Wierd Shit

He looks out across thousands of miles and maybe hundreds of stories, standing in a pattern of corrosion formed over millennia, his just one tale in the library of the planet.

Life and death have wandered through his mind as he shakes another Cancer stick from a golden pack, the Zippo strikes first time continuing his journey from the cradle to the grave. It falls, tumbling slowly from his fingers to strike with a single spark on the glacially sculpted rock below.

The sound sounds suspect to his senses.

Lifting the lighter he sees a spider’s spread of infinitesimal cracks, his knee creaks as he straightens and the cigarette crackles as he watches the newly formed pattern in the rocks that may have been forged during the genesis of the planet.

The tiny hairlines seem to twitch and search for the rare path of least resistance between the molecules of Wackestone but their determination wheedles its purposeful way gradually moving faster and faster till they disappear beneath the rough sod of the field.

The only sound he hears is the faint whisper of the wind but although no vibration comes from beneath his feet he senses the six legs of the spider crack racing across and around the globe. He blinks for the first time after his cigarette has smouldered down to the filter as he knows without seeing that the legs have rejoined on the far side of the planet deep beneath the ocean.

A gentle sigh escapes his lips as the cracks widen and a rich, soothing light flows out of the cracks.

The world turns peeling back its pretty skin revealing a beautiful centre bathing everybody in the warmest of light making every molecule, atom and string within their bodies dance to a joyous tune.

What was below rises above.

The landscape ascends forever all around as the jaws of all watching lower in awe. The earth makes no sound, no shake and no tremble as it turns itself inside out.

As the land and the sea knitted back together seamlessly almost seven billion souls sigh. They all stand together within the sphere, that embracing light permeating their hearts and minds equally, nowhere to go but forward together.

A solitary boy standing on a hill looking out across millions of miles and billions of stories simply winks and smiles.


Well. there you go Dear Avid Reader…

I’ve been away a while and trust me I haven’t been using nefarious (I love that word) substances… I might have, hypothetically, once upon a time indulged and you gotta wonder what sort of shite I would have come up with then. But there you go…


~ by ftfagos on September 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Wierd Shit”

  1. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were a religious man.

  2. You know I’ve always admitted to having a soul even though I’m a devot atheist!!!


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