It’s Full of Stars…

You gotta like a good line from a movie!

Well, I guess it isn’t legislation but that’s my thoughts on it. Damn, I’m already digressing!!!

So, Dear Avid Reader, been a little while and lots of pokers in the literary fire but no fire under me at the mo, but I was wonderin’. Do you ever look up at the stars?

I do. Quite a lot. Although most of the time I live within the urban sprawl of the ‘Smoke’ and light pollution can be an issue (personally I’m not that bothered by it, I’m sure it only confuses the stupid birds that Darwin should’ve got rid of by now, more of an issue that all those lumens headed up into the night sky are wasted (big reflectors, that’s the answer)).

As I said living in a city that has been euphemistically known as the ‘Smoke’, a definite non-sequitur these days with the ‘Clean Air Act’ and the global drive to cut down emissions, the sky if it isn’t pissing down with rain is reasonably clear and I’m probably able to see 20 or 30% of the stars up in the heavens… at night that is, but I know that you knew that I knew that you knew that! These days (and to be honest like earthquakes we could be talking a century waiting for the big one) my eye keeps heading for Betelgeuse. If you don’t know where that one is, it’s part of the Orion constellation which if you look towards the Plough /the Big Dipper (you can find that one yourselves) and twist your head so you’re looking over your right shoulder it should be just about there, make sure you allow for tilt as the Plough rises.

Anyway Betelgeuse is the slightly reddish star which would be the Orion’s right hand, up and left above the three stars that form Orion’s belt. So why do I keep looking at this star, I hear you ask? Well it’s a Red Giant that might just go Supernova and as there hasn’t been one since Astronomy was called Astronomy and those clever boys at the likes of NASA reckon there should be at least one very century or thereabouts in our galactic neighbourhood, we are well overdue.

So… I enjoy looking at the stars, would much prefer to be gazing at them on top of a hill some 500ish miles away but that’s a price you pay. But they bother me!

I’ve never sat down with a notebook and recorded positions and such, just not that type of guy but sometimes they just don’t seem to do the right thing! This is definitely a little paranoia on my part, not that I take it too seriously but like I said, it bothers me.

Let me explain.

We’re all sitting on a big stone that revolves around its N/S axis once every 24hrs (approximately) with another stone that swings about us every 28 days and we in turn fly around a large ball of thermonuclear flame every 365.25 days along with seven other planets and numerous wee rocks and lumps of ice who have their own idea of orbital time. All as it should be.

I might have to do you a little pic for this bit… nah, I won’t, you can either trust me or look it up for yourselves but in one solar year the Earth spins about its axis 366.25 times (not 365.25) so, let’s say at midnight the Starscape above us should change by just under one degree each and every night till it comes back to how it was at the beginning of the year.

So here I am stepping out my back door, having a smoke in the ‘Smoke’ looking up at the Plough which always seems to be in front of me, to the north, it varies a little but only it seems since I thought about it. I’m sure, as far as my subjective memory goes, that the fucker previously was always directly in front of me near to the horizon (I’ve got a close horizon within this crowded Metropolis) and in theory during the spring it should be directly over my head.

As I said, it bothers me.

Being paranoid I’d say that it’s like seeing the seams in a backdrop or the old hint of blue you’d get with age-old CGI in films over ten years old. Could almost be a conspiracy?

Well, there you go, it’s out there now, maybe it’ll leave my head…

 …probably not.

P.S. I hope normal service might be resumed soon.

~ by ftfagos on November 23, 2012.

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