The View from the Top…Pt2

Part Two – Into the Lion’s Den

I entered the inner sanctum and if I was to be honest I was hugely disappointed. It was really not much different from numerous Minister’s offices I had previously frequented and wasn’t even an unusual shape for a room. It was maybe fifty percent bigger and had a pair of comfortable looking couches on either side of an ornate fireplace but for the leader of Great Britain it was something of an anti-climax.

If the room wasn’t impressive the woman sitting behind the desk was. She wasn’t particularly attractive although of course allowing for all the demographic algorhythms in modern politics she was by no means ugly either. The standard word most used to describe her was ‘handsome’ if people weren’t being snide. Her grey hair was perfectly coiffured; the hint of make-up applied precisely and her sombre grey suit, with the faintest of pink pinstripes was immaculately pressed. A simple single line of pearls adorned her neck which was the only part of her that truly hinted at her 63 years of age.

Somehow it was simply her presence and confidence that dominated the room, something that only partially translated through the camera. Up close and personal it was almost tangible.

I patiently waited in front of the desk, my hands clasped in front of me holding the relevant documents for our meeting while Mrs Rogers took up station in the chair to the Prime Minister’s right. I watched as the Leader silently sped-read one of the documents already in front of her, a black ink pen in her right hand held completely stationary, paused for action. Three times the nib dropped to the document and scored a line through a sentence or beneath it which I noted caused Mrs Rogers to make a note on her pad.

Bollocks I thought as I noted this supposed non-verbal communication between them. I remained silent my gaze briefly rolling across the desk, several folders lying upon it with various ratings of confidentiality/secrecy upon them. There were a pair of small trolleys on either side with numerous of the famous Red Boxes upon them; obviously one was the ‘In’ and the other ‘Out’. I let my eyes rove back across the desk as the woman behind it laid the page she was studying to the right and picked up the next from below, pen poised once again.

I tried to keep the smile from my lips as I noted the file was actually about me. It always took me a couple of seconds to rotate a page within my mind but it was a simple enough trick for someone with my memory. I suppressed my smile and let my eyes wander to Mrs Rogers. Her eyes dipped down back to her pad as I looked at her. Mine dropped to her thighs, a hint of stocking top displayed where the short split fell away. I quickly re-aligned my gaze in fear that the image would have an unwelcome result even I didn’t want in my present situation.

My imagination wasn’t quite as co-operative as I returned my concentration to the Prime Minister and the question of how the Leader of Great Britain liked to be fucked appeared in my head. For fuck’s sake I thought to myself forcing my brain to think over the contents of the file in my hand. Hog-tied and taken from behind by her husband over this very desk I gulped as the image presented itself to my mind’s eye.

Eventually the subject of my depraved imagination placed the last page in the folder and closed it folding her hands on top of it. “Mr Harper, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long?” she asked with no sincerity in her voice.

“Not at all Prime Minister” I nodded as I figured that in total I had waited around in here and with the various levels of bureaucracy for well over four hours over the last two days.

I watched as her eyes slowly looked me up and down before they settled on the folder in my hands, “Is that the summary, Mr Harper?”

“Yes Prime Minister” I replied offering it to her.

“Ma’am, will do!” instructed Mrs Rogers from beside us.

I looked over to her with her gaze still steadfast on the pad in front of her before returning my eyes to the Prime Minister still with her hands folded on the desk and her eyes apparently on not looking at the proffered folder but at my crotch. I felt myself blush and had to take a moment to realise that I wasn’t sporting an erection. Again I involuntarily gulped and felt my cock twitch within my trousers.

Finally the ‘boss of bosses’ reached for the folder and took it from me and I folded my hands in front of my crotch trying not to be obvious about it but failing dismally. She opened it and took out the summary sheet and began to read. I tried not to think about what had just happened and whether it had been just in my imagination or not. I was all of a sudden back in front of the Headmistresses desk when I was thirteen and I had to supress the desire to shuffle my feet.

I glanced across at Mrs Rogers and although her head was still bowed concentrating on the pad in her hand a definite smile was playing around her lips. Not the first time you’ve played this game I thought and in that knowledge recovered some of my equilibrium. I let my gaze wander to the window as I waited patiently and again watched the trees being pummelled and buffeted by the growing gale outside. I thought about some of my closer colleagues who had stood in this very spot before me and at the time I had wondered about their dislike of Mrs Rogers and the rise of the nickname Iron Bitch.

None of them had been particularly specific about exactly what it had been that had irritated them about her but I began to figure the idea of sporting an erection in front of the Prime Minister might have had something to do with it. I imagined they denied the idea to themselves, let alone others so vehemently in case it was thought that our Leader had something to do with the reason for their discomfort.

In the corner of my eye I was aware of the ‘siren’ Mrs Rogers re-crossing her legs slowly, her skirt falling open as she did exposing her stocking tops before re-adjusting it so just a hint was visible. I couldn’t help smiling as I kept my gaze on the foliage in St James’ Park. I had to wonder whether the two of them had openly talked about this stratagem and if they played some other game with the female MPs. My curiosity was piqued about how far they would push it.

The Prime Minister was still reading the folder and I saw her eyes flick upwards as I moved my hands behind my back. I slowly shifted my gaze to Mrs Rogers and simply stared at her legs which now that I paid attention to them weren’t quite as slim or long as I first thought. Of course when she was standing the 5” heels went a long way to accentuating her calves and tightening her ass I imagined. The smile was still playing about her lips unaware that I had shrugged of my embarrassment and decided to call their ‘bluff’.

I let my imagination have free rein and felt the blood re-direct into my penis. The idea of Mrs Rogers with her ass up in the air, her face between the Prime Ministers spread thighs munching on her cunt was a very simple image to construct and my cock responded accordingly twitching within my trousers. I noted the folder lowering a fraction in front of me but chose to keep my eyes steadfastly on Mrs Rogers examining the perfectly ironed blouse beneath her jacket and the swell of her breasts within. A C-cup I imagined although possibly a B depending on the type of bra she was wearing.

I chewed on my bottom lip as I thought about those buttons flying off as I ripped the blouse from her chest. I grinned as my cock stiffened, growing rapidly in my boxers and becoming uncomfortable as it grew twisted over to the right. The temptation to adjust it was there but I was by no means brazen enough.

The folder was placed on the desk between us, I was positive the synopsis had not been finished but I drew my attention back to the Prime Minister who quickly lifted her eyes to mine. “It seems satisfactory Mr Harper, a few alterations and revisions perhaps…”

“Of course Prime Minister” I glanced to Mrs Rogers who was flicking her eyes between her boss and me as well as noting the obvious bulge in my trousers and yet perplexed that I wasn’t showing any signs of discomfort. “Ma’am” I corrected myself, “Anything that you or your team could offer would be most welcome.”

“Most welcome?” she looked up at me, staring directly into my eyes and I returned that steely glaze with a gentle ‘how-can-I-be-of-service’ one of my own. I deliberately broke our gaze and looked downwards.

“Yes Ma’am, I particularly thought the last section about the re-distribution of services could need more scrutiny, more savings and yet maintenance of quality could be achieved I think. I just believe fresh eyes might be needed. Ma’am” I offered in reply quite sure that she hadn’t read that far.

“I’m intended to agree with you, Mr Harper” she lied. She placed the folder to her left and pulled back the previous folder she had been studying in front of her, folding her hands across it, “Quiet the rising star, aren’t you Mr Harper!”

“If you say so Ma’am, just doing what I can” I answered.

“Just doing what you can” she repeated, her pink fingernails drumming on my file. “Raised in Wolverhampton, working class background, studious at school and managed to get into Cambridge where you began to exhibit your political views in your third year after a ‘year out’ travelling the world” she stated with a quite impressive exhibition of her own memory. I remained silent and she continued, “Left Cambridge with a First in European History and settled in York a year later taking a job with a Public Relations firm and joining the local constituency office becoming an enthusiastic volunteer.”

She picked up a glass of water and took the barest of sips, “Got married four years later to a consultant surgeon, no children” I allowed a slight frown to appear on my lips, “Put forward as nominee at the age of twenty- seven, only just losing out by less than five hundred votes and then becoming an MP with over a three thousand majority when I gained the Prime Ministership. Last election that slipped to two and a half but recent polls suggest that in the upcoming vote it will be closer to four thousand! You live frugally with no excessive luxuries and you don’t abuse your expenses too much. Is that a reasonable summary, Mr Harper?” she finished.

“Yes, Ma’am” I replied ignoring the fact she left out that I was one of the few in our party lightly to increase my majority not including herself.

“Any skeletons in the cupboard, Mr Harper?”

I looked her straight in the eye, “No Ma’am.”

“You’re quite sure of that Mr Harper, it seems some of your time recently can’t be accounted for” she shot back.

“I don’t understand” I stalled.

“Whenever a person like yourself comes to our attention and people are thinking that you should be moved up through the ranks, we… run a more thorough check, so to speak” she stated.

“I still don’t understand, I was fully vetted by Special Branch when I got my seat and reviewed twice to my knowledge since” I gripped my fingers tighter together behind my back wondering what they had found. It didn’t seem logical that I would have been brought forward to this final test if they knew about Kate.

“Last Tuesday night, you left your flat, avoided the press and didn’t return until four hours later managing to again circumvent the die-hard Paparazzi waiting on your doorstep!”

“I’m being followed?” I asked in mock surprise.

“Not very well it seems. Having, as you say, being ‘vetted’ already your case isn’t that high a priority and with the press on your doorstep some discretion is required. Usually at this stage a mere formality… so where were you Mr Harper?” she demanded.

I lowered my head, “I… err…”

“Are you having an affair?” asked Mrs Rogers directly.

I twisted my head to look at her and then slowly looked back to the Prime Minister and nodded. Within my own head I released a sigh of relief figuring maybe I had been tailed for only a week or two and the only time I had been to see Kate was on that Tuesday. If they were monitoring my communications it would have been perfunctory as I was sure the anonymous e-mail account would’ve been picked up after more than a rudimentary investigation. In hindsight I was almost thankful for the press that we had taken such precautions.

“Who is she?” asked the Prime Minister, “It is a ‘she’?” she added.

I nodded again, “She’s…no-one… it was coming to an end.”

“How many ‘no-one’s have we known destroy careers, Mrs Rogers?”

“Too many, Ma’am” she answered rising and moving to stand beside the desk.

“She wouldn’t… she has too much to lose…” I answered, “A respected professional with three children.”

“At least he shows some sense in his indiscretions, Ma’am!” added Mrs Rogers with no hint of blame at all. I looked quizzically at the aide and got a small smile in reply.

“So why is it ending, Mr Harper” asked the Prime Minister from across the desk, “Bored of her?”

I looked directly into her blue eyes, “No Ma’am. Just since I became a ‘rising star’ my workload has tripled and it has become too difficult and…” I paused.

“And?” demanded Mrs Rogers.

I looked again into the aides brown eyes, “Her husband is a close friend of my wife, and it was as much her decision as mine. With all the public scrutiny on me it was probably only a matter of time till we were discovered!”

“A sensible woman then… the husband is a friend of your wife’s, a doctor I’m guessing?” suggested the Prime Minister.

I nodded standing up straight, “Very respected in his field as she is in hers, Ma’am.” It was a gamble as I was hinting at a particular couple and a woman in particular figuring that even approaching the wife had issues especially as the security forces and Special Branch in particular were not renowned for their subtlety.

“So it ends as of now?” asked the Prime Minister tilting her head a fraction.

I nodded again, “Yes Ma’am!”

“And what are you going to do about your needs then?” enquired Mrs Rogers openly staring at the bulge still present in my trousers.

“A good point Mrs Rogers” added her boss dropping her eyes downwards.

I looked from one woman to the other and back again but neither of them bothered to catch my eye, “Err…” I stammered.

“We all have needs Mr Harper and like you have already shown those of us at the top have to be totally discrete!” stated the leader of Great Britain.

“And with greater responsibility should there not be greater rewards, Ma’am. The privileged deserve more quite simply!” stated Mrs Rogers.

“Do you not agree, Mr Harper?” asked the Prime Minister as she leant forward in her chair.

I again looked from one woman to the other watching as Mrs Rogers placed her pad on the side of the desk and imitated her superior and placed her hands in front of her on the desk top leaning closer, her breasts straining against her blouse as she thrust her chest forwards. “If you want to get ahead…” she began.

“…give a little head, Mrs Rogers?” added the Prime Minister.

I almost laughed out loud at the playground joke but held it as I again stammered and looked from one voracious smile to the other. “You do want to get ahead, don’t you Mr Harper?” asked the Prime Minister.

“Yes… yes Ma’am” I replied.

“Show me” she simply replied.

For a brief moment I hesitated and then reached for my belt and the smiles broadening answered me. In the back of my head I was agog at the situation and knowing Kate was up for a meeting with her Party Leader later in the week wondered was this all some normal practice that had been kept secret from everyone. Unbuckling my belt and pulling down my zip I reached into my boxers watching the women licking their lips as I unfurled my cock from the uncomfortable position it had been in. it swelled quickly to full hardness as it was presented for inspection.

The Prime Ministers eyes briefly flicked up to mine and then back to my erection. “You like, Mrs Rogers?” she asked.

“Yes I do, Ma’am” she replied reaching forward and wrapping her hand around my girth, “A very nice specimen… I think Mr Harper would be an excellent addition for the Cabinet.”

I looked at my leader, “You mentioned something about head!” I said firmly.

“That I did, Mrs Rogers, if you would be so kind” she replied.

“Yes Ma’am” answered the aide and shifted around the desk to kneel beside me dragging me sideways by my cock and pulling down against the base rolling my foreskin back as her mouth slid over my glans. I groaned deeply noting how Mrs Rogers’ eyes never left that of the Prime Minister. I threaded my fingers through the younger woman’s hair and slowly pushed my hips forwards forcing her to take more of my length.

The Prime Minister moved even closer, sitting on the very edge of the chair, her hands grasping one another as she licked her lips and breathed deeply through her nose. I withdrew my cock till the tip was just keeping Mrs Rogers’ lips apart and then shoved forward earning a moan from both of the women. Both hands now on the aide’s hair slowly drawing it out of the tie that had held it I proceeded to fuck the woman’s mouth feeling her saliva drip down over my balls. The leader of Great Britain squirmed on the edge of her seat her eyes never leaving the open mouth of her aide.

“Mrs Rogers” she huskily whispered.

The aide reached up and pulled my trousers and boxers down responding to the unknown command and I promptly felt her fingers sliding around behind me and her nails digging into the flesh of my ass. I thrust harder into her mouth the head of my cock driving into her throat forcing a gag as I felt a wet finger scratch at my ass. Briefly I clenched my buttocks but the finger was insistent and as I relaxed I felt it push into my anus. In response I pulled back and rammed my thick cock in and out of her mouth.

I could feel my balls tightening when the Prime Minister simply said “No” and Mrs Rogers reached up and grasped the base of my cock tightly in her hand and withdrew her finger from my ass. I released the woman’s head, her hair falling in disarray as she withdrew her mouth and stared at my twitching and jerking cock; thick clear pre-cum dribbling from the exposed eye where a thick stream of sperm should have been erupting. I groaned loudly as I felt the weirdest of orgasms and Mrs Rogers out stretched tongue rest beneath my trembling glans. Her eyes were back on her boss and there might have been a pleading within them for her to release the base of my cock and let my seed fly.

No permission was forthcoming and when the Prime Minister stood up Mrs Rogers’ eyes dropped and she also stood maintaining a rigid grip on my manhood. “A little more comfort, I think” said the older woman walking over to one of the couches beside the fireplace, looking back the two of us beside her desk she added “and a little less clothing!”

Mrs Rogers happy that I was now no longer going to ejaculate released my engorged cock and pulled the zipper down on the side of her skirt letting it fall to the floor revealing her stockings and suspenders and a pair of black satin briefs. I switched my eyes between the two women wondering what was going to be in store for me as I stepped out of my boxers and trousers and kicked off my shoes before pulling off my socks. Standing there I watched the aide take of her jacket and unbutton her blouse revealing a white bra which quickly followed revealing large hard nipples on top of a pair of broad areolas.

Definitely ‘C’s I thought as I too removed my jacket tie and shirt till I was totally nude. I stood there waiting for instruction before simply following Mrs Rogers over to the waiting older woman who was sat back on the left hand couch, legs crossed beneath her plaid skirt which ended halfway down her calf; one arm on the side the other laying innocently in her lap still fully dressed as if waiting to have Afternoon Tea.

The Prime Minister raised her hand and held up three fingers for Mrs Rogers who nodded and stood at the end of the opposite couch and bent down over the arm raising her ass high in the air. I watched as she reached back and pushed her satin briefs down to her mid-thigh exposing her mound to me for the first time. She inched her feet apart spreading her thighs and her hands went to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, her own nails digging into her soft white flesh.

I looked to my Leader for instruction but she simply shrugged and laced her hands behind her head watching me closely. I grinned and moved up behind the ‘Iron Bitch’ taking hold of my hard cock and eased it up against her wet slit earning a series of tiny gasps from her. I looked down watching my glans being coated in her juices from her bald pussy, “What do you know” I mumbled to myself and proceeded to wipe my glistening cock head up between her ass cheeks.

I watched her nails dig deeper into her ass, spreading her cheeks to the limit as I pressed the tip of my cock against her tight puckered hole. Mrs Rogers moaned deeply turning her head to watch the woman opposite who still sat there just watching. Us to command I thought as I raised my hand in the air and looked to her. She glanced up and nodded her approval and my hand came swinging down striking the side of her aides’ cheek with a loud crack.

Mrs Rogers cried out in surprise and pain followed by a deep groan of pleasure. I grinned knowing the younger woman was no ‘newbie’ to this type of rodeo. I pulled my cock away from her ass, again and again my hand rising and crashing down on her unprotected buttocks. Forehand and backhand strikes turning her cheeks redder with every strike, Mrs Rogers’ yelps intermixed with further moans and whimpering sounds but still her watering eyes remained locked on her superior.

I ceased my bombardment and dropped to my knees surveying my handiwork closely, heat rising from handprints in her flesh and her pussy dripping down her thighs to soak the satin briefs about her thighs. I lapped my tongue up along her slit gaining a deep sigh from beyond the armrest which rose noticeably in pitch as I carried on up between her ass cheeks. Ass-licker I mused within my own head as I teased her twitching anus feeling the heat from her ass cheeks against those of my face. I placed my hands on top of her and pulled her cheeks wide driving my tongue into her tight rear hole.

“Ohhh… fuck” breathed Mrs Rogers.

“Stephanie!” scolded the Prime Minister.

“Apologies Ma’am” whimpered her subordinate in reply.

I grinned against her asshole and slid two fingers all the way into her twitching pussy hoping I’d get another curse from the woman, She whimpered once again and I heard her breath become even more ragged but no swear words issued from her lips. I drove my fingers in and out of her rapidly, twisting them back and forth as I continued to tongue her ass; her pussy clenched about my invading fingers, gripping them tightly as I buried them all the way in up to my knuckles. Her ass twitched in response and I pushed my tongue deeper.

I could hear her panting rapidly and knew an orgasm was close but suspected she was under orders not to until told otherwise. A growing whine was issuing from her as I snatched a look at the Prime Minister still sitting primly opposite except for the look of lust adorning her face; a shake of her head informed me that I was right. I curled my fingers downward within Stephanie’s cunt finding the small rough spot behind her clit and rubbed my fingertips against it as my thumb pressed down upon her hard little nub.

Her pussy clamped down hard in response and her fingernails dug harder into the flesh of her ass. I worked at it while tongue-fucking her ass for over a minute and although her juices poured from her slit the woman had the control and will to prevent herself from going over the edge. I pulled my fingers from her slit and withdrew my tongue and stood up behind her licking the copious amount of juices from my hand.

Once again I looked to our Leader, holding my length I placed it behind her hot wet cunt and then gained a nod as I placed it behind her anus. “As you wish, Ma’am” I answered wiping the remains of Mrs Roger’s pussy juice over my angry glans and placing it against the puckered hole drove it hard into her ass.

“Ahhh…” screamed the aide, her eyes pleading at the woman opposite as I filled her rear hole with my entire length.

“You may curse if you would like Stephanie” offered the Prime Minister.

“Oh… fuck… yes… thank you, Prime Minister” stammered the younger woman and thrust her ass back against me, “fuck me you bastard son of a whore!”

“As you wish” I slapped her hip for good measure and pulled out and rammed into her tight ass again and again. My hips slapped loudly against her glowing ass cheeks as I drove her down hard onto the arm rest. My eyes went to the Prime Minister who had unfolded her legs and had now shuffled forward to the edge of the seat and was leaning in for a closer inspection of my thick member driving in and out of her personal aides’ ass.

A litany of curses and swear words erupted from Mrs Rogers mouth, her hands left her ass cheeks and she brought her feet together tightening her rectum around my cock. A nod from her boss and I knew the younger woman was grabbing and pinching her own breasts as I continued to slam into her ass brutally.

It was just above a whisper but I heard it as the Leader of Great Britain muttered the words, “Fill that dirty sluts’ ass with your spunk Mr Harper…fill it up now!”

I was mesmerized by this image before me and the words that had issued from her mouth; I grasped the younger woman’s hips and drove my cock all the way inside her. It wasn’t needed but I felt Mrs Rogers’ fingers slip between her legs and grasp my sac, her fingernails scratching at my taint as my cock shuddered and erupted deep inside her ass. I groaned loudly as my body jerked and the aide clenched her rectal muscles tightly around the base of my cock holding it like a vice. “Oh sweet fuck” I breathed.

I looked guiltily at the Prime Minister but it seemed I didn’t need permission to curse. My cock throbbed and twitched inside the young woman’s ass as my sac gradually emptied its cargo inside her. Mrs Rogers twitched and trembled before me and it was thirty seconds before she relaxed her sphincter and I began to withdraw my softening cock. Our audience stood up and moved beside her aide, placing a gentle hand on the small of her back just below the red welts tanning the younger woman’s ass. The older woman’s eyes were focused on my shrivelling length as I pulled it from the ass before her.

“Thank you, Mr Harper; you are going to be wonderful asset to the country. Mrs Rogers make a note in my diary to arrange further private meetings with Mr Harper” I looked quite perplexed standing there naked with a wilting cock and a gaping ass hole before me to be addressed like this.

“Yes… Ma’am… consider it done” replied Stephanie still bent over the arm of the couch though at least her voice was by no means as business-like as that of her boss.

“You may go now Mr Harper, please check your mail for further appointments” I watched dumb-founded as the Prime Ministers fingers rose to my chest and gave me a gentle push and I stepped back and after the briefest looks at Mrs Rogers upturned ass I turned and headed back to the desk and began to dress. My eyes were focused on the two women who patiently remained in this strangest of tableaus, neither of them making any effort to change their position. The Prime Minister was simply stroking the red handprints on her aides ass with a serene smile on her lips as if she was stroking a cat or, unbidden the thought popped into my brain, a baby cradled in the arms of a voter.

I shuddered at the image as I fastened my tie and headed for the door turning to the pair of women as I realised it was possibly locked. The Prime Minister stood there one hand on her aides ass, the fingers snaking closer to the puckered anus which I could see was now leaking my seed and in the other hand was a remote pointed at the door. “Thank you Ma’am” I simply said and turned the handle of the door and stepped through. Through the gap beside the hinges I peeped through at the incongruous pair and just before the door closed I saw the leader of my Party begin to kneel and then the sight was gone.

The door clicked and I knew it was as secure as any door in the country and then I heard a similar click from the outer door and knew that I was free to leave. I stood there for a minute imagining what our ‘glorious leader’ was doing and shaking my head that just an hour or so earlier I wouldn’t have believed it possible or even considered it.


It was well over a month later and another private meeting with the Prime Minister and her aide behind locked doors before I managed a rendezvous with Kate. Even with the anonymous e-mail account I’d advised that we keep communication to a minimum and that I had been vetted quite thoroughly once again and it had been really only luck that had kept us from being discovered.

It had been a long day in Parliament and I was returning to my flat at just before 11pm, negotiating two photo-journalists on the pavement outside fuelling them with nothing more than ‘no-comments’ and a weary look before I entered the building, I briefly stopped by my mail box and emptied the contents and had them sorted by the time I entered my darkened flat on the third floor. Over three quarters went straight into the bin even though I knew I would fish them out later to put them into the recycle.

A bottle of red wine stood beside the hob on a coaster and I poured a generous measure into a tumbler as I pulled my tie free from my neck checking the remaining letters noting four from my constituency, two from the BBC, one from Channel 4 and two bills. I idly shifted the television letters about but finally decided they would be opened tomorrow before I left to head back up to York in the afternoon. I walked through to the bedroom carrying my wine, turning off the lights as I went and unbuttoning my shirt.

I didn’t bother with the lights in the bedroom as the curtains were still drawn back from the windows and the sickly orange glow of the streetlights shone through. I rarely closed them as it would be very brave Paparazzi who scaled the opposite building to get a shot of the ceiling of my bedroom and the morning light always helped me to rise. Placing the glass on a coaster on the sideboard I pulled off my shirt and headed for the en-suite bathroom and flicked on the light within.

I looked at the toilet seat and scratched my jaw as I studied it. Shaking my head I draped my jacket over the back of a chair just outside and pulled off my shirt. I stepped into the room and reached for the shower turning it on full blast before pulling the shower door too. I looked about the room and wondered about what it was that was niggling me as I returned to the chair to untie my shoes. Socks joined my shirt on the floor and neatly folded trousers joined my jacket before my boxers went to the floor.

I took a generous sip of my wine before entering the bathroom and after checking the temperature of the water stepped in. I twisted about in the shower letting the hot water work away the knots in my muscles caused by the stress of the day before soaking my hair and reaching for the shampoo.

“What the FUCK!” I exclaimed as I saw a figure standing in the doorway through the droplet covered shower door.

A quiet laugh echoed in the room, “You know I never realised how fastidious you could be. The way you undressed was almost anally retentive!” offered a familiar voice.

I pushed open the shower door not caring that the water sprayed across the floor and saw Kate leaning against the door jamb in one of my shirts held closed by a single button, “You scared the life out of me!” I replied.

She grinned back at me, “And that would have been a terrible loss to the world!” she answered taking a sip from what I suspected was my red wine.

“I knew I shouldn’t have given you a key” I said shaking my head as my heart beat returned to normal.

She tilted her head as her empty hand played with the button holding the shirt together, “Really?” she asked.

I chewed on my bottom lip as my eyes dropped down Kate’s form, her red fingernails threatening to undo the button and just beneath the dark strip of her neatly trimmed pubic hair above her slit. “Were you in the bed the whole time?”

She nodded, “Been here for hours” she grinned broadly, “skulking about in the shadows, going through your drawers, discovering all your darkest secrets!”

“You are my darkest secret” I replied.

She cocked her head backwards, “The polaroids of your wife in your bedside drawer… not quite what the electorate would consider wholesome… though personally she is quite hot in my opinion!”

“A few nudie pics of my wife would gain me the red-blooded-male demographic” I grinned dropping my hand to my swelling penis and slowly massaging it.

Kate put down the glass beside the sink, my eyes flicking to it and then back to Kate; she noted the movement, “You do have an awful lot of coaster around here now that I’ve had time to browse… but I digress, does it get you ‘hard’ thinking about me looking at pictures of your wife’s boobs and pussy and ass?”

“You may think that but I could not possibly comment!” I grinned.

“I reckon it does… and I thought about you wanking over them and it got me hot” she licked hers lips deliberately slowly and that single button came undone, “I’ve been playing with myself, Paul… staring at your wife dressed in those black stockings and suspenders… my cunt got so wet, Paul and you weren’t here… I had to improvise!” her chest was rapidly rising and falling and her own fingers were between her thighs as her eyes dropped to my hand gripping my fully hard cock, pumping it slowly.

I reached out to steady myself against the tiled wall as Kate stepped up to the edge of the shower, reflected spray off my body landing on her exposed flesh. Her eyes held mine as she continued knowing that her words were true and not just fuel for my fantasies; “I had to find a substitute, Paul… a cock substitute to stick into my wet cunt…”

“Ohhh…mmm… wh… what did you use?” I asked as she stepped into the shower and slapped my hand away from my cock.

I felt my back hit against the tiles behind me as she pushed me back, the shirt soaking instantly, sticking to her slender frame as she stepped into the main spray. She bent her neck up to the shower head and let the cascade wash over her face as her knee rose and her foot rose up my left leg. My hands went to her ass grasping it tightly as she brought her face up close to mine; her lips briefly brushing over mine on the way to my ear.

“You really want to know?” she whispered huskily into my ear as her fingers wrapped around my girth and guided my cockhead to her slit.

“Yes” I breathed back.

Kate lifted herself slightly and thrust down onto my erection impaling her sex upon me. She groaned loudly as I felt her cunt muscles clamp onto my manhood, her teeth biting my earlobe as her hands wrapped around my neck. “Ohhh… I need this… your rowing statuette was good but nothing like a real hard hot cock in my cunt!” she murmured.

I stared at her closed eyelids for a few seconds taking the words into my head before twisting her about and pressing her back against the tiles and driving my cock into her again and again. We were simply the junction of our bodies, my hard throbbing cock in her pulsing hot pussy. My only thoughts were to use her like she had used my University Trophy and I knew later when we reached the bed I would still find her scent upon the silver-plated figurine. We both lost ourselves in the animalistic lust of our passion and when we had both climaxed the two of us were covered in bruises and scratches.

Once our initial desires had been satiated we washed and towelled each other tenderly and lay on my bed after fetching the bottle of wine and proceeding to take turns in sipping from the tumbler. We sat snuggled into each other against the padded headboard of my bed looking out across the roofs of Chiswick to the floodlights of the distant Brewery beside the river Thames. “So how goes your rise to the top?” I asked.

“Meteoric would be the word, next shadow Cabinet reshuffle and I’m a shoe-in” answered Kate, “and you?”

I pondered my reply for a moment, “I couldn’t be any more in if I tried!” I answered cryptically before continuing, “You have any…problems?”

“Problems? What do you mean?” she answered with a puzzled tone.

“You know glass-ceiling shit, sexism… dwarfism- ouch!” I exclaimed getting an elbow in the ribs for my jest.

“No nothing really… any sexism I suppose was on my part, give the old ones a flash of thigh and they get embarrassed, the younger ones just wanna get into your knickers but are too afraid of harassment charges when you are their subordinate!” even though I couldn’t see it I knew Kate was smiling, “Something you don’t have to contend with I figure with her at the top.”

I ‘hummed’ in response and it took Kate a couple of seconds to turn her head and look at me quizzically in the sickly orange glow from the street lights. “Really?” she asked, “something above the usual ass-kissing?”

“The job always goes with some ass-kissing, we both know that!” I answered her raised eyebrow. I chewed on my bottom lip for a second and then said “Let me tell you a story…”

It took a few minutes to tell the tale of my first visit to the Prime Ministers offices and the events that took place within; even in the dim light I could see Kate’s mischievous grin as I described the initial ‘cock-teasing’ and then I watched as her mouth fell open and I could feel her squirm beneath the duvet and watch her nipples harden as I didn’t spare the pornographic detail. When I had finished she asked one simple question that I knew was coming, “If this is all true and I do believe you but I don’t believe it, why are you telling me an MP for the opposition?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You can’t believe it, I barely do and what proof do I have? Even if I’d taken measures the second time, you-“ I stopped as Kate interrupted me.

“A second time?” she gawped.

“Yes” I sighed, “similar to the first time without the pre-amble and my cock in Rogers’ pussy instead of her ass!”

“Following your glorious leader’s instructions again?” Kate asked rolling on top of my legs, her breasts squashed against my stomach as she looked up at me.

“Yep, hand signals were all she used… I am wondering how many there are but the point is, the knowledge is useless without proof and with the security measures it’s impossible to get!” I stated.

“Yeah… but… the way you’re telling it you are not the first!”

I nodded, “I ain’t no Brad Pitt I know, but the attitude… I know what you’re thinking there are bound to be others but how do you find them and in the process of finding them-“

“You expose yourself!” Kate finished my sentence grinning.

Again I nodded, “But you want to know what I think…” I paused for a moment and Kate shifted on top of my legs and I felt the patch of fuzz above her slit brush across my knee. I ignored the auto-reflex of my cock stirring between us and continued, “The way they acted was like… privilege, as if this was what was expected and definitely earned! I felt as if it wasn’t a secret if you were simply far enough up the food chain… and not just my side!”

Kate opened her mouth and closed it again as she worked through her own thought processes, two more times she thought about saying something and then stopped. Finally she said “I can see why you didn’t share this via e-mail!” she raised herself up on her hands and looked about, “Do you think?” she asked indicating the flat.

“Not sure… I do have a bug-scanner that I assume you found when you were rifling through my things earlier” a comment which at least got a vague look of guilt from her; “but if they really wanted to hear or see what goes on in here they would’ve by now and, well, that way lies paranoia! I’ll face the corruption charges when they come and not before!”

Kate grinned and then looked down between us into the shadows, “So the Prime Minister has seen this cock in action? Hmmm… who am I do argue with the Head of the State?” she looked up at me as I felt her slip her thighs either side of my right leg and press her damp slit against my knee. Her hand dropped between us and a finger wormed its way beneath my foreskin gaining an instant reaction as my cock started to grow, “And it’s been in all of the Iron Bitch’s holes too! You know I thought I was a little freaky earlier using your award while I thought about your wife, just goes to show!”

I pulled her forwards, “My wife?” I asked and kissed her deeply.

“You remember how it was, back in our day” she replied breaking our kiss, “university was for experimenting with drugs, wasn’t trendy to experiment with other girls like it is today! So all I ever did was fantasise and masturbate… quite a lot actually!”

My hands slipped to Kate’s ass and pressing into her flesh grinding her dampening folds against my rapidly hardening length, I looked to my left at the 9” tall statuette of a figure holding an oar horizontally across its hips. “You seriously used that?” I asked and Kate replied with a broad grin placing her hands on my chest, her fingernails scratching at my nipples as she pushed herself up and began to twist her hips against me, “You fucked your cunt with it?”

Her breasts was rising and falling quicker, her nipples rock hard on top of her flushed chest, “I did” she breathed and reached beside my head under the pillow and pulled out a Polaroid picture turning it for me to see. It was a picture of my wife taken from behind of her leaning on the balcony rail of a hotel almost a decade ago in Sardinia looking out across Terracotta roofs of white-walled building to the azure waters of the Mediterranean beyond. Except for her summer dress being hiked up over her ass as she pushed it backwards it could have been any tourist photograph.

Kate pushed her hips down hard against my hard-on, I could feel her slick labia spread open against it eliciting a soft moan from the both of us, “A before… or after pic?” she asked, her eyes tightly shut as she focused on the sensations from her slit.

I reached up and pinched her hard nipples coercing her groan to continue, “Both” I replied, “she already had one load of my cum inside her!” I shifted my hips a fraction and felt my glans part her pussy lips, “I licked her out as she leant there… looking down at the passers-by…” Pushing up I slowly pushed my length into her as I stretched her nipples, “Then I fucked her from behind!”

“Ohhh yesss…” sighed Kate as she pushed herself down onto my intruding cock till it was buried completely inside her. Small shivers ran through her emanating and echoing back to her hot pussy wrapped around my member. “I’d have… loved to watch… that” she shuddered as I remained still beneath her, “loved to have… sucked on your balls…” her eyelids opened and she stared at me with glassy eyes. “I’d have tongued your ass…mmm… pinched her clit… cleaned your seed from her dripping cunt afterwards!”

“I bet you would have…” she shifted her hips slowly forwards till just the head of my cock remained within her and slowly pushed back again, the two of us feeling every millimetre till once again I was fully inside her, “you’re nothing more than a dirty slut aren’t you?” I asked.

Kate’s pussy pulsed around my cock and I felt her juices begin to trickle down over my sac, “I am…” she breathed, “quite…ahhh… envious of… the Prime Minister right now.” I twisted her nipples as I watched the expression of pleasure fill her eyes and face, “I’d have… sucked your seed from… yesss… the Iron Bitch’s cunt!”

Her cunt squeezed my cock hard as she trembled on top of me, “And her ass too… you would have stuck your tongue deep inside it just to get all my spunk!” I suggested.

“Ohhh fuck yes!” she answered and her cunt responded with a series of pulses followed by her hot juices running faster out of her clenching slit, “I’m just a dirty whore!” she moaned loudly.

“A filthy cum slut!” I said through gritted teeth and drove my hips upwards feeling her nails dig into my chest, “wanting your holes filled… cunt or cock in your mouth… you just don’t care which… or whose!”

“OHHH FUCK!” she screamed as a flood of juices poured from her rapidly contracting pussy. She fell forward whimpering against my chest as her body shook with wave after wave of pleasure, my hands slipping around her and down to her ass, my fingers sliding between her ass cheeks and teasing her already twitching rear hole.

She reached back clumsily and grasped my hand pushing one of my fingers into her ass as her body twitched violently on top of me. Her ass resisted with every spasm but gradually she forced my finger all the way inside her all the time her juices running out of her twitching cunt. “A filthy ass licking whore…” I murmured feeling her nod against my chest, whimpers and moans escaping her lips, “a spunk drinking slut… a dirty bitch…mmm…ahhh” I felt that familiar and welcome sensation as my balls began to tighten, “Gonna fill up your cunt now” I gasped.

“N… no” answered Kate and scrambled backwards my cock and finger pulled from her holes reluctantly and in just a second I felt her mouth slide down onto my jerking cock, her hands massaging my sac as she sucked hard upon me.

“Ohhh fuck” I breathed and felt her hand grasp mine and place it on the back of her head. My other hand joined it and I wrapped my fingers in her hair and pushed her mouth down till her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I held her there listening to her gag as my twitching glans pressed into her throat and I erupted in her mouth. “Ohhh… sweet fucking Jesus!” I moaned as my cock jerked violently between her sucking lips.

Kate didn’t relent until my cock began to shrivel in her mouth and it was only then that I realised my shin was soaking from where she had been grinding her slit against it. Finally she released it and looked up at me, licking her lips, “Can I get a job in your Cabinet?”

I laughed out loud and pulled her back up on top of me and kissed her deeply, “Not sure… I suspect that Ma’am wants all of the spunk to herself!”

“Guess I’m not the only greedy whore then!” she replied.

It was the first time in a very long time that we spent the entire night together and the next morning. It was simply safer if Kate left after me when the Paparazzi would have moved on. She complained at me when the sun shone through the window shortly after dawn and even though I knew she would normally be rising before six I got up and fixed breakfast for the two of us.

Sitting at the breakfast bar wearing a lace pair of knickers and another of my shirts cutting up a sausage she paused just before putting it in her mouth, “So, Paul, do you think your wife would be up for a threesome?” she asked as if she wanted to know the time of day.

I watched as she chewed on the sausage grinning, “Would your husband?” I countered.

She tilted her head and finished chewing before swallowing, “Sadly, no, I don’t think so; not with another man anyway!”

“Well, Angela might, and it’s a slim might, just go for another cock but I’m pretty sure she’d say no to munching on a pussy!” I answered cutting a small piece of toast and popping it into my mouth.

“How did the two of us marry such boring people, Paul?”

“Fucked if I know, Kate!” I answered after swallowing.

I felt her foot slip up my thigh and rest against my boxer shorts beneath the counter, “So what time are you heading off?” she asked innocently.

“You’re fucking insatiable, you are” I grinned.

“Well who knows how long it’ll be before I get to play with my little statuette again… alright for you, you’ll be abusing the Iron Bitch at your mistresses call soon enough. I wonder what she’ll have you do this time?” she asked raising an eyebrow as her big toe pushed my testicles about within my sac.

“The things I do for Queen and Country!”

“You’re so patriotic! Now bend over the counter and I’ll find some kitchen utensil to ready you for your next private session” Kate ordered licking her lips….

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  1. I’m licking my lips in anticipation of Part 3.

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