Tis’ the season…

How have you been?

All can be good round the yuletide season

Parents sneaking about the house

Presents secreted within stockings (or if you will socks)

Your lips tending to a smile rather than a frown

Carols ringing out

Hate’em, yes!

(Really,no, but don’t tell no one)

Idle, hopeful dreams of the year to come

Suicides up to adjust the balance

The karma of the world must be true

Man will never understand, take to heart

A time of good will to all men (and women and inbetweenies)

So… what can I say but good hope and good cheer to you all.





So there you go Dear Avid Reader…

A pome of sorts for the season but it did get me to thinking of Karma and how a balance must be struck. Maybe, there’s only so much happiness available in the world, bit like religion as they said in Angel Heart; only enough to make people hate each other and not enough to make then love one another.

In which case, and it’s only my opinion, Karma sucks!!!


Sometimes behind drivel there is a message, feel free to post it if you spot it!


All the VERY best,


~ by ftfagos on December 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Tis’ the season…”

  1. Cheeky…. noticed it right after the first p.

    To you as well… and it now does work.


  2. Happy Christmas to you too Sugar.


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