The Chair

Dear Avid Reader…

Been a little while so here is the third part to the Pornographer’s story, there’s a fourth in my brain, as yet unpixellated. As ever I hope you enjoy… So what have Frank and Val been up to? Read on…



Frank sat on the kitchen counter beside the window, his back against the high level cupboards, legs crossed over one another and bare feet dangling just off the side. The kitchen table had been pushed, with three of the chairs into the corner leaving most of the tiled floor bare. The exception was the fourth chair sitting alone on top of the grey flagstones. It was a fairly standard kitchen chair, wooden with an un-cushioned seat, four legs which were only just off vertical as they ran down to the floor. The back consisted of five slim wooden poles and two thicker ones at the outside topped off with a slightly curved piece of polished wood about four inches in height and fourteen inches wide.

There was nothing special about the chair, there were scratches on the rear of the middle three poles but you wouldn’t notice them unless you were looking for them or you were seriously into furniture restoration. It faced the door from the through-lounge. It stood there harmless in the physical world but with a serious potential in the mental world. It was all down to recent history.

Frank opened the kitchen window and lit a cigarette from a crumpled packet which he put back in his shirt pocket. Inhaling deeply, waiting patiently, he flicked the ash out of the window and into the flower bed below blowing the smoke outside as well into the cold November air. He lifted the coffee cup to his lips and drank it down to the last bitter drop. He looked up at the clock on the wall, one of Val’s quirky purchases; the numbers and hands moved anti-clockwise around the face. It had been up there for three years but it still took him a couple of seconds to decipher the correct time. Time yet perhaps for another mug of coffee.

Sitting on top of the counter he reached for the jars arranged beneath the window and scooped in two spoons of dark granules into his mug, half a spoon of sugar and a little dash of cold water from the faucet before placing the mug beneath the spout of the ‘one-cup water boiler’. Another of Val’s purchases, still slightly quirky; a whole lot more economic than his old kettle which he had to admit was furred up way beyond its useful working life. He pressed the ‘boil’ button and it hummed, chugged and gurgled away like an ill espresso machine. The machine clicked off loudly as his mug was filled with steaming hot water and he thought about the last six months.


Had it really been six months since she discovered my erotic alter-ego he thought. Six months which had changed their relationship considerably; after the weekend spent with Gina the two of them had sat down and had a very long talk and after some deliberation by both of them their relationship had changed. Since then they had been a lot more open about their inner thoughts with each other. Val had even submitted some of her own erotic stories to his publishers including some of the teenage fantasies she had written after a thorough edit. Frank had wished that she hadn’t sent the ‘Stable-hand’ story as he felt affection for it as it was the first one Val had shared with him. He knew she was keeping a journal now of her erotic adventures, partly for inspiration, partly with an idea for an erotic auto-biographical book; also for shared bedtime reading. If it was still the 60’s their marriage would have been described as an ‘open’ one though he always thought that suggested the opposite would be a ‘closed’ one. The word ‘closed’ hinted to his author’s mind of shackling or imprisonment.

He was halfway through his coffee when he heard the keys in the door. He dragged out another cigarette and lit it from the stub of the previous one. He listened as he dropped the stub into his coffee no longer interested in caffeine. Val’s keys jangled as she dropped them on the table beside the front door followed by two quiet thuds as she kicked off her shoes against the skirting board. He could picture her taking off her coat and hanging it on the banister post at the bottom of the stairs. The door into the through-lounge squeaked open and the pad of Val’s feet made their way across the wooden floor.

As she entered the kitchen her eyes were focused on the chair standing alone on the floor. She looked up smiling and saw Frank sat on the worktop lifting the cigarette to his mouth and the smile disappeared as her eyebrows expressed annoyance. She opened her mouth to say something but Frank spoke first.

“Where the fuck have you been?” there was a steel in his voice that made Val close her mouth. “Do you have any idea how worried I got?” he continued.

The annoyance had left Val’s face, even when Frank swivelled on the top and flicked his ash into the sink she remained silent. Val lowered her eyes as she started to say “I was…” Frank cut her off again.

“You were having fun! I know, I don’t have a problem with that; I want you to have fun, but I also want you to be safe.” He stubbed the remains of the cigarette out into the sink.

“I’m sorry…” she whispered.

Frank dropped from the worktop and walked over in front of Val, “You know Val I don’t really have any fears, sure I don’t want to be buried alive or lose a limb or anything like that but there is one thing that scares me…” Frank lifted Val’s chin to look into her eyes. “If something were to happen to you… I can’t lose you… ever… it would destroy me!”

Val’s eyes watered as she went to wrap her arms about Frank but he stepped back out of reach. He nearly relented as he saw the look of hurt on her face and for a second almost stepped back into her arms but instead he stepped to one side bringing the chair back into view. Val looked down at the chair, she noted the scratches where Gina had handcuffed Frank to them all those months ago and looked up at him.

“Kneel on it” said Frank flatly.

Val didn’t even hesitate as she stepped forward and climbed on the chair. She gripped the top firmly as it wobbled slightly. Frank moved around behind her and she let out a small gasp as her vision was taken from her. Frank secured the blindfold he had pulled from his pocket behind her head and moved round in front of her. The next thing she felt was cold steel on her left wrist and the click as a handcuff was locked in place. He pulled her hand down by the cuff and secured it to the opposite leg; quickly he placed a second pair of cuffs on her right wrist and secured it across to the left leg. Val breathed deeply as she realised how unsteady the small chair was in this position with her hands crossed over the back.

“So how am I to help you learn a lesson?” Frank asked rhetorically. Val felt Frank’s fingers push into the right pocket of her jeans and pull out her mobile phone. “No charge I see…” his fingers went to her left pocket and pulled out her small wallet. She heard as he popped it open and coins roll across the kitchen table; “…but you had money to use a public phone box if no one else could have lent you a phone.” Val continued to breathe heavily, feeling the underside of her breasts move across the wooden back of the chair. Her heart was hammering in her chest wondering if she would be punished; hoping she would be chastised. She listened to Frank’s footsteps circle around her and cursed the practicality of the winter clothing she was in.

The next moment she felt his hand swipe across her denim clad buttock; it wasn’t particularly painful but she yelped in surprise. With her mouth open she felt some material being pulled into it; Frank quickly tied it behind her head as she wobbled upon the chair. Her hands and feet went cold; a bolt of adrenalin flooded her body, as she thought she was going to topple. She felt Frank’s hand press firmly on the small of her back till she was steady again. The feet of the chair settled and Frank pulled her sweater up over her head and down over the back of the chair. He pulled her blouse free from her jeans. “It would have been so much more practical if I had stripped you before getting you to assume the position… ho hum I’ll just to think of something…” Val heard a drawer being opened and the rattle of the utensils as Frank searched for what he needed.

Val chewed on the material, it was soft and smooth; she thought it might be one of her silk scarves. Her ribs below her bosom pressed into the back of the chair as she breathed deeply through her nose. She shivered as she felt something cold and metallic slide against her lower spine. There was a ‘snipping’ sound as she felt her blouse separate and start to fall down the sides of her body. With four economic motions Frank had cut the blouse all the way up the back and it hung loosely from Val’s upper arms. She grunted as Frank needlessly cut her bra strap beside the fastening and then the shoulder straps to let it fall apart.

“Do you have a problem Val?” asked Frank. Val shook her head in response and jumped as she felt Frank smack her left buttock. Again Frank’s hand went to the, now bare, small of her back to steady her.

Mischievously Val thought to herself that she must stay out more often. Her ass cheeks were tingling a little from the first two slaps and Val hoped her husband would take it a lot further. She moaned quietly as she felt his hips and his hard cock within his pants press to her arse as he wrapped his hands about her waist and undid the buckle and zip of her jeans. Frank quickly and roughly pulled her jeans down her thighs leaving them wrapped around her knees effectively binding them together. Apart from the tatters of her upper garments, the jeans around her calves; all she was left in was a pair of lacy, high cut panties. She knew that the crotch was already soaked from the last five minutes as well as the fun she had gotten up to with Gina the previous night.

She gasped through her gag as she felt the cold blades of the scissors draw up along her lace covered slit and up between her buttocks. Her hands and feet went cold once again as a further hit of adrenalin pumped through her veins; her pussy clamped tight shut as she felt the juices squirt out of her. Frank looked down at his wife’s juices staining the front of his trousers and running down the insides of her thighs; it took all of his self-control not to drop to his knees and plant his mouth over Val’s mound. He allowed himself to slowly reach down and draw a solitary fingertip up from the back of her right knee over her shaking leg drifting inevitably towards her slit.

As his fingertip traced the lips of Val’s quim he felt her shiver in response; he could feel the pulse of her veins echo through the soft wet flesh. Frank reached down with his free hand and unbuckled his belt pulling it out of the waist hoops. Val was unable to restrain herself from pushing her ass backwards, trying to get Frank’s still stroking finger to penetrate her soaking cunt; she grunted into the gag each time as the teasing digit remained outside. She froze as she felt the steel buckle drag over her left buttock.

Val realised she was completely and utterly at Frank’s whim. Although they had ventured along the SM way in the past few months it had never involved a gag; no “safe-word” had been agreed and there was no way she could say it with the gag in place. The blindfold covered her eyes and most of her face so even if Frank was facing her he wouldn’t see a sign that she thought they had gone too far. With the acceptance of the situation she felt the panic in her thoughts die away and a sense of liberation take their place.

I deserve to be punished and I want to be punished she thought to herself. She ceased moving her hips and waited patiently for Frank to do whatever he chose. The buckle lazily dragged across her flesh as she felt Frank pull her soaking panties up between her cheeks pulling it tight across her mound. The thin lacy material was dragged back and forth slowly separating her lips and scraping harder against her clit as it became more exposed. She felt tiny tremors begin to emanate from the sensitive bud; closing her eyes behind the blindfold she dropped her head and focused on the growing sensations.

The stimulation ceased as Frank stepped away, Val released a small moan of disappointment from behind the gag. The tremors died away and Val remained still in a void of darkness and silence. There was a quiet rustle from behind her and she tried to focus on her hearing. The sensation of her juices slowly seeping from her pussy was distracting her; she wanted to turn her head to try and locate where Frank was but she knew just how precarious she was on the skinny chair. The hard slap across her ass came without warning, the flesh of her right cheek stung from the impact; a moment later a backhand struck her left with equal ferocity. As the legs of the chair wobbled Frank’s left hand rested once again on her back. She yelped into the gag as the blows were repeated, she was aware of the skin on her backside warming with each stinging blow just as her pussy spasmed in response.

The blows came equally spaced, a second between each forehand and back hand slap; the heat from her ass seemed to control that of her cunt; she’d lost count of the number of smacks as her pussy clenched expectantly in preparation for the next one. Her juices ran hot and sticky through her panties and down her thighs to the gathered jeans wrapped around her knees. Her body began to tremble as once again the flow became a flood. The barrage of strikes stopped just as suddenly as they began. Val whimpered behind the gag.

Her ass was hot and glowing as she felt the trace of flesh glance across it. She was sure that it left a wet line on the burning skin; she shuddered at the thought of Frank’s cock and what she hoped he might do with it. In her mind she imagined the feel of his hands on her glowing cheeks as his cock ripped mercilessly into her cunt; a cunt in desperate need of release.

Once more Frank had moved away leaving her in an absence of external sensation; what the outside world failed to supply, her own body was making up for. The feel of the steel on her wrists, her fingers gripping the back of the seat so hard that she knew they were white with the strain, the tatters of her clothes hanging from her, the jeans rucked around her knees, her feet oddly warm and comfortable in the practical winter socks she had been wearing, the stiffness in her back as she kept balanced on the chair and of course the heat of her ass and her soaking pussy. She dragged lungful after lungful of air through her nose as the gag held her tongue firmly to the bottom of her mouth. Her heart was hammering in her chest as she felt its insistent beat pulse throughout her body.

She was chewing on her lip around the gag when she jumped at the hot flesh that slapped against the right cheek of her face. Frank’s hand was once more on her back holding her steady as he smacked his hard cock against Val’s left cheek. A splatter of pre-cum remained on the exposed flesh. The erect member struck back and forth as he swivelled his hips, his other hand wrapping itself tightly in Val’s hair dragging her face upwards.

The blows ceased and Franks’ hand moved from her back as his hoarse voice spoke, “I think you may be suitably chastised now…” She felt his hand move to the back of her head below his fist that still held her hair and unravel the knot that held the gag. She drew in her fill of air through her mouth as it fell away. Frank paused as he watched his wife breathe deeply before he continued, “Now you know the punishment for bad behaviour you should also know the reward for being a good girl as well!”

Val felt the hot head of Franks’ cock at her lips and opened her mouth willingly. Frank remained still letting her take what she wanted. Val wanted it all and slid her mouth all the way down her husbands’ cock. Frank gasped as he felt the head of his cock push deep into his wife’s’ eager mouth; he stared down at her as her cheeks hollowed about him and she sucked as hard as she could. Val savoured the familiar taste of Franks’ cock, the saltiness of his pre-cum at the back of her throat as she felt his hands release her hair and slide down her bare back to the hot flesh of her behind. She pumped her head slowly up and down his length as she felt his firm hands caress her tanned ass, kneading the tingling skin gently.

Val savoured the steel hard texture of Franks’ cock as he rocked his hips slightly in response to her bobbing mouth. His fingers ventured further down the crease of her ass to the saturated crotch of her knickers. She groaned around his shaft as she felt his fingers lift the strip of material to one side and ease apart the hot wet lips of her quim. Val forced her mouth fully onto Franks’ cock, her nose buried into his wiry pubic hair as she felt her pussy spread wide; she sucked hard breathing through her nose waiting for his fingers to penetrate and satisfy.

Val’s eyes shot open as she felt another pair of hands massage the hot cheeks of her ass. “Very good behaviour… deserves very nice rewards…” Frank said as Val felt a cock slide easily into her wet snatch. Val’s world exploded as her pussy clenched around the strangers’ hard thick shaft. The chair upon which she was perched wobbled dangerously but Val failed to notice as her orgasm flowed and erupted throughout her hyper-sensitive body. Vaguely she knew Franks’ hand now cupped her breasts, kneading them and trapping her engorged nipples between his fingers as the two men quickly achieved a rhythm. The last remnant of Val’s concern for the strangers’ identity left as she succumbed to the two cocks.

She pushed herself back onto the stranger’s cock and thrust herself forwards onto her husbands’. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her; it seemed to surge with the movement of her body connecting her mouth to her cunt and cock to cock. Time lost all its meaning. All she knew was the cocks filling her mouth and cunt; she didn’t care about the bodies attached to them. They slammed into her, pushing her back and forth between them; taking their pleasure from her willing, eager holes. All at once they disappeared leaving empty voids that she desperately needed filled. The chair wobbled precariously, no hands upon her to keep her safe; she didn’t care if she was to fall as long as the emptiness was once again filled.

Flesh brushed her lips and she opened her mouth as wide as she could, stretching her neck forward to suck on the proffered cock. She tasted of her own juices upon its long slim shaft as it slid into her mouth and down her throat. Her cheeks hollowed once again as she sucked greedily on the strangers cock as the circumcised head slid slowly back and forth over her flattened tongue. Her slit convulsed, desperate to be filled; she swore in her thoughts, berating Frank for his apparent absence. She heard the stranger above whisper the word “fuck” and then Val groaned about his cock as she felt something cold and smooth slide into her sopping pussy.

It wasn’t a cock but it filled the vacuum as she twisted her hips upon the invading object; she could feel smooth ridges ripple between her outer lips as it slid deeper and deeper within her. Her cunt was vibrating about the dildo as Frank pushed it all the way inside her. She knew it wasn’t one of her own toys, even in her distracted state she was intimately familiar with all of them. Her entire body and mind was reeling as she felt Frank’s palm flat over the opening to her now completely full pussy. Val pulled noisy breaths through her nose as she tried to concentrate on sucking the cock in her mouth. Tears ran down her cheeks as she felt the head of her husband’s thick cock press against her anus. Her mind span as she dreaded and desired to be fucked in the ass. She felt the fingers of his right hand slide around the dildo in her quivering pussy gathering her juices and spreading over and in her tight rear hole.

Fuck me she mouthed silently around the unknown cock that was sliding faster and faster in and out of her mouth. The stranger’s hands were wrapped in her long hair as she vaguely heard his deep breathing from above. Val felt that she was losing her mind as Frank’s cock began to spread and stretch her anus.  She felt his large hands move onto her tender ass cheeks as he slowly slid inside her. Her wrists chafed on the handcuffs as her entire body spasmed almost pushing both Frank and the dildo from her ass and pussy. Frank held her ass firmly and pushed deeper into her; as his hips moved forwards the blunt end of the glass dildo pressed against his sac and was pushed back inside his wife. Val shivered and shook as orgasm after orgasm rolled and cascaded through her.

The stranger above groaned loudly and thrust his cock all the way into her mouth as his seed erupted into the back of her throat. The salty fluid made her gag and cough about his cock as it pumped brutally into her mouth. She whimpered as she felt it spill out of her mouth and down her chin to drop wastefully onto her bound hands. Frank drew his cock backwards and then slammed into her tight ass three times as she began to lose consciousness. She was dimly aware as she surrendered to oblivion of Frank swearing loudly.


Val had no idea how much time had elapsed when she came too on the couch. Her body was sore. Her mouth, pussy and her ass felt battered and bruised but blissfully sated at the same time. She could feel the cuffs dangling from her wrists, briefly she was tempted just to drift back to sleep but coaxed her eyes open to find the blindfold had been removed. She blinked rapidly in the bright autumn sunshine streaming through the front window.

Frank, sitting beside her, took her head gently in his hands and kissed her deeply on the mouth aware of the taste of another man’s seed upon her tongue. Eventually the kiss was broken and Frank lifted a bottle of wine from beside the couch with two glasses and poured them both generous measures. He handed one to Val as she looked around.

“He’s gone” Frank stated.

“Who-“Val began to be stopped by Franks’ finger on her lips.

“A friend… he might be someone you have already had the pleasure of… or he might be someone you had expressed a desire about…” Frank paused letting his wife think about this and then continued, “but one day, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but soon someone will say to you ‘This could be the start of a beautiful friendship’ and you will know! Then you have a decision to make, if you reply ‘Here’s looking at you kid’ he will be your slave to do with as you wish”

Val grinned “There is always the chance a Bogie fan could get the surprise of his life!”

Frank raised an eyebrow “I hadn’t thought of that…”

Val looked down at the tattered remnants of her clothes and the jeans still wrapped around her shins. “I’m sorry Frank that I didn’t call and I promise it won’t happen again… but I wouldn’t object to being… reminded of it once in a while as well…” she said as she squirmed on her still tender ass.

“Well… lessons do generally need to be re-enforced…” Frank said as he chinked his glass against Val’s.

To be continued…

…when I get my act together!!!


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