Hello again dear Avid Reader…

A story that you could say was written a couple of years ago and maybe I should have asked permission to publish it, even though it does originate from my excuse for a mind, but I’m sure it’ll be appreciated (probably) and now there’s a permanent record.

As ever I hope youenjoy…



Definition:            Ogham (/ˈ.əm/ or /ˈɒɡəm/; Old Irish: ogam, pronounced [ˈɔɣamˠ], Modern Irish [ˈoːmˠ] or [ˈoːəmˠ]) is used primarily to write the Old Irish language, and the Brythonic language. Ogham is sometimes called the “Celtic Tree Alphabet”.


I’ve no idea what woke me up, it may have been just the humidity or a ferry out in the bay sounding a warning to one of the myriad of cobbled together floating derelicts that call themselves boats. The bedside lamp was still on although turned low and the music was still playing softly, a glance at the sharp LCD readout told me it had been playing to our somnolent forms for at least fifteen minutes. The warm breeze wafted in through the open windows and provided a minute amount of relief to my deliciously and recently tortured naked body.

I looked between the tower blocks towards the patch of blackness that was the bay, only one light shone out from it as what was probably a Junk ambled between two towering blocks of artificial light, steel and glass. It was improbable thaHKt any Dànjiā were looking in my direction with binoculars but if they were I would be silhouetted against the faint light of Izzy’s apartment as I slipped from the bed and trod softly across the deep red pile of the carpet towards the window. We had suspected there were a couple of voyeurs in the adjacent blocks earlier which had spurred the two of us on. As she’d drifted off to sleep she’d suggested that if the Olympics had come here instead of London it would have been a wonderful Demonstration sport and we would have got high marks for our performance. I smiled to myself as I figured my ‘muse’ would have been the reason for 10.0 scores.

I dropped my gaze to my limp cock and watched it twitch at the thought of performing in front of Olympic judges; idly I figured they’d enjoy Izzy mounting me in the difficult back-flip with a full tuck. The idea was short lived as I imagined the injuries that could be sustained and my cock visibly shrank, “There, there…” I whispered and wrapped my hand softly around it feeling Izzy’s dried juices upon it.

The track on Izzy’s expensive hi-fi changed and I realised it was my I-pod that was playing through it shaking me from my reverie. I turned back to the bed and gazed at Izzy stretched out upon it on her front, her face obscured by her dark tousled hair. My eyes inevitably slid down her spine to her dark-skinned, glorious ass and my ‘little friend’ grew a fraction forgetting its moment of fear just seconds earlier. I walked silently over to my love and eased myself down to sit on the edge of the bed devouring the sight before me; my eyes roaming over every inch of her exposed flesh, noting the tiny mole on her hip and the edge of the faint surgical scar peaking out where her stomach met the rumpled white cotton sheets.

I gazed closer at her flesh and lowering my head a fraction caught the sheen of sweat covering it. Licking my lips I wondered how it would taste, was it left over from our exertions or was the high humidity of the atmosphere; my fingers twitched and my hand rose almost without volition gliding up over her hip and moving slowly above her flesh feeling the aura of heat rising from her body without actually touching it. Up it sailed to her bottom rib and across to her spine the tip of my forefinger bare millimetres above the bumps of her vertebrae moving higher up towards that lovable, untidy mess of hair. The contrast of my tanned, although pale skin compared to Izzy’s, always fascinated me no matter how many times I saw it.

Just below her neck, where her skin was still exposed it paused, its shadow falling across that delicious patina of sweat. The tiniest of static shocks joined the two of us and Izzy moaned softly within her dreams as I rested my fingertip between her shoulder blades. I must have stayed like that for a full minute before I slowly drew my finger down over two of her vertebrae before lifting it away. My eyes caught the narrow band of flesh where I had removed that infinitesimal layer of moisture.

The music changed once again behind me as I stared at that narrow mark upon her flesh. The opening chords of ‘Sideways to the Sun’ began and a smile marked my lips as I looked upon that single temporary stripe on my sleeping lover’s flesh. It took an effort to pull my eyes from her but I reached for the remote on the bedside table and selected the twenty year old album stored within the silicon of my portable music library before turning back to Izzy. I sucked on the tip of my finger tasting the slightly salty taste of her sweat before I paused, my hand hovering over her left shoulder.

“Always a story to tell…” I whispered.

The album I’d chosen told a story and years ago I had read of it, the first time it had been put to paper could have been a millenniaDesire before and yet the tale pre-dated it by hundreds of years passed down from generation to generation just by the word of mouth and yet I wondered if some pre-historic Celt had ever written it using the very ancient language of my ancestors. Softly I made a second stroke on my lover’s flesh, a tiny murmur escaping from beneath the tousled hair, and I thought of that tale and began to scribe it in that fine film of sweat that coated her body in a form of writing I had never learnt.

The music played quietly as the opening bars of ‘Setanta’ began, “Once upon a time” I whispered, “and don’t all the best stories begin like that? There was a boy destined to become a hero and his name was Setanta.” Slowly and lightly my finger tip moved across my lover’s flesh marking the story as I whispered it. “Of course that was only his name as a youth… he was one of the King’s favourites…” I smiled, “I forget if he was or how he was related to the King but just sometimes God isn’t in the detail! He got his name, the name that most know him by, Cú Chulainn, by killing the dog of a fella called Culann or some such and when he had done this he promised yer man that from that point on he would guard his house and became the Hound of Culann or Cú Chulainn.”

I sucked on my bottom lip as I realised I would soon run out of ‘parchment’. I smiled broadly as I imagined telling Izzy that I needed her to stop watching her weight as I needed more space to finish this tale. “Anyway…” the second track began on the speakers, “Women? What can you do, you can’t live without them and you can’t shoot them…legally anyhows! So there’s a gal called Medb… actually she’s the queen of Connacht and if she’s got any shortcomings it only within her head. She has a bit too much pride and a streak of envy that I’m sure would have made some Greek hero or god envious. She’s arguing ‘in bed with her husband, Ailill, I think” I mimic the song word for word, “’her words were sharp; they cut him deep in the war beneath the sheets’. So what does the poor girl need to prove she’s of equal worth with her husband? A Bull would you believe!”

My finger glides back across Izzy’s shoulder blades and begins to scribe the story further; her fingernails scratch against my thigh resting beside her hand and I know she’s awake or just moments away. I lower my voice still further and move my finger tip, not even the pad of my finger but just the central whorl of my fingerprint, onto her warm flesh in an effort to keep her within that perfect realm between the worlds of dreams and pleasure. “Hush little baby…” I breathe.

‘Charolais’ begins to play, “That’s the name of the Bull. Not just any Bull but a huge bull that undoubtedly brings happiness to oh so many cows…”I smile, “Size does matter after all! Anyway auld Medb sends the champion and his seven sons to go borrow Charolais from the men of Ulster so she’ll have equal wealth with that of her husband.” I lower my finger to beneath Izzy’s armpit, just where the swell of her breast begins and begin to trace the next line in ‘Ogham’. I watch as her back rises with a deep inhalation in response to the touch upon the sensitive spot, a low murmur coming from her mouth beneath the mop of tousled hair. My own heartbeat seems to speed up and my flaccid cock twitches swelling a little as I twist fractionally moving it closer to her hand.

“Where was I? Ahh yes, so this bunch of boys turn up and all is well till one of them, not the brightest boy, says that if the White on Blackmen of Ulster hadn’t been willing to lend the Bull they would have taken it anyway. Boys will be boys and funnily enough Medb’s lads are kicked out on their asses. We Ulster boys don’t like the piss being taken out of us! And so begins the Cattle Raid of Cooley or the Táin Bo Cuailgne as its known locally.  I guess the champion and his seven sons return to their queen with their tails firmly clenched between their legs and round up the rest of their army to return to Cooley to take the Bull and avenge the insult they see that has been done to them.” I watch fascinated as my fingertip slips over the far side of Izzy’s chest and down to the edge of her right breast before bringing it back over to the left once again. For a moment I wonder if in those olden days did they scribble Ogham from left to right or not.

My tongue peeks out of my mouth to wet my lips before I continue. My finger once again begins to scribe the tale, “Now here’s the thing, would you believe the Men of Ulster suffered from women’s pangs and were laid low once a month? I kid you not, so the story goes, if I remember correctly a woman, possibly pregnant was accidentally killed in one of their chariot races and with her dying breath cursed them. Hmmm…? Using up space here as I digress, I’m thinking your back isn’t going to be enough…” I glance down Izzy’s body at her ass and long legs stretched out over the rumpled white cotton sheets. I’m still not a hundred percent sure if she is fully awake but I watch as her thighs move apart as if in answer to my quandary.

“Guess I’ll think of somewhere to scribble… anyhows there was one amongst the Ulster men who wasn’t affected as, I think… he’d been born by caesarean so unnaturally and you know who it was. Our man, Cú Chulainn, left to face the rampaging hordes from the west. So, while the King and his army are laid low he heads off to meet Medb’s army and adopts guerrilla tactics initially… taking out one or two at a time with a few pebbles and his trusted Hurling stick. In the boys youth he was known to hit a pebble way, way up in the sky and race along-”

Izzy’s hand rolls over and clamps around my cock which swells appreciatively, “Stick to the story, Muppet, and carry on scribbling!” she says quietly from beneath her hair.

“Mmmm…” I stare down at her fingers coaxing more and more blood into my swelling member, “Right you are… so… yes. Our boy’s antics, ‘two heads are better than one, one hundred heads are so much better than none’ are taking their toll so the army calls a truce and single combat is decided upon. Very civilised back then, the army won’t advance till they can find their own champion to beat Cú Chulainn.” My fingertip continues to inscribe the tale across Izzy’s back slowly dropping down to the top off her ass. My eyes are drawn to between the tops of her thighs as she spreads her legs further, leaning slightly back I can just see her pussy lips with a shine all of their own that has nothing to do with sweat.

“Come on boy, concentrate!” mutters Izzy with a gentle squeeze of my fully erect cock.

“Err… mmmm…” I murmur lost for words.

“Boys!” she criticises, my mind comes back to me momentarily as she releases my pulsing member and reaches up pulling down my pillow before lifting her hips clear of the bed and sliding it beneath spreading her legs even further apart. The wet red flesh of her pussy completely visible and I shift and kneel between her legs. I place both my left and right forefingers on her ass cheeks, my eyes focused on that delicious slit. I can actually see drops of her juices forming between her lips, building slowly before slipping down her cleft and out of sight; soaking my pillow I imagine happily.

I briefly stare at my cock, so hard it’s almost painful, trembling as blood pumps through it, knowing that it is on a ‘hair-trigger’ and that maybe one or two strokes would be enough for me to shoot my white seed all over my lover’s ebony ass. “Yes… the story…” Ferdia’s Song begins to play on the stereo bringing me back to the ancient tale, “So our boy has defeated champion after champion till Maeve sends his foster brother up against him. Cú Chulainn of course pleads with him not to fight but honour of course won’t be damned and a truly epic fight ensues lasting for three days.” My fingertips trace my Ogham lines around the curve of Izzy’s ass till I’m sure I’ve covered every single square centimetre of her luscious cheeks. The pearls of juice continue to form and slowly run down her labia as the story begins to trail down the outside of her thighs.

“Eventually after much taunting Cú Chulainn let’s fly with the dreaded Gae Bolga. A fearsome spear with thirty barbs upon it, which only a true champion can master and against which there is no defence. The Bolga pierces Ferdia’s chest and the barbs expand within the wound locking it within. Cú Chulainn rushes forward and lifts the foster brother that he loves in his arms and weeps as the life and blood slowly ebb from Ferdia’s body.” My fingers slide gently over and around the backs of Izzy’s knees, I watch her thigh muscles twitch in response to being touched in the normally ticklish spot but tonight she moans softly from beneath her hair and I gaze deeply into her quim as the lips flex in response and the drops of her nectar increase in frequency. I’m battling the urge to lean forward and simply slide my tongue up along her slit but the story needs to be finished and if I’m honest I am particularly enjoying this unique form of torture.

“Cú Chulainn falls into a deep sorrow, lamenting the passing of his friend and brother, Medb and her army leave the Ulster champion to his grief and pass him by on their way to Emain Macha towards-”

“Mmmm…” Izzy moans, “…Emain…Macha?”

“Oh, my bad,” I apologise, “the seat of power for the Ulster tribes…sorry, very poor story-telling by me.” My fingers proceed down her muscular calves and I avoid the souls of her feet figuring they’ll be above and beyond her ticklish limits. Gradually they ascend up the inside of ankles heading for their final destination. “Meanwhile Cú Chulainn’s delaying tactics have worked and the men of Ulster have risen from their Pangs and are on the march and meet with Medb’s forces somewhere round Cavan I think. A huge battle ensues, almost biblical if this lot were a bunch of Christians, though quite a few passages in the book tell of how each and every chieftain on the field was dressed and what weapons and armour they wore. Our boy rises from his grief and speeds ‘faster than the hound’ to join in the affray tipping the balance in favour of the Ulstermen. Medb and her army are routed but manage to grab Charolais in the process and take him back to Connacht.” My fingers are moving faster up the inside of Izzy’s thighs, my knuckles aching with desire, the two of us breathing heavily and a thin trickle of her juices now slipping from her sweet smelling cleft.

My hands glide over her cheeks, pressing into them firmly as my thumbs slide down either side of her slit, teasing it apart allowing me to stare inside. “Of course the joke is as soon as they return to their own fort the Charolais sees Ailill’s prize bull, a huge white beast of similar proportions and the two of them fall to battle, which wanders all over the country till the White Bull lies dead and the Charolais wanders some more till it also dies from its wounds.” My fingers press harder into Izzy’s flesh, my cock quivering behind her raised hips.

“Good” mutters Izzy from beneath her tousled hair, “now fuck me!”

“Ohhh…fuck” I breathe as I slide my engorged length into her hot welcoming pussy.The contrast between our skin colour exciting me all the more as it always does. She clamps down on me almost instantaneously and it’s more than enough as my hips press against her ass and my balls tighten viciously and empty their cargo deep into the neck of her womb. “Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” I curse.

Izzy presses back against me and I feel her hot tunnel contracting rhythmically around my cock and she buries her head into her pillow muffling a deep groan.

I thrust in and out of her a few times as the breath coursing down my throat seems to burn before Izzy twists her head, shaking her hair away from her face and stares at me. “By that stupid grin… I assume you’ve already cum?”

“Me?” I squeak, “Me?” I repeat in a deeper voice, “Can I take the fifth?”

“You ain’t no Yank, boy!” she pulls forward with an audible ‘pop’ as my cock slides free and rolls onto her back, her ass resting on my pillow raising her mound up in the air. “Get down there and clean up your mess!” she orders me as her fingers play with her bullet-hard nipples.Recompense

I put on a serious expression, “You saying you didn’t cum as well? Sure felt like you did!”

“Oh I did, but I’m just plain greedy.”

“As you wish” I reply with a grin placing my hands on her thighs and lowering my mouth towards her neatly trimmed pussy, a string of my own seed dribbling from it, “I just love a story with a happy ending!”


The End



 Strictly speaking the picture I’ve put in for Cú Chulainn is actually a depiction of Slaine Mac Roth from  the comic 2000AD but then agian he was based largely on Cú Chulainn.



Sound track:- The Táin by The Horslips (1976)

Side One

  1. “Setanta” (instrumental) – 1:15
  2. “Maeve’s Court” (instrumental) – 1:41
  3. “Charolais” – 4:03
  4. “The March” (instrumental) – 1:34
  5. “You Can’t Fool The Beast” – 3:43
  6. “Dearg Doom” – 3:07
  7. “Ferdia’s Song” – 2.44
  8. “Gae Bolga” (instrumental) – 1:15

Side Two

  1. “Cú Chulainn’s Lament” – 3:07
  2. “Faster Than The Hound” – 5:39
  3. “Silver Spear” (instrumental) – 2:06
  4. “More Than You Can Chew” – 3:18
  5. “The Morrigan’s Dream” (instrumental) – 3:25
  6. “Time to Kill!” – 5.02

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