First Time

There’s something about that first tentative kiss.

And not just the emotion that can be involved but also the sheer physicality of it. Quite possibly the epitome of all eroticism. Even before first contact is made! The awareness of your own lips, the heat within them, the pulse of blood, the nerves ramped up on adrenalin, the border between the dry of your skin and the wet of your mouth, the middle ground of your lips where souls can meet and be lifted together or simply fall apart.

Of course as time elapses and moisture obeys the laws and governances of evaporation the desire to lick increases along with the fear of saturation, the balance needs to be found, to be struck to attain that first moment of perfection, a second of symbiosis with the untried, the unknown and the potential One. And as the distance reduces to zero, we close our eyes, and in that brief microcosm of the infinite forget all our other senses even though they played their parts in the journey they’re not needed at the destination. Sight, sound, smell, taste disappear and even touch is reduced to a couple of square inches of flesh.


As the so soft flesh presses together that first time it’s as if the nerves within merge and become one. Where your lips end and theirs begin is grey.

But in the doubt there is unity.

Because of the doubt there is surrender.

For that instant of time is truly a…the lover’s kiss.

And the world can turn and be changed forever, the eons before simply the opening sonata, the positioning of every star and galaxy in the universe so they shine down in perfect synchronicity. Their infinitesimal gravitational fields work together, balancing, cancelling out just so that soft, exquisite flesh can touch, those nerves can meld and those wonderful neurons streaming down axons, converting from electrical to chemical and back to electrical faster than ever before, to jump the gap; entwine about each other, caress and be one and the same.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

And in that moment when you first feel/know the others lips… become aware of their individual lip-print, the contours, and imperfections which make them perfect, which make them unique. A singular key to the lock of your own individuality mirroring your key to theirs, the minute traces of difference over such a small area, fractions of moisture and smoothness, transfer of chemistry to be lost in, to be consumed by, to be completed by.

And although all that brought you here, their eyes, their laugh, the way they smile and the way they don’t were necessary for the journey; in that split second, in that moment when the rest of the cosmos, the entire of reality ceases to matter the past and the future are obsolete.

The one law that a kiss cannot break is that of time. For although a kiss can last a lifetime it can’t last forever and as it had a beginning so it must have an end.

Even in the ending there is an exquisiteness to be experienced. As the flesh parts, those nerves which made it so complete seem reluctant to part; tissue that was one strains to remain as it pulls from the body whole wanting to stay with its yang, never wanting to leave and maybe in that final instant a few molecules of each separate from both and are borne on the mutual breath of love to wander and to remain together for eternity letting the universe know that there’s always a chance it doesn’t always win.

Never the end…


Well, Dear Avid Reader…

Scribbling and imagination are a wonderful thing, now if only I could kiss as well as I tell ’em!!


~ by ftfagos on January 22, 2013.

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