Contact- Michelle’s Story

Well hello again Dear Avid Reader…

Been a while since i last visited Shannon and Tony and Michelle but here we are and as ever I hope you all enjoy…



The sun shone through the blossom of the apple trees, the light wind causing the shadows to dance on the grassy floor. The two seven year old girls stood facing each other, nervous smiles playing about their faces. The older of the two, by just three weeks, lightly poked her best friend in the shoulder; “go on Shanny show me and I’ll show you mine…”

“Why do you wanna see my pee-pee Miche?” she answered twisting her fists in the material of her light summer dress.

“I don’t know… I just do… I thought you were my bestest friend?” retorted the dark haired girl.

Shannon thought for a moment and slipped her small hands up beneath her dress and pulled down her flowery cotton knickers to her knees before pulling up her dress. Michelle stared at her best friend’s exposed flesh. After a few seconds Shannon dropped her dress, “well Miche, what about your pee-pee?”

Shannon looked up at her friend, the smile fading from her lips and turned and fled….


Over two decades later Michelle sat up in Shannon and Tony’s bed. Lightly she twisted her finger in her ‘bestest’ friend’s long hair. She felt the warm breath waft gently across her stomach, the tousled head of hair rose and fell where it lay nestled beneath her own full breasts as she recalled the moment when she thought that she was destined to be a lesbian. The same moment when she first knew she loved Shannon and had ever since. Her body was a mixture of feelings; muscles ached where they had been given no respite over the last few hours and flesh was scratched and bruised from the release of their combined passion. She looked down at her nipple, still standing hard above her areola, Shannon’s teeth marks easily visible in the tanned flesh circling it. Her mind was in equal turmoil. Tony was good for Shannon and she knew it. Easily the best of all the boyfriends to come and go; he had made her very happy and she had known even if it hadn’t been mentioned that this could be the one that her friend would marry and father the children she wanted. She, herself, liked Tony immensely and as much as she had joked about it, it was probably true that Tony’s only failing was a lack of breasts and pussy. She had definitely been in relationships with far worse people of her preferred gender.

Michelle let her head drop back and closed her eyes as the tiniest of tremors rippled through her. Her pussy trembled and she felt a little moisture develop inside her. A smile crept across her face as she marvelled that the glands within her could still function with the amount of juices they had produced again and again since she had stepped into the shower those few hours earlier. The smile broadened as she recalled the punishment her slit had been receiving since she had watched Tony and Shannon in the alley behind ‘Temptations’ where she worked.

Since puberty she had fantasized about her best friend, often imagining her in her mind’s eye when in bed with a lover. Frequently the only inspiration she needed for a lonely night alone beneath the duvet. All that was nothing compared to the last month. Last thing at night even after double shifts at the club her toys or fingers would send her to sleep as she imagined her own face buried in Shannon’s quim instead of Tony’s. First thing in the morning she would find her fingers in or on her pussy as she desperately tried to hold on to the dreams she had woken from that all now involved her best friend though they never, annoyingly, seemed to reach climax.

Even at work, between shows, she had taken herself to the ladies and frigged herself as she imagined Shannon sitting beyond the podiums watching her work and reaching up to slide unnecessary twenties into her thong, she stifled a laugh as she recalled the fact that her state of near permanent wetness had the added bonus of larger tips from various members of the audience that thought/hoped they were the stimulus for the dark patch that highlighted her lips beneath whichever thong she was wearing. “I suppose it offsets the cost of all those batteries…” she whispered to herself.

All of that had been as nothing compared to yesterday. Walking into her friend’s bedroom to find her lying asleep with Tony’s shirt rucked up beneath those breasts that she had wanted to kiss and suck for such a long time and the duvet pushed down so that her crotch was only just covered with the pink vibrator lying next to her. So Shannon used the same model as she did although her own was mainly purple in colour; she wondered to herself if she had bought it after finding and hiding hers for a joke. Of course she never admitted it to her but it didn’t take Hercule Poirot to work out the regularity with which it seemed to travel around her own flat, appearing in the laundry basket and the fridge on different occasions just after Shannon had visited.

She had stood above her friend as she watched the pupils beneath her eyelids shift around rapidly and those slim fingers which she wanted deep within her own pussy slip beneath the duvet. Michelle’s heart pounded within her chest as she felt her own juices trickle from her quim; her free hand, hovering above the form of her friend, was locked in indecision as she wondered if she should lift the duvet or reach for the toy and taste the juices she knew were upon it. Even now she cursed her lack of action as Shannon had come awake.

Then the day that followed was the most incredible torture as she watched a stranger massage the body she wanted to touch and stared through the steam of the saunas at the sweat soaked mound she wanted to taste. Every slight touch from her friend had sent bolts of electric passion surging through her body straight to her soaking pussy. It had been the best and the worst day of her life and when they had returned to the flat Tony’s obvious penchant for Sapphic porn had tormented her all the more. She had been unable to help herself when she had placed ‘The Hunger’ into the DVD player even though she knew it would add to the erotic agony. Through it all she had been scared, terrified that if she had made a move that Shannon would be horrified. Shannon had long accepted her lesbianism but her own doubts always came to the fore regarding how her friend would react. Of course she had joked about it and throughout the day she had sworn she had seen more in those dark hazel eyes but she kept on convincing herself that in her present state of mind she was in no position to judge.

Then the bed collapsed just as she was about to frig her brains out. The snapped bolt had lead to one of the longest nights of her life as she lay beside Shannon. When she eventually fell asleep she had dreamt briefly about that day beneath the apple blossom and this time she hadn’t run away and had made good on that childhood dare. Rising up from the mists of her subconscious she felt the bed beneath her shift and heard a door shut. She had opened her eyes, face buried in a pillow smelling faintly with Shannon’s favourite scent; her fingers were deep inside her slit clenching of its own volition. She had quickly pulled her hand away and turned to find the bed empty and the bedclothes discarded on the floor. She sat up quickly knowing that her cheeks were blazing with embarrassment, wondering if Shannon had been witness to her somnolent masturbation. It was only then as her T-shirt slipped down that she became aware that a patch of it was wet. A patch directly over her incredibly hard nipple, she looked to the bedroom door and climbed off the bed and walked quietly in her bare feet towards the sound of running water.


She turned to the bedside table and lifted the half-full glass of water and drained it down. As she replaced it on the wooden surface she caught a movement in the corner of her eye and turned to see Tony standing in the doorway. The two of them stared for ages at each other without saying a word before Tony lowered his bag to the floor and walked into the room. His eyes slowly shifted down her body, over her bruised and scratched breasts, to the mess of hair that poked out from beneath the bed covers. He sat down lightly on the edge of the bed and his eyes returned to meet Michelle’s.

He opened his mouth breathing deeply. Quietly he said “I assume this isn’t just a…” Michelle watched as his words failed him.

“I hope not” Michelle replied equally quietly.

He gently placed his hand on the Shannon’s hip; Michelle felt a pang of jealousy and fought the urge to drag Tony’s girlfriend away. After a moment Tony lifted his hand, stood up and walked out of the bedroom.

Michelle felt a tear well up in her eye as she gently shook the figure beneath the bedclothes.

“Shannon…” she said quietly.


Tony was sat on the kitchen counter a cup of coffee in his hands sipping the hot brew as Shannon walked in wearing his bathrobe. She noted that two cups of steaming coffee that waited on the table. “Tony…I…”

“Shhh… sit down, drink your coffee.” Tony sipped his own brew as Shannon sat at the table the confusion of emotions apparent on her face. As Tony finished his coffee he slipped off the counter and walked to the door. “Michelle come and get your coffee before it gets cold” he called through the flat. His back was to the door when Michelle entered dressed in her ‘Blues Brothers’ T-shirt, exchanging nervous glances with Shannon as she moved around her and sat on the opposite side away from Tony. She pulled the mug towards her and lifted it up in both hands cupping the warm pottery. The two women sat in silence as Tony finished making himself a second cup.

He turned back to the women and boosted himself up onto the work surface before picking up his coffee. “So what are we to do?” he asked neutrally. Shannon looked from her boyfriend to her best friend and then lowered her eyes to the table. A tiny spot on the table darkened as a tear splashed onto the varnished grain. Michelle lowered her full mug to the table with a slight rattle from her trembling hands. She looked at Tony as something like a flicker of annoyance or anger passed momentarily across his features before he too lowered his head to stare into his own mug of coffee. “Who do you… love, Shannon?” he mumbled.

More dark patches appeared below Shannon’s downturned face as she caught her breath. “I don’t know… it isn’t fair” she murmured, “… I don’t want to choose… I don’t want to lose either of you…” Tears began to splash repeatedly on the wooden surface.

Michelle looked at her friend, the lover she had yearned after for over twenty years, and at the man who she knew she loved deeply. The bitter thought that Shannon’s love for him over the last eighteen months was greater than her unrequited love of two decades rankled. She dropped her head to look at her own heaving chest, Elwood Blues’ mouth rising above her bruised nipple; the nipple that had been damp with Shannon’s saliva first thing that morning. She looked back up at Tony; his cheeks looked damp beneath his lowered head and at Shannon still bent forward the tears flowing easily onto the table.

“Then don’t!” she said loudly.

Tony looked up at Michelle, his eyes red, as Shannon’s breath hitched and she whispered so low that only Michelle could hear, “What?”

“Don’t choose, you silly moo!”

Shannon raised her head to look at her best friend and then at Tony. Her reddened eyes waited for a reaction from Tony. Tony looked at the two women sat at the table chewing on his bottom lip. His eyes flicked between the two of them. Indecision washed across his face as he reached for his coffee and knocked it into the sink beside him where it shattered spilling its contents. His eyes moved to the sink as the steaming brown liquid slowly spiralled anti-clockwise down the drain. Still staring into the sink, “I… I don’t want to lose you Shannon… whatever happens I don’t want to lose you… but… could… can you love us both…” His eyes remained turned away as he waited for Shannon’s reply.

Shannon lowered her head and rubbed her fists into her eyes before looking back up at Tony, “I love you so much Tony…” she turned to her friend “ and I’ve always loved you Miche… and now that we… I don’t think I could possibly go back to just being friends… I don’t want to… I want you both…”

Michelle looked over at Tony as he raised his head “Could you share Tony?” she asked. Tony nodded hesitantly in reply. “I am very fond of you Tony, maybe even love you a little especially for how happy you have made Shannon. I am sorry… that… this… you know but…”

“I know” replied Tony, “and I do know, have always known that you loved Shannon, hell I can’t blame you for that, she’s easy to love.” A smile crept across his face as they both watched Shannon blush, “I’m willing to try.” Shannon began to cry again, the tears rolling down from her red eyes across her pink cheek to the corners of the broad smile that now lit up her face.

“Don’t suppose you’d consider the ‘Op’ would you Tony?” asked Michelle. She mimed a pair of breasts and made a cutting motion above the table top.

Tony’s face cracked into a smile as well, “Not so sure about that Miche… rather fond of it…” he glanced down at his crotch, “and if I had boobs I don’t reckon I would ever get any work done.” Shannon snorted with laughter.

“Fair enough, I suppose. What say we take our love to bed, Tony?” Tony hesitated for a moment before he hopped of the counter and nodded his agreement. Michelle rose as well and the two of them lifted a crying, smiling Shannon from her chair and led her out of the kitchen.

As they passed the bathroom, Michelle paused and looked at Tony. “Shannon would you mind if I had a word with Tony just for a moment… please… don’t worry we will join you in a moment…” she stroked her friend’s wet cheek and reassured her with a smile.

“Oh…okay…” she caught sight of face in the hall mirror, “…I could do with a little time I guess” she said looking at her reddened eyes, “only a little though.”

“Might I ask a big favour Tony? I know I don’t deserve one, but all the same…” she reached up to Tony’s face once Shannon had stepped into the bedroom and stroked the goatee on his chin. “I think I might want to kiss you at some point and… I don’t know if I will… I don’t know what I will do but… just for the record Tony; I’m a virgin…well as far as men are concerned.” She dropped her hand and looked down avoiding Tony’s eyes and then realised she was looking at an obvious bulge within his trousers and quickly looked up again.

Tony rubbed his goatee thoughtfully, “Miche, I’ll be happy to shave it off; I was getting a little bored with it anyhow. I… I’ll not… I’ll let you… guide me…” He moved his hand to the back of Michelle’s head and kissed her gently on the forehead. “Now get in there and I’ll be with you both in a minute.”


Tony had quickly dived in and out of the shower in world record breaking time and now stood in front of the mirror inspecting his smooth skin. He wrapped Shannon’s black ‘Snake’ Kimono about him which only just circled him to cover the erection poking out in front. He knew from the vantage point of the bed his balls would be on view. He quickly rinsed with mouthwash and stared one last time in the mirror. “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?” he asked the reflection, when no answer came he added “well you have no-one to blame but yourself… no one at all”


He stepped into the bedroom and looked at the two women in the bed. They sat up together, an arm each about the other, with the duvet pulled up to their shoulders. Almost simultaneously he noted their eyes dip and smirks appear on their faces. A similar smirk appeared on his own and he swivelled as daintily as he could on his tiptoes and looking over his shoulder in a camp voice asked “Does my ass look big in this?”

Two high-pitched squeals of laughter erupted from the bed as he turned back. The two women buried their faces in each other’s shoulders as he walked up beside Shannon. For a moment he hesitated about whether he should slip in under the duvet still wearing the kimono. He pulled the tie loose and dropped it off his shoulders as he lifted the covering. Michelle looked directly at his swollen cock over Shannon’s shoulder as he climbed in. Her eyes widened and dilated at the sight. Pulling the covers back up he snuggled up behind Shannon’s naked form.

Shannon twisted so she was on her back and looked back and forth between her two lovers. She reached up to stroke a finger across Tony’s freshly shaven chin “Smooth enough for you Miche?”

“I think so… thank you Tony” she replied as she reached up and entwined her fingers in Shannon’s, “…how about for you Shanny?” a slight look of confusion at the question flicked across Shannon’s face to be replaced with an expression of desire as she felt Michelle’s breast press against her own and watched as her friend moved forward using their tangled fingers to pull Tony towards her. She hesitated briefly as their lips neared, smiling to herself as she saw Tony wait allowing her to make the final move. She brushed her lips over Tony’s broad mouth feeling a strange, almost alien, quiver run through her. Closing her eyes tightly she pressed her lips harder against his and fought her desire to imagine it was Shannon or an unknown woman she was kissing. This is Tony, he has a cock, he is a man… she thought to herself as she parted her lips and eased her tongue into his mouth, feeling his brush lightly over hers.

The alien quiver ran through her again helped by Shannon’s nails scratching down her back. She almost smiled into the kiss as she lowered their still entangled fingers, brushing down Tony’s chest feeling a tiny hard nipple spring back as her knuckles rolled over it. Slowly their hands descended and she felt Tony’s mouth quiver on her own and she knew he also was smiling. She broke the kiss, retreating her face just enough to look easily into Tony’s eyes. The two of them grinned at each other aware of the look of confusion reappearing on Shannon’s face below them. “You know Tony,” Michelle said quietly, almost conspiratorially as if Shannon wasn’t there “I can see what the girl likes in you… and I must admit I like those bits too… still not sure about you-know-what…yet…”

Both of their grins broadened as Michelle led Shannon’s fingers through the wiry scattering of hair beneath Tony’s belly button to the freshly smooth skin below. Tony’s hard length bumped against their knuckles as Michelle moved their fingertips back and forth where Tony’s usually very thick bush of pubic hair normally resided. “What the fuck!” exclaimed Shannon from beneath them as she craned her head forwards trying to see into the shadows beneath the covers. She dragged her hand out of Michelle’s and out from under her back as she pushed the two of them onto their backs and sat up throwing the covers off the bed exposing their three naked forms completely. She stared at Tony’s hair-free crotch. She took his hard cock between thumb and forefinger, moving it this way and that to examine his recent handiwork.

Tony rolled onto his side facing Michelle across the bed as Shannon remained sitting up sliding her hands over his smooth skin, finding the occasional spot of almost invisible stubble. He inhaled deeply as he felt her thumb roll over the top of his glans gathering a little of his pre-cum and smearing it down his length. Michelle rolled onto her side as well to face Tony and slipped her arm beneath his neck “I know I asked you to shave, but that didn’t mean I would kiss whatever you shaved…” she moved her head closer opening her lips slightly.

“No…no I got that… but like I said earlier I got bored with it” he replied with a smirk. This time he moved the last inch and began to gently brush his lips across Michelle’s. Shannon twisted around briefly and smiled at her best friend and boy friend kissing, “Comparison test, I think…” Michelle groaned opening her lips and welcoming Tony’s tongue as she felt Shannon’s fingers slide down over the short stubble covering her mound. Tony also released a small moan as he felt Shannon’s fingernails scratch over his still hairy balls. He placed a tentative hand on Michelle’s shoulders and was rewarded as she pulled him closer feeling her hard nipples and breasts squash against his hairy chest.

Shannon gently stroked Michelle’s wet slit smearing the juices over and around the mound as she rubbed her other hand about the base of Tony’s cock delighting in the smoothness. Her eyes danced between her lover’s genitalia, her chest heaving as she increased the speed of her movements. She felt Tony’s hand slip beneath her thigh and lift her leg across his thigh forcing her to break contact with his erection for a moment. His hand then slid over her thigh and stretched down towards her soaking wet pussy. She smiled to herself and shifted back a little on her ass making it easier for him to slide his finger along her slit. Moaning quietly she slipped her finger from Michelle’s mound and lifted her other leg over her friends hip and then reached for her hand and drew it over to rest on top of Tony’s. She stared down at the small feminine hand and Tony’s broad thick fingers as they interlaced and began to spread her wet pussy lips.

She shuddered as she felt Michelle’s nail rake across her hardened clit gripping the base of Tony’s cock in reflex. The soft ripples of sensation radiated out from her pussy as her left hand found the woman’s hip and slipped down to her quim. She pushed two fingers deep inside the soaking wet hole and began to finger fuck her friend as she wanked Tony’s cock. Her first thrusts and pulls were clumsy until she managed to find a rhythm; Michelle’s leg wrapped around hers and dragged it outwards spreading her thighs as Tony’s thick finger pushed deep inside her.

Michelle broke from kissing Tony as a wave of heat spread out from her cunt. She looked at Tony’s closed eyes as he breathed deeply feeling his finger slide in and out beneath hers into Shannon’s pussy. She shuddered as her friend found a pace that matched the beat of passion within her. Tony’s hand squeezed her shoulder tighter as she imagined her friend’s delicate hand pumping on his cock. The feelings within her increased as she took his hand from her shoulder and placed it on her full breast; she squeezed his fingers into his flesh as he opened his eyes to stare into her light blue ones. Leaving his hand massaging her chest she reached for his nipple and scratched it roughly, she leant forwards again and kissed him deeply once more.

Shannon was losing herself in all the sensations she was feeling, the feel of Tony’s hard cock, all smooth and free of his spiky pubic hair, throbbing in her grip. The wetness of Michelle as she buried her fingers in her hot cunt, the light stubble scratching the heel of her hand and the hard little nub of her clit. Tony’s thick finger was joined by a second easily slipping inside her curving up to her g-spot as Michelle’s finger began to dance quicker on her own root of pleasure. She felt her pulse beat hard and fast within her clit and pussy as she struggled to suck air into her lungs. Closing her eyes she felt dizzy and a streak of sweat chill her spine as her two closet friends in the entire world drove her over the edge.

Shannon’s coordination fell apart as a violent orgasm took her suddenly and completely, blasting outwards from her cunt as wave after wave rippled through her, sparks of light detonated in a kaleidoscope behind her eyelids. She believed that both of her lover’s could easily hear her heart pounding in her chest, convulsions wracked her small frame as she felt her nipples swell and harden like she had never known before. Every square inch of her flesh appeared to burn and freeze at the same moment, even her scalp seemed to crackle with static as she lost herself completely in euphoria. Her back arched as her muscles locked solid beneath the onslaught; Michelle’s fingertip a blur across her clit as Tony curled his finger up inside her pressing harder against her G-spot. “…oh…ooohhhh….g…g…GOD!” she shouted as she collapsed forward like a marionette whose strings had been cut. Her chest heaved as she tried to take in oxygen, the aftershocks slowly vibrating through her along with the hammering beneath her ribs of her heart. She slumped like a rag doll between her lover’s legs, tears pouring from her tightly shut eyelids.

Tony and Michelle broke their kiss and smiled at each other feeling Shannon’s hands and fingers go slack upon their genitalia. “Do you think we broke her?” asked Michelle with a raised eyebrow.

“I hope not…I’ve only go- we’ve only got the one!” he added smirking.

Tony and Michelle untangled themselves from Shannon’s legs and sat up on either side of her both of them placing comforting hands on her back at the same time. They looked at each other across Shannon’s slumped shoulders; Michelle smiled and laced her slim fingers through Tony’s, beginning to softly stroke the skin beneath their palms. A barely audible hoarse whisper issued from Shannon; her mouth invisible beneath her long tresses hanging down over her face. Michelle placed a finger beneath her chin and eased her head up. Tony ran a finger along her brow tucking her hair behind her ear exposing her flushed face.

“Shannon…?” said Tony leaning forward. She twisted her head slowly towards him, her eyes barely focusing as she reached for his hand and grabbed his juice soaked fingers in hers. She twisted her head back to Michelle and also grabbed her hand.

“I… I think I am… broken… I’ve never… never ever come so hard… so quick in my life…” her cheeks wet with tears as she looked back and forth between her lovers. Michelle leaned in to kiss Shannon’s neck and Tony moved to copy her. “Oh no fucking way!” declared Shannon releasing their hands and pushing them both backwards hard. Michelle twisted with the push and fell back to the bed; Tony not being as quick to react fell backwards and rolled off the bed with a thump, a curse echoing up from beneath the edge. Shannon quickly moved forward slipping off the end of the bed having to reach out for the post for support as she stumbled on her shaky legs. She looked past the edge of the bed at a disgruntled Tony, “oops… sorry, but… I gotta recover…” she looked at Tony rising from the floor, glad to see that his cock was unhurt and still rock hard to Michelle lying back grinning broadly. “It’s one of you two’s turn!” she declared.

Tony stood up rubbing his ass and looked between the two women, the look of pain on his face fading to be replaced by a grin as Michelle suggested “Well… as I have had you to myself all weekend… maybe we should take care of Tony?”

Tony’s grin broadened as Shannon made her way around the bed, still feeling quivers running through her muscles and manoeuvred Tony onto the bed and pushing him down onto his back between herself and Michelle. “So, Miche, what do you think of Tony’s depilatory efforts?” Michelle lifted her head up and rested it on her right hand as she idly scratched at Tony’s nipple with her other. Michelle knelt on the bed beside Tony’s hips looking down at his crotch.

“Oh it’s a good first attempt… we might have to do something with those hairy balls of his at some point in the future…” she ran the point of a fingernail over the freshly smooth skin beneath his upstanding erection. “Looks very weird though… might take a little getting use too…” she slipped her other hand between her own thighs and rubbed her fingertips across her own stubble. “Though I am a now a confirmed believer, a dedicated convert this past month myself… feels so…” She moved her hand away from herself and wrapped it around the manhood before her.

Tony closed his eyes for a moment, nodding in silent agreement. He had very much approved of Shannon’s new regime, particularly when helping her to shave, ever since that night at the club. He opened his eyes suddenly and raised himself on his elbows. “Oh… by the way… will you tell me now?” Michelle and Shannon both looked at him. “Will you tell which of you gave me the lap-dance that night?” he added.

Michelle and Shannon looked at each other and in unison answered “No!”

Tony dropped his head to the pillow and stared upwards with a muttered curse, a corner of his mouth began to turn up as he focused on the ceiling Smoke alarm. His annoyance instantly disappeared as he felt Shannon’s lips wrap around the head of his cock. He thrust his head backwards into the pillow, feeling something beneath it as he thrust his hips eagerly upwards. Shannon lifted her head with Tony’s hips keeping only the head of his cock within her warm mouth, the tip of her tongue worming itself beneath his foreskin.

Michelle watched fascinated as Shannon placed her hand on Tony’s hip and pushed his ass back down onto the bed. For a moment Tony’s resisted but then relaxed; Michelle pinched his nipple absent-mindedly as she rose to her knees beside his chest. Even though at her work she would inspire many erections and had even pressed her ass against them knowing that the recipient was ejaculating within their clothing on countless occasions she had never seen one in the flesh. For the first time since Tony had walked in on them she stopped seeing him as a rival for Michelle’s love. Curiosity was welling up inside her head. She chewed on her bottom lip as Shannon twisted her mouth back and forth about his cock, her hand at the base revolving in the opposite direction. Shannon’s hair dropped down obscuring her view and she watched her own hand reach forward and gather the annoying strands and bunch them up in her fist on top of her lover’s head.

Shannon’s eyes sparkled as she looked up at Michelle; her cheeks hollowing tightly around Tony’s cock watching her friend’s reaction. She raised her head letting Tony’s thick cock slip free with an audible ‘pop’. Slowly she moved her hand up from the base, squeezing it harder the higher she got and then drawing it down pulling Tony’s foreskin back exposing the angry red head of his cock completely watching Michelle’s eyes follow her movements. “Do you want to touch it, Miche?”

Michelle stared at the head covered in a sheen o pre-cum still chewing her bottom lip. “I… err… d… don’t know…” she stammered. She released Shannon’s hair and placed her hand on Tony’s hip, her fingertips just touching the newly shaved patch of skin. Shannon released Tony’s cock which remained bolt upright and placed her hand over Michelle’s. Slowly she laced her fingers through her friend’s and slid it forwards till the tips of her nails touched the base of the cock.

“It won’t bite, but it will spit” she said with a grin, “and I can vouch that this one isn’t attached to an asshole!” Michelle briefly looked into her friend’s eyes and nodded a fraction. Shannon twisted her hand, guiding Michelle’s and slowly wrapped it around the base of Tony’s cock before titling her head towards her friend so her hair fell away and she had a clear view as she opened her mouth and slid her lips around his cock from the side.

Tony raised himself up on his elbows watching closely as he felt Michelle’s warm hand gently squeeze his cock. Breathing heavily through his nose as he watched Shannon’s hot mouth slide over his glans leaving the side nearest to Michelle exposed. He moaned quietly as he felt and saw his girlfriend’s tongue snake out of her mouth and roll over the sensitive flesh. Michelle’s hand tightened around the base of his member and she leant forwards on her knees. Tony glanced to his side to see Michelle’s slit appear between her legs as her ass came up. An obvious sheen of juices glinted from between her lips.

Tony lifted his hand instinctively before dropping it to the bed sheet and clenching it tightly remembering his promise from less than half an hour before. He felt the fingernails of Michelle’s left hand dig into his thigh as she slowly began to move her hand upwards. She leaned further forward, her eyes less than six inches from his cock, as she watched Shannon’s lips close completely over his glans and her cheeks hollow as she sucked hard upon him. A further moan escaped his lips and he prayed silently that Michelle’s obvious curiosity would triumph over her normal sexual orientation.

Michelle moved her head up and down along Tony’s length sideways, the bulbous head pushing out against her cheek with each movement; she wondered about dragging a nail over his taint but held back hoping that Michelle might do more than squeeze his cock. Her pussy pulsed and she felt her juices seep out onto her thigh as she imagined sharing Tony’s cock and seed with Michelle. She wanted more than anything for Tony and Michelle to want each other as much as she wanted them. She let Tony’s cock slip once more from her mouth and reached for Michelle’s head. She could taste the slick fluid that had been oozing from the small slit atop Tony’s cock on her lips and tongue; she leant forward and kissed Michelle deeply, letting her lips mash against the other’s soft lips and her tongue slide lick and probe every part of her friend’s mouth.

Michelle kissed Shannon with equal passion, it was some moments before she realised that her lover had wanted to share the flavour of Tony’s cock with her. Her own tongue didn’t even hesitate as she sampled this brand new taste. The faint saltiness of Tony’s pre-cum excited her, much to her own surprise, as she sucked on Michelle’s tongue and pumped Tony’s cock in response. Shannon’s tongue slipped from her mouth and retreated back behind Tony’s Cock. She knew that Shannon wanted her to follow as she felt the woman’s hand rest on hers and slow its movement on his erection. She watched the tongue that had been in her mouth flick out around the rim of the swollen glans. A pearl of liquid appeared out of the tiny slit. She looked around at Tony, noting his hand gripping the bed sheet tightly. She could see the want in his eyes. She watched as they flicked away from her eyes and was a little surprised when they didn’t move in the direction of his cock but flashed to her ass beside him.

In for a penny, in for a pound she thought. She turned back to his cock and lifted her leg across his chest shifting back slightly so her drenched wet slit was directly above his face. Her feet slid beneath his arms and the pillow either side of Tony’s head, she moved them together knowing that they would lift his face closer to her pussy. She felt the hard plastic of Shannon’s Rabbit that the two of them had secreted there earlier and smiled slyly. Shannon’s lips slipped down Tony’s length leaving his glans free. The pearl of pre-cum had grown and was slowly sliding down to his rolled back foreskin.  She felt Tony’s hands glide gently up the back of her thighs, thumbs turned inwards, getting nearer to her soaking quim. She lowered her head, eyes locked with Shannon’s as she touched the drop of clear fluid with the tip of her tongue. She felt his cock tremble slightly at that first touch and without looking down between their bodies knew that he had been waiting for that first contact.

She felt Tony’s thumbs spread her labia and his warm breath flow over her hot wet folds. Slowly she swirled her tongue around and around the head of his cock gathering the lightly salty taste of his leaking cum. She wondered how much stronger the taste would be when he shot his load. She watched Shannon lower her mouth further and suck one of his hairy balls into her mouth stretching the sac as she did. A grunt issued from behind her and she felt strong (wanted, unlike all the clientele at the club) masculine hands grasp her hips and the accompanying tongue slide along her spread lips. She groaned herself and when the tip of that tongue touched her unsheathed clit, feeling it swell and harden she gripped his cock with her small hand and slid her mouth down over the head. Just before she closed her eyes she saw Shannon wrap her thumb and forefinger below her hand around the base. Tony’s cock spasmed in her mouth, she felt the heavy beat of his blood as she waited for the flood of semen into her mouth. She brushed her tongue around the hot flesh, teasing the eye and began to suck softly upon it as she remembered that men supposedly liked it. Tony’s tongue dropped away from her clit all too quickly, she clenched her pussy in frustration knowing that a flow of her juices would pour out and down her flesh.

Tony’s cock stopped pulsing and she opened her eyes lifting her head clear. “Wh…” she began, “… am I doing it wrong?” she felt like a little girl all at once. All the power that she wielded over men at the club seemed to amount to nothing all of a sudden and when she had so wanted it to be right. She admitted to herself that she did want to please Tony but more than that she wanted to do it to please Shannon. She couldn’t believe it as she felt herself actually blushing.

“ohh… definitely… not, Miche…” she felt Tony’s hot breath close to her cunt once more. She looked at Shannon as she let Tony’s saliva slickened testicle drop from her mouth.

“You were doing just fine Miche…” answered Shannon to her quizzical stare then flashed her eyes to her own hand squeezing the base of Tony’s cock tightly. “That was a ‘dry-cum’! I stopped him from ejaculating…” she tilted her head to the side in the general direction of Tony’s head, “You like that, don’t you Tony?” Michelle shuddered as Tony replied with an ‘Mmmhmm’ as his lips fastened around her sensitive nub. Shannon’s smile broadened as she watched her friend’s pupils dilate rapidly and slid her other hand between her legs to lightly run her fingertip over her own hyper-sensitive quim. “I think that has probably been long enough…” She released her hand from Tony’s cock and coaxed Michelle’s fingers to relax about the shaft. A large, faintly milky drop oozed from the eye and was scooped up on the end of Shannon’s finger, “An appetizer!” She held it in front of Michelle for a second or two before placing it on the tip of her own tongue.

Michelle slid the tip of her own tongue over Shannon’s sharing the pre-cum. “A taste of things to come?” she suggested as withdrew her tongue.

“You like?”

“It’s… okay, ain’t pussy juice but…ahhh” Michelle dropped her head in response to Tony sliding a finger into her slit and humming while he sucked harder on her engorged clit. He could feel him searching the walls of her vagina, the fingertip roving about inside her and she knew when he found the small little rough patch just behind her ‘little man’ as her wet hole clamped down about his finger. Electricity arced through her nerve endings, her hand still wrapped about his cock once again tightened and held it to the side of her face as her lips rested against the freshly shaved patch of skin. The sensations surged outwards, down her thighs, filling her belly and shooting up her spine as he kept up the pressure both within and without. She felt Shannon’s nails scratching and stroking through the short hair on her head. Wave after wave rolled through her body, each reaching further than the last. The spreading energy struck her nipples just as both of Shannon’s hands cupped them, flattening her nipples into her soft flesh. Her body shook as her spine went rigid pushing her contracting cunt down hard onto Tony’s mouth, her juices flooding out over his face.

She twisted her hips, grinding her pussy onto his finger and mouth and felt Shannon’s teeth grip her left nipple as her fingers pulled on the other. She sucked air through her gritted teeth as her orgasm finally peaked and her spine loosened. She felt Tony slip his finger from her vibrating quim and his lips slip off her clit. She could almost sense his grin beneath her and felt it infect her own features. A light touch of soft lips on hers from Shannon completed the smile. She shuffled forward and smeared her dripping pussy onto his chest twisting and looking back over her shoulder. “Not too bad…” she breathed “for an amateur!” she added.

The grin on his juice coated face widened, “Thank you, I will take that as a compliment coming from a professional… not quite the right word… let’s say a life-long enthusiast!” Michelle had to admit to herself that Tony wasn’t too bad, maybe not the best she’d ever had but quite acceptable.

“Have you been giving him lessons?” she looked at Shannon.

Shannon smiled “Well he wasn’t too bad when I picked him up off the street and give him his due; he is an enthusiastic student!” She shifted forwards, knees straddling Tony’s thighs dragging her mound against his upright cock. She felt her tingling labia spread as they parted over his erection leaving it slick with her juices. As the head of his cock pushed against her slit he lifted his hips and as she passed it disappeared inside her. a little moan escaped her lips and she paused savouring the sensation before shifting further forwards letting the glans slip out and drag its sheen of fluid slide along and up between the cheeks of her ass before springing free. Wrapping her arms about Michelle, her hands on her ass, squeezing her cheeks she kissed her deeply. Her pussy, now dripping its juice, pressed down onto the freshly shaved patch on Tony’s skin above his erection.

Tony’s put his hands behind his head as he watched his girlfriend’s hands massaging the firm buttocks of the athletic lap-dancer while she kissed her deeply. He once again felt the hard lump beneath the pillow and slipped his hand underneath pulling out Shannon’s favourite toy. He looked at the pink Rabbit and turned it about in his hand before looking up to see Shannon’s gleaming eyes looking down at him over Michelle’s shoulder. He followed her gaze as it dipped downwards and watched as she stretched her fingers further, the tips stroking the rear of Michelle’s pussy. Tony winked back at her and carefully edged the toy beneath the girl’s as Shannon encouraged Michelle to rise up on her knees. He shifted upwards a little and held the vibrator parallel with his cock and nodded to Shannon.

Shannon broke her kiss with Michelle and smiled as her hands pushed lightly down on her friend’s hips. She hummed quietly as she felt the head of Tony’s cock press once more against the opening to her quim. Michelle felt the hard tip of the Rabbit press against her own wet lips and stopped still. “It’s okay…” whispered Shannon as she moved away from her friend’s body to allow her to look down between them. Michelle saw the bright pink toy and smiled as she once more began to lower in unison with Shannon. Both women moaned quietly as they felt the slow spread of their slits and the entry of the two cocks, one real and one artificial.

Tony closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the rippling sensation of Shannon’s descending pussy. He knew that he was only going to last seconds and didn’t care. He felt the toy press harder onto the shaved patch of his lap and allowed it to stand by itself as he twisted his hand around and beyond it. He raised his other hand to rest upon Michelle’s shoulder as the women slowly took him and the toy deeper. As his hand became trapped beneath them he sought out their clits with his little finger and first fingers. He grinned to himself as Michelle’s much larger clit was easier to find. Slowly pushing both of their buttons from side to side with his fingertips he felt his cock being squeezed tighter by Shannon’s pulsing cunt. The thought popped into his head about whether Michelle owned a strap-on dildo and how it would be fantastic to take both women at the same time doggy-style. It was enough.

Tony let out a loud moan as his seed shot up into Shannon’s pussy. Shannon squeezed her cunt muscles hard around the spasming cock, her pussy and clit already so sensitive from her earlier orgasm fractured in ecstasy and she whimpered as the sensations once again overpowered her. Michelle watched her friend close her eyes and rock back and forth on Tony’s cock. She watched as Shannon’s chest went a pink with the flush of blood and reached out one hand to a rock-hard nipple. She dropped her other hand between them, a quick flick of the familiar controls and the toy vibrated within her sending spiralling sensations out from her core. She took hold of Tony’s little finger in hers and began to shake it violently against her hard sensitive nub. In only a few seconds the sparks flew once more and her juices pumped out onto Tony’s belly.

In hardly any time the three of them went slack, the two girls leaning heavily against each other as their orgasms ebbed. Slowly the two of them twisted about and lay down on either side of Tony as he languidly wrapped his arms about them. Tony took a deep breath and said “I’ve got a confession to make…”

Michelle responded first, “You have a fantasy to be with two girls at the same time? Duh!”

“Like we didn’t know!” laughed Shannon.


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