A Voice in the Dark….. Friday….

Well, Dear Avid Reader…

    A thought occured to me and this is the result, sorry but its gong to be in instalments and who knows how many but they’ll all probably be very short…





She sits back in the chair, her pink Doc Martens discarded beneath the desk and with her stockinged feet up on the desk, a trashy novel in her hand. For the graveyard shift on a Friday it’s slow. She doesn’t mind even though it makes the night seem so much longer as those times when it’s busy and the time flies are usually the most harrowing and emotionally draining.

Unable to focus on the dog-eared book in her hands, her eyes glance towards the phone sitting innocently on the paper strewn desk beside her elbow. She places the book in her lap and picks up the stone-cold coffee and takes a sip as she twists in the chair and watches the drunken revellers meandering down the pavement opposite in search of later opening hours or a bed.

Only five weeks till Christmas, the darkest month of the year as far as her volunteer work goes; she feels a touch of guilt as she knows she will be spending the festive weekend in the bosom of her family, all safe and cosseted against the harsh outside world. She wonders if she had been so cynical four months earlier before she began working here. So far she’s had it easy compared to the horror stories her co-volunteers have offered her and although they told the stories from faces that have been calloused she reckons that deep in their eyes the themes and threads still manage to strike home no matter how nonchalant their voices are.

Three minutes to midnight the red digital display announces as the phones buzzes and the accompanying light flashes. She sighs and reaches for the phone……….



To be continued…

~ by ftfagos on October 26, 2012.

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