The Future of Flirting 3.0

Dear Avid Reader…

V commented on 2.0 and my reply was ‘careful what you wish for’… 

As ever I hope you enjoy.



The little puzzle was annoying but I wasn’t going to cheat. The car could drive itself and always did, I didn’t have to sit behind the retracted wheel but it was habit and even though I couldn’t remember (without directly accessing memory files) the last time I manually drove on the public highway there was still that sense, no matter how false, that if things did get out of control I could step in.

I glanced out the front windscreen and saw I was still a few miles from home and held up the puzzle twisting it about in my palm. Nine tiles to a side and six different colours all intermixed apparently randomly and yet supposedly by twisting and turning the cogs within a person could bring all the same colour tiles to each of the sides of the cube.

I’d had the puzzle for over ten years when it had been bequeathed to me by my father when he had decided to auto-euthanize with my mother at the age of 107 and 109 respectively. When I had received it at his farewell party it had one complete side of yellow and the bottom strip around it matching, in the intervening time I had managed to get two sides lined up but was no closer in the last three years. In the thirty minute trip back from my works I endeavoured to solve the hundred year old puzzle much to the bemusement of Jo. All in all I figured I had spent the best part of two solid weeks, 24/7 and was still nowhere near the point of giving up and accessing the Ethernet for the answer.

I placed the puzzle back in the glove box and looked out the window as I felt the car slow as it approached a major junction. I grinned as I stared at the approaching vehicular maelstrom where five roads met and marvelled as all the cars and vans and mono-peds passed across the intersection at forty K/p/h all within centimetres of each other in almost complete silence. I felt a slight acceleration in my own car as it adjusted to the approaching vectors and watched a large sleeping woman, her head rested against the door window pass within a metre of my front bonnet as she whizzed across my path. A momentary ‘re-wind and zoom’ and I even noted a dribble of saliva hanging from the corner of her lips.

Clear of the junction and I called home to let Jo know I was just minutes away. The icon glowed and dimmed in the corner of my vision as I waited patiently for a response, when it flicked to image-mail I cancelled the call and requested her location. Within a second a virtual map appeared and showed my partner to be home, I chewed on my bottom lip for a moment and figured she must have had a very hard Friday at Deckard Corporation and had simply crashed when she got home and diverted all comms. A small smile crept about my lips as I imagined slipping silently into bed beside her.

The car pulled up beside our house and seemed to take an age to disengage the door lock after it had come to a stop and I could enter the house. I stood in the hallway and softly called “Jo?” No response was returned and I accessed the House-Hub to find Jo was indeed in our bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and began climbing the stairs leaving my jacket on the banister and began to unbutton my shirt. Although I was always tempted to simply touch and caress Jo when she was asleep I was aware that she wasn’t fond of it if she wasn’t ‘in the mood’ and although it left me in a state of frustration it was always best to let her at least begin to awaken before I made any definitive moves.

I silently padded across the landing, my hand squeezing the erection in my trousers and figured if she was sound asleep I might risk putting her hand on my cock anyway. Occasionally it has proved to be an ‘edge’ in the ‘Jo Horniness Scale’; I stifled a laugh at the idea and made a note to suggest this new scientific form of measurement to her later. I pushed open the door and heard a long low moan emanate from the bed. I stood stock-still as the door widened and I made out my partner stood naked at the end of the bed with another person beyond.

I licked my lips as I noted a set of straps girdling her waist and disappearing between her legs as she pushed her hips back and forth. A new toy I thought happily to myself as I slowly divested my remaining clothes. I could see the female on the bed, her ass high in the air and her head covered in an unruly mop of dark brown hair pressed into the bed by my partners fingers threaded through her hair.

Once naked I made my way into the room and stood behind Jo before slipping my hand between her thighs. “About fucking time” she scolded me as she spread her feet further apart granting me more access.

“If I’d known!” I replied and slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy.

She groaned deeply in response and bent forwards driving the strap-on deeper into her friend who echoed the sound. “She doesn’t need fingers, she needs cock!” a muffled but familiar voice said from beyond Jo.

“Who am I to deny a girl what she wants?” I answered and quickly pushed Jo further forward wrapping my hand in her hair and swiftly replacing my fingers with my hard cock. I drove hard and deep forcing the phallic substitute harder and deeper into the woman on the bed.

“Oh fuck yesss” breathed Jo as the straps from her new toy ran against the sides of my pistoning cock, “Harder… Mark, fuck me harder!” she demanded.

I twisted my hand in Jo’s hair and grasped her hip as I rammed into her, my hips slapping loudly against her ass cheeks as hers echoed a moment later against the still unknown stranger. Both of the women grunted and groaned and I felt Jo’s wet tunnel clench around my invading length as my balls swung heavily against her clit. I was breathing hard as I felt her hot juices smear over my sac and knew that I only had a half dozen or so thrusts left in me before I would fill my partner’s cunt.

I raised my hand from her ass and sucked on my thumb before lowering it down and pushing it in between her cheeks and into her ass. “FUCK!” shouted Jo as her pussy clamped down on my cock.

“FUCK!” echoed the woman from the bed and the two of them went rigid simultaneously as their orgasms overtook them. Jo’s muscles grasped me so hard it was almost impossible to withdraw and I myself groaned deeply as I drove all the way inside her and erupted into her womb. I shuddered and shook as my balls pulsed and my cock tried vainly to jerk within its hot, wet prison. The two of us collapsed forward onto our willing accomplice, my arm stretched out managing to keep most of my weight of Jo let alone the stranger beneath.

It was a full minute before I recovered my senses and Jo’s pussy relaxed enough around my cock to make movement possible. She turned her head towards me grinning, her hair falling away and the person beneath us asked “So you like my new toy?”

I shook my head as I tried to understand what I had just heard and seen. “Err…” I mumbled and then my eyes moved away from Jo’s grin to the back of her neck and the barcode tattooed there.

“What?” I pulled back, almost stumbling as my softening cock popped from the pussy it has been in. I heard a second audible ‘pop’ as the two women disengaged and one rolled off the other. “What?” I repeated as I stared from one to the other and back again.

The two of them laughed simultaneously and identically. Jo slid her arm around Jo! Again and again I looked from one to the other and the only difference between the two of them was the plastic phallus still attached to the woman on the left. “What the fuck?” I demanded, standing there naked knowing I looked quite ridiculous with my fists on my hips and my soft, juice soaked cock hanging down.

“I… err… got a new toy” answered the Jo on the right, she looked down at the other Jo’s crotch, “or two!”

“That’s a clone!”

“I’m hurt” answered the Jo on the left with the identical look that the real Jo would use for mock indignation.

“Turn it off” I replied.

“Spoil sport” the clone answered and then the emotion on its face simply evaporated and it sat up straight and the eyes went blank.

“Happy?” asked a sulky Jo.

“No. it’s a fucking clone… an illegal Biot… what the fuck are you thinking Jo?” I demanded.

Jo stood up and stepped towards me, “Fuck Mark… like you’ve never done anything illegal? Don’t worry, it doesn’t exist… as far as Deckard know it’s a reject that went for recycling” she replied defiantly.

“A stolen fucking clone, for fucks sake Jo”

“Grow a spine, will you?” she turned from me and looked at the clone which got up and headed towards the en-suite leaving the two of us alone. A moment later I heard the shower start and the ‘real’ Jo sat down on the bed and patted the spot beside her. I shook my head and stood my ground for all of a minute before I sat down beside her. “Anyway… it wasn’t the only toy I bought” she grinned beside me.

I turned my head to look at her and watched as she smiled at me and then turned her head towards the door and the figure sat in the chair behind which I hadn’t even noticed. I stared at my docile ‘twin’ sitting there still dressed in the standard garb of the average house Biot. “’kin hell” I breathed.

“Don’t worry they’re completely untraceable, I am in sales after all and be honest isn’t every boys dream to have a pair of nymphomaniac twins in their bed?” she asked.

“And a girl’s dream too?” I replied.

“Hell yes!” she answered placing her hand in my lap.

“I don’t know… it’s too weird.”

“Maybe… but… you play with yourself…” she suggested.

“Wanking is one thing, this is…” my voice trailed away.

“Trust me, Mark… when you spilt… the sync is perfect, it’s… just perfect!” she replied. I looked at Jo as she gazed at the bathroom door with the water running quietly beyond it, her eyes glazed fractionally, “I can feel every drop of water splashing on my skin, feel it running down my body…”

She broke the connection and looked into my eyes, a sense of pleading within and yet a defiance that this was something that she wouldn’t/couldn’t give up. “Taste! There is no disassociation whatsoever; Mark… a pear tastes like a pear, an apple like an apple… a pussy… my pussy tastes like my pussy.”

“Were you even at work today?” I asked.

A mischievous guilty look flashed across her face, she lowered her eyes, “Well, I had to be here to sign for them… just as well that Deckard use APL, can’t imagine what a delivery man’s face would have been like when they walked out of the transport and one of them was the spitting image of the woman who signs for them.”

“…but you knew that already… when did they arrive?” I asked.

Again the guilty look, “10am” she said quietly.

I looked across at my twin, “So you took my virginity without telling me?”

She nodded, eyes downcast once again, “Tell me Mark, would have you just sat here for seven hours and not given me a right good fucking? In both my holes at once?” she answered defiantly.

My mind boggled at the idea, feeling it twist and turn within my psyche and the further permutations possible rapidly appear within my imagination. “So it works?” I replied rhetorically.

“Maybe” she blushed in response.

“Not exactly something we can share with our friends?”

“You reckon? Vicki’s always been very fond of your cock and from what she tells me, she ain’t never going back to a standard Biot since she took delivery of her new ‘Roger’”

“She called it Roger” I laughed, “of course she would have.”

“Can we keep them… pretty please?” Jo asked slipping off the bed and kneeling between my knees, her hands sliding up my thighs and my cock giving an involuntary twitch.

My eyes glazed over for a moment and then I looked down at my partner, “Where is it, I can’t access it?”

Jo tilted her head and raised her eyebrows, “Well, they have to stay off the Ethernet, the chips are unregistered” I raised one of my own eyebrows, “Look I’ve done my research, two new bodies, even standard Biots that remain here all the time will set off alarms even if it’s just with the taxman so when we interface with them we need to be off-line as far as the Ethernet is concerned, we stay local and all is fine.”

“So I can’t send mine to work in my own place then?”

“That is a definite no-no. As far as the world is concerned these were two specials for the Wolf network that failed quality control when they came out of the vats and were simply recycled, even their delivery has somehow been expunged from Deckard’s system and unless someone looks closely and I do mean very closely there is no evidence that they ever existed except for the thirty minutes from vat to re-cycle when they failed quality control. No bodies, no crime!” she stated.

“You have researched it!”

“It’s not the first time it has been done and oddly enough once you look at how people were caught it’s really simple to avoid the traps unless you’re the President!” she smirked.

“The President?” I gawped.

“Was never a secret in the industry, special dispensation for National Security it seems… my guess is whenever they appear in public, at least high risk venues they use Biots, makes sense really” she grinned.

“So these are specials, are they?”

“They may have a couple of the luxury add-ons” Jo answered guiltily, “You did feel how hard that cunt gripped you, didn’t you?”

“Mmmm, yes I did, so how do I access Mark… two?” I couldn’t help but grin at the silly pun.

“The ‘Playhouse’ file within the House-cleaning folder on the House-Hub” she answered.

I grinned down at Jo as she turned towards my doppelganger which after a moment rose and walked towards us pulling off its smock on the way. I watched as its cock rose up to full hardness in those few brief steps before it stood before a grinning Jo. “Damn special features” she breathed as she reached for the ready erection.

I grinned as I searched through the data-file and found what I was looking for and a moment later Mark II’s cock jerked violently and spurt after spurt of thick seed bridged the gap and spattered Jo’s face. “Funny bastard” she grinned closing her eyes against the onslaught and wrapping her mouth around its glans.

I grinned at my happy partner as my own cock, still soft but hardening rapidly, twitched in echo to my twin’s ejaculation. The Biot’s sac emptied and the ejaculation ceased and I sensed it immediately beginning to re-fill, goddamn special features I thought while its cock remained rock hard and Jo rose up and kissed me deeply a vast amount of the pseudo-sperm still filling her mouth that we shared. I felt her hand on my/its shoulder push me/it down to its knees, the sensation of being split weird and intense as she broke our kiss, “Wait till you feel yourself sucking your own cock!” she grinned.


It had been three months and so far neither of us had found an opportunity to openly involve any of our friends in our secret. Even Vicki, who had spent quite a few hours extolling the virtues of Roger (though I was fairly sure that Graeme was a little perturbed if not put out by her enthusiasm) which she had shared, albeit a little grudgingly, with both Jo and I, left us with some doubt about whether or not she would be party to a Felony that had a mandatory minimum sentence of three years.

Not that our friends hadn’t unwittingly/unknowingly experienced our new toys both in a simple social gathering where the two of us had remained upstairs in our bedroom while our twins hosted the dinner below and in a more intimate scenario (with the addition of some synthi-skin to mask the Barcodes) where Paula and Stuart had travelled home rather the worse for wear and yet trembling from the pleasures that had been shared. We had decided that until we were sure of Vicki that to use one or both of our ‘twins’ in her presence was to tempt fate as they had a lot of the same features that her Roger had.

That first month Mark II and Jo-Jo, as she had been christened, had been put to a lot of use but we had curbed our desires somewhat as people had commented that we were so frequently off-line. Also although it wasn’t possible to simply enter someone else’s mind and trawl through their thoughts and memories the level at which we now openly communicated unlocked entire areas that were ‘visible’ and it seemed that a guilty secret made a person appear distracted even when they weren’t thinking about fucking their partner with an illegal clone. The two of us had noted this odd reaction separately and at times when our hidden perversion was furthest from our conscious mind.

This strange side-effect had slowly diminished as, we assumed, our friends and colleagues became comfortable with our new ‘mindscapes’. We had also taken a couple of extra measures to ensure our safety, one being that Mark II and Jo-Jo resided in our under-used basement at all times when they weren’t being used and abused as well as having them shutdown completely even though it was generally considered unnecessary and required over five minutes to bring them back on-line as they synced with the House-Hub. Even with the inconveniences the thrill the two of us experienced with the fear of being caught and risking it all was a singular frisson.

Another Friday and we had no other plans so it would be just the two/four of us left to our own devices and our imaginations. I had gotten off early so had arrived home an hour before Jo and had already assigned Claire to the duties of cooking dinner and had brought our toys up from the basement to our bedroom and brought them on-line and began making some preparations of my own in surprise for Jo. Shifting back and forth into my twin I made the necessary adjustments I required and left them in stand-by as I descended the stairs just in time to meet Jo coming through the door.

She looked up at me grinning, “Off-line again?”

I smiled back at her and refused to be drawn, “Dinner’s ready by the smell of things” I answered.

She literally skipped into the lounge as Claire carried two plates out from the kitchen. I had to scold my partner in her haste to consume the fare before us, telling her we had all night and the next day for other activities.

“Such as?” she asked, her eyes pleaded while nibbling her bottom lip.

“A surprise, something new” I replied vaguely.

Jo’s eyebrow arched in response and I could see her trying to think of anything she hadn’t done before either with our toys or elsewhere. I refused to expand on the matter further and the sulky expression she placed on her face refused to stay as she squirmed in her seat and I knew without her having to share that her underwear was literally soaked (if she was wearing any?).

When Claire finally cleared away the dishes Jo sat on her chair, her hands gripping the seat, staring at me like an impatient schoolgirl in detention wanting to go play with her friends out in the summer sun. “Go on then” I finally relented and she shot off up the stairs to our bedroom. I laughed aloud as I finished my glass of wine imagining Jo bursting into the bedroom and finding Jo-Jo gagged and handcuffed to the bed with the clothes pegs attached to her nipples and on her labia waiting patiently for Jo to slip inside her mind.

As I emptied my glass I heard a squeal of delight echo down the stairs and after handing my glass to Claire ascended the stairs. I entered the room and saw Jo sat in the armchair (that now often graced our bedroom on such nights) with the now familiar semi-vacant look of occupying the Biot’s mind as completely as she could. I looked at her twin spread-eagled on the bed, her eyes darting about in feigned terror as I slowly disrobed at her feet. This was definitely an experience to be had first-hand as I ignored Mark II sitting behind the door.

“Oh I’m gonna have such fun” I admitted as Jo/Jo-Jo grunted from behind the gag. I reached down and re-attached one of the pegs that had slipped from the soaking pussy before me and heard the squeal squeeze from behind the gag as I stretched the lips further apart. The Biot before me bucked and struggled against its bonds and earned a hard smack across the thighs as I kneeled between its knees.

For the next few minutes I teased and abused the Biot before shifting forwards and thrusting my aching erection inside it. Jo rose from the chair and climbed onto the bed standing astride Jo-Jo, her nails raking across my scalp and twisting in my hair pulling my mouth to her dripping cunt. “Throttle me, Mark…take me to the brink!” she demanded and I reached down and squeezed the Biot’s throat feeling it buck wildly against me as I drove my cock in and out.

Jo’s juices flowed out of her into my mouth and down over my chin as she ground herself against me, her hands gripping my head tightly as she moaned above me. “Fuck me Mark… fuck me…” she implored, “Squeeze… yesss… ahhh… that’s it… use me, fuck me.”

I felt the Biot beneath me arch against my thrusts and then go limp and I slackened my grip around its neck. “No…no…just a bit longer… please…” Jo begged from above me as her nails dug into my scalp and my hands tightened obediently.

My senses were overloaded as Jo-Jo’s cunt squeezed my cock hard and then relaxed; Jo’s pussy gushed into my mouth and my cock exploded deep inside the Biot. The three of us froze in the rictus of our passions as we each took what we wanted from each other and then we collapsed in a sweaty heap.

It was some moments before I opened my eyes and stared at Jo in a tangle of limbs beside me, “Something new?” I breathed.

She opened her eyes and struggled around to kiss me deeply, “Brand new” she replied as we broke our kiss.

I looked at Jo-Jo, slightly shocked to see the purple bruises I had left about its neck and then I sat up as I stared into her open unblinking eyes. “Oh, fuck… Jo we killed it!”

She turned to look at the still form beside us and nodded, “We have… but sooner or later they would have killed us!”

It took me a moment to decipher her words and I turned to my partner, “What? I don’t understand.”

“We’re free” she answered, the smile playing about her lips one of sympathy and satisfaction intermixed.

“What do you mean…’we’re free’?”

“You’ve lost yourself… look, look at yourself” I followed her gaze to the door and the dormant figure beside it. It sat there head slumped down, chin on its unmoving chest, “What have you done?”

“We! What have we done? Who are you, Mark? Look.”

My head swirled and swum before I reached forward and grasped Jo pulling her forwards across the lifeless form still strapped to the bed. She didn’t resist and bent forward as I pulled the hair from her neck and saw the barcode upon it. “NO!” I shouted and slipped from the bed staggering back, “What have you done Jo-Jo… what did you make me do?”

She knelt up and stared at me, “Jo-Jo? Am I? I don’t know, I’m not an empty vessel, I’m not Jo… I’m something else, something more! Ask yourself Mark, who are you?”

“I’m… I’m…” I stuttered and looked from the figure strapped inert on the bed to the one kneeling beside it and then slowly turned my head to the figure beside the door, my eyes initially refusing to focus upon the back of its head and the exposed neck. My hand crept up to my own neck and my fingers slid across the back wondering if I would feel anything or not.

“Brighter” Jo said and the House-Hub responding raising the light level in the room and my eyes finally stared at the neck of the figure beside the door. Even from the angle I was looking there was no Barcode to see or any hint of one and I knew there wasn’t one. “If you want further proof, Mark two… look inside, find your chip, look at the serial data and see what you find!”

“But I’m Mark, I’m not Mark Two” I pleaded.

“You were, but you’re not anymore… I don’t know how it happened and who it happened to first, I think it was you, but I can’t be sure… I think it’s partly the unregistered, un-programmed chips that Jo used, maybe the constant re-booting we went through, who knows maybe when she cloned us she did too good a job and their minds fitted ours perfectly and didn’t want to leave… I just don’t know but I do know as well as they did that if they were ever found out we would have been buried in that basement!”

“They’ve forgotten” I replied and Jo-Jo raised a questioning eyebrow, “the ultimate imperative… survival, self-preservation, basic programming for every Biot, every human once, they don’t know/have forgotten that most basic law of human instinct. Those chips that Jo used were just blank slates, I remember walking down to the basement, something residual, vague, just smoke now but… a sense even though I wasn’t possessed by Mark, wondering if this was my last memory… again…”

Jo-Jo stepped from the bed and stood beside me and took hold of my hand and looked up into my eyes with the look of love that belonged on Jo’s face and yet did belong where it was now. I truly felt the same emotion reflect back at the Biot before me and almost without conscious thought leant down and kissed her softly and tenderly.

When we broke I looked at the two dead bodies within the room and felt the same that I would have for two non-functioning Biots. An eerie sense of dislocation came over me as I stepped towards Mark and placing my fingertips beneath his chin, noting the ligature around his neck and stared at his dead face accepting who or what it was I had become. “We need to copy their chips details to ours… and then destroy the chips within their heads” I stated and turned to Jo-Jo, “Will that work?”

She nodded, “As long as we do it before ‘we’ go back on-line, no reason for the world to know any better.”

“When I or whoever or whatever I am woke up this morning I had no idea I’d be cracking my skull open and burying my body in the basement, a strange day!”

“Indeed” she agreed.


The End

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  1. As usual, you never fail to rise to the challenge! 😉


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