Down to Earth

Welcome once again Dear Avid Reader…

Something of a cliche to follow, hopefully with my own little turn to the tale which oddly enough reminds me of the author’s first and possibly best novel who, shall we say, inspired my usual greeting. As ever I hope you enjoy this more gratuitous fare and so…



The two of them sat in the cold clinical room either side of the steel table that was bolted to the floor just like the uncomfortable steel chairs. The young man nervously looked down at the hooks that had been fastened to his chair and the floor on each side and then back up at the elder woman who was leafing through a file in front of her with a laptop to her right. He caught the reflection of the side of his head in the large mirror behind her and almost reached up to check his hair. You’re in a deep enough shit already, you dumb fuck he thought to himself, and you’re worried about your looks!

“So, Matthew” the woman said abruptly without looking up, “You don’t mind if I call you Matthew, do you?”

He stared at the woman opposite in her immaculately ironed blouse and jacket, “Err…no…” he hesitated, “Ma’am.”

She turned over the page she had been studying through her steel frames spectacles and continued reading not bothering to acknowledge his reply. Matthew shifted in his seat, rubbing each of his wrists in turn although he wasn’t and had never worn handcuffs his mind imagined the cold feel of the steel upon his flesh. He knew it was unlikely that he would be arrested although it was a possibility and although he wouldn’t serve any time in jail it would mean the end of his career. Even without criminal charges he knew it still could mean the loss of his job and without references it amounted to the same thing.

“9/11” she stated simply.

“What?” he exclaimed taken by surprise.

She looked up at him over the top edge of her glasses, “9/11? You’ve heard of it?”

“Y… yes Ma’am” he stuttered.

“And you’ll concede the world changed on that day?” she asked laying the sheet of paper squarely on top of the file and folding her hands on top of it.

He nodded a little over enthusiastically, “Yes Ma’am!”

“Even more so in our world, wouldn’t you agree?”

He dropped his head knowing exactly where this conversation was going, “Yes… ma’am…”

“So all the regulations and protocols introduced were for other people’s benefit, not for Matthew Simpson?”

He sighed before answering, “No… Ma’am…”

“You have chosen to waive the right to legal or union representation at the moment, you are free to request them at any time but that will put this interview on a completely formal level. You’re record to this point has been exemplary and spotless… perhaps you better explain the incident from your side” she suggested for the first time in a voice that didn’t sound as if it was going to give the order for the switch to be thrown on an Electric Chair. He shifted on his seat fully aware of its conductive properties.

Matthew sighed deeply, “Well…-


The Long Haul! Thirteen hours overnight from HKG to LHR could be an easy time or a complete grind. Tonight it looked like it would be the former as they had a full complement of staff on the 747 but well over twenty percent of the seats unfilled. Although officially he was Assistant Lead Flight Attendant on this trip he had worked with his nominal boss, Mary-Ann almost constantly for the last eight months and the two of them shared duties equally. Tonight Mary-Ann was overseeing First and Business class and he was in charge of the rest.

It was a fair allocation as the higher-payers were always far more trouble than Economy with the larger number of staff and that most of the budget-conscious passengers would settle down soon enough and take the chance to sleep for most of the flight. He checked his watch surveying the various faces between the rows of seat, a fair amount already settling down for sleep even though they were only an hour out of Hong Kong. The former British colony red-eye flight was generally a good gig as there was rarely too many children, excitable or otherwise and this one was looking like it was going to be a smooth ride.

Mary-Ann descended the stairs from the upper gallery, “How’s it looking Matt?” she asked.

“Reckon it’s going to be quiet all round, how about the hoi-polloi?”

She chewed on her bottom lip as she always did when considering any question, “I may have drawn the short straw… 3B is a bit of a prima-donna… shame we don’t carry any travel-sickness tabs anymore…”

“I can’t remember the last time I heard of that…” Matthew mused.

“Got to be ten years, I’m thinking… always worked like a charm in a glass of champagne!” she replied with a slightly sorrowful tone.

“Ahh, the good old days” he agreed placing a hand on the woman’s hip.

She looked down and smiled, “So, is there a ‘Pool’ running?”

“Yeah… most of the money is on 33A and B… I’m leaning towards the 28G and H” he answered and followed Mary-Ann’s gaze as she surveyed the suspected candidates and then scanned the remainder of the passengers wondering if there was an outsider who might win her the Pool.

“I’m liking 22C!” she stated.

Matthew searched for the seat and raised an eyebrow, “Really, who with?”

“21 D” she replied.

“Oh that’s a good spot and a rank outsider” he grinned noting the two men leaning towards each other; the one with obvious interest in the other, “Sarah’s holding the bets if you’re gonna jump in, the bar goes up in thirty minutes.”


“So you were running a pool on passengers joining the Mile High Club?” interjected the woman across the table.

“Yes… it’s a harmless enough pursuit” Matthew offered.

“Cabin crew are excluded?” she asked jotting a note in her pad.

“Yeah… any crew involvement invalidates the… candidate … ma’am” he answered.



Matthew and Mary-Ann moved through to the forward galley making a brief check on the trolleys containing the evening supper meals for the main cabin before placing the two ear-marked for the upper deck into the lift ready for transfer. “You’ve flown with Peters before?” asked Mary-Ann as she paused at the door.

“Did a couple of trips last year on the Jo’burg run” he answered.

“He a good pilot?” she replied staring down the aisle.

Matthew grinned at his co-worker and moved up to stand behind her, “Keeps it smooth as good as any other unless we ask for turbulence… why?”

“Oh no reason” she responded and chewed lightly on her index finger.

“Sorry girl, he’s not your type… or rather you’re not his” Matthew answered sliding his hand around her hips.

“Gay? Not possibly ‘bi’, couldn’t lure him into bed with you as well?” she suggested dropping her hand and placing it on his crotch, “It has been a while since we…” she left the sentence hanging.

Matthew sighed as he felt Mary-Ann’s fingernails scratch at the zip on his trousers, “I’m not speaking from experience but I’m pretty sure ‘just gay’… he is civil-partnered back in London so I assume he is serious about it.”

“Aww…shame, he does cut quite the dash… well people to do, things to see, catch you later Matt!” she answered with a final squeeze of his swelling cock  and an emphasised swing of her hips as she headed for the spiral stairs to the upper deck.

He turned about and surreptitiously adjusted his growing appendage, “Such a tart, Mary-Ann” he said to himself.


“So, you and Chief-Steward Mary-Ann-“ she looked down and consulted her notes, “Williams, you had a sexual relationship?”

“Err… we have… shared a few over-night stops occasionally” Matthew answered blushing under the glare of the elder woman opposite.

“Inappropriate but not unheard off, continue!”


The passengers fed and watered settled down, most making their selves comfortable and turning off their overheads lights leaving the cabin with minimal light except for half-a-dozen or so with the blue glow of laptops or the in-flight movies playing on their personal displays. Less than four others kept the overhead on for reading the printed page and apart from one elderly gentleman whose snore rose every few minutes to be quelled by a gentle nudge from his long suffering wife’s elbow all was peace and quiet.

Matthew approved five of the staff to grab their own naps and kept an eye on the main cabins with Sarah and Camille while he assumed Mary-Ann would maintain the upper deck. He watched over the nodding and drooping heads only being requested three times in the next hour. Returning to the forward galley after replenishing a glass of water to 17C he pulled back the curtain and immediately sensed something was out of place. Turning to look into the space he saw the two people pressed back against the bulkhead trying and failing utterly to look invisible.

33 A and B. He grinned, “I’m sorry Sir, Ma’am, this area is strictly off limits; you have to return to your seats, please!”

The two of them hesitantly stepped away from the bulkhead, an obvious bulge in 33 A’s trousers and 33 B’s blouse hanging open exposing a black lacy bra within. “We were… just…” his voice trailed off.

“I know what you ‘were just’ and if you really must and I am not approving it but please use the toilets like everybody else” Matthew replied.

The woman who apart from her clothing in disarray looked like a consummate professional and had a curvaceous figure beneath the well-tailored suit giggled and slid around her friend/partner/husband glanced down at my name –tag making no effort to cover up her sizable rack, “Oh, Matthew… the toilets are so cramped… there’s never enough room!”

“That is as it may be, ma’am, but it’s more than my-“ Matthew stopped as he saw 33 A glance to his right and his own eyes followed and saw the keypad on the small elevator flashing, “You didn’t!” he looked from one to the other and saw the guilty looks invade their features, “How many times did you try to enter a code?”

“Twice” the man murmured.

“Fuck” breathed Matthew leaning against the bulkhead.

The brunette woman giggled again, “Yes, that’s what we wanted to do!” her hand sliding along the man’s belt, her fingers sliding inside.

The steward brought his attention back to the couple and stood up straight, “And that’s what you would have been if you had entered the code a third time! The Captain would have seen it and in a matter of a minute the Sky Marshal would have been here and the two of you would have been in handcuffs!”

“Mmmm handcuffs” grinned the man eliciting another giggle from the woman that was beginning to grate on Matthew’s nerves.

“Funny you think? A criminal record and a ban from travelling on most airlines for five years as a minimum, that’s hilarious?” he demanded of the couple.

“Oh come on, no harm done” suggested the man.


“So you warned Mr Harmon and Mrs Macintyre of the serious nature of what they attempted to do and the penalties they could face?” asked the woman removing her glasses and rubbing the bridge of her nose. Matthew nodded in response.


“I thought all you trolley-dollies were… meant to be fun” asked the woman.

“Really, Trolley-dollies?” Matthew stared hard at the couple, “We’re not the sexual sluts that porn films present!”

Mrs Macintyre pushed her hand into the man’s trousers and Matthew couldn’t help but look down and watch her hand moving about beneath the material obviously pulling on the erection within. Mr Harmon responded by pulling her blouse completely open, “Not all of you, I’m sure… but look at these magnificent tits, you know your cock would look great between them” he added as the two of them edged closer.

“No and I mean no, I’ll call the Sky Marshal myself, just go back to your seats and we’ll say no more about it!” the steward replied.

Still the couple advanced and Matthew looked between the looks of lust on the couple’s faces and the large pair of breasts with extraordinarily large and hard nipples atop being revealed as Harmon pulled down the woman’s bra. “You know you want to! I can see it in your eyes and in this” replied the woman placing her other hand on Matthew’s hard erect cock within his standard issues.

Harmon looked closely at the flight attendant and dropped his hand from the woman’s breasts and pushed her hand out of the way and massaged Matthew’s manhood firmly. “Oh goody, he’s ‘bi’ too, Brendan” giggled Macintyre.

“Yes, babe, takes one to know one!” his hand rubbed up and down the Steward’s length, “What do you say, Matthew?”

The woman grasped Matthew’s hand and pulled it up under her pinstripe pencil skirt, a seam audibly tearing and pushed his hand against the underwear free mound beneath. Automatically he slid two fingers into the soaking pussy gaining a groan from the woman, “Mmmm… I’m Julie… try me…” She gripped his wrist tightly and proceeded to thrust his fingers in and out of her soaking slit, she added a promise, “We’ll do anything… anything you want…”


“So being fully aware of the security measures installed on all access to restricted areas as well as the numerous cameras covering such you allowed Mr Harmon and Mrs Macintyre to touch you inappropriately? Did you think that the recordings were never checked?” asked the woman from across the steel table.

“I… I guess not… I” Matthew stuttered.

“And then?”

He looked up into the woman’s blue eyes behind her spectacles and blushed deeply as her expression showed no signs of allowing him to brush over the details of the encounter. He couldn’t tell if she felt any empathy or sympathy for the situation he had been in and his own genitalia were now staging a revolt of their own as he felt his cock begin to swell at the recall of events.


Almost without conscious thought he reached out with his other hand tapping the code into the keypad as he felt the woman’s juices begin to seep into his palm while the man’s hand slid down his zipper and inside his trousers. He groaned as the doors opened and the three of them stumbled inside the cramp elevator only just managing to fit. A loud groan echoed his from the machinery and he wondered if it would just stop there and then but it managed the short trip without any obvious problems.

The two passengers had latched their mouths on to either side of his neck and he writhed between them in the confined space enjoying the rough and smooth chins against his flesh. When the door opened the three of them almost fell out into the lower galley, his wet fingers slipping from the woman’s slit and a further audible tear coming from her skirt which she obviously didn’t care about. She looked about at the space between storage lockers and although it was bare and utilitarian it was at least spacious enough for their needs and desires. “So…Matthew, what do you wish?” she asked unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her blouse, a smile broadening as he licked her juices from his fingers.

The man reluctantly released his erection and stood beside the woman waiting for instruction. “Kneel!” Matthew simply said eliciting a matching pair of smiles as they obeyed him and reached for his trousers without any further instruction. In a matter of seconds they were around his ankles along with his jockeys and both mouths were sliding up either side of his length. He threaded his fingers through their hair and watched happily and contentedly as the two of them worked their lips and tongues in unison.


“So having allowed… actually assisted Mr Harmon and Mrs Macintyre into a restricted area you ordered them to perform oral sex upon yourself?” Matthew gulped; the tone of the elder woman’s words completely neutral as if she had ordered a take-away pizza on the phone.

In the back of his head he thought he actually ordered pizza with far more enthusiasm; “Err…” he drew a deep breath, “I’m not sure order is the right word… they were more than willing…”

“You were in control at this point, were you not?” she replied.

“I…I guess…”

“Continue” she ordered looking down and making a further note in the file before her.


Matthew grinned broadly as his hand on the man’s head turned his mouth onto the head of his cock while the other guided the woman down to his sac. Stepping out of his clothes pooled around his feet he spread his legs wide allowing her better access as her mouth sucked one of his aching testicles into her warm, wet, willing mouth. He pushed his hips forwards thrusting more and more of his length between the man’s lips, “Ohhh fuck… yes…” he breathed.

The sounds of sucking and slurping filled the small galley as he used the two passengers as he wished. The woman’s tongue and mouth switched between each of his balls, working with an expertise born of practice and enthusiasm and he knew that it would only be moments before he unloaded into the man’s mouth.

“Oh you two are so good…” he said and then felt a slender finger push deep into his tight rear hole, “Oh FUCK!” he cried and drove his length fully into the man’s mouth feeling his glans press into his throat. His cock jerked violently as it erupted emptying his seed in powerful pulses at odds with his balls both being sucked hard into the woman’s mouth. He collapsed back against the bulkhead, the two mouths following him determined to get every drop of his spunk from within him.

“Oh Christ…” he muttered as the two knelt at his feet released his cock and balls from their mouths. He looked down to see her hand on his large, very thick cock, the fingers not reaching her thumb about the wide girth; his hand beneath her skirt as they grinned up at him. The man smiled widely showing a mouth full of his cum which he then transferred to the woman messily as they both kept their eyes locked on Matthew’s.

“Our turn!” she said simply and stood up kissing him deeply once again sharing the spoils of their work. He tasted his own saltiness on her lips and tongue before she pulled away and quickly stripped of her blouse and skirt along with her bra to leave her standing in just heels and stockings. The man had divested himself of his shirt before standing and kicking off his shoes and letting his own trousers drop down just as Matthew’s had done a few short minutes earlier.

“This won’t do” he said and began to remove Matthew’s tunic and then his shirt till the two of them were equally naked, the floor now covered in their various items of clothing.

“I think you better return the favour and suck Brendan’s cock…” the woman suggested as she leant against the lockers and spread her feet apart and began to slide her own fingers up and down her slit.

Matthew nodded in reply, “We are here to make your time with us as pleasurable as possible!” quoting the airlines blurb.


“So having satisfied your own desires you still didn’t stop?” the woman asked.

Matthew wanted nothing more but to reach beneath the table and adjust his now fully swollen cock as it twisted uncomfortably within his jockeys. “Well, it’d be rude not to return the favour… and to be honest my desires by that point were far from satisfied!” he answered defiantly.

“Hmmm…” came the simple reply.


Matthew looked up into the man’s grinning face, “Hi Brendan” he simply said and took hold of his thick length. It was the thickest cock he had ever been intimate with by a fair margin and at over nine inches in length, maybe even ten, came a close second to the longest but with a final lick of his lips his encircled the glans and sucked hard upon it. He would have grinned broadly as he heard the deep moan from above him if his mouth wasn’t occupied but instead he bobbed his head forwards taking another inch in.

“Oh man… Jenny…he’s good!” Brendan said.

“It’s Julie…” came the reply with no rebuke. Matthew glanced over at the woman who was now thrusting two fingers in and out of her shaven pussy slowly and deeply. He gripped the base of the man’s cock tighter while his other hand tenderly massaged his sac as he gradually worked his mouth deeper past the halfway mark already feeling that his mouth was filling up. “That’s so hot…” she sighed edging closer along the bulkhead.

Matthew closed his eyes as pulled the man’s cock downwards angling it into his mouth managing another inch as he continually slid his mouth up and down the thick cock. The two of them were moaning deeper as he strived to see just how much of this man’s phallus he could get into his mouth. He felt a tremor within his sac and squeezed his forefinger and thumb tightly around the base of this monster cock. He wasn’t sure but he definitely didn’t want Brendan to orgasm just yet; he wanted, he needed to get as much of this man-meat in his mouth as possible while it was still rock hard.

He felt the glans nudging his throat and raised himself up to bend at the hips straightening his throat in line with Brendan’s manhood. Opening his eyes he could see there was still another inch and a half till his lips reached his fingers wrapped around the base. Drawing a deep breath in through his nose he leant in sucking hard, flattening his tongue beneath the cock as it slid into his throat. “Ohhh… fuck!” exclaimed Brendan, “You can do it… take it all…”

Brendan’s balls pulled up sharply within his hairy sac, twitching and twisting within but Matthew kept his fingers locked around the base and the thick cock filling his mouth jerked in response but no seed managed to erupt from it. “Ohhh…” breathed Brendan, “ Ohhh… that’s… ahhh…”

Julie has slipped down beside Brendan’s legs, kneeling beside him as she stared at Matthew forcing even more of the man’s cock into his mouth; a look of lust and admiration at the young Steward’s ability and perseverance. Her fingers were now slipping in and out of her dripping pussy faster and her chest was heaving, a deep blush spreading across it as she licked her lips and moaned.

The smell of raw sex flooded Matthew’s nostrils as he took another deep breath, in his mind’s eye he was grinning stupidly as Brendan struggled to remain standing as the ‘dry’ orgasm subsided and he stared down at the man before him. The Steward filled his lungs and released his grip on the base of the man’s cock moving both his hand around to grip his ass cheeks and pulled and pushed his mouth down the long length of his cock. The glans slipped into his throat and still kept going; he was beyond sucking at this point as strained even more till he felt the coarse wiring feel of the man’s pubic hair against the tip of his nose and then his lips.

Matthew hummed in pride and Brendan groaned deeply as Julie’s fingers stilled and she stared in awe at the flight attendant. He held it there for a few seconds till Brendan’s hairs began to tickle his nostrils and he felt a sneeze developing. He almost panicked at the thought of what sort of damage sneezing could do with a huge cock buried in his throat. He pulled off completely gasping for air before looking up at Brendan.

“Wow!” the man above him simply said, “Nobody has ever…” the huge phallus waved in front of Matthew’s face almost as if in mutual appreciation too.


For the first time the older woman stared at the young man across the steel table from her with a look that didn’t just radiate cold professionalism. Matthew looked back into her blue eyes and for the first time ceased to be embarrassed about narrating the sordid tale. Is she getting off on this? he wondered. He continued his tale without being told deciding more detail was now necessary than he had previously given.


“Here to serve” the Steward answered, “but can I have it with that” Matthew pointed down at Julie’s wet slit before simply lying down on the scattered clothes without waiting for an answer. The two passengers grinned at each other and Julie shifted about lowering her crotch over the eager young man’s face, knees either side of his chest. She shivered as she felt his tongue slide across her vulva gathering her juices before his fingers pulled her labia apart. Brendan’s large glans was already nudging against them as she leant forward and stared at the younger man’s refreshed erection.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around the smaller and yet quite acceptably sized cock as the man who had only met her two hours ago pushed inside her. She moaned as his thick manhood stretched her pussy, seeming to take an age sliding inside her. “Ohh…” she sighed marvelling at how the man beneath her had taken such a ‘monster’ all the way into his mouth when she felt like it was liable to tear far more accommodating and thoroughly lubricated vagina. Matthew’s lips found her clit and he sucked hard upon it, “Ohhh fuck yesss!”

Brendan eased all the way inside the woman before pulling back out and looking down to see the man beneath him tilt his head back and open his mouth wide to accept the pussy juice covered cock. “Are you sure you’re not all sluts like those portrayed in the porn films?” he asked as lips wrapped around his glans and sucked powerfully upon him.


“Porno sluts?” Matthew was asked noting the raised eyebrow behind the spectacles and the fact that the woman had ceased making notes. He shrugged in reply and carried on where he left off.


Julie lifted herself up slightly to look down beneath her to gaze at Matthew, “I think we just got lucky Brendan… so damn lucky with this one!” she watched as the young man’s throat bulged from the cock within. “Fuck!” she exclaimed.

“As you wish” smiled Brendan and withdrew his shaft from Matthew’s mouth and drove it hard into the woman’s dripping snatch. She screamed as she was shoved forwards by the thrust and the Steward’s hands reached up to grasp her swaying breasts gripping them tightly. The grunts and moans and flesh slapping against flesh reverberated around the small compartment as the strong smell of sex permeated the air.

Every four of five thrusts Brendan withdrew his cock to have it cleaned enthusiastically by Matthew before resuming his pounding of Julie’s battered pussy. The woman writhed on top of the younger man, her hand gripping his manhood tightly as if hanging on for dear life. After her third hard orgasm she pulled away panting and rolled to the side, her body shaking with the sensory abuse it had just enjoyed. Brendan looked down at the grinning Steward and allowed him one last taste before shifting about to straddle the younger man’s hips.

Julie watched and offered no resistance as the man ran his fingers up along her trembling slit gathering her juices and then smearing them onto Matthew’s upstanding erection. The younger man smiled and held his cock steady as the older man lowered himself down, his mouth hanging open, a long sigh emanating from within as he felt the young cock slide up into his ass. He swivelled his hips about feeling the erection fill his tight rear hole. He’d been near twice already while pounding the woman’s tight cunt especially after Matthew had denied his first but now he was more than ready for his own orgasm.

He looked down into the young man’s eyes as he felt him lift his hips beneath him; tentatively he steadied himself with one hand and reached down to his aching manhood and flicked the head once, twice, three times with his fingernail. It jerked violently under its own volition and thick rope after thick rope of seed shot out and through the air to land on the young man’s chest. Julie crawled over and placed her head upon Matthew’s abdomen and watched intently as the white fluid jetted over her head from the large twitching cock and as the pressure eased felt it splatter into her hair and then onto her face.

Matthew worked his hips up and down feeling Brendan’s sphincter squeeze his manhood and watched as eventually the older man’s orgasm subsided. He raised himself on his elbows and watched as that huge cock that had filled his throat slowly lowered and softened. Brendan sighed deeply and looked down to see Julie and Matthew mesmerised by his manhood as it slowly dipped downwards. He blessed himself once again for his genetic inheritance and shifted about on the other man’s cock loving the sensation of fullness in his ass.

Julie shifted her head forward and lapped at the lowering glans as the cock softened further licking the last of the seed seeping from its eye. He flinched as her tongue worked over his hyper-sensitive cock head, the response echoing into his anus and squeezing the cock within that was still working its own rhythm inside him. He panted and looked at Matthew, “Are you gonna fill my ass with your cum?” he reached back and cupped the young man’s sac driving down harder.

Matthew grunted and reached across to grasp Julie’s ass, his fingers pressing into the soft flesh squeezing the cheek, “Yours or hers!” he stated.

Julie flinched and pulled her mouth from Brendan’s flaccid cock which still seemed to be the size of Matthew’s. She twisted her head to look at the younger man, “I… I couldn’t…not after that… I need time…” she crawled up towards his face, a pleading look on her own. Idly she scratched his nipples and noted the sharp intake of breath from the Steward’s mouth. A moment later and her own mouth was upon the sensitive little nub of flesh and she felt his hips rise and fall behind her driving his cock into the older man’s ass.

Brendan saw the younger man’s response and reached down to pinch and stretch the unattended nipple as was rewarded with a hard thrust into his rear hole. He groaned deeply and tugged again and again, the thrusts matching his movements and Matthew writhing beneath them succumbing to his personal sweet torture. “Pardon me” muttered Brendan as he dipped a finger in alongside Julie’s own finger sliding gently in and out of her wet pussy gaining a mumbled reply that could have been anything and then reached behind him.

Matthew lifted his hips high in the air as he felt Brendan’s finger slide into his own ass and hook upwards. It was more than enough and his second orgasm ripped through his spasming shaft to release its load deep inside the other man’s rectum. He groaned loudly as the man above him clenched his sphincter about him holding him tight within. The teeth and fingers on his nipples worked his sensitive flesh till it became unbearable and he had to push them away. “Ohh…fuck…” he breathed and opened his eyes to look at his two new intimate friends beaming down at him.


“And that was that? All your carnal lusts satisfied while you left the rest of the crew to take care of the rest of the passengers?” asked the woman from across the table.

Matthew nodded and then dropped his head to look at the obvious bulge within his trousers; he suppressed the smile within him.


“This has got to be the best airline ever” suggested Julie.

“Probably” replied Brendan, “But what’s their after-care like?” he grinned as the both Matthew and Julie raised their eyebrows at him. “Just saying, I got this great big lonely company flat in HK… with a great big soft King-sized bed.” The two grinned in reply and agreement.


“You spent over thirty minutes away from your station, a flagrant dereliction of duty never mind the issues of security. Your absence wasn’t noted I assume?”

Matthew looked up, “No, when I had dressed and returned to the main galley all was as quiet as a mouse, almost all of the passengers were asleep and the crew were occupied with their normal duties. For the rest of the flight I didn’t take a break…” he left the line hanging allowing the idea that he had done his entire shift and then some to be inferred.


Matthew felt a slender hand grasp his ass cheek and a quiet whisper in his ear, “Who’s been a naughty boy?”

“You know I couldn’t possibly comment upon that” he grinned but didn’t turn around, “Mary-Ann!”

“Come on, spill! What have you been up to?” she continued resting her chin on his shoulder as he worked the coffee machine.

“No tell… but maybe show… what are your plans for HK?” he replied turning his head to face to his friend’s.

“Why?” she answered licking her lips.

He grinned and asked “Got any lip salve?” he opened his mouth as wide as he could and saw the look of understanding and curiosity mixed with envy. He closed his mouth and leant his forehead against hers, “Fucking long and oh so fucking thick!”


“Mr Harmon and Mrs Macintyre remained well behaved throughout the rest of the flight?” the older woman asked, the two of them with full knowledge that she already knew the answer.

“Nothing of note, a little kissing and cuddling before they dozed off in each other’s arms; quite sweet really” he replied.

“And as they were no longer part of the crew’s ‘pool’… you did inform the rest of the crew that you had made them… what was the word, ahhh yes, invalidated?” another raised eyebrow.

Matthew blushed deeply, feeling more guilty about this lie of omission that all the regulations he had broken, “Err… no… there weren’t any other candidates and it had been noted the couple had been absent from their seats, so I let it run…” he looked up, “but I hadn’t backed them so…”

“You thought that was fair…hmm” she reached forward and closed the file. “You will be hearing from us in due course” she said as she stood up, “Someone will be along to escort you out in due course” and with that she turned on her heels and strode to the door, punching in the security code and exited the interrogation room normally used by customs.


“Well? What do you think?” asked the man looking through the one-way glass at Matthew still sat at the steel table.

“What about?” asked the spectacle wearing woman moving up beside him to view the fidgeting flight attendant.

“We gonna suspend him, sack him?” he asked looking to the woman and then down at the monitor sitting beside the window in the darkened room. The frozen image flickered steadily.

“Not today… if it becomes official the union will want it all out in the open and the Bosses won’t want the publicity. Also between Harmon and Macintyre they fly over fifty times a year, money being money we quite possibly have two dedicated frequent-flyer customers from now on, don’t you?” she asked.

“Indeed” he looked at the image of Matthew deep throating Harmon’s thick cock, “Service like no other!”

She followed his gaze, “The boy does have talent; you have to give him that!”

“I can’t remember the last time you asked for so much detail in an informal interview?” he asked.

“I hadn’t seen quite so much… damning video evidence before!” she shot back.

“I have to admit your professionalism was impressive considering the poor young man’s obvious state of… stress!” he moved closer to the woman as the two of them studied the image on the monitor, he reached around her and un-paused the video. “And it’s not as if he did anything we didn’t do when we were crew!” he replied chewing his lip.

“Speak for yourself” she shot back indignantly, a smile then creeping into her lips, “First of all there’s no way I could’ve taken all of that monster… and second I wouldn’t have got caught!”

The man pulled up the woman’s skirt and slipped his hand in between the tops of her thighs, his thumb pressing the lace underwear he found into the cleft of her ass as his forefingers ran along the hot damp gusset stuck to her slit. She slid back against his hand as his mouth moved to her ear, “Even I heard about the New York run, the entire flight crew in the cockpit?”

She moaned softly as her fingers went to the zoom control on the monitor and focussed in on Matthew’s mouth sliding up and down the passenger’s incredibly thick cock. “Mmmm yes, good times… thank god for auto-pilot… but luckily there weren’t no cameras back then… we…ahh… we really should get sound installed on these cameras, don’t you think?”


Matthew looked up as he heard a dull thump come from the mirror in front of him and tried to work out why his image seemed to wobble every second or so…

~ by ftfagos on November 11, 2015.

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