Mirror, Mirror…

Greetings Dear Avid Reader…

Well, this ain’t no fairytale, just a scribble that occured to me when I recently slept on a couch at my brother’s and a conversation that happened the next day… You gotta take your inspiration wherever you find it.

As usual I hope you enjoy…



She walked into the lounge, the curtains had a two foot gap between them, she assumed Jimmy had stepped out after Mike had come up to bed to have a roll-up, she wondered idly if he still smoked his wacky-backy occasionally. She turned on the picture lights which included a spotlight over the fireplace and the ornate mirror above.

Standing in front of the fireplace, only a hint of warmth emanating from the ashes within the grate, she lifted down an empty wine glass, a red tide mark designating it was Emma’s from the previous evening, she also noted a couple of shot glasses on the hearth stone and a bottle of Macallan that Jimmy and Mike had obviously shared after the two women had retired upstairs. She couldn’t remember exactly how much had been in it when she last saw it but was sure the two boys had polished of at least a quarter of it in just under an hour.

She spread her make-up along the mantel piece in preparation. Her gaze moved to the image reflected in the mirror, not on her but on the lump occupying the long couch behind her. A smile remained on her lips as she studied the form beneath the blanket, feet emerging out from one end sticking out over the arm of the chair, the head at the other completely covered except for a small patch of dark tousled hair peeking from beneath. Her long dark blue painted fingernails marked a tattoo on the marble as her eyes moved to the middle of the hump.

She dragged her attention back to her face and examined her skin closely, the deep cleansing and moisturising she had done in her en-suite leaving her flesh feeling clean and re-vitalized. It was going to be a long day and she lightly pinched her lip between her teeth as she calculated how much make-up she wanted to apply and how it would last. She picked up a primer and foundation and compared it to her present, well-tanned skin tone; she opted for a shade darker checking that it was SPF free as she knew there’d be lots of photos taken at the wedding they were attending that day. She moved a jar of illuminator nearer with a second foundation brush to hand.

“Its war out there girl, remember that!” she whispered to the mirror.

Her eyes moved back to the sleeping form, a quiet snore sounding from beneath the blanket. She studied him closer and wished she had given him a thinner blanket, the one that covered him was too thick to tell whether he was wearing anything beneath it or not. She remembered those days from their youth when the four of them had shared the flat on the edge of the university campus. She had known back then that her friend went ‘au naturale’ in bed, had seen it once with Jimmy’s knowledge and a number of times without. She felt a ‘schoolgirl flush’ as she remembered those hot summer nights…


… when the air had been so heavy and humid that she kicked off her own covers and stripped off the cartoon T-shirt she wore and lay stark naked on her cotton sheet looking up at the hairline cracks in the ceiling for what seemed liked hours as sleep failed to return. She tossed and turned unable to get comfortable, the sweat adorning her flesh causing a teasing prickly sensation that wasn’t all that unpleasant but at the same time quite frustrating.

She heard Jimmy shift within his own bed through the wall and she tried not to think of him lying on the top of his bed also nude. Putting her T-shirt back on for the short trip to the bathroom, it felt pleasantly cool for a few moments and her nipples hardened against the cotton as she quietly opened her door. The corridor was pitch black compared to the yellow sodium light that had percolated through her bedroom curtains and it took her eyes a good few seconds to adjust. Still, her depth perception wasn’t to be trusted and she made her way carefully forward with her left hand gliding over the adjacent wall.

The rough texture of the dated wallpaper the Landlord had never seen fit to replace rolled across her fingers till she felt the smooth painted wood of the door frame, all her senses seemed to be within her fingertips, maybe even her mind as the pads rolled around the small sharp corner of the jamb and onto the large expanse of the door itself. A floorboard creaked below her bare foot and in the silence of the night it sounded like a gunshot; she caught her breath in her throat and waited for a response. The door seemed to tremble beneath her outstretched hand before she realised it was her own muscles that were quivering and her mind eventually told her lungs to once again draw life-giving oxygen into her chest.

Still her feet refused to move as her hand slid across Jimmy’s door. Jimmy’s door she thought to herself, Jimmy of the warm brown eyes and silent laughter. Her T-shirt felt soaked and cold with perspiration as her heart pounded in her chest, “Jimmy who sleeps in the nude…” she whispered. She’d seen him rising from his bed the previous morning when she had stepped straight into his room to tell him that his Ma was on the phone, her eyes had dropped instantly to his morning glory before he’d had time to turn away. The way he had blushed had been so ‘cute’ but the thickness of his erection had put ‘cute’ the furthest thing from her mind.

Her hand had almost made it all the way over Jimmy’s door and to the adjacent bathroom door; almost but not quite as she swore it decided by itself to increase the pressure against it. For a moment the door didn’t yield and she would be on her way to the bathroom but as her fingertips felt the jamb on the opposite side there was a soft click from below and a slice of dirty yellow light appeared beside her.

She watched hypnotized as the vertical beam of light widened, she felt her iris’s shrinking in response but her hand maintained its pressure and the door opened further still. Jimmy’s room seemed so much brighter than her own, almost all the detail of the books and papers scattered across his desk, the film posters that decorated the walls, the tobacco tin and torn up cigarette papers on the mantel piece, the crumpled up bedcovering at the foot of the bed and one bare foot in view were sharply defined although illuminated by the sickly orange glow of the street light directly outside his window.

She was frozen to the spot, she only had to take a step into the doorway and she would see Jimmy stretched out on top his bed. She only had to lean from her hips, the floorboards powerless to betray her location and she would see him. The fleeting image of his cock from sixteen hours earlier appeared in her mind and she realised or at least acknowledged for the first time that it wasn’t just her T-shirt that felt damp. Her breathing seemed incredibly loud to her ears as she pulled in air through her nose and she was convinced that she could smell her sex. Her right hand gripped the hem of her T-shirt as she felt the faintest of quivers emanate from her pussy. It seemed to her even when she had been in the middle of the most enthusiastic sex with a boyfriend the smell of sex had never been so strong before ….


or since she thought as she began applying eyeliner with very light inward strokes and with more concentration than she normally did, her eyes darting to the concealed form of Jimmy behind her as she remembered the strength of her scent seeming to pour from her slit. She couldn’t help but smile as she realised the fresh pair of dark blue lacy knickers she’d only put on less than twenty minutes earlier were soaked right through although this time being fully dressed meant that she couldn’t smell the musky scent of her quim. She knew that she still held her husband’s seed within her from the torrid session she’d had with Mike in the early hours; the man never remarked on the fact that whenever their two old housemates came to visit they would always have sex at some point.

….Mike had arrived up to bed some fifty minutes after her to find her propped up against her pillows, her favourite toy buzzing quietly up and down her slit, her chest rising dramatically every time it neared her granite-hard clitoris. “What part of ‘Don’t be too long’ don’t you understand Michael?” she hissed at him although if she was honest with him she always enjoyed ‘getting off’ by herself before using his cock to take her the last mile. She’d had three or four mini-orgasms and was more than ready to let herself go.

Mike grinned broadly and stumbled towards the bed divesting himself of his shorts and T-shirt in the process; she studied his cock as it came into view, swelling visibly as he crawled onto the bed. “Maybe a little penance first?” she stated lifting the vibrator away from her soaking pussy and hooking her finger into his mouth pulling him down between her outstretched thighs….

Gazing at the lump called Jimmy on the couch she murmured “God help him if he isn’t there for me when I need it”, she might just have to find out what “what if?’ really meant?

She looked at Jimmy’s mop of hair sticking out from beneath the covers, a few more streaks of grey every year now, especially around the temples and wondered what his tongue would feel like lapping at her slit as she began to apply a little concealer and blend it in with the tip of her finger. She picked up a milk-chocolate toner to apply to her cheek bones raising the brush up beside her temple. Jimmy shifted his foot and dragged her eyes back to him as he pulled his foot back…


… scratching his heel back and forth against the rumpled cover of the mattress. The foot disappeared from view pulling her head around the corner of the door frame till it was in view once again. Almost all of his right leg was visible, past the elasticated bandage that was wrapped around his ‘dodgy’ knee. The barest shift of her neck would bring the twenty year olds crotch into view, her chest rose and fell, her nipples scratching against the inside of her T-shirt sending tiny sparks of sensual energy around her body, spiralling through her nervous system to inevitably end up heading down to her soaking slit. Her hand dropped from the door to grip the other side of her T-shirt, her two hands pulling at the material in opposite directions tightening the thin cotton across her torso.

Jimmy mumbled something in his dream and rolled over onto his side; on instinct she leant forward on the balls of her feet to listen. Jimmy was naked as she had suspected/knew he would be. She allowed her eyes to drift up his legs and over his tight ass and up along his back to the matt of tousled black hair covering his head. The tattoo on his arm was dark and indistinct. For a moment she became light-headed and relinquished her grip on her T-shirt to hold onto the door frame taking a step into the room. The knuckles on her left fist pressed into the top of her thigh moving slowly but inexorably around from the outside towards her aching pussy. A tiny gasp escaped her lips as she felt a trickle of juice slip from her lips and roll agonizing slowly down the inside of her thigh; the viscous fluid was hot to her flesh but rapidly cooled sending a delicious shiver up her spine.

Jimmy shifted once again moving his right arm from beneath his body, she watched his hand stretch, his strong fingers spreading and another little surge of cream escaped her lips as she imagined them being teased apart by her flat mate. “Would you like to peer inside me?” she whispered to the softly breathing young man. He murmured in reply and for a second a bolt of panic surged through her as she thought that she had been caught. He mumbled in his sleep again and she was relieved and disappointed all at once.

She edged further into the room, her shins only a couple of inches from the end of the bed transfixed by the nude form in front of her. Biting down on her lip as her left hand relaxed and she scratched the crease at the top of her thigh with her long fingernails; her eyes staring at the edge of Jimmy’s hip, his cock, which she hoped was in a similar state of arousal as she was herself, hidden from view. Jimmy’s left hand dropped …


… from beneath the covers, his fingers trailing along the deep shag-pile of the lounge carpet. She watched his hand move back and forth for a moment and turned back to face the mirror, she waited till her hand was steady before she lightly applied some kohl eye shadow. “I wunna be…Christmas…” Jimmy mumbled from behind her.

“And I want to be your Christmas Box” she said quietly, an eye veering towards the door of the lounge even though she was sure that Mike had only just gotten in the shower though it was possible that Emma could appear anytime, the light above her dimmed for a second proving that her husband was running later than expected. She pressed her thighs together feeling a hot touch of her juice on her inner thigh squeeze from her fresh underwear. “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Jimmy?” she quietly asked the sleeping form. She turned to face him, “Do you?” she said a little louder.

Jimmy raised his head beneath the covers before seeming…


…to stare right at her. She felt a flood of juices run down her thighs, she knew if she just shifted her fingernail to touch her rock hard clit that she’d immediately orgasm and quite possibly collapse forward onto the bed. His eyes although open were completely glazed and although he stared at the slender form standing at the end of his bed with her T-shirt slowly rising there seemed to be no conscious recognition. His eyes closed and the tousled hair once again lowered to the pillow. She wanted to touch herself desperately, every fibre of her being begging her to do so but she wanted, needed to see his cock first. She wondered if seeing would be enough as an almost continual trickle of cream ran down the insides of her thighs.

She stepped around the bed, almost tripping in the Jimmy’s discarded bed clothes before reaching his desk. For the first time since she had opened the door she took her eyes of the supine form as she reached down and slowly twisted the swivel chair beside her about to face the bed. She listened and watched as his chest rose and fell, slowly and as quietly as she was able, lowering herself into the chair. The spring beneath squeaked as it took her weight but Jimmy remained oblivious. She could feel her juices seeping out onto the worn faux-leather beneath her and felt a thrill of disobedience run through her. Almost in response a little more juice slipped out from between her hot lips.

She gripped the arms and wondered if she had the courage to pull her T-shirt off completely so she would be just as nude as the object of her desire; she breathed heavily as the sensible part of her personality tried to push through from the back of her brain and get her to return to her own bedroom. The images of an angel and a devil perched upon her shoulders whispering into her ears moved across her third eye. The devil on her left was winning as she eased the weight of her toes and lifted each foot up to rest on the wooden frame of Jimmy’s bed while the angel endeavoured for her to keep her feet tightly together.

Within her conflicted imagination she could hear the devil saying “Fuck him, fuck him… get him to fuck your brains out and then fuck you some more!”

A wicked grin addressed her mouth which trembled as the angel warned “What if he doesn’t fancy you, what if he says he never liked you, what’ll you do then?”

Her fingernails dug into the arms of the chair as her pussy pulsed between her thighs; slowly she moved her feet apart and felt the warm night air chill the outer lips of her hot crotch. She peered intently at Jimmy’s hip and the shadow beneath, she was sure she could see a lighter patch in the darkness that could only be his cock and it didn’t look like it was flaccid. “Be hard, be hard” she implored. Jimmy mumbled something…


… and she turned away from the mirror to face him. “Always muttering weren’t you James!” she licked her lips and once again glanced towards the door. She almost stepped towards him but she was obviously far more sensible now as the ‘Angel’ won and she turned back to the mirror. She picked up the soft black eyeliner and began using very light strokes on the upper lid towards the outer corner of her left eye.

She forced herself to concentrate and ignore the fact that her lingerie was now soaking and her nipples were so sensitive beneath her dress. She lifted her assortment of eyeshadows but was unable to decide for fully five minutes. “Get a grip, girl” she cursed and lifted the first one she had been going to use.

“Met a slip…” Jimmy echoed incoherently…


“I said suck my clit, Jimmy…” she answered the sleeping man, “and show me your cock!” Her heart pounded at her audacity for saying the words in a normal voice.

“Hmm…” responded Jimmy and rolled onto his back.

“Oh you wonderful boy” she marvelled as his cock rose from his flat stomach fully hard. He settled onto his back the head of his thick member bounced two inches clear, rising from a thick mass of curls, begging for attention. A flood of musky juices pumped unbidden from her slit, her hands still locked to the arms of the chair. She couldn’t believe the way her pussy was reacting, every single beat of her heart pulse of her veins sent tremors radiating out through her body and squeezed a little more juice from her over-worked glands.

She stared at Jimmy’s cock and imagined her fingers wrapped around it slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth, she could almost see the sheen of pre-cum decorating his angry looking glans. “Oh… god…” she breathed and her hands rose from the arms of the chair to her heaving chest; her forefingers and thumbs clamping onto her hard nipples and her slit actually shot a stream of juice onto the carpeted floor for the first…


…“and only time in my life I ever squirted Jimmy, you don’t know it, but it’s true” she said to the slumbering figure behind her. She’d given up trying to keep her thoughts ‘clean’ as her knickers were now thoroughly soaked and the flesh of her upper thighs were sticky with her secretions. “Even now, you’ve got me worked up, not sure how I’ll explain it to Mike if I take another shower!”

She tore her gaze from the couch and inspected her lashes; satisfied with her efforts although she silently admitted she had done better, she picked up her lip balm to prepare her mouth for her lipstick. Primed and sealed she looked at the selection of colours she’d brought down; once again she peeked at Jimmy and lifted ‘Pink Velvet’ from the mantel piece; “Just the colour I’d…”


“…want to suck that lovely thick cock of yours, Jimmy!”

She was breathing hard and slipped forward off the chair not caring as it creaked loudly, the pressure on the spring released. Jimmy mumbled and rolled his head upon his pillow as she knelt at the edge of the bed. She glanced up towards his face briefly before returning her gaze to his hard cock. One hand grasped the wooden frame of the bed as the other disappeared beneath her T-shirt. Her eyes slammed shut as the orgasm she had been denying herself ripped through her body with the barest touch of her middle finger against her slit.

She grunted loudly as she fought to keep silent, juice pouring out of her quim and around her finger to flow down her thighs. Her world turned inside out and the all the colours of the rainbow sparked behind her eyelids as her body convulsed under the onslaught.

When she eventually opened her eyes she was staring at the floor, moving her finger away from her hyper-sensitive quim she looked up at the bed. Jimmy let out an unromantic snore and rolled towards her unaware of the quivering flat-mate beside him. She stared at his cock now lying only inches from her face. It had softened but was still swollen as she licked her lips. “You’d hardly say no… Would you Jimmy?” she whispered.

She began to lean forward, not daring to breathe when she heard the noise from outside Jimmy’s room. “Fuck!”

At Jimmy’s door she paused wondering whether to simply close it and remain within or head for her room. For the first time that night the ‘Angel’ won and she was slipping back into her own room just as…


…Emma appeared at the door to the lounge.

“Morning, Jo” she said.

“Hiya, how are you this a.m. Emma?” Jo blotted her lips with a tissue and the inspected the finished article.

“Not too bad” she replied and then looked at the still sleeping form of Jimmy on the couch, “hadn’t we better wake old sleepyhead?”

“Who? Jimmy? Don’t you remember that boy could always get ready in under fifteen minutes!”

“Not the only thing I remember” she answered with a ‘wicked’ grin.

Jo raised a perfectly sculpted questioning eyebrow.

“Didn’t you know?” Emma asked as she approached the couch, “He always use to sleep in the nude… I wonder?”

“You wouldn’t?”

Emma looked across at Jo, “It was quite the… impressive piece of equipment as I recall…”

A look appeared on her friend’s face, “What?” asked Jo.

“I…err…” Emma hesitated, “I was… I always wondered why you got together with Mike, rather than Jimmy. I was sure you were mad keen on him.”

Jo stepped up beside her friend, “I was. Just he never asked me out… Mike did. To be honest if he’d asked me when we were sharing the flat I probably would have said no… Because of him” she answered pointing at the sleeping form. “I liked Mike well enough and I do love him… but… well those days are gone.”

Emma seemed satisfied with the answer, “Those days? I wonder…” she reached forward for the blanket.

Jo placed her fingers on Emma’s outstretched arm and shook her head, “Let’s not… I remember” she blushed slightly as he friend turned her face towards her and grinned, “and although I’d like to see it again… I don’t want to find out he now wears something to bed.”

The blanket shifted below then and a tousled haired Jimmy poked his head out blinking as he focused on his two friends, “Wassup?” he mumbled.

“Nothing” the two women said simultaneously.

He pushed his fingers through his curly hair, “You know… A fella waking up with two gorgeous women, dressed to kill, looking down at him… Well, might give him notions… if you know what I mean” he laughed silently…


The End



Did we enjoy it? Odd thing, I’ve written some stories from various points of view before, including females, but this is the first time I’ve felt like I’d been cross-dressing afterwards!!! Not that I haven’t adorned female attire before but there you go, who hasn’t???

Catch up with you soon…


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