Chaos 2 Theory

Dear Avid Reader…

This doesn’t really follow on from the previous post but I suppose the ‘theory’ behind it got me to thinking!

So imagine if you will (or want to) this scribbler lying back in the bath looking up at the results of my labour. In particular I was looking at some of the lighting I had installed in the ceiling and in the back of my mind was that olde Chaos Theory. As you will see from the attached Diagrams (okay diagrams sounds so much more scientific than ‘Piccies’) there were two sections in particular that had my attention focused upon it. One I had endeavoured to make as random as possible, probably because so many architects are very boring and always put stuff in straight lines or if they’re feeling adventurous, long sweeping curves. The other area was composed of various shapes, mainly star constellations, the odd swear word and a few symbols.

The bath was nice and hot, maybe a little too hot, so I twisted about and let my legs dangle out of the side of it and looked up at the lights above the sink as shown in Diagram A.

Diagram A

When I installed the lights, apart from being one of those awkward positions as I tried to avoid getting dust in my eyes, I was trying for random and to a certain extent not conciously positioning the holes. So I sat there and began to see patterns… hmmm… I thought so, as you do (or maybe it’s just me) I studied the positions and tried to find a single lamp that didn’t line up with at least two others. Just one that at least appeared to bear no relevance to any of the others.

I failed.

So we move on to Diagram B.

Diagram B

As I said lots of patterns involved here even if they overlap and mix through each other. Well, I couldn’t really put a swear word in there for everyone to see (just quit Woman, you don’t have to find all the answers!!!) and so above is the result. As you can see this is the ceiling above the bath and shower and many a pleasant hour can be spent having a good soak watching the lights twinkle. I think you’ll agree with me that this looks a lot more random than my previous effort!

So I come away with the thought that in order to achieve randomness or Chaos you need to be organised!!! Also with the groovy blue lighting I seemed to have created an arty location for a porn film. Freudian (or wishful thinking) or what?

Well there you go no great revelation to the mysteries of the universe although I suppose it does support Chaos Theory that apparent randomness is Deterministic and Chaos is structured.

I will point out that I don’t always dwell on such things in the bath… I had previously been scribbling about my favourite assassin and industrial espionage (with sex of course)… but that’s sometime in the future.

Normal service will be resumed!


p.s. I hope not too many are disappointed by my use of the tags ‘wet’ and ‘shower’… he-he


~ by ftfagos on March 15, 2012.

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