The View from the Top…Pt3

Part Three – Fall from Grace

Soon enough Election Day arrived and apart from one visit to Downing Street and none to or from Kate unfortunately it was all noses to the grind stone. A third term for us and in the new order I was appointed to Health Minister and without a doubt and with some manoeuvring from Kate she became Shadow Health Minister for the opposition. An appointment that wasn’t lost on the Fourth Estate and made for the picketing of both of our flats all the more intense each and every day. It also meant that although both of our spouses had careers of their own they were frequently, accompanying us to various engagements, between all of that and my security detail any rendezvous was impossible.

Our majority had reduced by 10%, a fact that was mentioned almost daily in the main chamber by the opposition but what wasn’t mentioned at all by the Body Politic was the fact that more people had not voted than had voted for the two main parties concerned. Hardly a mandate from the people! This early in the term the media seemed to have lost considerable interest in the Affairs of State and had more interest in those of Celebrities. I could only imagine what they would have done if they ever found out about Kate and I.

In the House, if neither of us was due to speak, I often caught her eye on my Leader and sensed a barely suppressed smile when she then caught mine. Of course if I was due to speak she would be at the opposite lectern and although we were further apart than two duelling swords the ferocity and fervour with the way we addressed one another generally resulted in some comment within the broadsheets. It was the closest we got to ‘fucking’ in more than six months and we did it in front of the nation.

I was without a doubt that whenever she sat down her pussy was wet if not dripping as I knew how hard my cock was beneath the sheath of papers I placed on my lap. On one such occasion my Leader demanded a private meeting directly afterwards and not a single word was mentioned of the discussion in the house but she did for the first time verbally and unequivocally tell me to fuck Miss Rogers.

I did as I was ordered and another first was having the Iron Bitch across the Prime Ministers desk with our Leader suggesting that I was fucking the Right Honourable MP ‘bitch’ Mrs Knight with her hand up beneath her demographically approved blue dress. One thing remained the same was that I was dismissed before I saw what the Prime Minister did to Mrs Rogers but just before that inner door clicked shut I did hear the sound of an ass being soundly smacked.

It was three days later and once again I was working late at the Ministry when my personal aide walked in with a barely suppressed grin on his mouth. “What is it, David?” I asked.

“Erm… begging your pardon Minister but you have an unscheduled visitor!” he answered his grin broadening.

I leant back in my seat and stretched my arms above my head working the knots out of my shoulder, “Well, who is it?” I asked curiosity filling my head.

“Your opposite number” he replied smirking.

“Mrs Knight?” I asked straining to hide the glee from my voice.

“Alone?” he nodded and I understood his mirth as it was highly unusual for any opposition representative to visit a government official without prior notice or an entourage, “What have I done now?” I asked reflecting his grin to which he shrugged his shoulders. I closed the folders on my desk and closed the Red Box that was open, “I’m about done for the night, I think David, send her in but wait outside; you never know I might need security!”

“As you wish, Minister” he answered and a moment later Kate stepped through the door.

“Tell me it isn’t true about my local hospital!” she demanded.

“It isn’t true about your local hospital” I replied, “I’ll be fine, David, thank you.”

“As you wish, Minister” he replied with a smirk closing the door.

Kate stood there with her hands on her hips, the stern look on her face remaining as she said loudly, “There’s a rumour circulating you intend to cut 10% of the nursing staff and auxiliaries!”

“That’s completely untrue” I answered and then quietly added “we’re going to firebomb the hospital!” I grinned.

“Oh, that’s all right then” she smiled in reply.

“Please sit down Mrs Knight, let me put your mind at rest” I added for the benefit of David outside, “A rumour?” I asked quietly again raising my eyebrow as Kate sat down in the chair opposite.

“Yep, took ages for me to circulate it” she grinned mischievously, “no problem, I’ll be a hero when I go back up and I can say categorically it is untrue, who knows I might mention you’re a man of your word, too.”

“All that just to get into my… offices?” I grinned and opened a lower drawer on my desk pulling out a bottle of Macallan and two tumblers.

“Hmm… the Minister drinking at work!” she nodded her approval as I opened the bottle.

I pressed the intercom, “David, call it a night, don’t worry I’ll see Mrs Knight of the premises, see you in the morning.”

“As you wish, Minister” he replied and the intercom beeped as it went idle.

I poured two fingers into each glass and passed one to Kate, “You’re a sight for sore eyes.”

“As are you, Paul” she raised the glass and sniffed the whisky within, “Office has its privileges I see.”

I shook my head, “Personal stock, not even on expenses.”

“Incorruptible?” she asked.

“As pure as the driven snow” I replied and sipped my drink.

“Shame” she answered and hiked up her skirt lifting her knee up over the arm rest of the chair.

I rose from the chair a little to look beneath Kate’s skirt to see her pussy in all its glory framed by her stocking tops and unfettered by underwear, “You think I’m that easily bribed?”

The door was locked, a bit of a risk as generally it never was when I was in the office but less of an issue if a subordinate had knocked and entered without waiting for a reply I sat in my chair after pushing down my trousers and boxers and Kate had mounted me. It was a gentle and almost silent fuck as we kissed and caressed each other although almost fully dressed.

We remained coupled, my cock softening within her as she stroked my chin, “I’m going to miss this” she said quietly.

I dropped my head not wanting to look in her eyes, not wanting to admit what I knew was the truth, “I suppose” I mumbled.

Her finger slipped beneath my chin and after a moment of resistance I looked up into her dark eyes, glassy with tears about to fall, “You knew this day would come, we’ve been living on borrowed time for a while now.”

“I know” I answered, “It is time isn’t it,?”

I watched as a single tear ran down her left cheek, “It was always coming.”

“A final farewell fuck?” I asked a little harshly.

“I couldn’t go without saying goodbye, you know me better than that!”

“I do” I answered simply, “my love.”

She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered “I love you, Paul”

She stood up, my soft cock reluctantly slipping from her and adjusted her dress before pausing at the door waiting for me to put my own clothes to rights. I touched her cheek a final time, “Time” before opening the door and getting her an escort to leave the building.


Jeremy paused as the crowd quietened and lifted two sheaths of papers from a drawer below the table and after consulting the two notes stapled to the top sheet handed one to the Prime Minister and one to her opposite number. “So Prime Minister? No plans for further cuts? This is an outline from your party on that very subject, is it not?” he asked tapping the sheath in front of her.

Our leader examined the paper in front of her and after a few moments replied “I believe so… confidential ones Mr Packman!”

“That they are and they came from an anonymous source with supporting documentation” he replied “Future cuts?”

“A possible scenario I believe, we would be foolhardy not to attempt to envisage possible circumstance and have at least some idea of how we should handle them!” she answered firmly.

Jeremy turned to her opposite number who answered before he was asked, “In this case I would have to agree with the Prime Minister, even though we are not in power we would be negligent not to plan for the worst!”

The host smiled broadly at the two leaders before reaching out and pulling back on the two covering noted that had only obscured the top inch of the papers. The large screen behind him sprang to life and showed the two documents to the audience, each of them bearing the logo of the relevant parties and a date stamp, signed and notarised. It took me only a second to read Mrs Rogers printed name beneath her signature and only a few more to realise the two documents were in effect identical in essence. The only differences appeared to be in the order of the list of cost-cutting points and the phraseology used.

The studio was almost completely silent except for the hum of electronic machinery. “For two parties in supposed opposition these and the supporting documents smack of collusion” stated Jeremy.

Both of the leaders faces were starting to redden even under the make-up. The Prime Minister flashed a look of pure anger to the wings in the direction of Mrs Rogers as well as me and the rest of her entourage. “Fuck” breathed the Iron Bitch seeming to deflate physically beside me.

“Shit” I answered and the whispered curses grew on both sides of the stage. The last ten minutes of the show were a complete humiliation for the leaders of both parties and as soon as the ‘On Air’ sign blinked out they rushed for their own entourages and chaos ensued.

The headlines the next day were above pictures of both the leaders faces contorted with barely controlled rage. The tabloids had various simple metaphors for the scandal but The Sun simply asked ‘Spot The Difference?”


I stood before the desk on which I had fucked Mrs Rogers less than a week before an envelope on it addressed to the Prime Minister in my own handwriting. “Please reconsider Mr Harper” asked the woman before me, “Paul… we can sort this all out, it’s the time to stand together, please.”

I suppressed my desire to grin as I heard her beg, my focus completely on the Prime Minister as I repeated “My mind is made up Ma’am, I cannot remain in office. I am resigning from my post and from my Seat and from the Party; we have betrayed the people, me as well by association!”

She pleaded with me some more, mainly as I was the first Cabinet Minister to do so even if I had no idea whether anyone else would but so far there had been twelve resignations from the Backbenchers and undoubtedly more to follow. The same appeared to be happening with the opposition but to an even greater degree leaving the Liberals looking from one side of the Chamber to the other. So far over thirty five MPs had given up their seats, some leaving the House completely and some standing in the Sanctuary between the seats.

Four days later I sat beside Kate our knees touching beneath the table as we surveyed the throng of journalists before us. She picked up the single sheet of paper in front of her, “We, the undersigned, do hereby stand down and resign from our Parliamentary seats in protest at the collusion and conspiring between our two parties. All of us were elected by the People to work on their behalf, as our American cousins would have it, to serve the People and to protect them, On examining the documents that the BBC uncovered we find that this basis has been subverted and perverted to further the needs of the few and the privileged for their own ends and ambitions. We were put into office to simply improve the lives of the People not to further the goals of Party Sponsors.

All twenty seven of the undersigned will return to our constituencies and will stand down and not seek re-election. Even though it is only by association we have been found wanting and are not worthy to represent those who elected us. We hope that our replacements will be true and trustworthy of the honour of serving the British People.”

She took a deep breath and nodded to me, “If the gentlemen and women of the press would like to, we will try to answer whatever questions you wish to pose!” I stated and the room erupted into a cacophony of noise.

Eventually after raising my hands the sound receded to a manageable level. I pointed to Packman, who normally never attended any press conferences but today had made an exception, “Jeremy, you started this, it’s only fair you get the first question!”

“Thank you, Mr Harper, the actions of your group of twenty seven-” he looked down to consult his I-phone, “and as of now the other fifteen resignations in the House due you expect the Prime Minister to go to the Queen to dissolve Parliament?”

“To be honest Jeremy I simply can’t understand why it wasn’t done as soon as the documents you revealed were proved authentic. The basis of our Democracy is that there is more than one point of view in the House and that an opposition is there to keep a check on any government in power. It is the cornerstone of Parliament and that has obviously been absent!” I answered.

The rest of the conference continued and in the main Kate and I acted as spokespersons for the group, the fact that we had been almost considered nemesis’s added an incredible weight to our voices. Two days later and the Prime Minister acquiesced to growing demand of both Houses and the electorate. For the first time ever there would be two elections in a single year.


The cheer rippled up the banks of the Thames inland as the Boat Race finished just beyond Westminster Bridge. Oxford had beaten Cambridge and the result was confirmed by the scarfs of the appropriate university being waved in the air. The young man was leaning against the parapet outside the City Barge in Hammersmith when the celebratory wave rippled past; he lifted the half full glass of ale to his mouth and took a small sip.


He looked to his left and a female student, obviously studying at Cambridge was staring at him, a smile playing about her lips, “You really know how to celebrate a win, don’t you!”

He nodded in return, “Yep, barely in control here… I can see you’re so depressed by the result you’re ready to throw yourself into the river. Please, please don’t do it!” he replied in a monotone.

“Well as a member of the Judean Peoples Front-“ she quoted the recent Monty Python release.

“Suicide squad?” he interjected.

She nodded and her smile broadened, “I am ready to commit suicide at a moment’s notice whenever the order comes!”

He turned his body to face her, “That’d be a shame” his smile broadened, then added “Just an observation is all.”

“That’s nicer” she commented on his growing smile, “So tell me why so enthusiastic about your win?”

“Don’t feel as if it’s my win exactly. Sour grapes I suppose… till six weeks ago I was on the squad, busted knee unfortunately, I’ll never play the Piano again” he explained.

“Still your university must count for something?” he dropped his eyes to her the glass of Guinness in her hand noting a simple CND symbol tattooed on the inside of her forearm.

Raising his eyes back up he looked about, “Can’t say I can really see the difference between them all, to be honest.”

She followed his gaze to the general crowd before returning to him, “All Yahoo’s and Frightfully’s? Bit of a socialist, are we?” she asked.

“Not too sure about that, getting more and more difficult to see the difference… are you from Money?” he asked blushing slightly.

“Mommy and Daddy are quite well ‘orf!” she replied in a posh sarcastic voice.

“I won’t hold it against you, but I suspect you’re the black sheep of the family?”

She looked down at the tattoo on her arm, “Rebel without the cause, perhaps… and you? A Proletariat without a revolution?” she shot back.

“Something like that I guess… it does all seem too Orwellian” he replied.

“You mean ‘and Winston finally loved Big Brother’ sort of Orwellian?” she asked.

He nodded and then cocked his head to the wall behind him indicated a CCTV camera mounted on it, “That too!”

She raised the glass of stout she had been holding, “To the overthrow of the Status Quo?”

“I’ll drink to that” he replied raising his own glass, “to fucking the system!”

Her eyes locked on his, “Yes… to fucking the system…together!”

It was later sharing her bed in her parent’s ‘town flat’ in Kensington that the two of us admitted that it was when we raised our glasses to that particular toast that what was to follow was a foregone conclusion.


I leant against the parapet of the Bridge watching the Tiber flow beneath me lost, the clear blue Italian sky casting dappled reflections back into my eyes, the glare quite strong even through my sunglasses. “A win worth celebrating?” asked the woman as she walked up to me.

“Maybe… maybe not!” I turned my head to gaze at the woman wearing a plain white dress with a clutch bag beneath her arm, “You’re a sight for sore eyes, Kate.”

“As you are too, Paul” she answered as she leant beside me following my previous gaze down into the turbulent waters, “Did we make a difference?”

“I hope so… always was hard to tell from the outside, though” I paused, “their still finding their way and Parsons is smart, maybe he’ll spot the pitfalls” I commented about the new Independent Government of the UK that had just celebrated its first year in power.

“A little revolution every now and then?” she paused before hesitantly asking “Glad to be out of it?”

“Yes and no, but mainly yes, you?” I replied.

“Politics definitely, but there were moments…” she answered.

“And what now?” I asked.

“Well, recently divorced, seeking some peace and quiet, I guess” she answered turning to me.

I also turned towards her, “Now there’s a coincidence” I replied with a smile, “I’ve just gone through a divorce as well… I think it had been on the cards for a while…”

She looked about, a small frown appearing on her lips, “I am going to miss the intrigue… a lot” she said as she took my hand.

“Maybe, not going to miss being at the beck and call of some people… all that ass-licking!” I watched as she smiled again, “and to be honest to be able to sit by the river having a coffee with the woman I love is something I’ve longed for almost longer than I can remember.”

She kissed me softly on the lips, “You always were the romantic one, Paul… now that coffee, are you sure?” she asked.

“More than anything” I replied.

“More than room service?” she answered licking her lips.

The End

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