The Compliments fly when the Quality meet…

Apologies to Mr Joyce


As ever…



The icy November wind seemed to pass straight through my long evening coat, as if I was walking in just my undergarments; I took the few steps from my Hansom cab up to the deep red Georgian door of the Smythes’ town residence. I looked across St. Stephen’s Square in the heart of fashionable Dublin, above the skeletal silhouettes of the trees, dark clouds skittered across the New Moon threatening to release their cargo of snow onto the cobbled streets and shingled roofs below. The door was opened before I even knocked and the heat from within seemed to be that of an iron smelting furnace.

“Good evening, sir” the door man greeted me, “Mary here will take your hat and coat, you will find the other guests taking drinks in the parlour, sir” As ever the Smythes’ staff were drawn from English stock from around the small estate they possessed in Oxfordshire. I wondered that they ever bothered with the Empires’ second city even though their holding in Ireland dwarfed the family estate by fifty to one. I knew the answer of course was here they were the Big fish in this little pond.


Still I was surprised that this was where they chose to hold their eldest daughters debut. Being an eligible bachelor of considerable independent means might be part of the reason I was invited but I was sure my Pedigree wouldn’t be up to the Mistress Smythes’ high standards. Her husband was a different matter as I knew full well that he had big plans to mechanise his Irish holding as much as possible but all his real wealth lay in his land with very few liquid assets. I could easily imagine him seeing his three daughters as disposable resources with which to expand and diversify his portfolio. I wondered if a male grandson as a suitable heir was a primary or secondary concern. I wasn’t in the market for a wife but his aim for a rail line linking Galway in the West to Dublin needed to get its iron from somewhere and it may as well be from my own foundries.

I handed my hat, coat and gloves to Mary noting the dark eyes beneath long lashes as I did so. Walking down the hall towards the chatter coming from the parlour I imagined if I was the Master of the house that Mary would be a temptation too hard to refuse. I stepped into the parlour and looked about at the highest society of Dublin. I had a few moments to survey the primped and immaculately dressed gentlemen and their bright and colourful wives. The daughters on hand at this debutante evening were a pleasant surprise as the limits of polite decency seem to have been lowered for the night along with the teenage necklines. I was sure I had never seen so much cleavage in one place before. Including some of the less salubrious brothels I had frequented!

Lady Catherine Fitzgerald was holding court in the far corner of the room while the hosts were yet to make their own entrance. I could just see the Earl of Foyle with his son ‘hanging’ on her every word while her own daughter seemed to be grinding her teeth behind a forced and fixed smile. It appeared that the ‘Foyle’s’ weren’t privy to the local gossip residing as they did at the Northern extremities of the country that the young Fitzgerald was already betrothed, if not publicly announced, to the seventeenth-in-line to the throne who although didn’t have the slightest chance of having the crown placed upon his head would mean that the Fitz’s would shift a further rung or three up the snobbery ladder.

One of the Smythes’ manservants moved through the gathering with ease carrying a silver platter half full of glasses of some pink liquid. I dutifully took one as he passed. “Rose wine, I believe it’s called Harper” said a voice from beside me, “Italian, no less!”

I turned to the man beside me, “Rose?” I took a tentative sip and was pleasantly surprised with a refreshing flavour that although it reminded me of a watered down red wine was still palatable, “Can’t say I can taste Rose but I’m hardly the connoisseur like Lady Smythe. How are you doing Maurice?”

“One hundred per cent and yourself?”

“Can’t complain” I replied bringing my attention back to the congregation of wealth in front of me.

“So, what are your chances of walking out of here a free man by the end of the evening, Harper?”

I grinned broadly at my peers’ remark. I’d known Maurice for the better part of fifteen years and we were two of an increasingly fewer number of single, eligible and financially desirable bachelors in the Dublin social strata over the age of thirty. For myself it was a matter of choice, enjoying the company of ladies of all descriptions and not necessarily of my own caste whereas for Maurice his tastes lay further afield and the only ‘fillies’ he actually liked or desired to spend any amount of time with were the four-legged variety. Still social pressure being what it was he was in the market for a wife to affect the appearance of normality even though his sexual preference was by no means a secret. “Fairly confident, though I have the feeling it’s going to be a long evening” I dropped my voice lower and tilted my head towards my friend, “and truth be told with all this female flesh on display quite a hard evening too!”

Maurice laughed loudly, “You’re an incorrigible rogue, Harper!” he replied a little loudly so that it drew a few disapproving glances from those close to us and a couple of shy smiles from two daughters on either side of a Baroness from the far reaches somewhere in Munster. As their protective mother turned away I raised my glass to the elder of the two to watch her blush and flutter her paper fan across her ample décolletage. Maurice shook his head beside me, “Now, you know full well such tender meats are not to be trifled with!”

“You are correct, my good friend… but, you know just how sweet that meat would be when it first passed your lips and resided on one’s tongue…mmm!” My eyes were still fixed on the eldest daughter as hers flicked to mine, fully aware, even though unable to hear, that my words were about her.

“Speak for yourself Harper! Now the wine waiter… yum!”

I chinked glasses with my friend, “And you dare to call me incorrigible!”

As the reverberation from our own glasses died away a new one replaced it as Simmons, the butler, lightly rapped a small cut-glass cherry bowl with a silver spoon. I was only stood ten feet away from him but listening to the clear and yet delicate chime I knew that what Lady Smythe had chosen to use as a ‘bell’ was Waterford’s finest ware. I’d had some dealing with the factory and even bought a couple of pieces that had grabbed my attention but I knew the statement that was being made was probably the most expensive piece of glassware or pottery in the house in excess of Twenty Pounds.

The woman had class, quite a number of my own employees wouldn’t earn enough in their lifetimes to be able to buy the crystal bowl that if Simmons misjudged, I knew he wouldn’t, could shatter into a thousand tiny pieces of silica. “Lord and Lady Smythe-Barrington are proud to present their eldest daughter, Miss Caroline, on the occasion of her coming of age!” announced Simmons as the eighteen year old debutante entered the room followed by her parents. A polite ripple of clapping spread through the room as Miss Caroline curtsied and acknowledged the reception.

“Not an adequate filly to ensnare you, old man?” asked Maurice into my ear.

“Well, there’s a lot worse out there, that’s for certain!” I agreed. Indeed, Maurice was quite correct as the young debutante was very pleasant on the eye and her parents, in particular her mother, had spared no expense in their presentation. The young lady stood at about 5’2” or 3” and was dressed in a satin and silk dress that stood out from all the rest in the room by the simple expedient that the ballooned skirts were actually slimmer than the present fashion, by at least twelve inches where they hovered above the floor. In shades of mauve and simple but perfect pleats with fine twisted brocades along the hems it was indeed an eye catcher against the generally bright and gaudy colours of present fashion.

About the only similarity to the other debutantes was the low cut top which extended across to encompass a pair of slim arms approximately half way between shoulder and elbow. The young Smythe took another careful and even lower bow to the gathering showing a cleavage that disappeared into the dark beneath the corset worn within. A simple necklace of pale gold fell forwards sporting a single pendant holding a large ruby. The polite ripple of applause rolling around the room began to diminish and I wondered of those present how many wanted to fuck the young woman and how many wanted to stab her in the back.

“Still feeling secure in your independence?” asked Maurice beside me as Lord Smythe nodded towards me as he caught my eye.

I returned the acknowledgement, “Oddly enough, I feel a stiffening of my resolve!” Maurice coughed beside me to cover his laugh, a look of apology shared with those nearby.

’Resolve’ is your pet name, is it?”

I turned towards him raising my almost empty glass, “HMS Resolve” from now on. A raised eyebrow was the question that followed, “His Majestic….” I faltered as I couldn’t think of an adequate word.

“May I suggest His Man Sword Resolve?” offered Maurice quietly.

Both of our eyes began to water as we controlled our desire to laugh aloud, a definite sign of un-gentlemanly behaviour. Even more disapproving looks were offered in our direction despite our best efforts of decorum. “We need to circulate before we completely tarnish what passes for an excuse of our reputations, I think?”

“You could be right my Dear Man, later” responded my friend as he turned about and made a bee-line for the wine waiter.

“Incorrigible” I remarked to myself as I turned to circulate the other way about the large room. The next ten or so minutes my conversations were safe but boring. As I passed Maurice in our opposite rotations I simply said “His Mighty Snake” earning an almost dropped glass of Rosé which I had since learnt to pronounce correctly.

“Awfully clumsy fellow!” commented a voice from beside me.

I turned to find Lord Smythe-Barrington beside me a glass of dark red wine in his hand, “Quite right, my Lord, they say he is ever only invited anywhere twice… the second time to apologise and to make reparations!” I replied raising my glass in salute.

“Very droll, Harper, very droll” he took a sip of his wine, “Not too much hard work, this little affair of ours, for you?”

“No sir, very pleasant indeed…”I paused before offering, “Though this Rosé is a bit of an acquired taste, very pleasant but…” I swirled the light pink liquid in my glass.

Lord Smythe looked about in a conspiratorial manner, “I quite agree… more of a summers day type of an aperitif, I feel but Lady Smythe required something special, unique for the occasion.”

I nodded to his glass, “I hazard that rank has it privileges?” I asked with a smile.

“True, very true. Don’t worry when I next catch Simmons I’ll put in a word for you. So, how is the world treating you these days, Harper?”

“If truth be told the only complaint I can make is that I have barely enough hours in the day for all of the business I am getting. And yourself, my Lord, no complaints to speak of, I hope?”

“Maybe the opposite of yourself, the estates fairly run themselves, need to find something to sink my teeth into or all I’ll ever be doing is transporting my ladies all over the continent… not that it’s that much of a hardship, actually has quite a few benefits, if my truth be told.” His lordship didn’t quite wink at me but I followed his drift. “I must catch up with you a little later, Harper; a few things I’d like to put past you.”

“My time is yours, my Lord, and it’s always a pleasure” I replied.

A smile was my reply as he turned away. I was lost in my thoughts for a few moments before the tiny hand of Lady Fitzgerald clutched my elbow, “Mr Harper, I must introduce you…”

The next fifteen minutes was more or less one introduction after another to people I already knew, the only relief when Simmons appeared at my side with a glass of His Lord’s fine red wine. Even though I wasn’t the most adept at these functions I caught Lady Smythe’s eyes shooting daggers at least twice at Lady Fitzgerald and her attempt to upstage the host. What I didn’t understand was why no intervention had been forthcoming; still better people than me had failed to discern motives and ambition of the rich and titled. I tended to reserve my ‘political manoeuvrings’ to the sole jurisdiction of commerce, a place I felt infinitely more comfortable in.

Still it wasn’t lost on me that the only person that Lady Fitzgerald didn’t introduce me to was her daughter who had remained on the opposite side of her throughout. An obvious ‘No Trespassing’ signal and though the young Lady in question, betrothed or not, was pleasant enough she did seem rather lacking in a personality of her own and truly held no interest for me, whether serious or casual.

“You manage quite well to conceal your hardships, Mr Harper” said a voice from beside me as I was released from the group.

I turned to the vision in mauve, “Hardships, Miss Smythe?” I asked.

She nodded towards the Fitzgeralds, “Positively insulting of her Ladyship, her neglect in introductions!”

I readjusted my appreciation for the young woman before me, “An oversight, I’m sure. Although of course I fail to gather your meaning” I replied raising my glass and staring a fraction too long into those steel blue eyes.

“Of course” she replied raising her own glass.

I looked briefly about before returning my gaze, “Although her Ladyship doesn’t seem to be the only one not observing the ‘rules’” I stated arching my eyebrow, “Yourself, literally only just introduced to society and yet here, un-chaperoned, talking to a gentleman you have never met… quite risqué, if I may say so?”

The tiniest hint of tongue appeared between the young woman’s rosy lips, “I feel I am quite safe in this crowded room Mr Harper… though I suspect…” she took a sip of her wine before changing the tack of her conversation, “It’s a game I have often played with my mother, she tries to keep an eye and I try to avoid it. Tonight is an easy game though, there are so many diversions and people requiring her attention it is too easy to slip from her side and dear old father has no grasp at all of such ‘rules’.”

“You don’t care for the…” I waved my empty hand in a circle as I tried to think of the right word, “the interaction of society?”

“Oh, I care, it is a necessary ‘evil’ and sometimes can be quite fun as well but at the same time it can be such a bore, don’t you find it such, Mr Harper?” she asked with a conspiratorial smile.

“If I was to be honest…” the woman nodded her ascent, “right at this moment I am feeling particularly engaged!”

“I’m so… ahhh, my mother searches, I shall take my leave Mr Harper or I fear Lady Smythe will be having words with you and I’m of a mind to not see you ‘out of bounds’ just yet!” I went to bow but she was already moving away, her hand brushing against mine briefly and she slipped through the gathering and seamlessly into another conversation. My eyes remained fixed upon the narrow bushel of her dress and I wondered at some length what delights lay beneath.

I was shaken from my reverie by Maurice who immediately followed my gaze, “I am thinking your chances are reducing, although I fear her mother has her sights set far higher than the likes of you or me, my dear friend.”

I shook my head, “Quite possibly true, but I could do worse than Miss Caroline and I suspect she would be no hardship, no hardship at all!”

“Curb those words, Sir. We free-men must stand together… at least until…” he searched the room for a time-piece, “until nine o’clock!”

I followed his gaze and saw that there was barely five minutes until the mentioned time and smiled broadly as we took to observing the room.


The night wore on and apart from watching the brand new debutante and the occasional comic aside from Maurice it became quite the chore.

“Ahh… Mr Harper” said the owner of the hand that had just took hold of my elbow. I turned and saw that it belonged to Lord Smythe, “Do you indulge?” he asked nodding to the cigar case in his hand.

“I do indeed Sir, most honoured that you would see fit to share” I replied and allowed him to guide me through a pair of French doors onto the veranda outside.

The wind had died down a bit and high hedges managed to shelter us from the worst of the remaining as well as a pair of well stoked braziers burning fiercely. Lord Smythe shook out a cigar and I gratefully accepted it although I wasn’t really that keen on smoking but it was the fashion at present and did lend itself to the brokering of deals far more swiftly than sitting around a table. The tips were snipped and I obligingly cupped my hands about the end as the Lord struggled to light it. After a minute we gave up and used the braziers.

I was pleasantly surprised and the aromatic fumes were taken deeper than I usually did. “A very fine smoke, my Lord” I commented.

“My favourite indulgence, Mr Harper… a few extra coins is worth it” he answered sending a large plume upwards to be whipped away as soon as it rose higher than the hedge top.

“You must share the name of your importer, my Lord” I requested partly for my own enjoyment but also that an extra luxury during business could work quite effectively. The quality of these cigars could have most clients coming back just to sample them and giving me the opportunity to offer quotes.

“Make sure to ask Simmons on the way out, he’ll have the man’s address and details…” he replied. We made some ‘small’ talk for a little time and I noted a few covert glances in my direction and of course made sure not to be seen to notice them. Finally our cigars were finished and we moved back to stand in the doorway looking in at the guests chatting away as the servants began to move between them carrying plates of Hors d’oeuvres.

“I’m thinking Harper that we must meet soon to discuss the Western Railway… it really needs to be gotten off the ground don’t you think?” the Lord said as his eyes searched the room.

“I’m a hundred percent behind it, my Lord, the sooner the better in my opinion” I replied.

The man straightened his neck as he found what he was looking for and began to usher me through the nearest guests, “We need entrepreneurs like yourself Harper… too many round here look down on the likes of you” he whispered before raising his voice once again, “The old and the new… side by side, that’s what we need… ahhh, Caroline, have you met Mr Harper?” he asked his daughter as we stepped up to her.

“Father, yes I have had a brief word with him already this evening” she turned to me, “I hope the evening has been engaging for you, Mr Harper?”

“It has had its moments, Miss, always a pleasure to talk with your father if nothing else” I replied nodding to the Lord.

“I’ll leave you two to talk of topics too new for these old ears of mine… we’ll meet soon Mr Harper” he nodded and after my acknowledgement drew the couple who had been talking to his daughter away.

“Subtle, doesn’t really describe it, does it Mr Harper?” commented Caroline.

I smiled at her warmly, “I’m sure I have no idea what you mean.”

“And I’m sure you do, but I am also sure that a pursuit of unknown meaning is to fall on barren ground too” she answered although her smile remained and still seemed to show more than a passing interest.

“An independent young woman, do I not commandeer myself to you in the slightest then?” I asked.

“You commandeer quite well, Mr Harper and within this room, barring perhaps your good friend Mr Phillips,” she searched the room briefly before spotting Maurice who did indeed cut a handsome figure, “who we both know falls outside such concerns, you would be the most commendable. However you mistake my meaning, I am not of such an independent nature to go against my father’s wishes, whereas he will fall to my mothers. Of course he won’t realise that by the time he thinks such things are decided but the decision is set already.”

“May I ask who is to be the fortunate man? If I may be so bold” I enquired.

She turned back to me and took a small sip of her wine, “In complete confidence?” I nodded, “The man in question is Charles Rotherham the second” her smile increased as she saw the look of puzzlement adorn my face.

“Is he not to be engaged to the Fitzgerald girl?” I asked.

“So it would seem but it is not announced” she smiled and then whispered “but who knows what the night will bring.” I watched as her painted fingernail rose up and slowly, teasingly traced a line on her chest down towards her décolletage, “later perhaps, Mr Harper.”

Again she walked away a girl under half my age who had me wanting to follow her like a dog on a leash and yet it seemed one that I was never to have a chance with.


The evening wore on and my eyes returned to the young Miss Caroline again and again, twice I had watched that fingernail, seemingly absent of mind, return to the charms I so wished to sample only to see it removed and then her head turn to catch me staring. It was only on the third such occasion that I drew my eyes away, mid stroke and caught her reflection in the large mirror above the fireplace watching me also.

She was indeed a credit to behold as she moved with a surety that was far beyond her years, attentive one moment, enthusiastic the next and all in sympathy with whoever she was talking with. Indeed after watching her mother also exhibit the same expert social skills one knew that the future Mrs Charles Rotherham the second and one day the Countess of Gainsborough would be a force to be reckoned with. There was just that matter of the Fitzgerald girl.

I was once again stood with Maurice who had badgered me about my encounter with Lord Smythe and the following conversation with his daughter and had just eventually got me to confess that she was to be another’s when a loud commotion sounded from near the doors and all heads turned in that direction. At first it was unclear exactly what the source of the fuss was except that there was a raised female voice and then the clatter of glass and the crowd parted to reveal the eldest Fitzgerald daughter and her parents in an effort to restrain her. To all intents and purposes the girl was drunk.

I drew my eyes away and found Miss Caroline, her face, although showing no surprise wasn’t one of victory or gloating but instead a look more of regret. The same couldn’t be said of her mother standing beside her whose eyes were full of delight. “Excitement at last” whispered Maurice in my ear.

And the end of a possible engagement before it has begun” I offered back.

Ohhh…” his smile faded, “the poor girl.”

She was quickly led from the room and instantly the conversation resumed at a far more enthusiastic level than it had been previously.


We were gathering our cloaks and hats in the entrance hall just after midnight, “The Gresham?” asked Maurice.

Considering the state of my thoughts and the way Caroline had teased me it was already in my mind to head to the club that catered to both our tastes that Maurice was inferring to behind the Hotel, “The Gresham!” I agreed.

“Excuse me, Mr Harper?” a small timid voice spoke from behind me.

I turned about to look down into a pair of dark eyes, “Yes… Mary?”

She smiled back at me at the simple fact I had remembered her name, “If you will,

Your presence is requested for a little while longer.”

“Oh… okay then…” I turned to look at Maurice, “Guess I’ll catch up.” My friend gave me a quizzical look and stepped through the front doors into the dark. I turned back to Mary, “Lead on.”

I followed the servant down the corridor and was quite surprised when she led me up the stairs and onto the first floor, a turn to the left and a further turn and she led me into a room, “If you will be so kind as to wait here, Mr Harper” Mary said quickly before closing the door and leaving me on my own.

I turned to survey the room lit by two oil lanterns affixed to the walls and was taken aback as I realised it was a bedroom and with only the briefest of glances, a woman’s. I took a couple of steps onto the large rug at the end of the four poster bed and wondered if my intimate desires if not honourable ones for Caroline might be about to be fulfilled. Slowly I turned about taking in more details, the array of scents and powders and a jewellery box on the mirrored bureau, an exceedingly luxurious chaise longue that didn’t quite match the rest of the furnishings, a second door I assumed led to a bathroom beside a Tallboy chest and matching cupboard and finally that grand four-poster with the blankets already turned down and a sheer nightdress draped across it.

My mind was full of the contradictions of the upper class which I strived to join; the absolute adherence to polite and correct behaviour in public and the apparent change behind closed doors I was about to experience where the only rule appeared to be discretion. I remained in the centre of the rug for some minutes, my cloak and hat still folded over my arm before I heard footsteps approaching along the corridor outside. The door was opened by Mary once again and Lady Smythe entered the room. I was at a loss for words.

“Thank you for waiting Mr Harper” she said as she walked past me with Mary in tow to the bureau where she sat down and began to remove her earrings as Mary unfastened the necklace and laid it down in the open jewellery box. I stood there transfixed until she twisted in her seat and looked at me, “Nothing to say, Mr Harper?”

“I beg your pardon, my Lady… I’m at a loss” my answer faltered.

“The dashing Mr Harper is at a loss, Mary; I suspect it may be a first!”

“I suspect you are correct, ma’am” she answered and smiled over at me and then slowly lowered her gaze without any measure of subservience. I was a little stunned that she did but still felt out of my depth and suddenly as if I was the servant and she was my better.

“Did you think this was Caroline’s room; that you were going to have some sordid assignation with my daughter?”

“No, no my Lady, not at all” I stated even though I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks and even though I hadn’t thought it, I had indeed hoped. “I’d assumed it was his Lordship who had wanted further conference and it was only when Mary ushered me into this room that I doubted.”

“At least he didn’t suggest that he thought this was the Master’s bedroom, ma’am!” offered the servant.

Lady Smythe looked about, “He’s not a complete fool completely guided by his libido, I suppose.”

“Not completely,” Mary added staring directly at my crotch. Mary sparked a match, quickly followed by the smell of sulphur, lighting a pair of candles and then doused the oil lamps one by one to leave the room lit by the dimmer, flickering light only.

The colour filled my cheeks completely and I hoped vainly that the displaced blood would be withdrawn from the swelling within my trousers but although my ardour was indeed waning, it was by no means doing it fast enough.

The lady of the house stood up having removed the gold bracelets that had adorned her wrists and even in my stunned state I realised she was considerably shorter than when she had entered the room having obviously removed her shoes surreptitiously while sat. The likeness between mother and daughter appeared greater as the woman before me smiled, the laughter lines deepening and the crow’s feet revealed about her eyes but she still held some of the beauty she must have possessed in her own youth. Mary moved behind her and began fiddling with the ties down her spine and for a full ten seconds I watched in shock as it appeared Lady Smythe was getting ready for bed with me standing there. I swivelled about to face the door and heard the two women laugh softly behind me, “At a loss and now shy as well, Mary; this is indeed a day for firsts!”

“My apologies, my Lady I can return at any time you wish to discuss… whatever it is you seek from me!” I said trying to keep my voice steady.

“I wish it discussed now, Mr Harper” the woman replied sharply.

“I… err… as you wish” I stuttered.

“The simple fact is that the hand of my daughter will not be offered to you no matter what my husband thinks or what you desire.”

“I would not presume, my Lady” I answered.

“I am not blind, Mr Harper, I am fully aware that Caroline finds you most attractive and I would not have her swayed by your charms and fall shy in her duty to her family.”

I heard the rustle of material behind me and couldn’t believe that a woman of such standing was doing what she was. “I fully understand, my Lady, I will… endeavour not to… encourage such an attraction.”

“The season is upon us, Mr Harper, there are many engagements at which the two of you will be present, how can you be sure that your mere presence will not distract her?” she asked firmly with another rustle of clothing from behind me.

I was beginning to wonder if she knew her daughter as well as she thought because the Caroline I had met had seemed duty-bound and resolute, “I can but try, my Lady, I can’t see what else I can do but remove myself completely and alas that is something I cannot do.” Although I could easily do without the season of engagements personally it would amount to business suicide if I removed myself from all social gatherings.

“I might have a solution, Mr Harper, if you were to have an escort, a possible fiancée; it might help you to maintain your distance and unavailability” she suggested.

I stared at the door in front of me, raising my eyebrow for no one as I realised that Lady Smythe was playing the Matchmaker, “True, my Lady; that would indeed work except for lack of candidate.”

“That presents no obstacle Mr Harper, in actual fact I believe the eldest Fitzgerald girl is seeking a good marriage, or at least will be soon” she stated accompanied by a quiet laugh from Mary.

I couldn’t help but smile as I realised that I was being presented as consolation prize for the Fitzgerald family and I suspected it had been this female Machiavelli’s plan from before the evening had begun. Normally I would have fought against such manoeuvring but I realised that the proposition was one that I would unlikely be able to improve upon considering my present place within the social strata as it stood. “And you would see fit to broker such an arrangement, my Lady?”

“Of course, Mr Harper, if you had such a desire?” she said, the smile and satisfaction in her voice was self-evident.

“Well, I would be most appreciative, My Lady, thank you very much.” I stepped towards the door, my hand resting upon the handle, “I shall take my leave then, My Lady!”

“Pause one moment, Mr Harper… I feel that maybe you are due some recompense for your trouble…”

“None needed, my Lady” I answered unsure of what she meant to offer.

“True, but still… if you would come over here, I’m sure we can think of something mutually… agreeable” she responded and I heard a faint giggle slip from Mary’s mouth.

I chewed on my bottom lip for a second before I turned to see the Lady of the house sat up against the pillows at the head of the bed dressed in the sheer night dress I had seen lying upon it earlier. I kept my eyes levelled at hers even though her dark nipples were obvious atop the swell of her breasts. At first I didn’t see her servant but as I approached the bed she slipped from behind one of the draped posts dressed in just a plain petticoat that just reached to the tops of her thighs. She moved about and stood beside the foot of the bed as I stepped up.

“I can see why my daughter was enamoured of you, Mr Harper, she has very good taste” Lady Smythe said, her tongue slipping out to wet her lips.

Without a word Mary reached up and began to undo my cravat, I glanced briefly at her but remained still as I turned my attention back to the woman sitting upon the bed, her feet crossed just a short distance in front of me as her hands slid down her thighs and her red painted fingernails began to bunch up her nightdress. The cravat slipped from my neck and Mary began to unbutton my shirt, “And I can see where she got her beauty from” I answered dropping the formality of her title.

“What she makes up for in youth, she lacks in experience… and that is something not given out by the pure chance of nature…” the hem rose higher and the feet slipped from one another as the woman before me raised her knees exposing her pussy beneath. “Something that is learnt and practiced and honed, wouldn’t you agree?”

Her knees fell apart as Mary pulled my shirt out of my waist and pulled it off my shoulders with my jacket, “Something one must persevere with if one really wants to be good if not…expert!” I stated as my eyes took in the denuded mound before me. I watched as her fingernails glided up either side of her slit which glistened in the candlelight. Mary dropped to her knees beside me quickly pulling off my shoes and socks; glancing at her once again she smiled up at me and rubbed her palm across the bulge in my trousers before unbuckling my belt.

“Enthusiasm is all well and good but the practiced hand or tongue or cock is so much more satisfying, wouldn’t you agree Mary?” asked Lady Smythe as she teased apart her labia to reveal the wetness within.

“Ohhh…” Mary took hold of my trousers and undergarments and slowly drew them down, her breath held as my erection was bent downwards before it finally sprang free and a sigh was released from both of the women, “Most definitely…Sarah!”

I stepped out of the remains of my clothing as I felt the servants small hand wrap itself around my girth squeezing it harder than I could have imagined from her, “A satisfactory specimen…” breathed Lady Smythe as she slid a finger up along her slit till the nail teased the hood from her engorged clit, “Will it suffice?” she asked as a tiny shudder rippled through her frame.

I slid my hand through the servants’ hair as she leant forward unnecessarily to examine my length, “Very satisfactory… nice and thick and cut…like a Royal cock…” she stuck out her tongue and curled it up letting just the very tip roll up and over the ‘eye’ gathering the precum that was present.

I breathed deeply as the young woman teased me and watched as Lady Smythe suddenly crawled forward to the edge of the bed with a simply ravenous look on her face, “And taste?” she hoarsely asked.

Mary’s mouth slid down my length in a single fluid movement, my glans bumping briefly against the back of her throat before she withdrew and turned releasing my cock and stood to kiss her mistress deeply and passionately. I stepped forwards taking myself in my hand and stroked my length as I glanced between the two women and wondered how much of what was to come would be my decision. Tentatively I slipped my hand beneath Mary’s petticoat and thrust a finger into her soaking quim; she groaned deeply into Lady Smythe’s mouth.

She thrust back against my invasion and broke the kiss looking back over her shoulder with lust adorning her face, “Our man gets impatient, Sarah…”

“He’s not the only one…” admitted the Lady of the house and she quickly slipped from the bed and turned about bending over in front of me. Mary reached for the sheer nightdress and lifted it over her mistress’s hips exposing a round ass that only just showed signs of age upon it.

“Mr Harper… your recompense awaits” stated Mary as she grasped Lady Smythe’s cheeks, her fingers pressing into the soft flesh and pulled them apart revealing both ass and soaking pussy. Reluctantly the servant pulled herself free of my finger and dropped down to kneel between her mistress’s outstretched feet, her head turning upwards and her lips locking onto the engorged clit she found there while her hands resumed their position, the fingernails visibly digging into the alabaster flesh.

“Ohhh….Fuck” moaned the elder woman as I took up position behind her. I watched Mary’s fingernails crawl and scratch across her flesh leaving tiny faint wealds in their wake as I grasped my cock and slid the angry glans along Lady Smythe’s stretched open gash. I raised my hand to my mouth and sucked like a child on my thumb for a second before pushing it into her tight puckered hole as I slammed my length into her twitching cunt. Her head dropped down and she grunted loudly as she gnashed at the blankets; my fingers splayed out above her asshole as I curled my thumb within feeling my thickness slide back and forth within her through the thin wall of flesh inside.

Mary sucked and hummed on Lady Smythe’s clit as my heavy balls bounced against her chin with each thrust and I felt her hand rise up and plant itself on my own ass urging me to fuck her mistress faster and harder. A wry grin was spread over my lips as I wondered what Maurice would have said if he could see me although I was sure he was already ensconced at the club behind Gresham’s and had his cock being serviced or was servicing another cock. I slammed harder and deeper, reaching forward and pulling the wig that had adorned the older woman’s head away and threaded my fingers through the greying hair beneath pulling it free of its binds as I pressed her face harder into the bed.

Guttural noises emanated from this Lady of good breeding as she thrust back against me and her holes twitched about my invading thumb and cock; I felt Mary’s slim finger, slick with her own pussy juice I assumed, worm itself between my ass cheeks and I shifted my feet apart and was rewarded as she pushed it deep into my anus. I groaned deeply and redoubled my efforts and within a half dozen thrusts was emptying my seed deep inside her pulsing cunt. “Fuck” I uttered as Mary’s mouth engulfed my shrinking sac and my cock jerked violently within its warm wet prison.

As my own spasms ceased I pulled my softening length out of Lady Smythe who seemed to crumple on the bed as if my cock had been the only thing sustaining it. Mary immediately slid her mouth over my member sucking hard and powerfully upon it; she refused to allow it to deflate completely, coaxing and cajoling life back into it until after three or four minutes I was hard once again. Lady Smythe had recovered and had turned to lie along the foot of the bed watching her loyal servant at work, her own fingers delicately scratching and teasing her heavy breast.

Mary knelt back admiring her work with a satisfied smile. “Such admirable qualities should be rewarded, don’t you think, Mary?” suggested Lady Smythe.

“Oh yes, Sarah, rewarded in full!” the kneeling servant answered.

“Well… Sir, what do you want to do with your two wanton harlots?” asked the older woman.

I spent the next hour or so degrading and demeaning this paragon of polite society and using her at my whim till I was fully sated. The two women curled up with each other, the servant delicately caressing the bruised and reddened ass of her mistress. They were both asleep in each other’s arms as I finished dressing and let myself out of the room into the darkened house.


I had left my shoes off as I made my way downstairs, treading on the sides of the steps nearest to the bannisters to avoid unnecessary creaking although I figured the servants that might be awake were fully aware of the base desires of their mistress and knew better than to catch any of her late night visitors.

Successfully negotiating the stairs I made my way to the front door thankful that the light from the New Moon illuminated the hallway to some extent. I paused at the door and knelt down to slip on my shoes when I almost jumped out of my skin and would have probably shouted except for my chest clutching tightly. “I told you!” the voice had said from the doorway beside me.

“Fuck” I breathed, now sitting on my ass; I looked at the shadowy image of Caroline stood there in a white night dress.

“Mr Harper, hardly the language of someone of your standing to use in front of a young woman!” she replied with a smile.

“My apologies, Miss Caroline” I whispered.

“You’re forgiven, so we are not to be betrothed?” she asked and I shook my head as I resumed the act of putting on my shoes, “And the suggestion of Mellissa Fitzgerald met with your approval?”

I let my eyes roam down her form, noting that her nightdress was far more conservative than her mother’s and considerably longer although even in the dim light the pair of hard nipples poking through on two firm young breasts were easily visible. I stood up and stepped towards her, “I’m a practical man and you are a very well informed young woman.”

“Simple really, if you hadn’t approved Mother would not have rewarded you so. Of course you are aware that it is a one-off… she likes to slum it but on her own terms and very rarely is there ever a repeat performance!” she answered turning to face me.

Previously I would have been completely taken aback by such a statement from someone of Caroline’s standing but a lot had happened in the last two hours; easily competing with any experiences I’d had in any whore house. “I hadn’t realised that you were waiting, if I’d known…” I left the sentence hanging unsure of what I would’ve done.

“If you’d hurried and not given my Mother and Mary a good and thorough fucking; rest assured I would have been disappointed and I wouldn’t be here. One of my mother’s talents seems to be her choice of cock!” she stated and squared up in front of me and again I jumped but this time not as much as I felt her palm upon my crotch. My tired and slightly sore member gave a twitch in response which was echoed in Caroline’s smile.

I smiled back, “Not behaviour befitting a Lady and one who is soon to be betrothed?” I answered reaching up and slipping my hand beneath her long untidy hair and around her soft neck.

“Have you met Charles? An incorrigible bore and rather dull of features as well. I am simply doing what a Lady in my position does to ensure a long and happy and fruitful marriage” she rose on her tiptoes, her hand squeezing my crotch harder and kissed me fiercely. Our kiss lasted for some time and as we broke and she dropped back down onto the flats of her feet she continued, “I need a lover and for that I have chosen you!”

“You assume that I am in agreement?” I mused.

She looked down and then back up, “Well one part of you is in agreement and after the grinding ordeal it has just been through your cock does seem very keen! Of course it would be in our interest to ensure you had reason to be visiting…say business with my father and a certain railroad?”

“A night of choices that have been already made it seems!”

“And has one of them not to been to your liking?” she asked as she skipped away.

“No not at all” I smiled as she stepped onto the bottom of the stairs.

“You shall hear from me shortly, Mr Harper, be so kind as to see yourself out!” and with that she rose up the stairs.

“The fucking upper classes” I whispered with a smile as I slipped out into the cold night no longer with thoughts of a club but simply of the long walk home through the falling snow and my own warm bed.


The End

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