The First Time

Hello again Dear Avid Reader…


Hope you are all keeping well, been a bit busy myself with RL and my singular ability to prevaricate and procrastinate!

So what fare do I bring to the digital table today? Well I believe it;s called Flash Erotica, the ultimate porno short story; under a thousand words so none of my attempt to add depth or colour just straight into the nitty gritty! Serious ‘Wham-Bam-Thank You-Mam’!!!

So keeping it short I went for concentration… lots of unsaid presumptions the major of which is the coincidence of wants of the involved characters so without further ado or pre-amble…

As ever I do hope you enjoy.



No, not that first time!

That ‘first time’ there is always too much adrenalin and testosterone, an entire off-the-scale concoction of hormones driving you to fulfil the primary directive of every living organism on the planet and possibly beyond to do the ‘deed’. There is no patience or ability to appreciate the moment the very first time!

A little experience and a little more maturity and the first time ascends to an entire new level. You already know you like her; hopefully you have enough in common and enough not in common to pique mutual interests. An attraction between you that is more than driven by pure lust and desire and yet at the same time it’s been there in the back of your heads like little devils sitting on your shoulders whispering in your ears. A couple of dates perhaps, a meal, a movie followed by tactile communication, flesh upon flesh leading to lips upon lips.

A courtship that progresses, mutual desire and mutual knowledge of each other’s desires till you reach the point of no return and there is left but one thing to do. A foreplay that begins at the beginning of the date when you first see each other and the carnal desire is apparent to the both of you. Out in public behaving to society’s mores when all you both really want to do is tear of each other’s clothing and fuck right there on the restaurant table. Your cock has risen more times in the preceding hours than you can count and now as you sit across the table from your objet du désir your ardour seems impervious and permanent.

You hope she is as wet as you are hard and the anticipation is the sweetest and yet the cruellest of tortures. You can’t help but beckon the waiter for the bill knowing your impatience is obvious and only just controlling yourself not to tell him to hurry. Still there is more to play, the invite; a nerve racking moment that not even the strongest of hearts cannot skip a beat or two in the short pause before she answers. You knew she would say yes but still you hold your breath and hope for an impromptu earthquake to happen if despite all that has gone before the answer turns out to be negative.

And then secure from the judgement of others within your apartment the dance goes on, the offer of a drink, the retirement to the couch until finally the glasses are drained and the physical foreplay begins. Soft kisses deepen and hands caress, both exploring new territories finding the differences that enraptures our imaginations. Slowly the clothes are removed, sometimes skilfully and adeptly, sometimes clumsily with nervous humour; imperfections and scars discovered to be examined and explained at greater length in the future but for now part of the journey leading to this first time.

She lies before me, her chest rising and falling as I lay between her legs, my cock as hard as it has ever been pointing towards her wet and glistening pussy. The moment of contact almost upon us feeling the damp warmth rise from her folds, staring into each other’s eyes supporting my weight on my arms, hands either side of her chest as hers scratch a light tattoo down my sides. Tongues slip out between lips simultaneously as I feel the heat and the wetness of her slit against my already wet, precum soaked glans. A tiny tremor echoes through both our bodies as with the slightest pressure her labium spreads; she spreads her thighs wider, her heels resting upon the backs of my knees.

My breath is ragged as she arches her back, her nipples hard, chest rising and a flush spreading upon it. All that I am wants to simply thrust my hips forward and bury my cock deep with her but this is the first time. A time to savour, to relish, to completely surrender myself to. I ease forward slowly, her soaking slit warm and welcoming, the small percentage of flesh becoming all that we are. Her folds forming a perfect seal around the head of my cock, sensitive flesh to sensitive flesh, our secretions mixing, exciting one another as slowly I press into her and her quim receives my offering gladly.

A tiny clench of her muscles within and the two of us moan deeply as I push further, feeling my length slip deeper and still our eyes are locked together, pupils dilated looking into each other’s cores. Steadily my cock delves inwards and her pussy ripples around it, her heels sliding up the backs of my thighs as her fingernails slide around onto my ass insistent for more. I lower my body down, my elbows on the bed as my hands slip beneath her shoulders; my hard nipples brush against hers sending sparks of pleasure downwards to our slow conjoining.

Our eyes closer, the warmth of our deep breath intermingling as I push deeper still, your soaking tunnel enveloping more of my cock; my wiry pubic hair catching upon your neatly trimmed bush slowly moving up. Again she arches her back pressing her body to mine, the cause or effect of the tightening of her pussy unknown to me but immaterial as I grunt in response. My forehead rests against hers, still gazing into those dark dilated unfocused pupils as I close the distance between our crotches and my cock pushes all the way inside you, jerking against her womb and we sigh together.

The two of us pulling against each other tightly, all our focus upon our point of contact; her soaking pussy and my hard cock trembling in unison as the rest of our bodies remain motionless, existing in the single moment. Slowly we tilt our heads to each other and our lips meet tenderly.

Neither of us wishing to break the spell we have cast upon one another.


Well? Short and sweet or too brief and unfulfilling? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


~ by ftfagos on October 11, 2015.

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