Darkening Skies… Pt. 1

The little bearded man sat underneath the awning outside the coffee shop watching the people dash by on the sidewalk. He grinned up at the sliver of sky high above between the towering edifices of glass and concrete at the gathering storm clouds. He liked the rain, the way people would rush to their meeting and appointments for fear of getting a soaking when the heavy clouds would release their cargo on the streets below. All the minor little accidents that could ruin their day! The air was thick and humid as he added yet another spoonful of sugar to the black coffee in front of him.

His ‘pet’ was across the busy thoroughfare waiting anxiously outside one of the many monuments to man’s greed. So many institutions in this quarter of the city rose from the ground to the glory of his favourite sin. All the rest of the Deadly Sins seemed to pale against Greed in its ability to spread despair and suffering amongst the rest of the populace and as a bonus it never satisfied those who worshipped at its feet. Still his ‘pet’ had his little sabbatical after the Wormwood Inquiry to work out his feelings which although it had been a diversion had still been fun for the bearded man. He’d got to play with those other sins! He lifted the foreign newspaper in his left hand and grinned at the headline on page two, “Life Sentence for Killer Vicar”.

His ‘pet’ was back on the crooked path with a vengeance.

A tall, young black woman in a long age-worn leather jacket and long flowing skirt walked past diverting his attention. The long split in the skirt exposed her thigh almost to the crotch as she strolled by not bothered by the impending downpour. Something about her bothered him and he was so rarely bothered by anything. Her dark obsidian eyes flicked towards him momentarily and quickly disregarded him as she carried on up the block.

He stroked his pointed beard and felt another set of eyes glance at him from further away. Much further away! The knuckles holding the sugar spoon whitened as the anger rose within him. He scanned the street unable to spot the voyeur frustrated by his own limitations.

If anyone cared to examine the stainless steel afterwards they would have found a thumb and fingerprint etched into the smooth surface.

The waitress that had been approaching him suddenly decided that this patron wasn’t ready to order a meal yet and felt an immediate need to visit the bathroom at the back of the cafe as far away from the bearded man as possible. She looked at the back door to the premises and decided to keep on going and just take the rest of the day off.


“We’ve got to be quick!”

“Not too quick” he replied.

“No” she answered as her scarlet painted fingernails grasped his zipper and pulled it down, “no, never too quick.”

He closed his eyes as her fingers fumbled inside his trousers and eased his rapidly hardening cock out into the thermostatically controlled, cool environment of the computer room. For a brief moment he felt Goosebumps appear on his erect flesh before her hot wet mouth slid over his glans and down his length.

Most of his jobs were tedious, if there was excitement it generally meant he wasn’t doing it right. But once in a while there were bonuses! He felt his trousers being tugged and looked down at the ‘Red-head’ bobbing on his cock. He shifted his hips forward thrusting his erection into her willing mouth and allowing her to pull his trousers down as his ass briefly moved away from the edge of the desk.

It couldn’t have worked out better! Well he supposed sitting to the right of the ‘log-in” terminal would have been better and if Lynette had been more of a ‘looker’ and a little less fond of sweet food so a little slimmer. He grinned down at her red hair as it became increasingly untidy, he figured that she certainly had a talent for sucking cock and told her so. The words seemed to spur her on to even greater efforts and her lips slid faster along his cock. He threaded the fingers of his right hand through her red tresses as he pulled out the memory stick from the pocket of his jacket and awkwardly tried to slot it into the side of the keyboard.

He stood up careful to keep his hard-on buried in the redhead’s mouth, looking down between them he could see her hand disappearing beneath her maroon skirt, her finger or fingers undoubtedly buried in her pussy. He twisted her round and pushed her head back till her neck pressed against the edge of the desk, the log-in terminal just beyond her hair. Transferring the computer stick to his other hand he slipped it into the correct slot. The woman grunted deeply around his cock as the screen automatically came to life asking for a password and log-in code. He looked down at the redhead’s excited eyes as his fingers twisted through her hair and he slid his cock deeper into her hot mouth.

Pulling her hair forward he quietly tapped in her access code and password which had been the most difficult part of his assignment though the rigorous security system of the company had employees changing their passwords every month meant that most people ended up writing them down and hiding them somewhere on their desks or in their purses/wallets. Getting her, even though she was married and faithful (!), and him into this secure room had been child’s play in comparison.

The screen flashed red ‘INCORRECT PASSWORD’.

“Fuck” he swore and she sucked him even harder as he tried to concentrate on the ‘hidden’ letters that spelt Maryann121. He didn’t know who Mary Ann was and didn’t care. The screen went back to its neutral blue as his second and ‘last chance’ attempt was accepted. It took an extreme effort of concentration not to shoot his load there and then into the ‘duped’ woman’s mouth as the small innocuous stick uploaded its program and downloaded the cloned access details of a random someone within the building with the highest level clearance. Its work done he pulled the stick out and pulled the redhead up by her hair as it disappeared into his pocket.

“My but you’re a good little cocksucker!” he congratulated her as he pulled her wrist from beneath her skirt with his now empty hand and licked the two wet fingers clean, “You deserve a reward!”

She grinned broadly at him and once again dropped her hands beneath her skirt and clumsily pulled off her sodden knickers before kneeling on the swivel chair in front of him. He span her slowly about and lifted the pleated skirt over her hips revealing the glistening pink lips of her pussy framed by a thick bush of red hair. “Such a good little girl!” he said as he grasped her hips and lined his cock up against the hot wet lips. She giggled shrilly and in reflex his fingers grasped the generous flesh harder as he shoved his erection easily inside her as he pulled her back on the wheeled chair.

“Ohhh yess…” she groaned as his balls pressed tight up against her slit. He pulled her back and forth and wondered about getting a similar swivel chair for home as it was so easy to shift her back and forth. The wheels squeaked annoyingly as he imagined his wife’s sneering face if he suggested it. He drove harder into the Redhead’s cunt, his flesh slapping loudly against hers and small amounts of her pussy cream jetting out of her to rapidly cool on his balls. She was moaning louder and louder which thankfully wasn’t a problem as like most computer rooms it was well sound-proofed.

“Yess…” he said loudly, “You’ve got such a lovely cunt… Lyn… Hot, wet and tight, just the way I like them!”

“Oh god yes… fill me up you fucker!” she cried. She was panting heavily with every thrust and yet he suspected she wasn’t near to orgasming. A sneer painted itself across his lips as he found he didn’t care, he had got what he had come for and wanted to be gone. His fingers dug even deeper into her flesh as he felt his balls tighten, in seconds he was shooting his spunk deep inside her, he pulled back and sprayed the last couple of jets across her wide ass and smeared his sticky length up along the crevice between her cheeks.

He only just removed the look of contempt from his face before she turned around to see him grinning broadly. “Oh, fuck Lyn, you’re the best” he leaned down and kissed her deeply forcing himself not to just reach down and pull up his boxers and trousers and be on his way.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Bill!”


Towne waited outside the building, the only sign that he was anxious and excited was the quick of his thumb that he had been worrying with his fingernail as he sat back against the wing of the limousine. The driver within had noticed his client’s nervousness but most of his high-end clients seemed to be cardiac arrests waiting to happen so he paid it no more attention as he strained to listen to the horse racing results issuing quietly from the car radio. If Charon won the next race he’d be ninety dollars better off.

Towne stepped away from the car and walked a few yards down the street. Burroughs was overdue and his paranoia was getting the better off him. The ‘Private Investigator’ was second to none and his fee reflected it and even though he knew the man had said the job would be done by noon meant that it would be he was still nervous. “Who wouldn’t be?” he said to himself knowing that once the ‘mole’ identity was installed in the Global Corporations mainframe he would have access to so much Inside information it would be worth millions if not tens of millions. Burroughs had negotiated himself a vested interest in the scheme and the Investigators existing portfolio would easily increase by two hundred percent in the next quarter alone.

Lilith would have been creaming her knickers if she’d still been alive. He pondered about the recent events and still struggled to believe that she had fallen accidentally and with Cuferi missing he wondered if Burroughs would take one last assignment before he retired to track down the accountant. Damian looked at his Rolex once again, 12.15.

His fingernail returned to the quick of his thumb.

“You know it isn’t very subtle meeting outside!”

Damian spun around to see the Investigator standing beside him. “Is it done?”

“Hey, Bill, how ya’ doing?” replied the man sarcastically in a New York drawl, “Of course it’s done; I said it would be and it is!”

Damian looked down to see the innocuous computer stick in the Investigators broad palm, his heart was pounding in his chest as his hand twitched beside his leg before he finally took it from him, closing his fist tightly around the incredibly valuable piece of plastic and silicon. “Shit” he breathed.

“I’ve got five more days of my notice to work, give it a week or so before we start acting on the information and no-one will be able to trace it back to us!”

‘We’ and ‘Us’ Damian thought, jumped up Investigator thinks we’re partners.

Damian smiled broadly, “The money will be rolling in, in no time” he forced himself to smile and shook the man’s hand. The two of them flinched as a siren sounded close by, Damian couldn’t help it as he looked about and then it must have started to rain because he felt the side of his felt suddenly splashed. “Huh?” he muttered as he turned back to the Investigator.

For three seconds he looked at the man in front of him and couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing. The ruddy complexion of Burroughs was gone. It seemed that the Investigator must have put on some sort of Halloween mask as it wasn’t possible that half of his face was missing. “Huh…” Damian repeated as he was suddenly aware that his hand was being crushed and pulled by the corpse slowly collapsing in front of him. He tumbled forward on top of the dead man, the back of his mind only just aware of the screams and shouts of the other people around him on the sidewalk.


“Nobody fucks with me!” declared the bearded man as he watched the weird tableaux unfold across the street. He stood quickly knocking the table and treacle-thick coffee flying as he looked south along the street and up to artificially high sky line, “NO ONE” he shouted.


To be continued…


So, Dear Avid Reader…

The story thread ‘Shadows’ nears its conclusion,  just a little longer….


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