Risk and Reward

My oh my, two posts in one day!!!

Well the other is a little short. Once upon a time I had an experience….



Risk and Reward!

That’s what it’s all about.

It’s pretty much what life’s all about!

It’s a warm and pleasant autumnal evening, the sun is only just broaching the horizon and the strings of clouds to the west are a violent red, full of a powerful arterial light. The cloud bank to the east seem to be made up of deep blues and purples as if the passage of the sun has left them bruised, battered and swollen. The trees around the large garden are also a similar riot of colours, the late unseasonal hot spell has left many of them confused, they’re are deep greens and rusty browns and even a splash of white apple blossom.

 The female members of this fortieth party gathering are equally varied if not as impressive in their dresses and frocks of patterns and colours and lengths, a throwback to some Neanderthal back-brain mating impulse. The men of the group apparently more susceptible to the styles and fashions of modern sociological conditioning shaking of the ‘Peacock’ display in favour of the uniformity of denim and cotton. Not that I’m any less guilty with my black jeans and pink-striped shirt. Though, the pink it’s sometimes causes obvious discomfort to my fellow men that are unable to see past a sexual stereotype. I’ve found the female of the species appreciates a modicum of ‘Peacockery’ and individuality.

I’m wondering even with my ‘pseudo-gayness’ is there another man here who has spread his seed as far through the group as me. There might be fifty or sixty people here and I’ve ‘known’, as they say in the bible, four of them including my wife.

Guilty as charged of being a serial adulterer, not sure what it is, whether I have a natural ability to sense kindred ‘horny’ souls or I’m just lucky or simply that I’m a ‘walking gland’ or just an ass (feel free to delete as you see fit). I do know I don’t have the capability to say ‘No’! I am a natural born flirt hence I am mingling through a group with my wife, two Ex’s and my present mistress, the Birthday girl. Not that I don’t have an active sex life with my wife and when an affair has ended it has always been on good terms and not always a complete cessation of carnal activities.

I guess it’s just the way I am.

 We join in conversation with Colin and Susan, exchanging kisses on each other’s cheeks, for badness I include my Ex-mistresses husband just to make him uncomfortable. Maybe if he wasn’t so embarrassed and Judy my wife wasn’t shaking her head at my mischievousness they might have spotted the corners of Susan and my mouths overlapping far beyond social convention. They would probably have needed one of those high-speed nature cameras to have seen the tips of our tongues touch.

“How the hell are the pair of ye? It’s been far too long” I declare.

 Small talk issues back and forth, tending to centre on our progeny as far as the girls are concerned and on work for the boys. I’d be the first to admit that Judy’s job is far more important and worthwhile than my own but then again I’m not the doting/proud father type. Susan and I behave; we’re both aware that the reward of secret touches that would only frustrate us comes nowhere near the risk of arousing suspicion. It’s been at least 18 months since we ceased our fornications with a single afternoon for ‘old time’s sake’ but I suspect she is feeling horny tonight.

Me? Hard to say if I’m never feeling horny, pun intended.

And when I say never, I’m quite serious. There was the nurse who was so very impressed with my recuperative abilities within twenty-four hours of surgery. She was gentle with me…the first time though maybe not very professional?

We move on through the group, a minute drop of saliva shared once again as we part, a fraction longer than the first kiss of greeting. Judy spots her friend Jacqueline who she knows I can’t stand and forgives me for shying away. I scan the crowd and spot Anna and make my way over to wish her Happy Birthday. The bright light spilling out through the patio doors of the house make her short yellow dress shine and I know that if I found the right angle the silhouette of her long legs would be apparent. I’m tempted to drop to my knees but after all I have seen them naked and spread wide for my satisfaction. “Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…” I begin to sing and she flings her arms about me and hugs me tight to her chest.

“PAUL!!!” she almost screams.

“So how is the Birthday Girl, have you got lots of big presents today?” I ask once I’ve regained my breath.

“Ohh…not nearly enough!” she replies with a grin, “Always room for another.”

 “Hey, Naimh, how’s it going with you?” I ask the long haired brunette that Anna had been talking too.

“The usual, and yourself Paul?” I can’t help myself as my eyes flick to her small bosom trying to remember what it felt like to have them cupped in my hands as I sucked on her large, incredibly sensitive nipples.

My mind is stuck between these two women who I have shared intimate knowledge with and in the back of it a little paranoid thought is growing as I wonder have the two of them ever worked out that I had slept with the other. “Something similar, you know me, always trying to find something to turn my hand too!”

Anna and Naimh weren’t anything like each other except in their moral ambiguity of having an affair with a married man. Naimh had called the affair off once her relationship status had changed from non-serious to living with her boyfriend Simon; I suspected she would announce their engagement sometime soon. Anna had no such qualms having been married even longer than me and Judy.

Where Niamh tended towards quiet with a dry sense of humour, Anna was the life and soul of the party and her enthusiasm was every bit as infectious as her laughter. A good six inches separated them in height putting Niamh just a shade below my own six foot. They were both ‘B’ cups but they looked much larger on the blonde haired Anna’s small frame. Sexually wise she was also the more adventurous though that may have been because the opportunity for a leisurely fuck in either of our marital beds seldom appeared so most of our assignations took place around the countryside or the local park or in her spacious MPV.

She was also a recent and very enthusiastic convert to oral sex though that may have been in part to her husband’s total lack of a sex drive which, if she was to be believed, never wandered far from the internet. I did wonder how these two people got together in the first place let alone managed to become intimate on at least three separate occasions judging by their children! If the slightest chance presented itself I’d be giving Anna a birthday present that she wouldn’t get from her husband.

I looked at the two women and pictured the expressions they wore in the midst of orgasm, both experienced large flushes appearing at the top of their chests but Naimh tended to be a screamer where Anna tended to pant heavily and I’d swear I had seen the actual pulse in her neck beat rapidly as she threw her head back. I tried to remember the taste of Naimh’s pussy and the neat little triangle of hair that she kept well-trimmed above it but at the moment only Anna’s slightly bitter juices sprang to mind.

All these thoughts were having an unsurprising effect on me and the crotch of my jeans was tightening as my cock swelled uncomfortably within.

Anna was displaying the matching Egyptian style necklace, bracelet and earrings in three shades of gold that she had got that day. “The kids supposedly got me the bracelet and earrings and of course insisted that I wear them tonight” she told us.

“Nice necklace” I commented making it obvious that I was staring down her cleavage.

“You’re such a reprobate, Paul!” stated Naimh, Anna fingered the necklace, her nail scratching the top of her cleavage in the process. She winked suggestively, the tip of her tongue making an appearance to moisten her lips, “Oh my God, Anna! I’m surrounded by sex fiends!”

The two of us looked at each other and replied together “Takes one to know one!” which brought a feigned innocent look and laugh from Naimh.

Now I’d known Naimh longer and had actually met Anna through her two years previously at the brunette’s birthday and had fucked Anna outside the back of the restaurant before the evening was over. In my defence Naimh and me had finished the month before but it may have been my drink fuelled state that made me think I caught a look of jealousy from her direction when I re-joined the group of twenty friends after supposedly having a smoke with Anna. If she did suspect she never said then or since.

Anna grinned at her friend also admiring the ‘necklace’ draped around her neck and I wondered where her thoughts lay as she had fantasised about her close friend on more than one occasion even though as the ‘perfect’ gentleman I had never let on about our history. Did you know Naimh that Anna has thought long and hard about licking your cunt? I worried for a second that I had said it out loud. Instead Naimh’s eyes dropped further down and she warned Anna,

“You might wanna put those puppies away girl I think we might lose all of Paul’s higher brain functions if you don’t!”

“Oh my…” replied the blonde, “Have you got a gun in your pocket or is that an erection?”

I blushed deeply in spite of my enjoyment with the direction the conversation had taken. ‘Even Miss West might have shied away from that misquote. Anyhow I’m just a simple lad who can’t help himself in the company of two very attractive women!”

Naimh threw back her head and laughed; naturally my eyes automatically went to her jiggling chest and then shared a quick conspiratorial look with Anna who had also noted the other woman’s hard nipples pushing through the dark blue material and bra. “A simple lad?” said Naimh, “who is now trying to separate us from our knickers!” I replied with my best indignant look whereas Anna simply shook her head.

“No?” asked Naimh.

 Anna smiled sweetly “He’d have to go upstairs to do that.”

There was a pause for almost five seconds before the three of us collapsed into laughter. Our ‘smutty’ conversation ended there as our mirth drew those close by into our group, when asked what had been so funny Anna had simply answered “Economics” to which we both nodded and none of us cared to expand on.


The sun eventually disappeared beneath the skyline leaving a rosy border to mark its passing. Anna’s husband, Mark, succumbed to the fading light and entered the house briefly, the lights coming on throwing the garden scape into sharp contrasts of light and shade, the brazier fluttering in the breeze lost its flickering atmosphere to the sterile glow of the eco-friendly lamps.

It had been almost an hour since my conversation with Anna and Naimh but I kept replaying it in my mind wondering if maybe my ex-mistress was thinking of straying once again and if it involved the Birthday girl as well. I doubted it as when we had been having an affair she had stated that the idea of a ménage-a-trois with another female didn’t interest her in the slightest though two men might be acceptable.

I was at the back of the garden having a smoke sitting against a three foot wall that separated the formal garden from Anna’s husband further efforts at saving the world by growing their own vegetables. I’m idly watching the guests at the party mingle, wondering if there is some discernible pattern, some Brownian Motion Equation for social gatherings when a voice to my left announces that I have a disgusting habit. I recognise Naimh’s soft Scottish accent, “Some of my habits you didn’t seem too bothered by…” I pause considering my words, “…well, not in a negative way!”

I realise this may be the first time since the affair ended that I have made any reference to it and I wait for her response. She sits on top of the garden table/seat a few feet in front of me and lifts a glass of white wine to her lips. “I guess… It wasn’t all bad…” as I stub out my cigarette she lifts her feet upon onto the seat and I can see the outline of her thighs opening and closing as her empty hand rests on her knee gathering and releasing her dress , “You know you’re almost invisible up here, I almost didn’t spot you in the shadows, if it wasn’t for that pink shirt…”

“And I reckon you’d be invisible in that dress.”

“Reckon so…” she replies, “a person could get up to who knows what, here in the shadows!”

I watch as she puts down her glass and slips off the table and walks towards me, the only clear feature her teeth shining as she grins and I suddenly feel the palm of her hand rest against my crotch. My cock, which had already been at ‘half-mast’, begins to swell immediately as she lightly squeezes it, “Feeling frisky, are we? May I ask what has brought this on, not that I’m objecting!” I put the wine glass down on the wall beside me and reach up slipping my hand beneath her long tresses and softly run my fingers over the back of her neck.

“Well, the conversation earlier got me… reminiscing.” Her fingers squeezed my length tighter as my fingers traced the shell of her ear, “Looking at your obvious ‘discomfort’ in front of Anna, well… I seemed to suffer a little discomfort of my own!”

“I may have noticed these getting hard” I answered reaching up and pinching her left, obviously hard, nipple through her dress and bra.

Naimh moaned appreciatively arching her back thrusting her chest against my hand, “Tell me Paul, are you fucking Anna?”

I pinched her nipple harder, she struggled to keep her groan low enough not to attract other guests who were less than fifteen metres away although the general hubbub of conversation and the music coming from the house would be working in our favour. “Now, now Naimh, you know I don’t tell tales out of school!”

“Ohh… I reckon you are… I don’t care if you tell me or not” her hand began to move up and down my length rapidly helping to straighten my erection within my jeans, a low moan escaped my own lips. “I reckon you’re sliding that cock of yours into her cunt every chance you get… wouldn’t surprise me if you fucked her already tonight!” Her other hand was clawing at her dress trying to bunch it up as she slipped her right thigh between my legs and writhed against me.

 I leant into her and placed my mouth over her ear, breathing warmly into it before I whispered “Maybe you should just get it out and slip it into your mouth…see if it tastes of pussy and then I’ll bend you over this wall and fuck that dripping cunt of yours from behind while you can watch Anna and Judy and Simon chatting away.”

Naimh twisted her head and kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth as she pulled me by the belt along the wall to the gap that led through to the vegetable patch. We almost stumbled as we twisted about but in a moment she was on her knees pulling my zip down as I unbuckled my belt glancing at the rest of the party to make sure we hadn’t been seen or heard in our enthusiasm. My eyes rolled back as my cock broke free into the cool evening air and was immediately engulfed by my ex-mistress’s hot mouth. There was no subtlety, no tentative flicks of her tongue, she simply wrapped her small hand about the base and slid her lips over my glans taking the first four inches into her mouth. “Oh fuck” I gasped.

She mumbled about my erection as I threaded my fingers through her tresses and eased my hips back and forth feeling her cheeks hollow against the sides of my cock. Looking down I could barely see, her hands were shimmering ghosts behind the shadow of the wall as she set about pulling my jeans down to my knees. Briefly her mouth broke contact with my length as my boxers also headed south, “I guess you haven’t dipped your cock in anyone tonight… shame” she whispered before her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks and she pulled me forward almost taking my complete length into her mouth.

She began to bob her head faster, her lips sliding slickly up and down my length as I turned my head to watch my wife and present mistress talking beside the dying embers of the brazier. “I thought pussy didn’t interest you maybe I should’ve fucked Judy earlier” I whispered listening to Niamh’s wet sucking, “You’d know what my wife’s cunt tasted like… how sweet it is…” I grunted as I felt Niamh’s finger, slick with her spit or possibly her pussy juice slide between my cheeks and scratch at my anus. I could almost feel her smiling as my cock jerked within her mouth. “Oh my you are being a dirty little whore tonight!” closing my eyes and revelling in the sensations.

Her nail scratched even harder at my tight rear hole as her other hand cupped my sac, the nails pulling my balls downwards as the head of my cock pushed against the back of her throat. “Ohh… fuck!” I gasped.

Whether it was a sixth sense or just blind luck but something made me open my eyes and look toward the house rest of the party-goers. Just off to one side I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye as something pale moved along the hedge bordering the garden. “Ohh…shit, someone’s coming!” my hands wrapped in Niamh’s hair try to push her head off my cock (maybe the first time in my life I’ve ever attempted such an action!) but the hand on my ass gripped even harder and the tip of her finger pushed into my anus. Somehow she sucked even harder on my throbbing cock and I felt my knees shake as I watched the pale shape sharpen and realised it was Anna approaching.

My mind unable to focus torn between the bliss I was experiencing and trying to decide what I should do. I’d just decided that I’ll let it play out and who knows what might happen between the two friends and me when I realised there was a second figure behind Anna and it’s her husband.  “For fucks sake, Niamh” I breathed, “Anna and Mark are coming!” her grip didn’t loosen and actually got tighter and her finger pushed deeper into my ass.

I tried to twist away but only managed in turning towards our oncoming discoverers, Niamh’s back against the wall; Fuck this! I thought and pushed my hips forward driving my cock fully into Niamh’s mouth pressing the back of her head against the bricks. I fumbled a cigarette from my pack and with a shaking hand sparked my lighter illuminating my presence to Anna and Mark while they were still five yards away.

“Shit” squealed Anna as I imagined my head appeared disembodied to her. Mark bumped into her back as she suddenly stopped his hand slipping around her waist.

“Oh! Err…is that you, Paul?” he asked and I realised that Niamh and I weren’t the only horny ones tonight or at least Anna was and had probably dragged her husband away from the party to satisfy her desires. I wondered had he been her second choice.

“Guilty… as charged” I replied as I slowly tried to move my hips back on shaking legs; Niamh’s grip still wasn’t loosening until I pushed forwards again and she realised that I had surrendered to her unspoken (her mouth was full after all) demand. Although I was only shifting my hips by less than an inch and it was quite dark I had no idea if my movements were visible. “So…” Niamh’s finger was matching my own rhythm and the coherent part of my brain was struggling to form sentences, “you… wanted a little peace and-” I coughed as I felt my balls pull up tightly within my sac. “…sorry…mmmm…peace and quiet as well, was it?”

“Err… something like that” answered Anna, “I’d wondered where you’d got to, Paul”

“You know me” I replied, I faked taking a drag of my cigarette as my eyes lost focus, “a bit of a…voyeur… truth be told-” Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I thought as my cum shot deep into the back of Niamh’s throat. I scraped my knuckles on the brickwork as I steadied myself, “you know… watching people… mingling… all the social…umm… intercourse!” I had no idea if my discomfort (or extreme comfort/pleasure) was obvious but I was beyond caring as I heard a low moan from beneath me in response to my final word.

“A voyeur is it?” asked Anna with the glee in her voice obvious, “Paul likes to watch, what do you think of that, Mark?”

“I…uhh… I’m-* stuttered her husband with an awkwardness so evident I knew he was blushing deeply, “Oh… I… err… forgot our drinks!” he finished and quickly turned about and headed back to the house. Anna laughed quietly if a little maliciously at her husband’s embarrassment, “The poor boy, just turn the key and away he goes… not like you Paul!”

“I… guess not…” the last of my seed had emptied from my cock which still suffered a few after tremors as Niamh licked it clean diligently adding a final flick of her tongue across the hyper-sensitive tip before carefully and adeptly putting it away and pulling my trousers back up.

Anna sat on the garden table exactly as Niamh had just a few minutes before, feet raised up on the seat except that she simply spread her legs wide and hiked up her dress exposing her crotch. “I always thought of you as the… more hands on type, to be honest, Paul!” she stated as her right hand disappeared into the shadows between her thighs.

My breathing had almost returned to normal and my ‘little-brains’ influence had waned considerably as I stepped back from the wall glancing down at Niamh below. I could only just define her outline in the darker shadow but like Anna her legs were also spread wide and her arm was shifting rapidly between them while her other hand was stuffed in her own mouth. The huge grin that adorned my face seemed to please both of the females before me. “I suppose I like to observe… before diving straight in!” I replied to them both, “ahh… here’s Mark and Judy with drinks…”

Although I couldn’t see it I knew the smile on Anna’s face had disappeared as she turned her head about, dropping her dress and closing her knees, she muttered the single word “Chicken” at her returning husband before she slipped two fingers on her right hand into her mouth.

“Later…” I whispered downwards to Niamh.

“You better” she replied just as quietly.

“Promise” I answered before I made my way to the gap in the wall.


As it turned out I didn’t get a chance to reciprocate Niamh’s attentions that evening, it was almost a week and some incredibly descriptive texting later that I got a chance to make good on my vow.

Lying together in the bed she shared with Simon as our hearts and lungs returned to normal she stated that she was still convinced I was fucking Anna. I, of course, remained a gentleman about it but simply said “If you want to taste that girl’s pussy so much why don’t you simply ask her?”

The post-orgasmic grin that had been painted across my face broadened considerably as she replied, “I might just do that, Paul… I might just…”

The End


So, there you go! As ever I hope you enjoyed it, I doubt quite as much as the experience I mentioned earlier.

What was it? I hear you ask…

        Well to be precise and concise it was simply experiencing ejaculation while trying to carry on a normal conversation and not on the end of a phone either. My own experience did not occur in such a circumstance as the philanderer Paul but it was definitely one of the most intense orgasms I ever experienced. I’ll be honest I don’t think my conversation was up to all that much but like the aforementioned I didn’t really care!!!

Here’s to coitus semi-interuptus!!!     🙂


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  1. No Pain, No Gain!

    Funny and Sexy.


  2. A tasty confection, as always. Mouth watering, even;-)

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