I guess my question is, where have all the good monsters gone?

Nothing new under the sun as they say. Vampires and werewolves, shape-shifters and zombies (not sure I’d be impressed if anyone wrote an erotic zombie story!!!), aliens and ghosts, lots to choose from and over time I’ve turned my hand to a short or not so short story about most of the above, ‘cepting zombies.

Still. I want something new. Something that I haven’t seen before and not just a twist on an old genre. Funny when you think about it, that most ‘new’ of genres, science-fiction when you study a story most of the time it’s just a re-working of an old or very old classic. Sure one of my favourite films, The Forbidden Planet is simply Billy Shakespeare’s The Tempest in lots of Aluminium foil.

Some of you know my Vampire and even though I twist it about to engender a sense of realism I’m fully aware that others have probably done so before. But ‘what if’ is an oft used inspiration and maybe I could be forgiven.

Are all our monsters just our base fears made into decaying rancid flesh or our lofty hopes turned in on themselves and hence I have no chance of an original fiend, something that will infect you Dear Reader and make you look about wondering ‘it could be…’ Always my fave horror. the realistic over the slice-n-dice, the ‘keep you awake just that little bit longer’ thought down in your animal brain rather than the almost subliminal beat and the fight or flight reaction as the psycho with the mask come back from the dead…again!

So I have a thought. And isn’t going to be a short one, probably a little bit rude… oh fuck who am I kidding, of course it’s going to be rude, seems quite unrealistic to me sometimes how the mainstream ignore the central driving force to the human race almost as if the Hays Code is still in effect all across the media. Sure cutting off someone’s body parts is acceptable but damned you are if you show certain body parts. I guess most of you are in agreement if you frequent this blog.

Damn can I digress or can I digress? So a new monster… I guess not but maybe I can sneak into the dark recesses of the soul and at least niggle at the hypothalamus. Working title… The House with No Name… still not set on that, but we will see.

Hope you are all keeping well and maybe I’ll see you about.


~ by ftfagos on October 20, 2015.

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