Tuesday Morning… Part 2

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The third Tuesday of June…


My obsession with Hani was invading my mind and I was finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused. Even when I was at Head Office, far removed from the object of my lust, my day dreams would take me back to our Tuesday mornings and scenarios that ended with a fulfilment of mutual desires. For the first time ever I had taken myself to the toilet and beat one off in the cubicle not that it helped in the slightest to alleviate my preoccupation.

Today I was a mixture of emotions. Nothing was obviously going to happen today and all at once I was glad and frustrated that the risk of succumbing to my desires was removed. Both Gina and Adam were at home on this overcast Tuesday morning.

Hani arrived just before nine as I was beating eggs for the omelette we were preparing, “Adam’s had to pop into his office but he should be back by ten or so” she announced.

“That’s a shame” replied Gina, “we’ll save him some food.”

“No need, he said he’d grab a sandwich at work and get back as soon as” answered Hani before turning to me, “I was wondering Paul if you’d take a look at the cupboard door in our bedroom, it’s on the point of falling off and you know how useless Adam is with practical stuff.”

“Sure, no problem; I’ll do it now won’t take me ten minutes” I turned to Gina, “okay?”

Gina looked at Hani and one of those looks passed between them that us poor boys would never understand, “Yeah that’ll be good” she replied.

Hani took the mixing bowl from me, her eyes smiling, “Thanks Paul you’re an angel.”

I walked down to the shed glancing back at the two women, already deep in conversation, my eyes flicked to the area behind the shed which I had frequented often in the past week and still hadn’t seen Hani using the suntrap. I gathered what tools I thought would be necessary and headed for the neighbours’ house.

The application of a couple of matchsticks, a little glue and the screws holding the cupboard door hinge were tight once again. I placed the tools back in the bag and looked about the room. Thinking back I had only ever been in the room once before when the ‘new neighbours’ Adam and Hani had moved in all those years previously giving me and Gina a tour after two months of intense decorating. I couldn’t remember the colour scheme back then or if it was any different but it was obvious that it had been decorated in the last year or so.

My thoughts turned directly to Hani as I looked at the bed, one side unmade, the other smoothed down and body lotion and hand cream sitting on that bedside cabinet. I rubbed my chin and stepped closer sure that this was the side she slept on, the well-thumbed crime thriller lying there further confirmed my suspicion. I looked about knowing I was alone but at the same time feeling intensely guilty; a twist of my head and I could see through the window to the rear decking behind my house and standing there the woman who slept within the room.

I watched her, obviously talking to Gina just out of sight holding a mug of coffee. My eyes once again roamed over her form, the plain white T-shirt beneath a plain red cardigan atop a pair of figure hugging jeans and I considered how much I would love to kneel behind her and caress her derriere. My scrutiny remained as she took a sip of coffee and then looked up at me, her gaze remained steady, no accusation within it as one hand lowered holding the mug and the other rose to push an errant hair back behind her ear. A smile played about her lips as her focus returned to my unseen wife and although the spell of her gaze was broken the full blown erection it had caused remained.

That devil reappeared on my shoulder telling me to simply take myself in hand and find her knicker-drawer and for a few moments I almost followed its orders. I began to turn away, determined to simply pick up my tools and return to my own house when my eyes fixed upon the lower drawer of Hani’s bedside cabinet. It was open an inch and something glinted from within, enticing me like iron-pyrites to a prospector. Even before I was aware I was kneeling down and pulling open the drawer to reveal its secrets.

I was breathing heavily as apart from the usual various detritus there was a silver vibrator about six inches in length and an inch in width. I couldn’t stop myself even if I’d wanted to and reached in and picked it up bringing it directly to my face. I sniffed at it deeply and was a little disappointed to find it smelt of sterile wipes or some such but it didn’t stop me placing it to my lips and flicking out my tongue. This had been where I desired to be and I sucked it an inch or two into my mouth before shaking myself and placing it back in the drawer beside an open box of condoms that was mostly full.

I resisted the urge to see if there was a date stamp upon them, not wanting to know if my object of desire had sex all the time or never; both answers wouldn’t satisfy me at all. I closed the drawer and headed out of the room and back down the stairs to the garden. I returned the tools to my shed and proceeded back up the garden and paused for some unknown reason before coming into view of the two women.

“I don’t know” I heard my wife say.

“It’s frustrating, I tell you…” answered Hani and I decoded that this was maybe not a conversation I wanted to eavesdrop on or at least not caught eavesdropping and walked heavily across the decking announcing my presence.

“All done?” asked Gina giving me a look that probably meant I should have given her more time to discuss whatever it was they had been talking about.

“Good as new” I answered.

There was only the briefest of embarrassing pauses before we all fell into more normal and mutually acceptable conversations. The three of us finished preparing and cooking breakfast and had it mostly eaten by the time Adam wandered in. Our neighbours appeared to me to be their normal friendly selves but Gina was being overly tactile with me for some reason, it was totally lost on Adam but kept drawing smiles from Hani.

As we were clearing away the mugs and plates Gina bent down in front of me to load the dishwasher and I went to move past her, my crotch brushing her ass not entirely accidentally and was met by her pushing back against me. My fingers gripped the tray I was holding tightly as she manoeuvred her hips and slid my bulge up between her skirted buttocks. I almost moaned and glanced across at Hani who was staring transfixed at our unsubtle tableaux; her tongue was visible sliding between her lips and Adam still remained ignorant tapping some message into his phone even as his wife squirmed beside him on the stool.

I looked down at my wife and watched as she placed the final plate in the open machine before her and stood up slowly, never easing the pressure against my erection, looking over at our observant neighbour. She twisted about, her hand sliding over my crotch and giving it a brief squeeze, her eyes still fixed on Hani’s before stepping away and leaving me standing there mesmerized. I stared at Hani’s lust-filled eyes as they flicked between my crotch and Gina’s broad smile.

“Oh shit” uttered Adam breaking the spell; we all looked to him, my wife and me with expressions of guilt on our faces and one of frustration on Hani’s.

“What?” Hani demanded.

He pulled his attention away from his phone, “I got to get back to work” he mumbled apologetically, his eyes flicking between the mine and Gina’s and refusing to settle for long on his wife’s.

Hani dropped from the stool, her cardigan dropping open and my eyes fixing on the obviously hard nipples sticking out through her bra and T-shirt, “Adam! You only just got here!”

“I’m sorry…” he replied dropping his eyes and apparently for the first time noting anything amiss about his wife. I almost laughed as I glanced at Gina and realised that the only one not looking at Hani’s erect nipples was herself.

“Sorry Gina, Paul. Hopefully next time the fool here will actually join us fully… YOU! With me!” Hani grasped Adam’s hand and led him out the doors and back towards their house.

Just as they were stepping over the threshold another look flashed between my neighbour and my wife and almost before I had turned about wondering if I would get an explanation Gina was heading for the hall. I stood there for a moment scratching my head listening to my wife heading up the stairs before I turned and followed.

I entered our bedroom and looked about for a sign of Gina and checked the en suite. “What the fuck” I whispered to myself and then checked the family bathroom with still no luck before hearing a creak from our eldest son’s room adjacent and pushing open the door to see my wife kneeling on his bed looking out of the window. I chewed on my bottom lip knowing that the window gave an even better view of Adam and Hani’s conservatory as well as the rear of their house.

Gina glanced behind her, “You took your time!”

Even from the door I could tell she had a hand between her thighs, my own instinctively reached for my own genitalia, squeezing it hard through my shorts before advancing across the clothing-strewn floor of an average teenage boy. “Care to tell me, what’s happening?”

“Just come here and watch” hissed Gina as I climbed onto the bed feeling a little intrusive of my son’s ‘territory’ in a strange way. All those thoughts disappeared as I looked down through the glazing of our neighbour’s conservatory. The view was far better than from the bathroom as we watched our food friend’s apparently arguing.

I broke my gaze and stared at Gina, one hand gripping the sill as the other was moving slowly but deliberately beneath her skirt; the scent of her sex quite plain to my nose. I looked back down, Adam was standing with his hands spread wide in placation as Hani was poking him in the chest and once again I was about to ask my wife why we were watching and in what way she found the scene below to be sexually stimulating. Then I saw Hani glance up at the two of us, albeit briefly but with no surprise at all on her face; the poking finger lowered and although it was obscured from our viewpoint I knew it was directed at Adam’s crotch or even grasping it.

We watched as his head dipped and he appeared to freeze as his wife dropped to her knees and her hands began unbuckling his belt quickly followed by his jeans and boxers being pulled down his legs. “Show us” hissed Gina and without pulling her gaze from the action below said to me “You better get it out as well!”

Hani shifted to her right pulling Adam around and we were greeted with the sight of her hand pumping on her husband’s rapidly growing cock. “Oh fuck” I breathed and instead of releasing my own aching manhood I reached for the button and zipper on Gina’s skirt and pulled it down letting it drop to her knees revealing an absence of underwear. “Slut” I stated earning a smile from her as I quickly pulled her light sweater up over her head earning a groan of frustration as she had to temporarily break contact with her soaking slit.

Gina’s bra quickly followed before I stepped from the bed and stripped completely adding to the ‘floor-drobe’. Carefully I slipped Gina’s skirt from her legs and climbed back onto the bed pushing her forward at the hips and dragging her wet fingers from her slit; I knelt between her feet and dragged my swollen length along her soaking slit before driving it all the way inside her hot pussy.

“Ohhh fuck yes…” groaned Gina loudly as she thrust back against me; my fingers dug into the flesh of her hips tightly as I leant forward to look down past her. Adam was now sat back on the couch upon which Hani had slept while I had wanked in the adjacent room a fortnight earlier, the object of my lust was knelt between his legs licking up and down his hard cock which looked to be an easy eight inches in length.

Gina rose up and I happily followed as she straightened her legs while bracing her arms upon the window sill while I reached beneath her and grasped her breasts trapping her hard nipples between my fingers. We watched Adam’s head loll back as his wife’s lips encircled his glans, her hand locked about the base pulling it towards her and her eyes looking up at the two of us. I slowly began to thrust in and out of my wife’s cunt matching my speed to Hani’s head as it began to bob up and down her husband’s length. Gina breathed deeply and thrust back watching her friend take more and more of Adam’s long cock into her mouth; I squeezed the breasts in my hands tightly and felt a like response within the cunt I was sliding in and out of.

“You’d like that… wouldn’t you?” muttered Gina, “Hani’s mouth wrapped around your thick cock!”

“You know I would…” I replied driving deep into her cunt almost forcing her head against the window pane, “Tell me you wouldn’t want to feel that long cock of Adam’s filling this hot cunt of yours?”

We watched Adam’s fingers thread through Hani’s tresses as he lifted his ass up off the couch driving all but the base of his cock inside his wife’s mouth. She wasn’t having it and having undone her jeans and pushed them down, one foot still entwined in a leg she reached out and pushed him back and pulled her mouth from his shaft. She slapped his hands away and simply straddled his hips and thrust herself down onto him. She impaled herself again and again on her husband’s erection; the look on her face when her eyes focused on him one of ownership.

Gina and I fucked hard and fast watching our friend use her husband for her carnal desires completely aware when Hani gazed up at us it was a look full of desire and lust. I felt my wife’s pussy clench about my shaft and her juices spurt out over my balls with each thrust; I pulled hard on her breasts, my fingers digging into her flesh and she grunted loudly as her orgasm overtook her. Still I powered into her quivering cunt as she went rigid, the tendons in her neck standing out as the wave of pleasure washed over her.

As the cascade subsided Gina went completely limp and my gaze focused on Hani; she had her hands gripping Adam’s head, the nails I imagined scratching at his scalp as she rode him hard determined to take her pleasure from him. I felt my sac tighten up in prelude to my own orgasm, “Ohhh here it comes babe” I announced.

“No” muttered Gina and to my surprise she pulled herself free of my cock and dropped to her knees before the window grasping my slick cock and pulling me forwards to stand on the bed. “I want Hani to see” she stated and pulling hard on my shaft aimed my cockhead at her open mouth. I looked between the two women, wanting to watch my wife acting like a total dirty slut but wanting to watch Hani watching me.

“Oh fuck” I breathed and my cock jerked hard in my wife’s small hand shooting a thick heavy gob of my seed straight into her mouth. I glanced down at my neighbour and saw her shake and shudder upon Adam’s cock and I knew she was orgasming along with me. “Oh sweet Jesus!” I exclaimed and pumped string after string into my wife’s willing mouth. As my reservoir of sperm diminished I felt Gina’s lips slide over my glans and down my throat, groaning deeply I saw Hani collapse on top of Adam, her eyes trying to stay focused on the two of us.

I pulled Gina’s mouth of my wilting cock earning a reluctant moan from her and dropped to my knees and kissed her deeply tasting my own salty taste upon her tongue and the hint of her own pussy juice as well while my eyes remained locked on Hani’s.

Gina dropped lower and pulled me down as Hani lifted herself off Adam and flopped back beside him on the couch. Almost instantly he rose pulling up his jeans and turning towards us. The two of us peeked over the window sill like a pair of juveniles.


We had watched Adam remonstrate with Hani half-heartedly about making him late for work and Hani half-heartedly acting remorseful. When he had pulled his clothes fully back on he walked from the conservatory and a moment later we heard his car pull away. Meanwhile Hani stood up, not bothering about her attire being in disarray and turned towards us smiling broadly. Mouthed ‘thank you-s’ were exchanged before our neighbour checked her own watch and realised she would be late for her shift at the hospital if she didn’t hurry up.

I turned about and leant against the window sill and looked at my wife, “So… want to tell me what that was all about?”

She arched an eyebrow, “Are you complaining?”

I shook my head grinning as I slipped from the bed and began gathering my clothes, “Still what might be classed as aberrant behaviour!”

Gina joined and began picking up her own clothing till she looked about thoughtfully at our son’s detritus lining the floor, “What did I do with my knickers?” she asked.

I looked about, “You’ll definitely confuse the poor lad if you don’t find them…must be a month or more since he had a girl up here and if he asks her… sheesh that’d be a conversation to watch!”

Gina looked at me, her lips turned up in a mischievous smile and yet a blush filling her cheeks, “Don’t… help me find them, Paul” she pleaded.

“Well, tell me why I was just part of a Peep-show!” I replied and looked about the mess of the clothes on the floor.

She knelt down on the floor still holding her clothes in one arm as she searched under the bed. It took quite an amount of self-control not to simply kneel behind her upraised ass so I pulled my eyes away and immediately spotted the misplaced underwear. “Well Hani and I had a little heart-to-heart while you were fixing her cupboard” she began, “Seems she’s been feeling neglected by Adam recently and…” she paused to consider her words as she knelt up scratching her head. “Safe to say, she’s been left to her own devices!”

I thought back to her bedside drawer, “Going through a few batteries?” I asked.

“And then some it seems… but she’s also been…” she stopped and looked up at me.

“Go on” I urged intrigued.

“Well. She’s been spying… on us!” she answered blushing deeply.

“Really!” I nodded my head towards the shelf behind me and the errant panties hanging on our eldest son’s award for rowing from when he was fourteen. “I think finding Mom’s cum-soaked knickers on that might lead to some psychiatric counselling!”

She stood up and faced me “Exactly how long have you been letting me carry on searching… I know you were eyeing up my ass, you pervert?”

“Pervert, is it?” I replied with indignantly, “This coming from the slut who wanted her friend to see her take a mouthful of cum just a few minutes ago!” I lifted down the panties, rubbing the crotch between my thumb and finger before handing them to her, “It really got you hot, didn’t it?”

Gina tried to pull off an innocent look but standing there nude and holding her clothes in one hand it wasn’t easy. I raised an eyebrow questioningly and lowered my hand down, wiping her panties across her pussy finding it still wet as I pushed some of the fabric along with two of my fingers inside her. She moaned, “Mmmm… okay… yes… now please let’s take this elsewhere…”


The last Tuesday of June…

All week we’d been carrying on like a couple of horny teenagers much to the chagrin of our boys. The curtains to our bedroom had remained open and we had even shifted the bed closer to the window which had resulted in a ‘thank you’ text just shortly afterwards from our neighbour. Even though we had stared out of our window at the back of the house we had not seen Hani in her garden or ours for that matter.

We had discussed her present predicament and it seemed Gina’s advice taken the previous Tuesday of Hani simply grabbing her husband by the cock and fucking him although successful on that occasion hadn’t yielded any improvement the rest of the week. Adam was even busier than usual with work it seemed. Gina had asked me if I thought he was having an affair and I was honest that I didn’t think so but didn’t admit that Adam was smart enough not to brag about such things if he was.

The simple fact was that Hani’s misfortune was my blessing. It was probably the first time since our first year together as boyfriend/girlfriend that we had fucked every available night and my wife had become so much more vocal in the bedroom/bathroom/or wherever the mood took her. Listening to her ordering me to fuck her harder, asking me if I could imagine our neighbour with her fingers buried in her cunt (a word she had previously shied away from) as she watched the two of us. Looking down at Gina lapping at my length covered in her fresh pussy juice suggesting how happy I’d be if it was Hani’s juices that Gina was licking from my thick cock.

All the time the thought of the last few weeks and the idea of whether my change of attitude to my neighbour had somehow affected her as well infected me. That single brief glimpse of her crotch while I’d massaged her feet as she snoozed and then fell asleep had unleashed the ‘walking gland’ mentality of my youth which I had begun to think was beginning to fade with age.

Was Adam really distant or was Hani just simply hornier in some response to my own libido. Tuesday had arrived and Gina had gotten dressed and given me a sedate kiss on the mouth as her hand had squeezed my ‘morning wood’ through the bedclothes, “Give Hani my best” she had simply said as she sashayed out the door. I lay there looking out of the open curtains and wondered was I just fantasising that there was a subtle message in that statement. Needless to say my cock was the blue-steel of youth at the time.


I locked the bi-fold doors behind me and looked across at the rear of my neighbour’s house. No sign of life and I already knew that Adam and the kids had already left and I was sure that Hani was on a day off. It was quite possible she was still asleep and the thought that she was in bed did nothing to soften my ardour. I walked slowly to the fence and slipped through and up to the back door and tried the handle. “Locked” I said to myself and fished out my key and opened the door calling out, “Hani?”

My voice echoed around the house and no reply came in answer. Curious I thought and made my way to the foot of the stairs and called again not so loudly with the same result, the devil on my shoulder at work, “Very curious” I muttered standing there wondering what I should do. I made my way back to the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee and the picked up the Hani’s mug and made my way to the stairs.

My imagination ran away with me as I ascended to the landing and towards Adam and Hani’s bedroom. Would I find her asleep, it had been a hot night and maybe she’d be lying naked on her bed with the covers thrown to the floor or maybe she be so engrossed with masturbating she hadn’t heard me. My cock throbbed hard within my shorts as I tip-toed to the door and eased open the slightly ajar door.

The bed was empty! “Shit!” I breathed as I stepped into the room, no sound of running water coming from the en-suite or any noises of life at all. She must have gone out as I edged deeper into the room my eyes fixed on the un-made bed and the glint of silver poking out from under the pillow. I placed the mug on the bedside table and retrieved Hani’s vibrator from beneath the pillow. It was still warm as if it had been used recently and at length and as I ran my fingertip along the smooth length I detected a stickiness and without any hesitancy I lifted it to my mouth and tasted my neighbour’s drying pussy juices upon it.

I moaned quietly as I sucked it into my mouth and my other hand pushed down my shorts and released my throbbing hard-on from its captivity. I stood there stroking my length lost in my own little world as imagined my tongue deep inside Hani’s soaking slit. My eyes were tightly shut as pumped my cock harder and faster knowing I was only moments from ejaculating all over the bed. Then I heard her calling my name. My eyes shot open as I turned my head back to the door and heard her call louder still.

“Fuck” I muttered and my seed shot out of my jerking cock right across the ruffled sheets and even onto Hani’s pillow. She was climbing the stairs; “Up here” I called back as I stuffed my still erupting cock back into my shorts and slipped the vibrator back beneath the pillow. I managed to just pick up the coffee mug and turn to the door as she stepped into her own room a quizzical smile on her face and wearing the same summer dress she had worn a fortnight earlier.

“Caught you!” she laughed.

I laughed in reply before saying “I err… thought you were still asleep so I brought you up your coffee…” My mind was struggling as I felt the last spasms of my cock eject my semen inside my shorts, “Also thought as I was here that I’d.., inspect my handiwork, see if it’s still holding up.” I pointed to the cupboard doors.

“You’re so sweet Paul” she answered her eyes moving past me to the ruffled bed. “Although you might have got an eyeful if I had been” I watched her pupils dilate and a light blush infect her cheeks as I assumed she spotted the vibrator hopefully where she had left it, “Too hot to wear my nightie last night and by this morning, well you would have got more than you bargained for!”

“Damn I should have come earlier” I joked and then asked “A run to the shops?”

She blushed even deeper as I spied a paper bag in her hand, “Oh yeah some essentials and-“she pointed over her shoulder, “some croissants down stairs too.” Her eyes dropped and I watched as they seemed to linger on my crotch and I wondered if my seed was staining through my shorts, I didn’t dare look down. “Well shall we retire back downstairs then?” she asked and threw the paper bag past me onto the bed where it landed with the clink of something heavy and metallic.

My eyes automatically followed the bag and saw it spill its cargo of batteries onto the sheets, I turned back feeling my own cheeks blushing deeply to see Hani shrug, “Essentials” she simply said and twisted about to head out the door. I followed meekly after.

Still holding Hani’s coffee and following her down the stairs I almost walked into her as she stopped suddenly and turned about. A large drop of coffee spilled onto the wooden stairs as her eyes travelled up from my crotch to my eyes, “Not as if I could have blamed you though” she said and turned about and continued down and disappeared into the kitchen leaving me at a loss on the stairs. I looked down at my crotch and noted a small dark patch just to the left of my short’s zipper.

“Pervert or incontinent!” I whispered to myself and continued into the kitchen to find Hani loading up tray with the pot of coffee and the croissants she had bought before proceeding to the back door. Once again her body was silhouetted through her dress as the sun shone through and my semi-flaccid cock twitched in response and a further heavy drop of seed squeezed out of its eye. “Fuck” I breathed as I followed her and picked up my own coffee from the side.

Without looking back she said “I think the suntrap will be nicer” and continued of her deck and down the meandering stepping stone path across her lawn. My eyes were fixed on Hani’s ass and my tongue was licking my lips as I followed her with the inevitable result that my cock was beginning to swell again within my shorts. We turned about a large blue-flowered Clematis bush into the secluded suntrap; I glanced at the peak of my shed over the ivy that covered the fence between our properties and thought it was a shame that I hadn’t caught my neighbour sunbathing.

Hani bent at the hips offering me the perfect view of her glorious ass as she placed the tray on a small table between the two already cushioned recliners either side. I chewed on my bottom lip as I noted a bottle of suntan lotion, a pair of her sunglasses and an empty coffee mug already there. I stood there for a moment and chewed on my bottom lip as I walked over to the right hand chair noting a faint pattern already upon it.

“You’ve been out here already this morning?” I asked as I studied the pattern and figured it was Hani’s imprint from a few minutes ago.

She picked up her sunglasses and lay down on the adjacent recliner spreading the unbuttoned lower part of her dress to expose her long legs to the sun, “Oh yes… just for a while” she answered as she pulled up the back of the chair into a more upright position and picked up a croissant and took a small bite from one end.

I sat down on the edge of my recliner facing my friend and today without the equality of sunglasses to hide the direction of my gaze. I glanced at Hani’s outstretched legs and noted an object in the shade below the recliner and it only took me a brief moment to realise they were a pair of binoculars. I looked up at her house and saw her bedroom window above the Clematis as well as our own even without the aid of binoculars.

I knew that my head and shoulders would’ve been easily seen from this position and yet the backdoor had been locked. I dropped my head and looked between my thighs at the edge of the cushion beneath me and rubbed my thumb and finger along the edge. I wasn’t sure but there did seem to be a hint of dampness about it and knowing I was under the gaze of my neighbour I lifted them to my nose and inhaled deeply and then drew my tongue across the tip of my thumb.

I grinned unable to detect the hint of Hani’s pussy I had tasted just moments earlier of her toy. I lifted my mug and took a long drink from it before asking “You don’t mind if I get some rays, do you?”

“Hmmm… not at all” she said softly taking a further bite from the pastry. I watched as numerous crumbs dropped from her lips and settled on her upper chest and slowly rolled down into the exposed valley between her full breasts on view at the open neck of her dress. I pulled off my T-shirt and rolled my shoulders hearing the joints click and crack.

“So, what a week Hani!” I stated and saw her eyebrow arch behind her glasses, “Has Adam been any less busy?” I asked.

Her lips tightened and she shook her head, her eyes following my hand as I reached for the lotion and squeezed some out and began to apply it to my chest. I smiled but was aware that she didn’t see it as her eyes seemed fixed to my hands oiling up my flesh: “Though it’s an ill wind that doesn’t blows nobody any good?” I asked as I added more lotion to my hands and kicked off my sandals and began applying the oil to my legs. “Hani?” I questioned her breaking the apparently hypnotic spell of my hands.

“Err… what Paul?” she stammered almost dropping the croissant and visibly squeezing her thighs together. I repeated the question for her, “I’m not sure I understand” she replied.

I paused chewing on my tongue, “Well since last week and our… mutual shows Gina just can’t be sated… and all thanks to you!” I grinned as Hani’s cheeks coloured an even deeper shade of red and her thigh muscles flexed harder together, “You wouldn’t believe how hot she has got thinking that you might be watching us!” I reached down beneath her recliner and pulled out the binoculars, “and you like to watch, don’t you?”

She nodded dumbly finally looking up into my eyes and dropped the croissant to the floor, “I… I do” she admitted hesitantly.

I glanced towards our houses, “Not such a great point of view from all the way down here” she shook her head in agreement, “and such a chore to hold these heavy binoculars in your hands as well?” Another nod and then her eyes dropped to my fingers thumbing the button fastening the waist on my shorts. “You couldn’t see me just now pulling on my hard cock up there in your bedroom, just my mouth sucking on your vibe?” I asked watching her chest rising and falling as her hands slid down towards her crotch.

Again another shake of her head, “No… and I was too slow to catch you.” Her tongue slipped from her mouth and licked her lips as I drew down my zipper.

I grinned broadly, “Maybe… maybe not… I was cumming in my shorts just as you entered… had already shot some of my seed over your bed…” I pushed down my shorts and let them drop to the grass beneath my bare feet revealing my tented boxers with a large dark patch covering the head of my cock just below the hem.

“Please…” she whispered as her fingers pulled her dress apart and upwards revealing a neatly trimmed pussy with her labia already peeling apart.

“As you wish” I answered and pushed down my boxers to join my shorts, my cock springing free as one of her slim fingers slid inside her slit and she swivelled about to sit before me. “A much better view, don’t you think?” I asked.

Hani groaned deeply as she glanced up at my face and then returned her gaze to my hand wrapped around my swollen member as I began to slowly stroke it. She nodded and her other hand tentatively reached upwards and paused as she simply asked “Can I?”

“Of course you can” I replied and moaned deeply as her fingers cupped my sac and she slid her painted lips over my glans; her cheeks hollowing instantly as she sucked hard upon it. “Ohh sweet fuck” I breathed as I threaded my fingers through her dark tresses.

My moans grew deeper as her mouth slid further down my shaft, her fingernails scratching at the sensitive spot just behind my sac; she writhed on the edge of the lounger and I knew at least a finger was buried deep inside her slit. I shifted back and pulled her head forwards and then drove my cock deep into her mouth feeling my glans nudge hard against the back of her throat. She drew a deep noisy breath through her nostrils as I drew back and pushed her mouth forward eagerly as I slammed back in again and again.

I twisted her hair in my fingers keeping it away from her face granting me complete view of my length disappearing into her willing mouth. I grunted loudly as I slammed my thick cock into her throat, “Ohh fuck, Hani… this was all…ahhh… trap wasn’t it?” I stammered and stuttered.

Her fingers tightened around my aching balls and she grunted around my invading member in reply. I really didn’t care if the answer was affirmative or negative because nothing was going to stop me fulfilling the fantasies that had wracked my thoughts for the past month. Gina’s words echoed in my head, Give Hani my best and the image of my wife’s grin sent me over the edge and my balls tightened almost instantly and a moment later I was shooting my seed deep into my neighbour’s throat.

Hani gagged about my jerking cock as I held her head in place but her fingers still squeezed my emptying sac; my body quivered in response as I gazed down at her lips buried in my pubic hair. I forced her head back, her lips drawing along the length till my spurting glans popped free and thick rope after thick rope splashed on her face. She shook and trembled before me, groaning deeply as I imagined her own fingers had brought her to her own orgasm; her hand slipped up from my balls and grabbed the base of my cock as she turned her face to the left and the right. The last ejaculations splashed her cheeks before she leant forward and smeared my dribbling glans all around her face.

“Oh fuck” I breathed and Hani opened her eyes, her left somewhat reluctantly with a heavy gob of my sperm attached to her eyelashes.

She grinned up at me, “Gina doesn’t like facials, does she?” I felt my mouth drop open but shook my head in reply, “Oh you know us girls; we talk about all sorts, Paul.” Her eyes focused on mines her other hand rose up obviously soaked with her own juices and began to methodically gather my secretions and transfer them to her hungry lips.

“Oh god” I whispered all at once overcome with guilt at what I’d just done.

Hani saw the expression on my face as she held her finger motionless in front of her mouth and a blob of my seed hung there and slowly began to drip from her digit. “Seriously?” she asked as she lifted her finger higher and let the sperm dribble slowly into her mouth. She made a point of deliberately licking her lips and gulping the secretion down. “Splattering your gunk all over my face and now you feel guilty? Was that really the sum total of your desires, of your fantasies?”

“I…err… I… no…” I stammered as I looked down at her and watched her slim hand wrap itself around my cock which despite having ejaculated twice in less than the space of fifteen minutes had not deflated completely and twitched in response to her pulling back my foreskin and exposing the slick sensitive glans.

“I didn’t think so…” she replied squeezing it, “It sure isn’t enough for me! Now let’s get this cock hard again, I’ve got two more holes in need of filling before I’m done.” Her hand began to pump my cock vigorously, “and later when you’re fucking Gina thinking of your cock pounding my ass I’ll sneak in and have my tongue so far up her ass she’ll be screaming and too far gone to care till it’s too late!”

My cock twitched hard in response in her hand and I saw the smile spread on her face with the knowledge of my complete submission to her will, “You dirty slut” I simply said.

“You’re dirty slut, Paul” she answered releasing my almost recovered cock and giving it a slap watching it bounce from side to side, “Your whore who’s gonna suck your cum from your wife’s dripping cunt!” She grinned up and me and turned about kneeling on the edge of the lounger with her ass towards me as she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart exposing her already gaping pussy and the tight puckered hole of her ass.

“My whore” I whispered and drove my hard cock deep into her dripping slit in one swift movement gained a deep groan from my neighbour. “My whore” I repeated loudly and pushed her hands away feeling her pussy tighten around my invading cock; “My dirty fucking whore” I stated and raised my hand bringing it down with a loud slap on her ass cheek. Hani moaned louder and pushed back against me even though I was buried up to the hilt in her twitching cunt.

I fucked her brutally and without any guilt or remorse, her cheeks reddening as my hands spanked her ass cheeks harder and harder and she had stuff her fingers into her mouth to prevent her screams echoing around the neighbourhood and I marvelled at this ‘new’ me who revelled in taking what I wanted from my willing neighbour. It was an age before I ‘came’ for the third time and my shaft was raw as my depleted balls emptied what little seed they had left inside her ass. Another first for me!

That evening with Adam away on business Hani was as good as her word and sneaked in on Gina and me. She caught me by complete surprise as at the time I was busy eating out my wife but Gina had seen her enter the room and rather than being shocked had erupted in an almost instant orgasm filling my mouth with my juices before beckoning our neighbour to our bed and unveiling a surprising sense of adventure had got her to straddle her face.

Feeling the bed shift I had opened my eyes and seen Hani’s ass as she had lowered her wet pussy onto my wide’s face. My cock had jerked in response and sprayed my seed onto the floor at the foot of the bed where I had been kneeling.

The evening was something of a blur and truth be-told I was in something of a shell-shocked state by the end of it but had kissed my wife deeply when she had asked Hani if she was willing to share her husband too. She nodded and grinned happily from the doorway before slipping quietly from the house and returning to her own.

Gina fell asleep in my arms professing her curiosity about having two cocks at once! I looked at her in admiration and wondered why on earth having lived next door to Hani for so long had this not happened before…

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