Age is a funny thing.

My apologies Dear Avid Reader…

…the summer holidays are upon us and my access to scribbling becomes restricted. Also the muse hasn’t been sitting on my shoulder like she often does twisting my earlobe like a puppeteer forcing me to write (never been too sure about puppeteers… or clowns for that matter… might be a story in that… if I’m brave enough!). This will probably be my only post for at least the month of August but I do hope normal service will be resumed in September.

Ramblings and mumblings today…

Travelling once again, sitting with a couple who are younger than my tattoos. Glad to see my self-mutilations are still keeping their colours though. Doing a little scribbling on my phone as I chat to them, typing the words ‘sucker’ and ‘cock’ while glancing at her small mouth does give a vicarious thrill even if (maybe because) it’s somewhat morally ambiguous.

They are nice and have I hope long and eventful lives in front of them, they strike me as the types who will venture towards the road less travelled but I suppose there are so many travellers now and so few secrets that is something that is becoming harder to do with every passing year and byte of information. Not so sure though that it is just my age that is showing, I seem to have believed there is nothing new under the sun for a very long time. Just a further re-arrangement of atomic matter! I guess it’s the comparison of stories that does it, I’m over twice as long lived as they are and even though I’ve had some experiences, a few that I have shared with you Dear Avid Reader, (though they are hidden within the depths) and some soul destroying ones, one has to have contrast or everything becomes Beige… I guess the question is would you/I give up those memories to do it all again and I suppose my answer is no even though in hindsight (it’s a wonderful thing) I could have done my life better but you really are the sum of your memories and even though they will be lost like tears in the rain when we shuffle off this mortal coil, without them we are just not We!

I think, not too many double negatives in there, was there? Maybe I have settled or the outer layers of my Id have become far too calloused? Still with life comes… not necessarily wisdom, but a reservoir of experience and information that most times affords you to take the ‘better’ route. Though, definitely not a hard and fast rule by any measure.

Mortality is playing a little on my mind at the moment, in some ways I just seem to be holding my breath, scared to exhale but I know it’s coming and I can see what it is it might be waiting for and although I hope I’m wrong sometimes you think choosing your destination is infinitely more desirable than sticking a pin in a map so to speak. Still the undiscovered country rarely supplies a Satnav for such things.

So… the couple on the train, I envy them and yet I’m not jealous, guess I’ve never really been a greedy sort, not necessarily easily satisfied but possibly easily pleased. Have I ever mentioned I’m a Taoist? I actually was sort of following Taoist ‘Water’ philosophy before I read about it. I am one for following the path of least resistance to achieve my ‘goals’ (I put that in commas as it’s not really a word I would normally use in my vocabulary and that’s a word you’ll never hear me speak because I struggle so much with it! (Vocabulary not goals!)), all just to achieve a level of happiness that is greater than sadness… probably a lot more of a bias to the happier side, really sounded like I was after something in the middle, I wasn’t.

This ramble isn’t really going anywhere, no universal truths except maybe always use sunscreen and don’t eat the yellow snow, but apart from that hopefully most of you know to treat others how you would expect them to treat you and if they don’t, well a good hefty kick in the backside for them is always an option to be considered.

Hope to see you all on the other side, of August that is!

Regards FtF


Maybe if you hassle a certain someone they may have a story from my dusty library that I haven’t published yet, though to be honest I find it hard to remember which I have and which I haven’t. I know she won’t thank me for that!

Still you’ve got to laugh!!!

~ by ftfagos on August 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Age”

  1. I think there is about four or five of your stories that are not posted (one very quickly comes to mind), and then there is the joint effort things.

    Drop me a message and let me know approx date.

    And Taoist my foot. Unless you just enjoy the thoughts of the sexual energy and the thoughts Taoists have in regards to sex that is?

    See you soon and yeah, I am about ready to kick your wonky arse. Just giving you fair warning.

  2. If there is one thing I don’t understand is all that tantric Taoist sex, who the f**k wants to delay their orgasm!!!! Many and lots please!!!
    Post whichever when you feel the need or you’re just bored. Slainte.


    • Use the reply button Twinkletoes!!!!

      Will do. But you might regret it later!

      And I was making reference to the thought of the Tao’s that beleive in the sexual energy and that women “need” a man’s sperm and his energy.

      Delaying orgasms… well you know my thoughts on that topic!

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