Dear Avid Readers…

      How are you today? Hoping you are both well!! Had a conversation the other day, as you do, and was wondering about the merits of the ‘Wham, Bam, Thankyou, Ma’am’ story and the fact that I had never really wrote one. Well, here is my attempt and I’ll be honest, I failed dismally!!!

I guess that type of story probably lasts between 1500 and 3000 words, well I only got as close as 6418, not really that close and I ended up developing the characters, probably the one cardinal rule that you shouldn’t break if the W.B.T.M. is what you’re after. The story was actually inspired my a memory of when I was fifteen or sixteen and was watching a Play on the goggle-box, I think it was called the Summer House but as usual I could be wrong (I’ve been wrong before) and one of the female leads was in the titular building with a male lead who obviously desired her and although I was only half-watching it (15 remember and the attention span of a gnat) my full concentration was brought to bear as she slipped off her summer dress and was completely nude beneath it. A very pleasant surprise for that teenager!!! So a story that grew from a single 5 second snippet of a TV program that was aired three decades ago.

Again I apologise for my failure to produce a W.B.T.M. but as usual I hope you enjoy…

… Regards (fondly remembering)FtF


It had been one of those glorious summers and during my holiday break from university I had gone to work for my father’s landscaping firm. I had grown up lending a hand whenever he was in need of an extra helping hand or when I needed to raise some cash for whatever was my heart’s desire at the time. It had been at least four years since I became more than the owner’s son and had truly earned my keep and a grudging respect from the other employees rather than being ‘young Danny Junior’.

Both of the crews were being kept busy with large school projects while the students were off on their own holidays so the majority of my work was with the various maintenance contracts we had which kept me busy for four of the five days of the working week and on a Friday, Saturday and sometimes a Sunday I’d help out on the two big projects. Unusually for a Friday I was at the Montgomery’s house instead, partly because they had a large garden party planned for the Sunday to welcome home their eldest daughter from her honeymoon and wanted the large gardens to be at their best and also because my father, who normally saw to their horticultural needs as they were one of the firms oldest clients, was away for the weekend with my mother for a romantic break in Paris. There was also a little history concerning the Montgomery garden and myself.

The last time I had been to the big old house at the end of “Millionaire’s Row” must have been six years previously when I was sixteen; a young boy/adult overflowing with hormones and easily prone to getting distracted. I’d never actually met Mr David Montgomery in all the years I had been helping out my father but the remainder of the household at that point had been more than enough for my testosterone fuelled libido.

Mrs Montgomery was tall, slender with long dark hair and even though I rarely saw her always seemed to be immaculately and stylishly dressed. She was always pleasant to me and my father but seemed to keep herself at a remove and even though she seemed ancient to me back then, she was probably in her early forties, I would often watch and admire her figure when I was sure no-one was looking. There were also two daughters, one who was only four years old and who kept the nanny in a full time occupation with her total curiosity especially for things that crawled and slithered.

Of course if I was digging up the flowerbeds or collecting or dumping on the compost heap little Sarah would never be far away which I didn’t mind in the slightest as it meant Eva, the German nanny, would also be near. She always had a smile and liked to practice her English which wasn’t too good as it seemed her conversations with the Montgomery’s almost always related to the care of Sarah. She was shorter than me by four inches at a little under five foot when I was sixteen even though she was a clear two years older and carried a little weight although this did mean that her breasts seemed overly large for her size and during that summer her T-shirts seemed a size or two too small which led to me on more than one occasion almost amputating a foot or a hand when using spades or the small chainsaw. Sixteen though, so of course I wasn’t complaining. I did my best for international relations and would happily talk to her helping her to improve her English albeit with an accent.

The final member of the household was the Montgomery’s eldest daughter who was thirteen months my senior and my obsession. She had inherited her mother’s figure and looks except that her hair was a deep red which I assume she got from her ‘invisible’ father. Where her mother was stylish and chic, Samantha was stylish and sexy, at least in my eyes. If the sun was out her long legs would be on show beneath a mini-skirt which would be forever drawing my gaze. The previous summer they had installed an outdoor pool and my father quickly realised if he wanted a son who wasn’t to lose a limb it was best if he found me work that was away from the vista of Samantha and her friends dressed in skimpy bikinis. In hindsight it wasn’t all my libido’s fault, some of it I was sure was Samantha’s as she especially seemed to enjoy teasing the gardener’s boy from a safe distance.

My father’s efforts ended in failure when late in the summer Samantha had been particularly distracting. I had been aerating the lawn perhaps twenty metres from the pool where she and a friend had been catching some rays on two of the loungers beside the pool; her bikini top ‘seemed’ to be causing her discomfort as she continually ran her finger beneath the side of it giving greater and greater views of her right breast and eventually a dark pink nipple came into view. I, of course, had a raging hard-on and had already been close to stabbing myself through the foot three times with the garden fork I was using. My father had come around the corner of the house to find me openly staring at the young Miss Montgomery, who was supposedly unaware of my attention, as the left tine of the fork scraped the side of my trainer as it disappeared into the ground.

Reluctantly, although quietly as I didn’t want to lose face in front of the object of my desire, I headed off to the far side of the property to tend to some of the waste he had accrued while weeding the flowerbeds and left him shaking his head as he carried on with the lawn. Of course I still had an erection and had slipped behind a large Rhododendron bush with the sole purpose of relieving my ‘tension’. The sun had shone through the rustling leaves as I quickly dropped my jeans and boxers and took myself in hand. Images of Samantha, her legs, her breasts and her mouth filled my mind as my hand pumped my cock. I was just wondering what her pussy was like when something made me open my eyes and I saw Eva standing there her eyes fixed on my jerking fist. I didn’t have time to feel embarrassed or shock as my thick seed shot from the tip of my cock and splattered on the grass between us.

My hand had a mind of its own as it continued to pump my cock until my sac was completely empty. Eva said something in German as I just stood and stared at her watching me as she tried to think of the English she wanted. It transpired later that she had seen me disappear behind the bush and had followed with some innocent intention that I never found out as she also had been seen disappearing as well. Before she had thought of what it was she had to say I saw Mrs Montgomery appear through the same gap and only then, far too late, did I attempt to pull up my jeans and boxers.

Lots of words were exchanged that day although I wasn’t to hear many of them until I arrived home after the most silent of journeys in my father’s truck that I had ever known. Before we entered the house he let me know exactly how disappointed he was with me and that from then on he would have to take one of the crew along to the Montgomery’s in future. The only good thing was I was sure that it was a story he wouldn’t tell my mother.

I did get to see my obsession, Samantha, a few times in the months before I went to university out on the town. We never talked but occasionally a look might be exchanged though often if she was with her friends the giggles that followed afterwards I was sure were at my expense. Oddly enough she had faded in my memory as my inspiration in those teenage years before I finally lost my virginity tended to be of Eva watching me ejaculate and wondering where it might have gone if Mrs Montgomery hadn’t then caught us. I think it is with Rose-tinted spectacles that I imagine the look on her face had been curiosity and a desire to step those few short paces closer to me behind the Rhododendron bush but I was a teenager so I will forgive myself.

As for Samantha she did raise a different desire each time she seemed to giggle at my expense which involved me fucking her hard till I wiped the smile from her face.

I had heard a slight tone in my father’s voice when he had phoned me from the airport and had asked me to go to the Montgomery’s. My years at university had diluted my memories and although I knew I might be slightly embarrassed if I saw Mrs Montgomery I was mature enough not to let it bother me and I was sure that I could be professional enough not to jeopardise my father’s business so I climbed into the same truck that I had left in previously all those years before and headed off.

Pulling into the circular drive, I noted a brand new Mercedes convertible sat in front of the main double doors with the registration plate ‘SAM 2012’. I wondered if it had been a wedding present from ‘Daddy’. I pulled around the side of the house as I tried to remember the name of her husband. It was only after unloading the various tools from the back of the truck that I muttered “Doctor Derek Mayfield…” in answer, “Mrs Samantha Mayfield…”

I’d been there for almost three hours and had the shrubbery as neat as it could be and reckoned all I had left to do was mow and roll the lawn which I knew would probably be destroyed when they put up the marquee the following day. I hadn’t seen or heard anyone in the entire time, I wondered if little Sarah who must be nine or ten by now had been sent away to boarding school like her elder sister and if she was still the same delightful little girl I remembered. That train of thought also took me to Eva and I glanced across at the Rhododendron bush that had sealed my fate with a smile. My father had managed to keep it well pruned over the years and it seemed to look almost identical to my memory of it.

I felt a little guilt as my cock twitched within my jeans and shook my head laughing as I grabbed my lunchbox and a bottle of water from the truck and headed across the lawn. There was a small niche in the pattern of the lawn which took you behind a large array of Hellebores taking a person out of sight of the house and had a shallow grass bank that was a perfect suntrap. I sat down and pulled off my T-shirt and unlaced my boots, pulling of my socks. The sun beat down pleasantly on my tanned flesh as I lay back and closed my eyes. Vaguely I wondered if Samantha had ever sunbathed nude in this spot and my cock gave another little twitch.

I couldn’t say how long I had been lying there, I may have even fallen asleep for a brief time beneath the caress of the sun’s rays but I was brought back to full consciousness by a quiet cough. I opened my eyes.

“I don’t think we pay you to improve your suntan, young Danny junior!” she said.

She stood there in a denim dress buttoned up the front in sandals with an expensive pair of sunglasses covering her eyes. I shoved my elbows backwards raising my shoulders and head looking at her, noting how the years had seemed to have made her even more alluring that I had remembered. “My apologies, I was just taking a break… I guess I must have dozed off” I replied.

I watched as she pulled on her bottom lip with her perfect white teeth, she raised her hand to her glasses and lifted them away from her blue eyes depositing them on top of her perfectly styled hair. Those eyes roamed up and down along my body. I watched them linger on my crotch suddenly aware that my cock was in a state of semi-hardness; “I hope you’re not up to your old tricks?” she stepped forward so the tips of her sandals were almost touching my bare feet.

I tilted my head to look at her and then dropped my eyes to look at the obvious bulge beneath my shorts, when I raised my eyes to meet hers again I replied “Sometimes, it seems I just can’t help myself!” Her reply came as a mischievous smile playing about her lips.

Two could play at that game as I slowly and deliberately lowered my eyes across her full bosom, following the line of buttons that ran down the front to the hem of her denim dress. She inhaled deeply as her slender fingers played with the top button just below the hint of cleavage. I watched mesmerised as she lifted her left foot from her sandal, her tanned leg appeared between the slit as her toes brushed along my calf; her eyes drifted down my torso to rest squarely on my crotch where my cock was swelling beneath my shorts. “He wants me” she stated as the top button on her dress popped open.

“He’s wanted you for years” I replied.

“I thought it was Eva he wanted?” she placed her bare foot beside my knee and stepped out of her other sandal and the toes of her right foot glided along my muscular thigh.

“What can I say, he’s fickle and when the object of his desire is seemingly unattainable…” I left the sentence hanging and saw her eyes flick to mine before dropping to my swelling bulge once again as her toes skirted along the lower hem of my shorts and down between my thighs to tease my sac through the heavy cotton.

“He looks…” her chest rose as that first button came undone, “He looks uncomfortable. Her eyes never moved but the stroke of her toe became more insistent as I reached down and undid my belt buckle and her left hand undid another button. I pulled the waist button free and she undid a third. Her cleavage was fully exposed between the edges of the blue material with no hint of a bra as I grasped the zipper and pulled it down slowly. The fingers of her right hand scratched at her hip as those on her right slid up beneath the denim and over the swell of her breast.

I slipped my hand over the bulge in my Jockeys and straightened my erection; I felt the blood pump and a release and increase in tension at the same time as my glans appeared above the hem. Her eyes dilated and a small gasp escaped her lips before she whispered “Show me…please.”

“As you wish Mrs M.” I replied, her eyes glancing guiltily to mine before she lifted that exquisite toe from between my thighs and stood astride my thighs. I lay back on my shoulders and reached down with both hands grasping my shorts and Jockeys and pushed them down slowly allowing my cock to rise up as more and more was released till the two items of my clothing were wrapped around my thighs. I let them rest there and wrapped my right hand around my girth and gently pulled down on it my foreskin rolling back exposing the angry and pre-cum slicked flesh beneath. My other hand reached for her calf and slipped slowly up and down it; the callouses on my flesh scratching her soft smooth skin.

I felt her shiver beneath my touch, “So he’s always wanted me? Or is it…” her hand popped two more buttons before she reached up, crossing her arms and pushed the shoulder straps off allowing the entire dress to fall down her body and come to rest heaped on top of my own shorts. “Or is it this he wanted, Danny Boy?” My fist tightened around my cock as I leisurely took in the view before me. She had been naked beneath the dress and my eyes devoured her full breasts, watching as her hands rose and cupped them slowly squeezing them till her hard nipples were grasped between her thumbs and first fingers. I was biting my lip painfully as she breathed heavily and allowed my eyes drift down over her flat stomach to the small ‘landing strip’ atop her mound; her pussy lips glistened in the sunlight, pink and succulent to my gaze. Her fingers appeared from behind her legs and a long slender finger dragged along her slit gathering moisture as it passed. A small tattoo was positioned just to the right of it, a word or a glyph I thought that I desired to examine from much closer quarters.

I slid my hand further up her leg and it seemed to drag her eyes to it and away from my hand slowly stroking my erection, “I think it’s time you earned your pay Dan!” she stated and stepped out of her crumpled dress placing her feet between my arms and torso before kneeling, her shins across my biceps and lowering that wet pussy down onto my face. Lifting my hands I grasped her ass from behind and pushed my tongue into her sweet tasting slit. I heard a gasp from above me as I briefly read the three letters tattooed, ‘PoD’ and then closed my eyes as my fingers massaged her cheeks and she ground her mound and slit hard against my mouth. “Ahhh… that’s it…” she breathed as I drank down her already flowing juices.

My cock ached, untended to as I felt the hard nub of her clit press against my top lip and against my teeth beneath as I twisted and rolled my tongue within her increasingly hot quim. My face was ridden harder with every passing minute and my fingers pressed even tighter into the flesh of her ass as I felt tiny tremors ripple through the walls of her pussy. Her moans above me got louder intermingled with snatched phrases of “Suck me Dan” and “That’s it drive your tongue into my cunt!” For every swear word I heard which I had never imagined falling from her lips I redoubled my efforts which in turn brought further coarse language from her mouth.

Within a couple of minutes she fell back, her hot slit still pressed to my mouth as her hands grasped my knees and her fingernails dug into my flesh. Her juices flooded out of her pulsing quim into my mouth as I lapped and sucked on it for all I was worth. Her moans rose higher and higher till they petered out, just the sound of her breath being pulled into and expelled from her lungs remained. Slowly she came down from her orgasm and leant forwards once again, slowly twisting her hips on my mouth, I opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me, a red flush spoiling the tan above her chest as she rolled her hips backwards and my lips found her hard hot clit sucking it hard into my mouth distending the surrounding sensitive flesh. She gasped quietly and I thought I could almost see a proprietary look in her eyes. I pushed my shorts further down as best I could till I was able, using my other foot, to slip them from my right leg. I spread my legs wide and gave my cock a hard squeeze before replacing it on that delectable ass.

The balance of power is a fickle thing; it can describe so many things in life from the Nuclear Arms race to which little kid in the playground gets first pick of the team, to who goes on top in the bedroom. I’ve always been a believer that in the Battle between the Sexes it has been those of the unmixed chromosomes who have the edge at least until they give up the one thing that us boys will beg, borrow, cheat and even invade eastern European countries for. But once we have it, even if it is being ground into my willing mouth, all bets are off.

As I felt the now tangy juices flow over my chin for the second time and heard the completely un-ladylike grunts from above me slowly subside I grasped her thighs tightly under my filthy palms and pulled hard on my stomach muscles as I raised my head and shoulders upwards (I’d probably bench-pressed over twice her weight in the university gym). My tongue remained inside her for a couple of seconds, feeling her pussy spasm tightly about it in surprise till the centre of her gravity sent her falling backwards down my chest, her legs flicking out behind me and up into the air. The strain eased on my abdominals and I shifted my hands forward and beneath her back slowing her fall partly to minimise any chance of injury to her but mostly because having her slam down onto my throbbing erection was an experience I was happy to avoid. (Any outside observer may have thought it was an accomplished manoeuvre but they hadn’t seen me the first time I attempted it or the tears that had remained in my eyes for a good fifteen minutes afterwards.) The excessive amount of pre-cum adorning my glans drew a slick line across her spine as she eventually came to rest on the grass between my spread legs.

My hands slipped from beneath her ass leaving ten dirty streaks on the pale flesh, a squeak of surprise issued from her hair covered face as I held her legs by the calves almost vertical. My hard-on nestled nicely against her saliva/juice covered mound as it protruded from between the backs of her thighs; I leant forwards and nipped the inside of her left knee eliciting another squeal followed by a protesting “Dan!”

“Yes?” I asked not waiting for an answer as I pushed her legs forward and pulled my feet around to kneel. A slight shift and I was able to slide my length along her soaking lips, slipping my forearm across the back of her knees I kept her folded beneath me as I grasped the base of my cock and slapped the head against her pussy splattering the insides of her thighs with minute drops of our juices.

“No” she cried out.

“Really?” I asked, “You want me to stop?” I adjusted my position, my glans just separating her quim as I removed my arm allowing her legs to rise from her chest; the natural movement of her hips rotated her mound towards me causing the head of my cock to be engulfed by her hot wet pussy. I had a tiny window of maybe thirty seconds where my rational mind was in charge of ‘little brain’ and after that the animalistic centres and my penis would stage a coup and take control. “Your choice” I said, “Walk away now or get fucked. Cuz I’m gonna fuck you and I’m gonna fuck you hard! Your choice” I could feel and see her indecision, I was sure that if I had left her in control she would’ve fucked me anyway but as I watched her legs waver before me and felt her pussy slip forwards and backwards taking just a few extra millimetres of my cockhead inside her trembling cunt I found a point of satisfaction.

It was almost a Eureka moment, a tiny epiphany; whatever her decision, it was the fact that she was making a decision that meant that I had won! Of course I wanted a decision in my favour and I knew if it was yes it gave me an effective ‘carte blanch’! Her legs relaxed and moved towards me, the backs of her ankles resting against my shoulder as my cock slipped deeper into her hot pussy. I figured she had known that I was bluffing anyway and placing my hands on her hips I asked “Is that a ‘yes’?”

 “Ye-” she began to reply and I slammed my hips forward feeling her pussy tighten around my cock as I buried it inside her. She moaned loudly as I pushed her body forward on the grass, my fingers digging into her flesh. Pulling back I thrust hard into her again and again driving her further along the patch of lawn revelling in the knowledge that this normally immaculately turned out woman was getting filthier with each and every thrust. I stared at that odd tattoo and somehow knew that mine wasn’t the first cock other than her husband’s that had ploughed her cunt despite the airs and graces she usually exhibited.

I pulled completely out and the wanton slut edged her hips towards me; her sopping hole searching for my hard cock. A low moan of frustration escaped her lips followed by another of her high pitched squeals as I flung her legs over and grasping her hips hoisted her ass into the air and drove my cock once again into her hot wet cunt from behind. A muffled grunt issued from her mouth; her head with her bedraggled hair covering it was pressed against the ground, my cock throbbed inside her as I placed the flat of my hand halfway up her back keeping her shoulders down and drove my hard length into her with all my might.

Groans and curses spilled from her ‘polite’ lips but she thrust back against me with equal if not greater abandon. Images of years past filled my mind’s eye, her aloofness, the snobbery I’d seen and heard; the way her family had looked down on mine especially as a teenage boy who had despised and desired in equal measure. I drove my cock harder and faster into the ‘posh’ cunt before me. We had shifted even further forward so that the upper floor of the house was now visible to me across the Hellebores, I pulled my hand from her shoulders and struck her across the hip. Another squeal and she pushed even harder back against me. Again I slammed into her spasming slit and brought my palm down sharply against her hip; the impact stung my palm and the sound echoed around the garden, “That’s what you like, isn’t it bitch?” I spat.

A muffled “yes” made it out between the moans. Again my hand came down on the rapidly reddening patch of her hip. I glanced up at the house as my fingers pressed into the stinging flesh and had almost looked away when I saw the figure standing in the bay window at the south eastern corner of the house. Even though we were too far apart to truly see each other’s eyes I knew they were staring into mine. I felt my sac pull up tight beneath my thrusting cock as the watcher remained motionless; I knew a set of painted nails were digging into the window sill in front of her. I watched her jaw drop as I pulled my trembling erection from the gushing slit in front of me and reached forwards as the owner moaned her disappointment.

A squeal almost a scream, louder than all the previous ones, erupted from her mouth as I wrapped my fist in her distraught hair and pulled her around. I saw our voyeur flinch at the sound and returned my gaze to the face below my fist. The transformation was astounding; where the perfect cheekbones and pristine hair and sculpted eyebrows and subtle eye shadow, micrometre precise liner and sensuous Ferrari Red lips had been there was now a dirty street tramp. Her hair had been pulled this way and that, some of it twisted across her cheeks and threaded into her mouth where I watched her tongue struggle to dispel it. Streaks of dirt and blades of grass criss-crossed her features and yet her eyes still gleamed with lust as she raised her small delicate filthy hands with chipped and broken nails wrapping them around my cock. I smiled down at her, “You are a good little whore!” the first heavy jet of cum rocketed out of my trembling cock landing in her hair just above her right ear. The next few shot wildly all over her face, into her wide open mouth and down her neck as she squeezed and jerked my length. As the last drops seeped out of my cock she pulled me forward and stuffed it greedily into her mouth. I groaned deeply as I felt her tongue circle around the edge of my glans, “Such a good cock sucker too!”

I looked up at the window and saw the figure retreating backwards almost as if I had just caught her peeping, “Such a good little cumslut!” I said to the figure below me as the figure in the window gave one final look back at the two of us and disappeared from view.

I looked down as my limp cock slipped my ‘whore’s’ mouth, a fine string of my seed glistening in the sun for a few inches before breaking. It seemed at the moment it broke so was the spell that had turned this upright woman into a slut. The colour that inflamed her upper chest spread to her face as she looked up at me and a look between fear and hatred slipped across her face. She pulled her eyes away and grabbed her dress from the ground beside us before stumbling and then managing to stand up, looking across the bushes at the house beyond. One final twist of her head as I stood there smiling, idly stroking my flaccid cock and she ran across the lawn, her eyes moving in both directions in fear of discovery. I laughed loud enough for her to hear as I admired the toned muscles of her ass and I may have heard a final swear word from that ‘Posh’ mouth before she disappeared inside.

I looked down at my ‘best friend’, “Well that was a turn up for the books, little Danny!”


I’d gotten dressed and tipped the bottle of water over my head feeling it soothe my shoulders that had probably caught too much sun. The lunchbox remained untouched as my appetite had been satiated by other means and I made quick time in mowing and rolling the lawn behind the house. No figures appeared at any of the windows or doors even when I deposited a forgotten pair of sandals beside the kitchen door. All the tools were put away in the Montgomery’s shed or back in my father’s truck as I gave a final look at the Rhododendron bush before pumping the accelerator and starting the engine.

As I pulled around the front of the house there was a second car sat in the driveway as I expected, I smiled at the number plate, ‘D1 ANE’; I looked up at the room at the east end of the house and saw Mrs Montgomery standing in the window looking down at me with that usual aloofness that I remembered from years ago and maybe an extra amount of disdain. “What a day, Mrs Montgomery, what a day!” I said as I gazed up at her, deliberately pulling on my forelock like some Victorian servant and then pulled out of the drive.


I was a good boy. For almost a week! As per usual I had been doing the various maintenance contracts and had only just seen my father that Wednesday morning after his long weekend. He had been quite nervous asking me about my return to the scene of my teenage disgrace but I had reassured him that I had been totally professional and as there had been no complaints he seemed satisfied. I was heading to my second job of the day when I realised just how easily and convincingly I had lied to my father and though I didn’t feel guilty about it I did feel a little sad.

That was when despite my sadness I decided to turn left and take a detour of five or six miles. I pulled into the circular drive and had to negotiate a number of small expensive sports cars; it looked like Samantha had some friends over. Veering only slightly onto the grass I managed to get around the side of the house and park beside the garden shed. I stepped out of the truck and grabbed a random bag of tools from the back and proceeded around the back of the house. I could hear shouts and laughter and music coming from beyond the house where the pool was. Just before I knocked on the kitchen door a twenty-something blonde in just bikini briefs arced into view and then disappeared again to be quickly followed by a twenty-something man in swimming trunks carrying what looked like a jug of iced water.

I knocked on the door and entered. “Hello” I called popping my head around the door.

“Oh! Hello, Danny…” replied Mrs Montgomery standing at the large American style refrigerator filling a pitcher with chilled water, she looked to the other person in the room who seeing me enter promptly giggled before she stifled it beneath a withering gaze from the Lady of the house. “What can I do for you, Danny?”

I ignored Samantha’s friend who was still smirking and replied “I was told there’s some damage or a hole or something in the Summer House, I was passing so I’d see if there was anything I could do about it or at least get the material’s ordered for my old man on Friday.”

“Oh… well, okay then” she answered, her eyes boring into mine looking to see if I was telling the truth. For the second time in as many hours my face remained completely innocent as I told bare-faced lies.

“I’ll get to it!” I said nodding only just refraining from lifting my hand to my forehead and pulling a forelock of hair as I had done just days previously to her.


I looked across the lawn out through the segmented window of the Summer House at the frolicking group of people around and in the pool. I could see Samantha sitting slightly apart from the group smiling and laughing whenever she was approached. I appreciated her long tanned legs even from this distance raised up on another chair and wondered what her new husband was doing failing to notice that all of a sudden she wasn’t her usual ‘life and soul of the party’ self. Almost like clockwork, about every minute she would glance towards my location, her gaze sometimes lingering if the rest of her friends were at the other end of the pool. I almost wished I had binoculars so I could see her expression up close and would have loved to know what she was thinking.

I slammed my hips forward shoving Mrs Montgomery across the rough wooden top of the small table as I watched her daughter gazing at the Summer House where she knew her mother was getting fucked by the Gardener’s boy. Diane’s head was hanging over the far edge of the table, her hands gripping the sides as her body was shoved forwards and backwards. Her chest heaved with every breath and her hard nipples shook atop her rippling breasts with each of my thrusts. I gazed downwards at my cock slamming in and out of her soaking cunt. There was that small tattoo. ‘PoD’, I gazed closer and noted three small dots. Not ‘PoD’ but ‘P.o.D.’; an abbreviation. My fingers dug into the flesh of her hips as I felt my sac tighten beneath my thrusting cock.

I gazed out at Samantha and her giggling friends and filled her mother’s cunt with my seed.


I was halfway to my second job of the day, only ninety minutes late when I had to pull over beside the road. I’d been grinning for half a mile and it was slowly building towards a laugh. When the truck came to a stop I let the laughter flow, a couple of tears squeezed from my eyes as I realised the irony of my situation.

I’d been puzzling over the acronym beside Mrs Montgomery’s slit. Seemingly so out of keeping with her normal persona when I thought about that little ‘o’ between the other two letters and figured it stood for ‘Property of David’. It made a sort of sense but as I had never met Mr Montgomery and had no idea if he was such a dominant husband it was purely speculation. I had grinned as I thought it could now be ‘Property of Danny’, my cock had twitched at the thought and I figured I might tell Diane this new meaning the next time I came around and then I realised. It was indeed ‘Property of Danny’ or Daniel. Daniel Senior my father. That was the point when I’d had to pull over. My mind’s eye had replayed some of the conversations we had, especially about the Montgomery contract; it was the last job he would ever hand on to anyone else in the company, let alone me, unless it could not be avoided.

As my laughter subsided I wondered if Mr Montgomery always had meetings or some schedule that kept him away from home on Fridays and that was why even back all those years ago he had so seemed like the invisible man. I thought about Samantha staring at the Summer House and figured she had known about my father and wondered what she now thought of my family. “Mrs M is the property of fucking Daniel, Mrs Mayfield… the property of fucking Danny” I muttered to the reflection of my eyes in the rear view mirror.

The End

So there you have it Dear Avid Reader or to put it another way….

Mrs Montgommery dropped her dress to the floor and revealed her naked form beneath before lowering her hot soaking wet cunt onto my face and reaching an earth shattering ‘O’ before I turned her over and gave her a thoroughly hard fucking ‘doggy-style’. Having taken my pleasure I shot gallons of my thick salty cum all over her face, tits, hair and then she licked my still rock-hard cock clean!!!

Which do you think was better????




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  1. Pffft. You’ve written a couple of shorter ones that could be wham bam. But generally you are right, you don’t.

    I liked the “ten dirty streaks on her pale ass” imagery. Nicely done!!!!

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