How to be a Woman

By Caitlin Moran

Get that out of the way first! Not a story, though that is exactly what it is; but a book by the aforementioned! And if Ms Moran or her publishers wish me to remove this instalment of my blog I will certainly do so but I have come here not to criticise, well not in the main, but to praise.

Just finished reading the above and for those of you that know me I will say I laughed. Out loud! No mere grinning, no manful sniggering but quite a few belly laughs, guffaws and even tears.

The story of a girl/woman and how she makes sense of the world as well as revealing quite a few secrets that I figure you females have been keeping to yourselves. I know it keeps us boys on our toes. Can’t say that I agree with everything she says but where would the fun be in a world in which we all said and believed the same thing. I highly recommend that ALL should read this including misogynist sexist male chauvinist pigs; mainly because I’d be happy to imagine them bursting a blood vessel or two.

There was a lot within these pages that appealed to me, probably most of all that all of us are just as unsure of the world as everybody else as we grow up. The fact that Miss Moran is roughly the same age as me, Irish descent and grew up in Wolverhampton is purely coincidence. I was NOT one of the boys that chased her and threw things at her and called her names when she was a teenager. She did live on the opposite side of town to where I lived… although I did go to secondary (high) school not too far from where she lived. (Old Fallings if you are reading this Caitlin.)

The other thing that got me was how narrow minded we can all be. Her description of herself, physical that is, probably means that I wouldn’t have talked to her back in the Black Country (colloquial term for those that don’t know) and yet I would so have liked to get inside her head back then and now. Maybe it was our similar upbringings but the girl makes me smile and laugh and that is possibly the most precious of gifts. Though I imagine as teenagers neither of us would have said ‘boo’ to each other let alone reveal what was really going on inside our heads.

All in all a damn fine read.

Thank you Miss Moran



By the by.

Unusual that I do reviews but Calvary starring Brendan Gleeson is the best film ever if you want my opinion but that’s another story.

~ by ftfagos on June 11, 2014.

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  1. I shall have to check that out. Thanks for the post about it. 🙂

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