The Future of Flirting 2.0

Dear Avid Reader,

A return to an old story, a slightly confusing one if you remember and although the title above suggests that it is a new version it is indeed a sequel. You may want to refresh your memory of the future I envisaged, briefly or in depth before you proceed with 2.0 but by no means feel you have to.

As ever I do hope you enjoy this fare so without further ado…



A sedate dinner this evening, just my partner Jo, me, Vicki and Graeme sitting around the dining room table in our house. Paula had been right about Vicki and Graeme being compatible but purely in the sexual side of things. Neither of them wanted a long term relationship but often used each other for ‘therapy’ as they put it.

The meal was extremely pleasant, designed by Jo and the house-biot, Claire, had done a competent job of cooking it all although it would have been a huge surprise if it had failed unless it had been taken from the task. We had just finished the main course of Salmon in a pepper sauce with sautéed potatoes on the side and lightly steamed asparagus and Claire was removing our empty plates.

Maybe I should take a moment and describe Claire, our house-biot. A standard looking female unit at 5’ 9”, an inch taller than Jo and five shorter than me with a face that would look perfect, maybe even beautiful on a Michelangelo statue but with no personality can at best be described as pleasant and at worst as bland. Also we never bothered with the wigs one can get to cover the completely hairless pate so the bar-code is easily visible etched across the back of the neck. She wears the standard pale yellow smock around the house or the same colour wind-breaker when out and about and the weather is inclement.


The Biot; without a doubt the single advance in the last century that has done the most for human comfort. Developed by the Deckard Corporation (for whom Jo works for in sales) forty years previously with over three hundred thousand units currently serving humanity and forty basic genome types covering all the basic sizes, shapes and ethnic forms of general humanity let alone customized variations for the more discerning and richer client. The total lack of hair is the simplest feature that differentiates the Biot easily from the rest of humanity as well as lending itself to ease of cleaning and is regulation for any that are used/allowed in public.

All of them basic vat-grown clones, just three months in their incubators to reach maturity and with no more than basic motor functions in existence within their brains. The higher brain functions are carried out from House Hubs or the Ethernet via the subcutaneous chips/trackers implanted beneath their bar-codes. Disconnect a Biot from its control and it will simply stand there for all intents and purposes as if it was a mannequin.

Physically as strong as the standard human genome type it is modelled on but immune to 99% of all possible contagions and viruses and ageing at about 5% of the rest of us. In a general domestic setting ‘good’ for a hundred years plus, although most households that can afford one change them out every decade or so, according to Jo. Obviously used in the more hazardous and arduous industries where risk to life or in particular ‘risk of being sued’ is a higher concern and the low running costs outweigh the initial expense.

Of course they are used in the entertainment industries as well but ‘near perfect’ or ‘Specials’ Biots are tightly regulated and monitored and their use restricted. With CGI and Graphic Manipulation needing a perfect clone of an actor is rarely required and is generally only done for the publicity. Nothing gets the crowds in through the doors as seeing Tom Pitt or Angie Knightley being tortured or fucked in intimate and graphic detail.

Truth be told once you own one it’s impossible to imagine life without one.


As Claire walked around the table gathering the dirty plates Graeme reached out and gave her ass a gentle slap as she walked past. The conversation ceased as the rest of us looked at him; he opened his mouth to speak and then shut it again as a blush rose in his cheeks. It was an odd situation and the pause grew in length as Graeme squirmed a little in his seat before Vicki smiled and began to laugh which quickly spread around till the last to join in was the cause himself.

It wasn’t as if slapping an ass between the four of us was ‘bad manners’ or any such thing; the four of us had indulged in much more intimate acts and it was already on the cards that at some point tonight a further such venture would be embarked upon. The use of Biots in the sex industry was also prevalent but they were all Specials and not the relatively standard model that Claire was. Except in ‘massage’ mode both Jo and I had never indulged with our Biot although her body was fully functional; a standard factory setting that was more trouble to remove than to leave in place. Of course she had all the normal senses of any ‘human’ but the way their brains were wired she had no sense of pain or pleasure beyond what was necessary to monitor her well-being. Claire was just part of the furniture, a handy tool just like the dishwasher or washing machine.

“I’m sorry…” muttered Graeme to the two of us as the laughter quietened.

“Not a problem” answered Jo.

“Just didn’t know you indulged” I offered.

Graeme looked about the group, the colour still in his cheeks, looking down he answered “Actually… I thought… assumed everyone did… you know…”

“You’re gonna tell us next that you masturbate as well, aren’t you?” replied Vicki sarcastically and then leant in and kissed him on the cheek, “You never mentioned it.”

He looked about the group before facing Vicki once more, “Well… when you’re there I err… don’t you know…”

“Get ‘blue balls’?” I offered.

He nodded and lifted his glass of wine to his mouth and jumped a fraction spilling a couple of drops as Vicki squeezed his thigh beneath the table. Jo leant forward on her elbows as Claire returned with the dessert dishes, “Show us” she asked.

Graeme looked into my partner’s eyes and saw the lust within before waiting for approval from the rest of us. I shook my head as Claire placed the dish of Brandy Pears in Vanilla sauce in front of Graeme, “Let’s wait till after dessert and somewhere more comfortable” I suggested and then tentatively reached up and as Claire delivered my plate I gave her full bosom a squeeze experimentally. She remained motionless, no emotion or feeling whatsoever showing on her face and only moved away when I released it. “Hmmm…” I thought aloud.

“Spoil sport!” hissed Vicki pouting her lips.

“Indeed” added Jo and then said with a grin, “Claire, strip!”

The Biot paused before re-entering the kitchen area and pulled the tie that fastened over her left shoulder letting the smock slip down her frame and into her right hand. Stepping out of the single piece of material she folded it and placed it on the side before carrying on with her duties albeit stark naked.

The four of us watched her nude form move about the between the sink and dishwasher and then preparing coffee for after dessert. It was Vicki who pulled her gaze away and proceeded to demolish the dessert in front of her quickly followed by Jo and I and a still very bashful Graeme. In less than a minute and in total silence our plates were empty and Claire returned taking considerably longer to clear the table as four pairs of hands caressed and squeezed her naked form in mixture of lust and curiosity.

All the while her face remained neutral and although her body exhibited signs that she wasn’t immune to our touches we knew it was a completely autonomic response. She returned to the kitchen area as the three of us looked to Graeme for expansion on what was effectively new territory to the rest of us. “Let’s go into the lounge… more wine Claire, forget the coffee” ordered Jo and we all rose and moved through.

Jo and I sat on one of the large cushioned couches as Graeme sat on the opposite one expecting Vicki to join him but instead she sat on a couple of large scatter cushions between our outstretched legs. “We’re waiting… there’s got to be more than simply fucking a piece of meat?” she inquired.

Again the blood rushed to Graeme’s face and he sat there upright hands twisting in his lap, “This is so unfair… I didn’t sign up for this!” he complained.

“No, you didn’t, you signed up for some of this” replied Vicki spreading her legs and letting her skirt fall back exposing her crotch, “and some of this” she continued twisting to her side and hooking a slim finger into Jo’s ‘wrap’ top and pulling it to the side exposing her right breast, the nipple on top hard and erect. Graeme nodded dumbly, Vicki twisted about and reached for my crotch massaging the bulge within, “and let’s not forget about Mark’s thick meat as well!”

She turned back and dropped a hand between her thighs as Graeme squirmed opposite us and then leant back in the seat spreading his arms and legs, “Hmmm… show and tell!”

The ‘Link’ icon appeared in my vision with Graeme’s picture attached, a simple thought and a memory video was streaming into my visual cortex as I supposed it was streaming into Jo’s and Vicki’s. It always took a second or two to orientate myself but I quickly realised that Graeme’s Biot, Jemima, was straddling my face, writhing as I licked her out, my hands stretched up grasping her large breasts. Unlike Claire earlier she was writhing and moaning loudly, grinding her dripping slit into my mouth as her hand reached behind her and pulled on my engorged cock. My own real cock responded to the sensations and images and I quickly released it from its constraint and began to slowly stroke it as the Biot on my face began to pant and demand that I make her squirt like the dirty whore, she is!

The clip lasted for another three minutes and again and again my mouth was flooded with her juices. Unfortunately the translation of taste that I got was pickle which although not abhorrent wasn’t ‘appropriate’ in my experiences. When the clip ended I returned my attention to the room where all four of us had been ‘playing’ with ourselves while a nude Claire stood motionless in the centre holding two fresh bottles of red and white wine waiting for instruction.

I recovered first, “I don’t get it, Jemima is just a standard Biot, isn’t she?” I asked.

Graeme grinned still stroking his cock, any embarrassment he’d had now long gone, “She is, there’s just a couple of tricks you can use!” he answered smugly.

“Such as?” Vicki asked licking her fingertips.

He grinned, “For one, you can sync into her head via your House Hub, as it’s empty in there you can get real control, not just an observer when we do it between us.”

I sat forward onto the edge of the couch, my erection flapping as I did catching Vicki’s eye and gaining a smile, she twisted about casting a glance back at Jo and reached up and wrapped her slender fingers about it, slowly stroking it as she returned her gaze to Graeme. I breathed deeply feeling the slickness upon her fingers, “Mmmm… err… and the gushing and such?” I asked.

“It’s actually standard, all there part of the basic systems I think” he answered looking to Jo.

I looked back at my partner, her left hand beneath her skirt and the other resting on Vicki’s shoulder, she nodded and then said, “But that’s not all is it?”

“No, you can get a program, run it through the Hub” he grinned.

“You’re talking a patch, a personality matrix” replied Jo with a flat neutral tone.

I looked her and then back at Graeme, who nodded. “You know they’re not standard and damn expensive… and totally illegal except under license!”

Graeme’s expression changed to one of a naughty child with his hand in the cookie jar. Vicki twisted to look at Jo, thankfully still idly stroking my cock, “Are they dangerous?” she asked.

“There have been some pirate versions that have had very serious… glitches!” Jo pulled her fingers from between her legs and examined the sheen upon them before standing up and stepping over beside the still patiently waiting Claire. She looked our house Biot up and down, “Put the bottles on the table and kneel down here Claire” she pointed to the floor before addressing Graeme, “How long have u had the program?”

A flash of guilt appeared on his face and he definitely looked like a schoolboy once again, “Twenty-two years… July” he answered.

Vicki burst out laughing, giving my cock an involuntary squeeze, “You’re sixteenth birthday! A present from Mommy and Daddy, was it?”

He nodded sheepishly as Claire returned and knelt before Jo, “Reckon it’s well tried and tested then, upload it please Graeme” she asked as she rubbed her slick fingers together.

His eyes went glassy for three or four seconds before he answered, “Err… it’s called JoyBox.”

A moment later and Claire changed, her jaw dropped open and her chest began to rise and fall, her nipples visibly hardening in an instant and her eyes losing their normal vacant look slowly travelled up Jo’s body. They lingered on my partner’s still exposed breast before locking on her eyes and her tongue slid out of her mouth licking her lips as she reached for Jo’s hand. She began to slowly suck each of her fingers in turn cleaning the remains of pussy cream from them.

“Fuck” I breathed as I slid off the couch to sit beside Vicki and slip my hand into her loose waist band and into her damp knickers, my finger sliding along her slit.

A low moan escaped from Vicki’s lips as she returned her hand to my erection and pulled harder. I slipped two fingers inside her quim, the heel of my hand rubbing against her clit as it presented itself and we watched Graeme stand up, stripping off his shirt as his already unfastened trousers pooled around his ankles; in a moment he was nude and took the two steps up behind Jo. “Think about it… why don’t you get inside her head and imagine all of those things you wouldn’t dare try… well?” he quietly said.

She turned to him and kissed him deeply followed by a slight pause and her movements becoming a fraction slower as she obviously shared her thoughts with the Biot kneeling beside her. Graeme started to disrobe Jo as Claire stood up and walked from the room leaving me and Vicki a little nonplussed. Jo winked at us before surrendering herself to Graeme’s quickly moving hands and by the time Claire returned the two of them were locked in a nude embrace.

“Is it me or is this fucking hot” whispered Vicki and she shifted and sat upon my lap, my erection sticking up between her thighs. I kissed and nibbled her shoulder my eyes locked on the large blue dildo in Claire’s small fist.

Graeme broke the kiss and embrace and bowed before Jo, “What is your desire?” he asked dramatically.

Jo looked at me and Vicki playing with each other and then at Claire who once again performed the transition as my partner moved back inside her head. It was uncanny and disturbingly erotic to watch the previously ‘blank’ Biot exhibit those subtle cues of body language and facial expressions that belonged to Jo; never a conscious thought about them when they were in their rightful place but now noting the obvious nibbling of the bottom lip in apprehension but also how her right eyebrow rose fractionally in sync.

Claire looked at me filled with nerves and lust and said “I want…” her voice trailing away as I watched the Biot blush deeply. An image flashed into my head and we knew what Jo wanted.

Jo moved to the couch and sat down her legs spread wide, her hand slipping to her slit as Claire took hold of Graeme and guided him to the floor before straddling his lap and then looking to me and Vicki. The two of us relinquished our hold on each other and rose as one watching the look of lust upon the Biot’s face. I glanced to Jo, her eyes misty as if she had only just woken up or was about to drop off to sleep, her finger idly toying with her clit and other her hand slack upon her breast.

“I’m not there, Mark, I’m here” Claire breathed hoarsely at me.

I moved around behind the Biot looking down at Graeme’s hard cock nudging its dripping pussy as it reached around and pulled its ass cheeks wide exposing the tight rear hole. For a moment I shook my head as I realised, even though it was nothing more than a biological machine it was about to lose all its ‘virginity’ in one go. I watched Vicki kneel above Graeme’s face, his smile disappearing from view as she lowered down and Claire leant forward towards the proffered ass.

I slipped into position taking the strain from the Biot’s hands which quickly moved to take hold of Vicki’s cheeks and placed my throbbing erection against its anus. I dribbled a little spit onto my angry glans knowing that it wasn’t anywhere enough lube but that was what Jo wanted. “Fuck me!” demanded Jo and pushed back onto Graeme’s cock as my fingers tightened on her hips and I forced my cock into her ass. A deep moan issued from Vicki and I knew that the Biot’s tongue was worming itself into her ass as Graeme plunged the dildo into her cunt and sucked upon her clit.

Claire’s ass refused to yield initially and I grunted loudly as I pressed harder, feeling it squeeze my cock painfully before it parted and I slammed inside feeling my friend’s erection already pistoning in and out of her cunt. Claire groaned deeply into Vicki’s ass, a strange, deeper ‘echo’ emitting from Jo’s mouth simultaneously as we began to find a rhythm between the three of us on this assault of our Biot servant.

A streaming-video icon occurred in my vision with complete sensory data from Jo; I side-lined it, aware of her surrender to it all but knowing that if I opened completely to it I’d be ‘mind-fucked’ with the usual instant ejaculation that occurred with it. I wanted to last as I felt Claire’s ass ripple around my invading cock and her cunt pulse repeatedly and sharply around Graeme’s. Vicki screamed aloud and I guessed she’d gone with full immersion of Jo’s stream her arms collapsing beneath her and Graeme spluttering beneath as she squirted profusely with her own orgasm.

I glanced up at Jo, seemingly oblivious on the couch, her hands lying slack and her eyes glazed over, but her chest heaving deeply and a dark stain spreading over the cushions from her literally dripping cunt. Briefly I re-streamed my vision, narrowing my focus on my supine girlfriend till it centred on her mound. Her labia were visibly twitching, her clit fully engorged and a fiery red as pulses of her juices flowed from her slit. My hands dug hard into the Biot’s hips and I rammed deep inside its ass, my balls bouncing off Graeme’s as we stretched the hole’s to the limit. I ‘private-messaged’ a single word to Graeme and as I saw his hands move beneath me I raised my hand and brought it down hard on the shaking ass cheek in front of me.

The slap echoed around the room in amidst the panting and groaning and grunting. I watched as Jo arched up off the couch and my eyes still focused on her dripping cunt watched it clench and a thin jet of her juices squirt out of the edge of the couch and onto the scatter cushions at her feet. I knew my friend was twisting the Biot’s nipples as I forehanded and backhanded its ass repeatedly. Jo’s body remained rigid in front of us as I allowed her stream full access and felt what she was being consumed by.

My cock erupted violently inside the contracting ass and I would have fallen back except for its vice-like grip. My head span and spiralled with the flood of images and sensations till at last the Biot’s sphincter released me and I slipped free and rolled to the side. It took me the best part of a minute to regain my senses and shut down the still open ‘feeds’ before I looked about.

Jo was twitching on the couch, her pussy still leaking but her body now was slack and not paralysed rigid with ecstasy. Vicki was curled in a foetal position at her feet, her breathing still rapid as she hugged her knees to her chest shaking her head at Graeme spread-eagled before her with a stupid grin on his face. Above all of us stood Claire, her legs astride Graeme’s hips with that blank look on her face once again as she patiently waited for further instructions.

I laughed quietly as I examined her ass cheeks with the fading rosy pattern of my handprint upon them, her breasts equally mistreated and her pussy juice mixed with mine and Graeme’s seed leaking out of her holes dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

“Can I have a go?” asked Vicki sheepishly causing us all to burst out laughing,

Vicki and Graeme stayed that night and it was in the early hours that we eventually let Claire go to clean herself up and I imagined tidying the lounge as we crawled up to our bedroom. The next afternoon Graeme offered to bring Jemima over next time and Vicki lamented the fact that her Biot was also female but it was about time she had it replaced and maybe she would go with a male version this time.

Jo’s eyes blanked for a moment before she said “Order this one, Vicki… it’s…hmm… top of the range, certain extras so to speak” she winked, “and don’t worry I’ll make sure you get my staff discount.”

I raised my cup of coffee to Graeme, “You’ve corrupted us all, my friend!”

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