Whodunit / Guess Who? / The Unusual Suspects

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I could feel the incredible heat of her pussy as it pulsated around my gradually softening cock. All I could do was feel and hear her laboured breathing as she also came down from her own orgasm. Our combined juices ran out between us, her squeezing quim slowly and sensually expelling my spent cock from within her. My eyes were open behind the blindfold and small static sparks seemed to crawl across my vision, my own breathing loud in my reduced world as finally with a quiet squelch our link parted.

Her breasts and hard nipples pressed against my chest through her dress and bra as she leant forwards, her hand resting on my forehead (I hoped that she would pull the mask away but it remained resolutely in place as her mouth brushed over my lips and arced around to my ear, “Thank you” she whispered hoarsely and then rose away from my world. Goose bumps spread across my sweat streaked flesh as it was uncovered by her flesh and the cool breeze blowing in through the window caressed it.

“I…err…” I stammered, coherent thought not quite present yet in my brain as I heard her pull on a pair of shoes, I wanted to ask the question but didn’t expect an answer and probably feared one even more.

She uttered three more words, “Always wanted to…” and then I felt her tongue slowly lick up the underside of my flaccid cock coated in her own juices. I shivered and my cock twitched in response before a couple of seconds later I felt the small key being placed into my manacled hand for the second time that morning. I heard the door squeak on its hinges as I struggled to twist the key in my fingertips towards the hole in the handcuffs and release me from what had been a very, very, pleasant bondage.



It all started, I think, at a family get-together yesterday. Not my family but that of my wife’s. It was her father’s retirement party and almost all the kith and kin had been in attendance as well as a few of his close friends and colleagues.

There were the numerous smaller grandchildren using the legs and bodies of the grown-ups as an ever changing maze through which to chase each other with a whoops and laughter as they were caught or escaped. Only a couple of Janey’s Uncle’s and Aunt’s disapproved of such uncontrolled youth whereas the most of us happily played our part as obstacles and even occasionally moved together to shield one of the smaller participants from observation.

We were at my in-laws house with its very large garden, a sizable marquee set up next to the house barely intruding into the grounds. A few of the teenage boys were playing a game of football to the side of the swimming pool and Jack, my father-in-law, standing beside me nodded towards them, “I love them all dearly but I might love my lawn more…”

“You’d prefer them to do the non-communicative teenage thing in amongst us, Jack?” I replied.

Jack lifted his glass of ale to his mouth and ruminated on the bitter taste and his answer, “You’re probably right, Ben, if they didn’t dull the mood they’d probably be swiping my beer!”

“And then although your grass would survive you’d probably be finding little deposits in your flowerbeds from overindulgence!”

“Hmmm…” he pondered, “no idea if it’s full of the right suitable nutrients…” he twisted to look at me, “It’s a shame, I reckon you would have made a wonderful father… a real shame.”

I liked Jack a lot and I wasn’t bothered by his mentioning mine and his daughter’s inability to bear children even with numerous IVF treatments, it had been over five years since we had last tried and we had resigned ourselves to doting on and in Janey’s case spoiling our numerous nephews and nieces while maintaining a very comfortable lifestyle along with quite luxurious summer holidays and knowing that we would both be able to retire early if we decided to. It would be some time before my wife grew tired of being a surgeon but I reckoned I would only spend another year or so before I took early retirement. I smiled back at him not bothering to explain the certain freedoms our acceptance had brought along with it; it was definitely something I knew he wouldn’t approve of!  

“Maybe,” I answered, “Boys I reckon I could handle, not at all sure about girls, though… I could have seen prison in my future when unsuitable or even suitable suitors came a-calling! Not sure how you managed with five daughters!” I looked across at the swimming pool, Jack’s gaze followed mine to see about twelve girls ranging from about thirteen up to twenty years of age.

“Not sure I would have coped these days, they all seem to want to grow up so fast… mind you, when you turned up I did spend some time looking at my  branch clippers, Janey was my youngest after all!”

I gulped dramatically, “Would have probably been my problem as well… and I don’t have branch clippers!”

“I guess you turned out alright… probably” he smirked.

Some of the older girls were sunning themselves around the deck while the younger ones were busy jumping and climbing out of the pool. I dragged my eyes away as one of Janey’s nieces and her friend sat up displaying their feminine charms far too well in their skimpy bikinis. The niece poured some Sun Lotion into the palm of her hand and began to rub it into the shoulders of her friend. Far too distracting for the likes of me, I quickly finished my glass and used it as an excuse to head into the marquee for a refill.

Janey was talking to her sister Bethany as I approached the heavily laden drink’s table, “How’s he doing?” she asked nodding at her father through the open side of the marquee.

I looked over my shoulder and then returned my gaze to the two youngest sisters in the family, “Well, I’m pretty sure he has no regrets about finally retiring but I think I’ll stay away from him when he’s pruning his trees!”

“I’m sure he was only teasing… anyway the pruner’s wouldn’t have been big enough!” answered Janey obviously already knowing about her father’s musings on son-in-laws!

I took her arm, “I’ll slip you twenty quid later for the ego-massage…You never mentioned the pruners before!”

Bethany took a moment and you could almost hear the ‘penny drop’, “Ahhh…” she murmured and then twisted about and looked directly at my crotch. I blushed deeply aware that my cock had stirred and swollen some from looking at their niece and her friend Lizzie, just moments earlier, “You never said Sis!”

“I think I did, Beth… probably the next morning after I found out so pleasantly for myself!”

“Do I have no secrets?” I asked affronted.

“No!” answered the women simultaneously.

“Haven’t you got one of your own…or at least Derek’s to play with anyhow Beth?”

“Yes,” she answered coyly, she looked at Janey who grinned at her “but it’s not as big… or so I’m told. Don’t get me wrong he knows what to do with it, very well I might add… it’s just…” her voice tapered away as her face began to redden.

“Well. That’s two of us embarrassed, what can we do to make Janey blush?” I asked.

My wife raised her glass to the two of us,”You can try!”

Although I had plenty of ammo with which I could (possibly) embarrass Janey all of it involved me as well and I really had no idea just how much she shared with her own sister. I doubted that she did tell her about our ‘swinging’ but you never know.



I had picked up a fresh bottle of ale for Jack and delivered it to him and proceeded to mingle with more of my in-laws. I was talking to Janey’s eldest sister, Rebecca or ‘Becks’ as she liked to be known and her mom beside the buffet table when Jemima, the eighteen year old niece and Beck’s daughter, that had been applying lotion to Lizzie at the pool sauntered up still wearing a bikini top but with a multi-coloured sarong wrapped around her hips. It was an effort but I managed to keep my eyes on hers rather than her large bosom.

It was just at that moment when her little five year old sister ran up and said “Hide me!” in the loud whisper that only small children can do. Jemima threaded her right arm through mine and stood close beside me ushering the child behind us. I was acutely aware of the soft flesh of her breast pressing against my arm as a moment later a seven year old nephew appeared around the corner and began scanning the throng beneath the marquee. I leant forward slightly and pointed to our left winking as I did. The young boy grinned and looked to Jemima for confirmation; she twisted slightly and nodded as well. I was sure that it was accidental on the young woman’s part that as she had twisted her full breast and in particular her nipple had glanced across my pointing hand. I was frozen for a moment as I felt the small nub stiffen and swell as it moved across the back of my hand before I quickly drew it away.

The crisis had been averted and the five year old behind us scooted off in the opposite direction. Jemima’s arm remained threaded through mine, “Oh I envy you young things!” stated Jack’s wife, Helen and the eighteen year old’s grandmother, “Back in my day you almost put on more clothing to go to the beach than you wore normally!”

“I’m sure we could find something for you, grandma if you wanted to join us by the pool and get some rays” answered Jemima.

“Oh this old body is past its sell-by-date now, young ‘un! Back then our parents were of the opinion that too much bare female flesh would send men into uncontrollable frenzies of lust… chance would’ve been a fine thing!”

“Grandma!” exclaimed Jemima.

“Mother!” cried becks.

“What about you, Ben, shocked at your old mother-in law?”

“No, I don’t think so… just figuring how much of a babe you were back then?” I added grinning.

The matriarch of the family stepped over to me and slipped her arm through my left opposite her grand-daughter, “I reckon I could have given this young ‘un a run for her money!” she looked across me and glanced up and down the eighteen year old’s body; “I had bigger boobs too!”

I grinned broadly between the three generations and laughed loudly as Becks added “My mother the slut!” which quickly resulted in a broad smile from Helen and the rest of us being consumed with laughter. I noticed a suspicious look from across the room from Beck’s husband Tony and tried to ignore Jemima’s breast jiggling against my arm as her chest rose and fell.

When my laughter had subsided I held Helen further apart and looked up and down her body just as she had did her grand-daughter, “Don’t think you’re quite past your sell-by-date yet Helen!” Jemima and Becks both cast appraising eyes across their relative and nodded in agreement. Although her hair was completely white Helen’s body was still slim, I reckoned that by the feel of her arm in mine and her calves on display beneath the floral dress that she probably worked out in some way, possibly aerobics or dancing and definitely lots of swimming in their pool. Although it was always hard to figure out whether a bosom was real or assisted with surgery or ‘upholstery’ she still seemed to possess a reasonable ‘rack’. Her skin was tanned, not to the extreme that you saw in other older women and the only major lines spoiling her complexion were centred about her eyes which drew your gaze into the bright blue irises.

“Well I’ve left it too late to get myself a toy boy…” she saw that Jemima was about to disagree, “What I mean young ‘un is that your Grandfather used to be so busy there was plenty of opportunity, now…well… ces’t la vie!” Becks turned her eyes up to the heavens as Jemima and I shared conspiratorial grins. In my own mind I wondered about that last sentence of Helen’s and speculated whether or not she had used those opportunities she spoke of. She was indeed still a ‘handsome’ woman as my own father would have said and it was only her white hair that really betrayed her seventy years of age.

The conversation turned to less risqué subjects as we nibbled on the expansive buffet before each going our separate ways. As the three women walked away I noted the genetic trait of my wife’s family for gorgeous asses and was hard pressed to decide which of the three women had the best derriere.



The afternoon gradually turned to evening and those that lived further afield left as the sun dropped below the horizon. The remaining, protesting, smaller children were ushered into bed till there was about twenty adults and older teenagers remaining. Jack turned on the hot tub that had only been installed two weeks previously and I helped him lift the lid up and out of the way as Lizzie and Jemima whipped off their sarongs and slipped lithely into the bubbling water. Jemima implored me to join them and only when Janey appeared in a red one-piece bathing suit did I acquiesce. I made my way into the house and quickly found the Day-bag that Janey had brought with a pair of shorts for me inside and headed upstairs to find a room to get changed in. I had just stripped of my suit and was pulling on my shorts when the door opened to the room I had used and Mark, Lizzie’s friend walked in. “Oh sorry, Ben, should’a knocked.”

“Not to worry, I’m done here…”

I folded my suit carefully and placed it on top of the bag as Mark dropped the bag he was carrying and peeled off his rugby top exposing a ‘ripped’ stomach and a pair of serious shoulders that I had seen used to great effect on the rugby field. “Heading for the hot tub?” he asked.

“Yep, you?” I replied.

He nodded as he kicked off his shoes, a smile on his lips as he pulled off his jeans and jockeys in one go. My eyes flicked down off their own accord to see his penis hanging from a thick dark bush of hair. I pulled my eyes away having noted that even in its flaccid state it was at least five or six inches long, a smile played across my lips as I thought that’ll make some girl happy. Mark caught my smile and I quickly looked away as his own seemed to broaden. “Well… I guess I’ll see you down there…” I said as I quickly left the room almost sure that his eyes followed me.

“Or a boy…” I whispered as I headed down the stairs.


 When I returned to the large hot tub apart from the two younger women and my wife, Helen was also relaxing in it along with Derek while Becks and Jack sat at a table beside it. “Not joining us?” I asked as I slipped into the water between Janey and Helen. I’d deliberately avoided Janey’s right side as that would have meant being beside Jemima and I felt that would have been too much of a sweet torment.

“No, not at the moment” answered Becks “maybe later.”

“Happy here” answered Jack raising his glass to his lips with a smile.

We chatted about the day and our general lives as Jack and Becks kept our glasses filled beside the edge of the tub. Apart from Mark slipping in on the other side of Janey we remained the only ones in the tub even though there was easily room for at least three more without it becoming over-crowded. A couple of others joined us at the table as they circulated but for the next hour or so we were the ‘hard-core’ set in the water.

Thoughts of the female forms and even Mark’s sizable member drifted almost completely from my mind as sitting in the water was a little like talking to the heads in jars from a Futurama episode, all of the fun stuff was nowhere to be seen. Even the occasional glimpse of a breast bobbing to the surface as one of the females stretched or arched their back was easily dismissed. Luckily and as was the norm for family gatherings Janey kept her hands to herself, only occasionally resting one on my thigh beneath the water. It was much like any other of Janey’s family get-togethers and I was completely relaxed listening to the conversation with my head resting on the decking looking up at the sky as the stars began to appear. That was up until the point I felt a small foot slide quickly up the inside of my thigh and a dexterous toenail scratch my sac through my shorts as they ballooned with the bubbles in the water. As I had earlier when I had inadvertently touched Jemima’s nipple I froze, the toe remained and pushed each of my balls individually within my sac before it disappeared. I was breathing heavily and it was some moments before my attention was drawn back to the conversation by Janey.

“Sorry, what was that?” I asked twisting my head to look at my wife, afraid to look at the group in general in case I saw a ‘twinkle’ of mischief in an eye. The foot was withdrawn, a mixture of relief and disappointment remaining in my mind. Without looking I knew that Jemima or Derek were opposite me and I was sure that Derek’s feet weren’t that small for one and that he didn’t swing that way for another. It was feasible that Mark or Lizzie might be able to reach whereas Janey and Helen being beside me would’ve had to have been expert contortionists; I knew my wife wasn’t and was pretty sure my mother-in-law wasn’t either.

“I was wondering if you’d had enough and wanted to get out.” Janey asked me again. Her hand rested on my thigh beneath the water and a smile appeared on her face as the side of it brushed against my semi-swollen cock. The bubbles in the water, which were on a cyclic timer, were still causing my shorts to balloon making it easier for my length to swell and straighten out. The edge of her hand rubbed it again and more blood was diverted to it causing it to rapidly harden increasing the smile on my wife’s mouth.

“I think I’ll stay a little longer…” I gulped quietly as her fingers wrapped themselves about my girth and squeezed it tightly. I could see in her eyes that she was in a conundrum. She rarely passed up any of my erections except for the usual ‘morning glory’ when it would obviously mean that one of us would be late for work (though not always), even if it was just to give me a hand-job. But we were sitting beside her mother and her relatives so eventually she released my hard-on with a slight frown.

“Don’t be too long, we don’t want you going all wrinkly!” she replied, “I’ll be up in the bedroom beside Grandma’s when you come up.”

Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea; I knew that Janey was now feeling horny and “relative’s be damned” she wanted fucking up stairs but there was no practical way I could exit the tub without revealing my erection. Janey stepped up and out of the water, I dropped my head back and the view up between her legs did little to quench my ardour as her swimsuit was pulled to one side almost but not quite revealing her shaved pussy. I knew she had done it deliberately as by the time she had picked up a towel and turned about the strip of red material was back in place.

“Here” she said as she dropped the towel beside my head, “for when you need it…” I rolled my head once again on the deck and watched my wife walk away admiring the rise and fall of her hips and that genetic predisposition for marvelous behinds.

The foot reappeared as I imagined bending my wife over and pulling her swimsuit away from her sweet quim. This time I didn’t freeze and squeezed my legs together trying to catch the stranger’s foot between my thighs but it slipped away beneath the bubbles. Well it isn’t Janey’s I thought as I looked towards the remaining occupants. All bar Helen seemed to be deep in conversation and as I studied them none gave away any sense of guilt or mischief.

I felt Helen’s hand on my arm, “Is everything alright Ben?” she asked with a slightly distracted look.

“Oh… it’s nothing…” I looked closer at Helen, “Are you okay?” I continued with a little concern.

Her hand gripped my arm a little tighter and I felt her long fingernails dig into my skin a fraction, “Ohhh… I’m just… fine…” she squirmed beside me, “We should’ve got one of these…years ago…” her voice trailed away and it took me a moment to realise that she was obviously sitting directly on top of one of the underwater jets and thoroughly enjoying the sensation. If I’d been wearing a hat I would have taken it off to her; the smile vanished with the bubbles as the timer clicked off. The water quickly settled and what had been invisible beneath the surface became clear.

Just as things began to come into focus I swear I saw a couple of hands moving to more innocent positions, I looked up at Jack still sitting at the table and wondered had he tampered with the chemicals in the water and added some sort of aphrodisiac. I realised my own situation would be obvious and twisted about quickly stepping out of the tub. I was pretty sure that I managed to conceal my erection from all except Helen who gazed directly at my crotch and simply smiled without passing comment. The towel was picked up and my decency was restored.

“I’ll…I’ll see you all shortly” I announced looking down into the pool and turned away. I just caught Helen’s remark as I strode away “Not if my daughter has any sense” which was followed by two high pitched laughs from Lizzie and Jemima and a much deeper one from Mark. I blushed deeply but just carried on walking.


I strode up the stairs and down the long corridor and entered the room beside Grandma’s without knocking. The shower was running within the en-suite and I almost tripped head over heels in my haste to pull of my shorts. I was stepping into the shower before I even thought that I should have made sure it was my wife occupying it. Luckily (or possibly not) Janey span around and her left hand wrapped around my hard-on pulling on it savagely, I moaned in response. “You took your time!” she stated and gasped as my fingers slid over her own that were already inside her wet pussy.

My other hand slipped up her body, tweaking her nipple as it ascended till I wrapped my fingers through her matted hair, “You know what? Just shut up and assume the position because you’re gonna get fucked!” she grinned broadly and released my cock, twisting about and spreading her legs wide offering her delectable ass to me as her hands rested against the tiled walls.

I wasted no time as my hands grasped her hips and I bent my knees a little till the angry head of my cock nestled against her open lips. One simple shove and it slid in easily all the way to the hilt. Both of us groaned loudly and within seconds we achieved a frantic rhythm as my hips slapped against Janey’s ass cheeks as she thrust back against me. Whether she had already brought herself off once or twice already I didn’t know but her orgasm arrived quickly as her head dipped downwards and her back arched upwards in a very familiar pose. I shifted my right hand up and grabbed a shank of her hair pulling her head up and slamming deep inside her with all the strength I could muster. Her pussy clamped down onto my cock like a vice as it struggled to jerk within her suddenly and incredibly tight hole; my balls twitched hard within my sac forcing jet after jet of my seed deep into the neck of her womb.

The two of us convulsed as one till our mutual orgasms subsided. I grabbed the hand rail on the tiled wall as we both slumped downwards to sprawl in the bottom of the shower tray. As Janey’s breathing came under control she said “So, sharing a hot tub with my two barely dressed, barely legal, nubile girls gets you horny… even when one of them is your niece???”

“Come on they’re hardly ‘barely’ legal and she’s only my niece by marriage!” I answered as I pulled my softening cock from her pussy and reached up to turn off the shower,”and are you complaining?”

Janey twisted around, straddling my lap and wrapping her arms about my neck, “No… I guess I’m not… they were pretty skimpy bikini’s! Mind you Mark’s shorts…”

“Could’ve been longer?” I suggested, “You shoulda seen him getting changed!”

 Janey bounced on my lap, “Why?” I lifted my hands up and held them about six inches apart. “That’s not that impressive!”

“When it’s soft?” Janey’s eyes lit up, “and after you left the hot tub the bubbles stopped and I wasn’t the only one who was… distracted… actually so not the only one!”

“What… who?”

I suddenly realised I was actually talking about my wife’s mother, “I…err…” I stammered.

Janey dropped her hand from round my neck and held my nipple between her thumb and forefinger, “Spill!”


My hesitancy was enough of a clue for my wife, “My mom? Shee…ite!” her eyes went even wider; “She wasn’t… touching you?”

“Oh god no… not that… she was just enjoying the bubbles, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh! Well I can’t blame her for that… some of those jets are pretty powerful… I… if… if we’d been alone I’d have been across your lap with your cock out and in my pussy in no time! Maybe we should get one too, big enough for Paula and Gavin as well” said Janey referring to the couple that we ‘swung’ with most often.

“That…” I began and then hesitated; Janey’s left hand slipped down my chest and cupped my balls giving them a delicate squeeze. “That wasn’t the only thing… someone was playing footsy with me as well.”

She squeezed a little harder, Footsy?”

“Well, whoever’s foot it was… it was going places your hand is now!”

“Really, Jemima or little Lizzie?” Janey asked.

“I think so, possible it was Derek, but I doubt it, though I suspect Mark might dabble” I replied.

“Hmmm…” considered Janey, “I’m pretty sure he’s fucking Lizzie though that’s not to say he doesn’t like a little cock as well… long you say?” her hand slipped from my balls and began pulling on my cock, urging the blood back into it.

“When it’s hard, gotta be a good nine inches at least, if not more! Would you like to see me stroking it? Leading it into your puss?” I dropped my own hand and slipped two fingers inside Janey, her pussy offering minimal resistance.

She moaned deeply as I curled my fingers within her searching out her G-spot, “Ohhhh… mmm… I’d like that a lot… would you like to fuck little Lizzie?” My cock twitched in response to Janey’s words and swelled within her grasp, “I see… feel that you would!”

“Mmmhmm… and would you like Mark’s cock where my fingers are?” I thrust my fingers deeper inside my wife’s hot slit, rubbing the tips back and forth over the sensitive spot within as my thumb found her clit and began rolling it from side to side; her pussy muscles contracted around my digits. “I feel that you would!”

Her hand pumped my cock even harder as her right hand gripped my neck and the nails dug into my flesh, I dropped my other hand down her back and slid a finger along the crack of her ass, “Or would you prefer it in another hole?”

Her chest heaved and she twisted her hips backwards her tight rear hole finding the tip of my finger, “Nooo… I’d… I’d want both my holes filled… this lovely cock in my ass and… Mark’s in my cunt… ohh God!” I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, pinching them against my thumb over her clit and felt her juices flow out and into my palm as my finger pushed into her ass. Janey’s head flew backwards only just missing the white tiles behind her as the tendons on her neck stood out and a deep blush spread over her upper chest. Her nipples were as hard as bullets and too much of a temptation as I dipped my head forwards locking my lips around one sucking it hard into my mouth. “Ohhh fuck…” she moaned. She bucked against my fingers as a ‘hard’ orgasm wracked her body and even more juices soaked my palm. She released my now fully hard cock in the throes of her rapture and clumsily slapped her hand against the wall beside her till it found the rail and gained some balance as I almost lifted her from my lap with my fingers.

It took her a full minute to regain her senses before she opened her eyes, a couple of tears had fallen down her cheeks as her cunt eventually relaxed and I tenderly caressed it; small ‘shocks’ making her twitch till she reached down and I allowed her to pull my hand away from her crotch. She looked the glistening flesh of my hand and wrapped it around my cock smearing its full length with her juices before awkwardly raising herself off my lap. Her legs quivered as she knelt between my knees and using my own hand encouraged me to stand before her. She looked up at me with a broad smile, “Tell me Ben, if you fucked little Lizzie would you like me to clean her juices from your cock afterwards?”

I released my cock allowing her smaller hand to take its place, I watched as she slowly pumped it, her eyes fixed on mine as I wrapped my fingers through her hair and held it against the tiled wall. “Oh yes… as much as I think you’d like to see Lizzie clean Mark’s cock after it had filled your cunt!” I rocked forward and watched as my length disappeared into her hot mouth in one simple movement. Janey tilted her head straightening her throat as the glans pushed into it; I heard her draw her breath loudly through her nose as her cheeks hollowed against my erection.

Slowly I began to fuck her willing mouth as I imagined Mark and Lizzie beside us, Janey’s palm cupped my balls kneading them as her fingernail reached back and teased my anus. Even though I had only filled my wife’s cunt with my spunk minutes before I knew I wouldn’t be long in filling her mouth as well. “You know I love it when you lick me clean after I’ve fucked Paula… mmmm… maybe you’d like to see me and Mark lick each other clean…” Janey sucked my cock even harder and her eyes widened as her pupils dilated even further as I began to slide my cock faster into her mouth. “Oh I can tell you’d like that… watching us sixty-nine… do you think Lizzie would get off on it as well?” I couldn’t see but I could hear Janey’s fingers being rammed into her slit and she was drawing increasingly noisy breaths through her nose as she rolled my balls against the heel of her hand. Her finger pushed into my ass as I imagined fucking her niece and then Becks and Bethany. I slammed my cock faster into her mouth, her head held in place against the wall as my thoughts turned to her mother, Helen; it was only a small twist of my imagination to replace Janey’s dark red hair with the older woman’s shock of white below me. My cock erupted once again and jet after jet of thick seed shot into my wife’s throat.

My body shook as the last spasms of my cock faded away. I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse through the glass sliding door of the shower and a mirror above the sink beyond of a distorted shape within the open door to the bathroom. I twisted my head to stare through the water streaked glass as whoever it had been moved out of sight. My cock gave a final twitch within Janey’s mouth depositing a final drop of sperm onto her tongue. I wonder I thought to myself.

We turned on the shower once again and I kissed Janey hard, enjoying the taste of my seed within her mouth before we finally washed and dried ourselves before getting dressed and heading downstairs to rejoin the party.


Janey hadn’t bothered to put her knickers back on and just before we stepped through the French doors at the back of the house I pulled my fingers from her still hot and wet pussy allowing her dress to fall back down. I sucked on my fingers as we walked across the decking towards the hot tub.

Only Mark and Lizzie were left within the bubbling water, Helen was sitting beside Jack wrapped up in a white fluffy toweling robe along with Derek and Bethany who were still dressed as they had been all day and had obviously not partaken of the pool or the hot tub. Steam was rising of the water surrounding the couple in the tub and a lesser amount was coming of the surface of the pool in the cool night air. The two wakes caused by Becks and Jemima as they ploughed up and down the length created tiny rainbows from the dozen lights illuminating the surface. I smiled at the almost annual event between the two.

“Competition time!” offered Jack to me and Janey as we walked up, “the old versus the new, a test of endurance… how many is that now?”

“Forty-six lengths” added Derek whose eyes seemed to be permanently fixed on Becks’ shapely ass as it sailed through the water. I followed his gaze and couldn’t blame him, although she was wearing a royal blue one piece it was cut very high on the hips and seemed to sweep down her sides; with the continuous work of her arms as she front-crawled up and down the pool the side of her right breast was on view as she brought her arm over her head.

“My money’s on Becks!” Helen said and cuddled tighter against Jack.

I was standing beside Bethany when I heard her whisper so only I could hear, “Feeling better now?”

I pulled my gaze away from her sister and down to her eyes as she winked at me, “Very much so, nothing like a good… shower to blow away the cobwebs!” she grinned back at me and whether consciously or unconsciously her eyes dipped to my crotch for the second time that day. I looked back up and to the table with bottles of wine and harder spirits scattered across it with numerous glasses. I noted the crumpled and damp striped swimsuit sitting on the corner beside Helen and wondered was she now nude beneath the robe she was wearing. “White?” I asked Janey to which she nodded and I poured her a fresh glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I chose a glass of Whiskey for me as the two of us sat down to watch the competition.

There wasn’t much to tell between mother and daughter, where the younger was faster on the lengths, the elder was quicker in the rolls at the deep end and the turns at the shallow. As both women managed their fiftieth length Janey lifted her legs and placed them across my lap, “Who won last year?” she asked her dad.

“I think it was Jemima… of course both of them still deny that they ever train for this but it is odd that the two of them have visited me and your mother so often over the past couple of months… hardly see them during the winter, oddly enough when I’ve got the cover on the pool!”

“You ever thought of putting it under glass. Jack? I asked.

“Maybe… I guess we’d get more visits and could have a New Year Triathlon! But I like it open to the sky.”

“I saw one recently…” I paused trying to remember where I had seen till the memory surfaced, I felt Janey’s legs twitch against mine. It had been at a swinging party in February and the covered pool had been put to very good use, “Yeah, this pool, the cover was on rails and it could be rolled right back to one end, made a bit of a shelter if the weather suddenly changed. One of my clients had it installed last year” I lied; I felt Janey’s fingers twitch against my thigh.

“That could be a good idea… maybe I was right not to use the branch pruner on you after all!”

“Jeez Jack!” I winced and the females around the table laughed in unison whereas Derek dragged his attention away from the swimming athletes with a bemused look and a raised eyebrow, “Trust me, you don’t want to know!”

The two women were beginning to slow, Jemima pulling fractionally ahead of her mother, on her next turn in the shallow end she saw that she was half a length ahead and redoubled her efforts, her face red with the strain.

We all rose, almost as one and moved to the side of the pool to watch the battle as it looked like coming to a close. “She might have the edge…” commented Lizzie as dripping from the hot tub she stepped up beside me, Mark standing behind her, looking over her shoulder.

“I wouldn’t put money on it” I heard Helen say and I looked at Becks as she made her turn. A smile played across the older woman’s lips and she pushed off once again making no attempt to catch her daughter and simply continued at her previous pace. I felt Lizzie’s wet hip brush against mine; chewing my lip I concentrated on the competition before me.

“What do ya’ reckon, Uncle Ben?” Lizzie asked beside me, “Fancy a wager?”

I looked down at the young woman beside me, a full head shorter than my six foot; my eyes betrayed me and flicked to the wet material covering her full breasts, noting the hard nipples beneath and Mark’s finger entwined through the string tie holding her bikini bottoms together on her hip. As I looked back to her eyes I saw that my own gaze had been noted and a smile played across her lips, the tip of her tongue peeked out briefly as she swayed back against Mark who was also smiling at me. “I don’t reckon you’re holding much money at the moment!” I replied.

“We’ll make it a forfeit then” she said offering me her small hand.

I felt Janey’s hand against my other thigh and knew she was listening to the conversation, her nail scratched at the seam of my trousers; I had no idea whether she was encouraging me to take the bet or not but I took the young woman’s hand and shook sealing the deal. Lizzie turned her attention back to the pool and called out “Come on Jemima, shift your lazy ass!”

The chorus was taken up by all, split roughly down the middle as we urged on the competitors. The young woman’s lead stretched to two lengths before the toll of extra speed began to show, at first in slower tumble turns at the deep end and them in her general speed along the length. At first it didn’t seem to make much difference in the distance between them but by the time Jemima had completed her fifty-fifth length her mother was still executing perfect tumble turns. Five lengths later and the lead that Jemima had gained had diminished to half a length and as she turned at the shallow end we all could see the strain showing on her face. “Come on” breathed Lizzie, “looks like I might owe you a forfeit, Uncle” she said quietly to me.

As Becks completed her turn she was only a body length behind her daughter, strain was apparent on her face but nothing like that of her rival. At the tumble turn Becks surfaced just in front of her daughter and by the end of the length her feet were splashing spray across Jemima’s head.

The younger woman quit halfway back to the deep end knowing that she had been beaten.

 As Becks swam past her daughter she did a victory roll through the water. Jemima was standing her pert breasts dripping back into the pool as her chest rose and fell with deep breaths, “You’re just rubbing it in now!”

Becks stood up just beyond her daughter to cheers from the assembled spectators, I felt my cock stir once again as I surveyed the cut of her blue swimsuit; her hips were completely exposed and the material running down between her legs had almost completely disappeared between her ass cheeks and the top had slipped round showing the entire side of her boob, only just covering her hard nipple. She stepped into the slightly deeper water and hugged her daughter, “There’s always next year, darling.”

I felt Janey’s mouth beside my ear “Is there any member of my family you wouldn’t want to fuck?”

I twisted around, my mouth to the side of her head and whispered back, “There’s your dad… but then again!” I felt the back of Janey’s knuckles give my crotch a light rap, probably in playful admonishment but it had the opposite effect especially as I felt Lizzie’s hip rub across my behind.

The two competitors waded to the side of the pool, Becks was below me and offered her arms up for a helping hand as Mark stepped forward. There was definitely something up with the women in my wife’s family today as she stared first at my crotch and then at Mark’s, a smile that had been of triumph seeming to turn to one of appreciation as the two of us lifted her easily up and out of the pool. The two of us surveyed her crotch as well, the wet material was pulled tightly across her mound and no visible hairs straying from either side so she was either well trimmed or shaved, a fact I was sure wasn’t lost on Mark as well; the shape of her pussy lips was obvious beneath the swimsuit. Mark and I smiled at Becks and reflected back the appreciative smile that had been on her mouth a moment before. “Well done,” I said, “We’ve got to keep these whipper-snappers down!” I’d ignored her damp condition and the fact that I was once again dressed in my suit to wrap my arm about the small of her back where I found Mark’s arm also resting, neither of us moved our arms away as our eye’s briefly met; instead by some silent word passed between us our hands lowered till they rested just above Becks’ ass, our fingers lying on the exposed flesh below the high cut hips.

Becks’ own arms slipped beneath ours to wrap around our backs, “So, did you bet on me Ben, Mark?”

“Yes, I did, Lizzie lost” I answered glancing at the young woman standing in front of us.

“Really?” commented Mark, “I lost and Lizzie won!”

“Smart girl, hedging your bets” said Becks as Lizzie stood before us chewing her bottom lip and managing a good Imitation of innocence even in her skimpy bikini, “Still for your manipulation of the inferior sex I think you should get me a drink!”

Lizzie nodded and bowed affording me a delectable view through her cleavage. Becks shivered between me and Mark and I was just about to break our embrace to fetch a towel when everything took on a red glow, for the first time I noticed some new lamps that had been fitted on top of the trellis work that screened the pool from direct view from the road. As one we all looked at Jack holding a small remote in his hands, “Boys and our toys! Guilty as charged.”

Even if it was an extravagance the two swimmers and Mark and Lizzie who were still damp from the hot tub appreciated the infra-red heat. Becks stood forward and slowly rotated in front of one of the lamps and within a few seconds I could see the water on her skin drying, a faint mist of evaporation was rising from her flesh like a ghostly aura. Bathed in the red glow it was an incredibly erotic sight to behold. I looked away before all the blood in my body made a bee-line for my cock.

I walked back to the table where my drink was and took a long cool sip, as I placed it back down I felt Janey’s hand snake around my waist, “You realise you’ve got a fading boob-print on your jacket?”

I looked down and grinned as there was indeed a darker patch across the left of my chest, a tiny slightly darker point in the centre seemed to be the point where Beck’s nipple pressed against me. “You’re right… I feel so unbalanced now” I said grinning, “Do you reckon there’s something in the air tonight?”

Janey pursed her lips in consideration and I knew that she was thinking to twenty minutes earlier and our time in the shower “Could be…”

“…a mild mannered janitor?” I completed our ritual saying and kissed her lightly on the lips.

I felt the back of her hand once again brush against my crotch, “Don’t know about ‘in the air’ definitely something going on inside your trousers!”

“You gonna have to stop that… seriously haven’t felt so horny in ages… I’ve lost count of the number of hard-ons I’ve had today, let alone semi’s!”

Her hand twisted and she cupped my cock, stroking it upwards feeling it unfurl between us, “All that spunk and only one mouth” she whispered. I was sure that Janey’s eldest sister, Miriam, older by seven years and quite the prude compared to her siblings was staring across at us through the group. I kissed my wife firmly, slipping my tongue secretly into her mouth, my eyes on the sour expression six yards away. Our observance was short lived as Miriam’s eyes went wide as her mother twirled about and her robe gaped apart exposing her long leg almost all the way to her crotch and fully exposed her right breast till Jack grinned broadly and welcomed her into a hug. I was sure if he hadn’t the loose knot about Helen’s waist would have come completely undone.

As I broke our kiss I shook my head, “I think you’re gonna have to take me away from all of this or else!”

“…or else? What?” Janey asked.

“I’m gonna bend you over that table and fuck you in front of your entire family! That’s what!”

“Promise to bend me over the table when we get home?” she replied.

“I do solemnly swear that I will slam my cock into your hot cunt as soon as we’re in the door!”

We made our way through the gathering trying to say goodbye to all those remaining as quickly and as politely as possible. It was probably my horny state but everyone except for Miriam seemed to be in extremely tactile moods and I found myself having to be very careful when hugging people. Lizzie and Mark, who had been sitting down at one end of the decking, weren’t having any of that and both of them embraced the two of us tightly. We shared a smile as I wasn’t the only one with a hard-on it seemed. “So, ‘Uncle’ Ben, when do I have to pay my forfeit?”

Janey, who was thoroughly enjoying her hug from Mark, smiled at me, giving me the faintest of nods, “Well, Lizzie, I guess I’m going to have to think on that a while but I’ll let you know…”

“Maybe you’d like if Mark was to pay me my forfeit at the same time?”

I smiled down at her, “I’m sure ‘Aunt’ Janey would like that as well!”

“Looking forward to it,” she dropped her hand between us and squeezed my erection, “Now you get off and get Janey off as well!”


Even though we only lived less than half a mile from Jack and Helen’s, less than ten minutes walk, we didn’t get as far as our dining room table. Janey pulled me into a dark alley about half way home and was pulling my belt free and zip down before we were in the shadows. When my cock sprung free she simply turned around and leant against a brick wall hiking her dress up over her hips exposing her bare ass and soaking pussy. Looking over her shoulder she simply said “Fuck me, you bastard, fuck me now!”

I happily obliged my wife and slammed my hard-on straight into her wet slit. Her grunts became louder with each thrust and before I had drawn back for the tenth time I’d had to place my hand over her mouth to stifle the noise she was making. I used my hand to pull back on her head as I ploughed my erection into her dripping snatch harder and deeper. Her pussy responded with spasm after spasm, rippling down along my length as it powered inside her. She began to buck against me as she drew air loudly in through her nose.

In next to no time I was emptying my seed inside her, my glans pressed up against her cervix which I felt twitch again and again as her wet hole shrank tightly around my girth. I struggled not to cry out myself into the cool night air as her cunt seemed to suck my spunk from my balls and up along my length. Slowly both of us regained our equilibrium and I attempted to withdraw. I laughed nervously gaining a whispered and slightly annoyed “What?” from Janey.

I tried again and Janey’s quim was locked tight around my cock, the power of her grip seemed to be keeping the blood within my cock, refusing to let it soften completely. “Err… what would you say if I said…if I couldn’t… you know… withdraw!”

“Don’t be daft!” she replied and pulled away from me, raising her back as she did. I laughed as she pulled me forwards and upwards, the sensations still very pleasant although I suspected they might not be for too long. The idea of a gangrenous cock injected itself into my mind and I felt a cold shudder run down my spine. “Stop fooling about Ben!”

I grasped her hips and pushed, I could feel the base of my cock being stretched and the ‘gangrenous’ was replaced by the ‘ripped-off’ causing me to immediately cease. As much as I often enjoyed Janey or someone else pulling on my cock this had been quite different and fear held sway in my head. “Fuck…” I breathed deeply trying to fight the panic that was rearing in the back of my head.

Janey realised I wasn’t ‘messing about, sensing my fear she reached back and placed her palm on my hip; “Shhh…” she whispered, “give it a minute or so and I’ll relax… try thinking of something non-sexual, don’t even think about the fact we’re stuck up a dark alley like a couple of horny dogs!”

I laughed along with her and felt my panic subside, “So, great weather we had today!”

Janey decided to talk about her work, “Oh, did I tell you about the bowel surgery I performed yesterday… talk about shit everywhere!” Our giggling continued and within a minute I felt Janey’s pussy relax and my cock soften as the blood was allowed to flow out of it.

We made it home without further incident and although I broke my promise and didn’t fuck Janey across the kitchen table we did play with each other tenderly in bed bringing each other to yet another orgasm with each other’s fingers before falling asleep.



The next morning I slowly surfaced from my dreams which seemed to feature Janey and Becks swimming naked up and down Jack’s pool as I stood on the side naked and for some reason having forgotten how to swim and therefore unable to enter the water.

I opened my eyes but the world remained black, momentarily disorientated I tried to reach for my face but then realised that I couldn’t move my hand or for that matter any of my limbs. A broad smile spread across my face.

“Ahh… you’re awake sleepy head!” said Janey from somewhere close by. My morning erection was flicked by an unseen fingernail. “I was just thinking as I was making coffee what a ‘bad boy’ you were yesterday. Apart from lusting after most of my family you also forgot the promise you made last night!” I heard her take a slurp of liquid and assumed it was her coffee and then I groaned loudly as I felt a little of the hot liquid spill down my length before it was engulfed by her mouth.

“Ohhh GOD!” I moaned as I thrust my hips upwards into her powerfully sucking lips. I felt the coffee drain away down her throat and her cheeks tighten around my cock before they were slowly dragged upwards and off the end with a small ‘pop’.

“Mmmm… coffee and cock, you can’t beat it first thing in the morning…” she purred, “but this is meant to be a punishment,” her hand side swiped my erection and it bounced back and forth; “so, if you can prove that you are a ‘good boy’ I might just do something about it!” I felt the mattress bounce as she climbed on the bed, a tiny point of heat splashed on my nipple as I was sure she deliberately dribbled her mug. I felt her small feet slip either side of my chest and the bed creak as she lowered herself down above me.

“I’ll try to be good…” I said as I raised my head and opened my mouth to be met by the hot wet sensation of her pussy descending. She’d held her labia apart till my tongue slipped inside her and pressed my head back into the pillow before beginning to ride my face. Sometimes I just love waking up in the morning I thought as her juices flowed over my chin. Janey was even more enthusiastic than normal and if I’d been able to complain, I wouldn’t have; I drove in and out of her pussy as I felt those wonderful internal muscles ripple about my tongue. I could hear her breathing become laboured as her slit pressed even tighter to my mouth, I yelped into it though the sound was muffled as I felt her fingernail flick against the glans of my ‘rock-hard’ cock. If my hands had been free I would have grasped her hips and pulled her down onto my face even harder.

Vaguely I was aware of the phone ringing as a spurt of her juices jetted into my mouth and I struggled to swallow them down, trying to draw breath simultaneously through my nose. My cock sent an ‘electric’ shock through my nervous system as she flicked it once again; another moan into her pussy and another squirt from it into my willing mouth as she leaned to one side. Indistinct words came from above me and I silently cursed her occupation that occasionally intruded into our lives especially when she was sat upon my face.

Once again she leaned to her left and then to my disappointment her snatch disappeared from my face. “Fuck!” she uttered and I knew that she had been called into the hospital for some reason; I didn’t really care if I was honest that it was probably urgent if not a matter of life and death. I blinked as she shoved the blindfold off my eyes. It took a few seconds for me to focus.

She stood above me, one hand holding the wooden headboard and her pussy glistening and open between her legs; trails of her juices meandered down her thighs shining in the reflected sunlight streaming through the open curtains of our bedroom. “Fuck…” she breathed and climbed off the bed; the next moment I heard the shower running as she left me there tied to the bed.

I wasn’t worried (well maybe I was a little bit) as I lay there flexing my cock as I looked to the open door of the en suite. After a couple of minutes Janey reappeared and walked to the in-built cupboard. I watched as she got dressed not saying a word. She picked up a pair of silk French knickers and I watched her smile before she dropped them back into the drawer and pulled on a pair of loose fitting slacks. When she was fully clothed she wandered towards the bed and picked up her pager and mobile phone before she looked at my still erect cock. “I could be a couple of hours… is that still going to be hard for me?”

I nodded and watched her smile as I flexed my erection for her benefit. I groaned deeply as she bent down and took the head into her mouth sucking hard upon it. “Well, I guess I’ll be nice…”

I felt the small key that unlocked the handcuffs settle in my palm as she kissed me on the mouth. “Hurry back” I whispered as our lips parted.

I stared up at the ceiling for a minute or two before I unlocked the handcuffs leaving them still attached to my wrists, “Goddamned patients” I murmured as I stroked my now soft cock rubbing the excess of pre-cum that had seeped from the eye before rolling onto my side away from the window and closing my eyes. ****

I moaned deeply as I rose once again from my slumber. Janey’s mouth was sliding up and down my length. A broad grin spread across my face as I felt her nails scratch beneath my balls as her lips slid downwards and I felt her nose press into my pubic hair. “Oh god” I breathed, “have I told you how much I love you, Janey?”

A murmur of acknowledgement came from beneath my stomach as I realised I was once again handcuffed to the rails of the headboard and blindfolded. I lifted my hips to meet her mouth, “Fuck me please!”

I felt her mouth slowly rise up my length sucking hard till my cock sprang free, “Is that what you really want?” she replied. Something wasn’t quite right as I felt her shift upwards along the bed and position herself above my hips, the soft sensation of a dress dragging along my thighs. Her hand wrapped around my erection and dragged it back and forth across a soaking pair of knickers. I could tell from the slight roughness that they were lace and at that point it struck me. The sudden realisation was like a bolt of lightning and my cock twitched hard in her hand. Her hand! But not my wife’s hand and not my wife’s pussy which I now remembered had left the bedroom without knickers. She had been dressed in slacks and would hardly have changed before coming back to wake me up. I felt the lacy panties being pulled to one side and them a hot wet pussy engulfed my cock.

“Ohhh… god” I moaned, “ohhh…fuck… who are…you?”

I felt the unknown pussy squeeze my cock firmly as the mystery woman swiveled her hips back and forth about my ‘uncaring’ cock. “Do you really care?” the stranger whispered, “or do you want to fill this cunt with your spunk?”

“Oh shit” I replied and lifted my hips up off the bed driving my cock into her soaking pussy. Again and again I betrayed my wife as I fucked and was fucked by an unknown woman. That we had both fucked other people together and separately didn’t matter to us as long as we had known about it; been honest with each other, but now I was enthusiastically fucking someone who I didn’t know and therefore would be unable to tell her about even after the fact. The thought that it was possibly someone from yesterday’s party was in my mind, that it could quite easily be one of her sisters or nieces or even her mother had me lifting my ass clean off the bed as this mysterious woman’s hands rested on my chest as she drove her pussy back down onto my unfaithful cock.

“Ohhhh…fuck” I moaned as my balls tightened and I shot my load up into her hot cunt.

“Yessss… Ben… fill me… fill my cunt with your spunk!” she cried.

Her pussy rippled about my jerking cock as my balls emptied; my body twitched as it became hyper-sensitive in the aftermath and still this foreign vagina was trying to vacuum my seed out of my cock.

I could feel the incredible heat of her pussy as it pulsated around my gradually softening cock. All I could do was feel and hear her laboured breathing as she also came down from her own orgasm. Our combined juices ran out between us as her squeezing quim slowly and sensually expelled my spent cock from inside her. My eyes were open behind the blindfold and small static sparks seemed to crawl across my vision, my own breathing loud in my reduced world as finally with a quiet squelch our link parted.

Her breasts and hard nipples pressed against my chest as she leant forwards, her hand resting on my forehead (I hoped that she would pull the mask away but it remained resolutely in place as her mouth brushed over my lips and arced around to my ear, “Thank you” she whispered hoarsely and then rose away from my world. Goose bumps spread across my sweat streaked flesh as it was uncovered by her flesh and the cool breeze blowing in through the window caressed it.

“I…err…” I stammered, coherent thought not quite present yet in my brain as I heard her pull on a pair of shoes, I wanted to ask the question but didn’t expect an answer and probably feared one even more.

She uttered three more words, “Always wanted to…” and then I felt her tongue slowly lick up the underside of my flaccid cock coated in her own juices. I shivered and my cock twitched in response before a couple of seconds later I felt the small key being placed into my manacled hand for the second time that morning. I heard the door squeak on its hinges as I struggled to twist the key in my fingertips towards the hole in the handcuffs and release me from what had been a very, very, pleasant bondage.

By the time I had un-cuffed myself and made it through the front of the house the street outside was empty of unusual cars or anyone at all. I stood naked at the front window and wondered before I walked back to my bedroom.


When Janey returned I was in the kitchen and it seemed that the urgent call from the hospital had been a false alarm. She had enquired where the call had originated from but the weekend staff manning the switchboard had been less than helpful. “So where were we?” she asked.

I didn’t know whether or not she saw the guilty expression on my face but after a moment I replied “I think I was paying for my… misdemeanors from yesterday! One of which was a promise broken!” I grabbed hold of my wife and bent her forwards over the table before pulling her slacks down and eating out her pussy from behind managing to bring her to two orgasms before I slammed my re-vitalised cock and and deep into her soaking quim. I didn’t last very long as I watched my cock, coated in another (mystery) woman’s juices, slide in and out of Janey’s cunt.


I kept the secret for only a few hours. That evening when we retired to bed and Janey mused on the hoax call she had received I, after some hesitation and faltering, told her what had happened when she had left and that it was too much of a coincidence regarding the false alarm.

Janey considered my words for a minute or two before replying, “Sounds quite delicious… maybe if you’d let me suck your cock when I got back I might have recognized her?” I grinned in the darkness but didn’t tell her of my suspicions that the mystery woman’s juices might have been that of one of her relatives.


I never did find out who it was and no one gave away a clue whenever I found myself wondering about it in the company of my wife’s relatives. Of course remembering that morning always got me distracted quickly and it’s always hard to be analytical when you’re getting hard!

One suspect I was able to strike from the list was Lizzie who we both got to know when she came around to pay her forfeit the following Saturday along with Mark who was paying his own to Lizzie. She seemed happy to find her forfeit was to clean Mark’s seed from Janey’s pussy and he seemed equally keen to fulfil Lizzie’s demand to clean her juices from my cock though by the end of the day we had covered almost every scenario possible between four consenting adults.


However, the mystery of the hot tub was cleared up.

It was both of their feet that had been wandering in the hot tub between my thighs.


The End


Well? Did you enjoy? Are you sitting quite as comfortably? I hope you’re not! A couple more pics that I found during my wanders through the net that I really couldn’t find a space for in the story but I still wanted to share. The first I just like the style, the second… well that’s a little more obvious!!!



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