What can I say?

In my days I’ve seen a few musicians at the distance where you can have a conversation and even though it’s a cliche there is really only one thing worth saying!

Thank you for the music!

I guess I’m an ‘appreciate-r’; as the word fan is a derivative of the word fanatic it sure doesn’t describe me and in some ways I think it’s a little, border-line obsessive! They are all animals just like the rest of us; they breathe, they eat, they shit and most probably fuck as well! And they have all the same issues as the rest of us it’s just that the more successful they are, the more able they are to choose their own form of hell!

Come on! Like you didn’t realise I’m a cynic?

And so Mr David Bowie has passed on. Alas, for me, the news was delivered rather abruptly and the look on the face of the ‘deliverer’ would have been a picture if my own face hadn’t been betraying my own emotions. Maybe I’m not a fan of the person but I am a fan of the song mentioned above. It is simply one of the best songs ever written. It holds a permanent place in my personal Top Three and has ever since I first heard it. If it’s on the jukebox I play it every single time.

A friend of mine watches National Lampoon’s Animal House whenever he feels a little bit down (not too sure if he would tell me how many times he has watched as that could possibly give a very intimate insight he mightn’t want to share) and for me Heroes is a little bit like that. Every time I hear it a little bit of hope appears in my cynical soul and I feel so much the better for that.

So, yes, when i was told “Bowie’s dead” i did shed a few tears for the man, for the person without definition or category who wrote a few minutes of lyrics and music that simply make my life better every time whether I am sad or happy and everything in between.

Thank you, David Bowie, thank you for the music!

Heroes A side.tif



~ by ftfagos on January 13, 2016.

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