination as the presence of water and less flammable combinations of atomic design dictate the patterns revealed. That old second law in action!

A last gift released from timbers that have kept the occupants of my house safe against the elements since the nineteenth century. Could those recollections be portrayed in those fleeting pictures? I suspect they are mere reflections of my own and tribal memories. Animals and faces always seem to be there when I gaze within the controlled inferno, perhaps a return to that pre-history cave and the predators lurking without and the allies within. I’ve more wood to burn, most now modern with no ‘real’ memory but I will gaze deep into the blaze and dream.




~ by ftfagos on February 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Man’s Greatest Acheivement”

  1. Smurfaroo!!!

    So you are basically saying that you are comparing fire to the g-spot? Hummm… interesting.

    By the way… interesting post from a thoughtful man!!


  2. I love that closing line!

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