And so the story goes…

Heads you live, tails you die, so said Domino Harvey.

I like that.

Some of you may realise I’ve just watched Domino starring Keira Knightley, no hardship there, course I’ve never watched the beginning of that film. Odd really, I watch a lot of films and an awful lot of second half’s… Got to wonder what that says about me.

There are some who would like me to attach an audio file to my stories; I guess they think I have a nice voice. Not so sure myself, at least in the telling of stories, I’d be all errs and mmm’s. For those of you that don’t know the simplest way to describe my accent would be ‘fucked’ up. But, I definitely think given the right circumstances which would be mainly about my state of mind, a Dictaphone or the modern equivalent would be handy for these rambling diatribes. At the moment its past the witching hour and I think what has sparked my present mind-set is the series of stories I’m scribbling at the moment that fall under ‘Shadows’. I’ve used references from various stories both old and new, used an old character or two of which I was very fond.

Now you have to hate that! Computers crashing! Talk about interrupting the creative juices. Only lost half a paragraph and at that point I hadn’t saved it so I guess I was lucky.

Now let me think where was I?

Ahh, yes… Dictaphones! When my mind is in freefall, as often as not when I’m waiting, particularly in the car when one of the tow small things that claim to be related to me is playing football or drumming and I’m sat there looking at the world around me, as often as not wondering what would be the best angle for a sniper shot or replaying my latest story in my head and thinking this or that way would be a good way to go.

My latest story, which I finished the rough draft of this afternoon, a chapter of the aforementioned series, the penultimate part I think, all of which is leading to a final scene that appeals to me. As much as an idea that falls under the category of ‘What if?’ and the ‘could I be so cool in such a situation’ scenario. But all that is for later.

That computer crash really buggered up where I was going with this if I was really going anywhere at all.

Definitely on a tangent now, an earlier tangent (from today that is rather than this blog) about the sort of questions I would ask people if I got a chance. Mainly writers and their inspirations for books or plays or films, why they did this thing the way they did and not some other way.

One of my favourite writers and the first that got me hooked on reading and my very first attempts at writing when I was twelve or thirteen was John Wyndham, author of ‘The Day of the Triffids’; what I generally liked about him, even if sometimes he was very middle class and long-winded was that he often took the simplest of ideas and twisted it. In the aforementioned he simply took away man’s ability to see and wondered how he would fair against a Venus Fly Trap writ large. In another, The Chrysalids, what if man could communicate telepathically would homosapiens strive to eradicate the superior variant; in ‘Web’ could spiders become a serious threat if they no longer were solitary creatures but learned to work together like ants or bees?

Just also watched most of ‘Love Actually’ and the final scene where all the various strands/couples of the film meet up in an airport and I wonder did one of the writers sit at an airport one day and watch people coming together in joy?

Damned computer! I was on a roll earlier but the muse has pissed off now. I know this isn’t my usual style of blog, but I started so I’ll sorta finish. Anyway I hope I’ve given one or two of you food for thought and I’ll see you through the ether at some point or other.

All the best.


~ by ftfagos on June 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “And so the story goes…”

  1. What can I say??? I like rambles!!!!

    And “fucked up” does not even begin to explain it!!!!

  2. WTF was that all about?!? Talk about rambling nonsense! The weird thing is I liked it. I have no idea why, but I did.

    Strangely enough, reading The Crysalids at the age of around 15 was something of a literary turning point for me too. It made me realise how mere words on paper (it was paper in my day) could create magic, could create real people. When I finished the book I mourned losing the characters like I would mourn list friends.

    I note the name change and recognise it. Vonnegut?

    • Paper in my day too JP. Still something about the smell and tactile pleasure of holding a book that no amount of electronic chicanery will ever surpass. As for Vonnegut, i haven’t read any of his stuff even though i think much of what i have read has been influenced by him. Unfortunately i therefore miss your reference.

      Still glad you enjoyed it.


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