Hello again Dear Avid Reader,

A little something for you, possibly entertaining and definitely rude! As ever i hope you all enjoy…



It’s that time of night.


Jamie is snoring quietly beside me. I can hardly define it as a snore; quite cute really, like a quiet little moan from his nose each time he exhales. He really is quite the cutie on the whole, even tries to cuddle and chat after the deed and manages quite well for a couple of minutes until his answers become nonsense and then gibberish till at last they’re just vague grunts of acknowledgement.

Sex; God’s practical joke, the male protector flooded with all the chemicals necessary for a good night’s sleep while the female incubator gets the stimulants and is left wide awake! I know my biology and I know it’s all geared to survival of the species but that sure doesn’t help at two in the morning. Two in the morning and still not satisfied!

Jamie mumbles again and I smooth his hair away from his eyes. It’s not that he’s a bad lover; he’s enthusiastic, caring and with a very nice sized cock, thank you very much…but…

I lie there staring up at the ceiling knowing that if we were at my flat I’d have either used my vibrator during sex or now be slipping off to the lounge to take away this sublime ache between my thighs. It was so close, on the brink for so long and even changing positions; subtly controlling Jamie, getting his cock thrusting into me from different angles while my fingers worked my clit didn’t get me ‘there’. Even the old dependable reverse-cowgirl didn’t bring me off and poor old Jamie hanging on as long as he could. Maybe if we’d had the light on and I could have watched his thick pale cock slamming into my soaking slit between my ebony thighs would have done the trick!

I bite my lip wondering if assuaging him of his guilt, intimating that I had indeed managed a ‘little O’ was my own undoing. Men are such delicate creatures after all!

Nothing to be done, sleep is still a faraway thought as I slip from the bed picking up Jamie’s T-shirt and pulling it on. I look down at some favourite Irish band of his (with a particularly ugly lead singer), all of them leaning against some graffiti strewn wall where I know he had his picture taken within a week of moving to the capital. “So sweet” I whisper and pad quietly from the room.

I’m halfway down the stairs when I feel a trickle run down the inside of my thigh; grinning to myself as the idea that my boyfriend’s seed has detected the medical induced infertility of my womb and are making a break for freedom. I stifle the giggle till I’m through the lounge and into the kitchen. Nibbling my lip I glance at the kitchen table and for a few moments consider simply lying across it and making myself ‘cum’ with my fingers or (I smile wickedly) glancing at the humming refrigerator; a suitably shaped vegetable.

My slit warms and tingles at the delicious thought but I’m not sure that even if they do have something to fit my needs (and I doubt it very much in a house full of boys) that, for whatever reason, my pussy is apparently reluctant this evening. I shake my head as I open the door to the fridge and see an almost complete lack of vegetables. “Mushrooms and Peppers just aren’t going to cut it” I mutter to myself. I scan the shelves feeling the cool air pour out of the machine and cause further ache in my hard nipples.

A decision made I lift out the cheap processed cheese slices, ham and butter before grabbing the loaf of bread and opening the sandwich toaster that seems to be Jamie’s favourite cooking device. I had laughed when he had first exalted the culinary virtues of this much derided machine but I did become an instant convert the very first time I bit into the hot parcel it produced. In no time the meal was prepared and the device busily heating up as I returned the unused supplies to the fridge.

I felt my nipples stiffen again and then the fine hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Some sixth sense made me stand and look towards the door and a small squeal escaped my lips. My heart pounded as I cursed, “Bastard!”

Leaning against the door frame Paul grinned widely, “Language Jolene!” he replied, “Everyone blames the faeries or the mice and now I know the truth!”

“It’s a wonder the faeries and the mice don’t starve around here… or at least get Rickets” I shot back as my thoughts returned to the lack of phallic shaped vegetables and what Jamie’s best friend would have thought if he had found me plunging the aforementioned into my vagina on the kitchen table. Once again I felt a trickle slit from my quim; Shame your gay I thought to myself.

He nodded in agreement and stepped into the kitchen wrapped in his silk kimono with its serpent motif. “Hmmm… toasties…”

“You want one, just ham and cheese… as long as my secret is safe with you that is!” I suggested.

“Thank you but I’ll pass; cheese this late will give me vivid dreams,” he replied, “So what’s keeping you up?”

I pondered my reply as I leant against the counter and watched Paul grab the bread and slip a couple of slices into the standard toaster, “Oh, I don’t know” I lied as he opened the fridge to retrieve the butter. I tilted my head and examined his ass mulling over the ‘waste’ before me. I’d known him over a month before some remark in a conversation suggested his sexual orientation and later that night in bed with Jamie I had asked him about his best friend and was surprised that he ‘batted for the other side’ as he put it without anything but fond humour in his voice. My own ‘Gaydar’ was normally to be trusted but in the case of Paul it had thrown me a curve ball.

Paul grabbed a couple of plates and stood beside me; “So it wasn’t the wild fornication I heard coming from your room then that has you peckish?” he asked with a grin.

I blushed deeply, “You think just ‘cause you’re gay it gives you a pass to make inappropriate comments?”

He nodded, “Aye, it’s in the government issued guidelines; hundred percent!”

I grinned back at him thinking that with his weird, soft Irish accent he’d be able to charm the knickers of most girls; including this one if I was wearing any. “Must get a copy of those, one day, just to make sure you’re not having us all on” I answered.

“I’m devastated! You’d think that of me?” he replied with mock hurt, “Your toasties are done!”

A second later and Paul’s toast popped up and the two of us finished preparing our food. He returned to the fridge giving me another chance to admire his ass and lifted out a half full bottle of wine, “Shall we be really decadent?” he asked. I nodded and he grabbed a couple of tumblers and filled them up before he sat down at the table.

I was about to join him when the little devil on my shoulder intervened. I placed my hands on the counter and lifted myself up to sit there fully aware of my lack of underwear and that from Paul’s vantage, if he so desired, he’d be able to see beneath the T-shirt I was wearing along my ebony thighs. I glanced down as I picked up the hot toastie and saw the hem of the T-shirt only just covering my trimmed bush from my own perspective. He glanced at me as he sipped the white wine and I smiled back as I read a curious look upon his features.

I dropped my eyes and began eating my food; careful of the hot melted cheese within and totally aware of my aching quim that was partially visible to the gay man sitting less than six feet from me. I knew it was unsanitary but I could feel the combination of my juices and Jamie’s seed slowly leaking out undoubtedly pooling on the kitchen work surface. Would you like to taste my boyfriend’s spunk? I thought mischievously.

“Yes” said Paul and for a moment I thought/hoped I had said the words aloud, “Wine and toast, the height of decadence!”

“Mmmm…” I agreed with a mouthful of food and squeezed my thighs together as I clenched my pussy.

He watched me, that curious, unsure look still on his face as he nibbled on the corner of his toast. I swallowed the last of my bite and laughed eliciting a raised eyebrow from the object of my playful intentions. “Sorry, it’s just the way you’re eating your toast… think that’s the first gay thing I’ve seen you do!”

“The way I eat my toast is gay?” he looked at the piece in his hand and echoed my laugh; “I suppose it is a bit ‘camp’!”

“Honestly, I had no clue for ages; figured you for quite the lady-charmer if I’m being truthful” I explained.

“Well… the wee country village I’m from; not fully in the twenty-first century just yet” he answered, “and if we’re being truthful… not really a fan of those bigger than life/I’m so G, A, Y, its untrue sort. Apart from liking cock rather than pussy” his eyes dropped momentarily to my thighs and I smiled as he blushed knowing that I couldn’t have missed it, “for the most part I liked what other boys liked. I was good at the Gaelic although as I got older it became quite hard at the same time, particularly in the changing rooms!”

“I can empathise” I answered, “though hard I guess wouldn’t be the word for me if I was in said changing room.”

He shook his head and the colour returned to his cheeks again as he dropped his eyes and stared at my crotch, “No, I’m thinking wet!” he stated before raising his eyes back to mine and it was my turn to blush, “Are you really flirting with me. Jolie?” he asked.

I breathed deeply, my nipples aching as the T-shirt pulled across them and my pussy quivering as I spread my thighs apart a fraction; I nodded, “Yep, for all the good it would do me, I mean you are immune after all, where’s the harm?” I admitted, “I got this devil on my shoulder and…” my words trailed off.

“And…?” Paul asked shifting on his seat.

I dropped my eyes, teeth nipping at my lips staring down at my thighs; “Was left sorta… unsatisfied” I answered.

“Ahhh…” he replied, “Guess it’s a shame Jake is away this weekend” Paul said referring to the third and final house mate, “Got to admit I know you and Jamie have been going out for just a few months but I would never have guessed you had an open relationship.” I looked up and saw Paul slowly lift his eyes from my crotch and shook my head in reply. “Ohhh… that is a whole different level of unsatisfied then, I guess!”

“It is” I nodded, “Just so fucking horny and, fuck knows why, but just couldn’t get there earlier, damn frustrating… you were lucky you didn’t walk in to find me frigging myself on the kitchen table… I was sorely tempted.”

His eyes dropped unashamedly again to my crotch and I opened my thighs wider giving him an unrestricted view; my quim ached deeply as it felt his eyes upon it. “That would have been quite the sight…” he stated.

“Never tempted?” I asked.

“Can’t say I have been” he answered with an apologetic tone in his voice.

“And now?” I shot back, “A little pussy perhaps…with a side order of Jamie’s cum?”

“Fuck” he breathed but his eyes remained on my dripping slit. A grin spread across my lips as I dropped my hand to my thigh and slowly eased my fingernails up the inside. I’d teased and tortured boyfriends before but this was something else; I felt my quim tense in anticipation and a little more juice squeeze out from within.

“I know you’ve teased Jamie; threatened to convert him” I breathed and spread my thighs wide apart edging my ass forwards, “Was it all just a tease or have you thought about taking his lovely hard, thick cock into your mouth? It feels so big when I suck it, when it fills my mouth.” I groaned as my fingers slid up either side of my slit and felt it peel open with only the smallest of effort; my pussy and I both knew that the orgasm that had been so close but had failed to materialise was a certainty now if this little show carried on.

Paul nodded and I watched his hand drop beneath the table; his white teeth gripping his bottom lip. “So is it his cum that’s got your cock hard beneath that table or the thought that I’ve teased him as I’ve sucked his cock about what you wanted to do to him?” I asked as I eased the tips of my fingers into my hot wet slit.

He looked up into my eyes guiltily, breathing just as hard as I was; “Yes… I’ve wanted his cock for years… always wondered…”

I eased my fingers from my quim and held them up in front of me, spreading my fingers and staring at the strands of clear liquid stretched between them. I could see/feel different consistencies in the secretions and knew I’d gathered some of my boyfriend’s seed that had turned clear within me. “Do… do you want a taste?” I asked hesitantly.

The chair scraped on the floor and Paul stood up. I held my breath as I got a brief glimpse of his hard cock before the kimono closed over it. I’d never been the most faithful of girlfriends especially towards the end of the four serious relationships I’d had so far but I’d never even considered fucking any of their best friends especially in what was still the ‘honeymoon’ period as it was with Jamie. “Yes” I breathed answering my own desire to feel this man’s cock inside me.

He almost stumbled around the table in a hypnotic trance before standing before me and reaching up and taking hold of my wrist. “May I?” he asked politely as my eyes dropped to the tent in his kimono.

I paused before replying, “Is that all because of Jamie’s cum on my fingers?” I asked still staring at his bulge.

He shook his head, “No, not all because of Jamie’s cum, Jolie!” he answered and he pulled the belt free as I eased my fingers into his mouth. My pussy shuddered in response to the feel of his tongue swirling over my fingers and the long cock pointing up at me.

“M…may I?” I sighed tentatively reaching for his manhood.

“Mmmhmm” he mumbled around my fingers and then moaned softly as my dark skinned fingers slid around his long shaft. I couldn’t help but compare the cock in my hand to Jamie’s; this one was at least an inch and a half longer and I knew if I got it inside me that it’d be hitting the neck of my womb with every deep thrust, it was nowhere as near as thick and after the fucking I had already received this night I knew it would easily slip inside my aching, soaking cunt.

Paul’s mouth slipped from my fingers and his eyes dropped between us, “Help yourself, Paul” I whispered as I pulled on his length, “I’m sure there’s still quite a bit of Jamie’s spunk inside my pussy… though it is getting more and more diluted!” I grinned.

His hand moved swiftly between my thighs and two of his thick fingers slipped easily inside me and I groaned loudly as I pushed my pelvis forwards onto them eagerly. I felt them delve deep inside my dripping slit and curl upwards behind my hard, swollen clit; “Ohh…fuck” I gasped and squeezed his manhood tightly.

Even as I squeezed my pussy around his fingers he pulled them out and raised his hand up between us. He stared into my eyes, “So you like sucking Jamie’s cock?” I nodded in answer, “You like to swallow his cum?” another nod and he twisted his soaking fingers towards my mouth. I leant forwards and thrust my mouth down his fingers sucking on them hard as I jerked his cock in my hand. He stared, fascinated, at me as I enthusiastically bobbed my mouth up and down the length of his fingers. My eyes on his mouth as his tongue slid out and wet his lips, “I’ve never kissed a girl… not properly… the way I’d like to kiss Jamie that is!”

My other hand shot up and around the back of Paul’s neck pulling him forwards as his fingers slipped from my mouth. His unshaven chin scratched at my flesh as I thrust my tongue between his lips and felt his reciprocate. Both of us aware of the strong scent of my womanhood and a slight salty background taste of the remains of my boyfriend’s semen. I groaned deeply into his mouth in partial surprise, my back arching as his fingers thrust hard back into my burning slit.

This time they remained and thrust in and out of me deep and fast as my hand jerked on his long, hard cock haphazardly as I felt the longed-for orgasm begin. The aches and longing s grew with each pulse of my rapidly beating heart stirring deep inside my core and spreading outwards. Nerve endings fired almost randomly throughout my body, tiny shocks spiralling out from my quivering pussy as his knuckles beat against the sides of my slit and the fingers within twisted and curled. My clit and nipples, rock hard, throbbed and burned till my orgasm exploded outwards and I threw my head back, breaking our kiss and a scream burst forth from my soul through my mouth. Paul’s other hand clamped across my lips stifling my shrieks as my hips bucked wildly against his invading fingers.

It seemed like an age before my moans quietened, my body relaxed and my vision returned. I opened my eyelids see Paul grinning at me, my body twitching as he slowly withdrew his fingers, “Satisfied?” he asked.

I drew long deep breaths into my lungs and nodded, “Ohh god yes… but…” I looked down at his cock which during the throes of my passion I had released, “I’m guessing that’s another first for you; making a girl cum!” I looked up into his eyes and knew there was just pure mischievousness in my own, “Can I try to convert you?”

“You want me to put my cock… my virgin cock in there?” he asked pointing between my thighs.

“Scared you might like it, Paul?” I shot back grinning.

“We don’t just change our spots overnight, you know; it’s not just a phase?” he answered.

“I suppose begging isn’t going to help me?” I suggested.

“Seriously?” he smirked, “Don’t reckon you’ve ever begged for anything, Jolie!”

I slipped off the counter, the slight jolt causing a trickle of my hot juices to escape from my soaking slit, “Nope, I guess I haven’t, Paul.” I placed my palm on his chest feeling the few hairs upon it matted with patina of fresh sweat; he backed up until his ass rested against the table and I stood before him lightly digging my fingernails into his flesh pondering my chances of getting his cock inside me. I grinned, “Logically… how do you know you are gay if you’ve never tried a woman?” I asked trying to conceal the vain hope from my voice.

“Logic…? I’m doing politics and history, Jolie” he grinned back at me, “I haven’t murdered and eaten anybody but I’m pretty sure I’m not a serial cannibalistic killer!”

I bit my lip and dropped my hand before pulling Jamie’s T-shirt over my head to stand before him nude, “True… but those fingers were quite wonderful in my pussy… there’s a natural talent within you, I’m sure!”

His gaze dropped slowly down my body, taking in the details of my curves and flesh at his leisure. My body tingled, Goosebumps erupting on my flesh as I watched him note the darker, dog’s head shaped birthmark just below my collarbone. My hard dark nipples atop my heaving bosom and down via the two pale scars on the right of my stomach and on to my neatly trimmed bush, matted with my juices and the red raw gash below.

His eyes rose back up just as leisurely to return to mine. I felt his finger and thumb fasten around my hard, aching nipple atop my left breast, a small gasp escaped my lips; “Like I haven’t fingered an odd hole in my time, true nice for it to be self-lubricating,” his fingers tightened a fraction, “but I think it had as much to do with how desperate you were to ‘cum’ and the risqué situation as my own natural talent!”

I groaned as he pinched my nipple harder, my fists clenching as I fought the urge to grab his cock or thrust my fingers into my cunt. “Possibly… but… ahhh… your cock is still hard… and you’re making my cunt drip down my thighs… you just gonna walk outta here and have a quick one at the wrist back in your bedroom?” I shuddered as he rolled my happily traitorous nipple in his fingers.

I could read the indecision on his face as his eyes dropped down and focused on my crotch and thighs. I strongly suspected that the stream of my juices running down my ebony flesh was easily visible. “Maybe…” he evaded.

I was having a hard time concentrating but was enjoying this sweet torture as well. Previously, even though we were supposedly the weaker sex I had always felt in a position of power since I reached womanhood with regards to men and even quite a few women of a liberated sexual nature. This was quite new and quite wonderful; I felt no inevitability in my abilities in this particular situation. My initial desire had been sated and I was just as greedy for more; if it had been Jamie who had come down I’m quite sure we may have returned to bed by this point and sleep wouldn’t be long in coming for me.

“Is there nothing I can do or say to convince you?” I asked and saw a twinkle appear briefly in his eye before his ‘poker’ face returned, “Ha…ahhh,” I moaned as he pulled and rolled my nipple harder, “Yes… there is something… you want.”

He grinned; “Maybe…” he demurred again.

“Anything” I blurted, shocked that the word had escaped my lips.

“That’s a big word” he replied as he looked down and watched my hands take hold of his cock, “Do you even want to know what I want?” he asked as my nipple stretched in his fingers and then sprang free eliciting a deep sigh from my lips.

I breathed deeply and slowly sank to my knees in front of him, my eyes staying focused on his; my heart thudded in my chest and every fibre of my rational being screamed at me to say yes. Instead I shook my head and pulled back his foreskin as the tip of my tongue reached out and touched the leaking slit in his glans. “Anything,” I breathed, “as long as you fuck me with this delicious cock!” Slowly my lips slid over the head and Paul groaned deeply in response.

My eyes remained focused on his; my tongue swirling around his throbbing member as his fingers threaded through my hair and massaged my scalp tenderly as I slowly sucked harder and harder on his sensitive glans. I slipped it from between my lips for a moment, “Close your eyes, Paul…” I smiled, “Imagine its Jamie’s mouth on your hard cock!”

“Oh fuck” he murmured as my lips once again slid over the head of his stiffness and further down his length, “Ohh yes…” he closed his eyes and his fingers gripped my head firmer. “Ohhh… yes… Jamie, suck my cock, please” he muttered. My hands slid down to the base of his cock and I dropped my eyes to his closely trimmed bush that seemed so far away.

I grinned around his girth as I contemplated my boyfriend’s very thick cock that filled my mouth, stretching my lips whenever I gave him a blowjob but didn’t quite reach into the back of my throat. There was no doubt in my mind that Paul’s, although slimmer would easily accomplish the task. Closing my eyes, I circled my thumb and fingers around the base and reached around to grasp my boyfriend’s, gay, best friend’s ass.

I hummed and sucked upon this cock knowing that soon it would be ploughing into my grateful pussy; gradually taking it deeper and deeper till I felt it nudge against the very back of my throat. I was pleasantly surprised that the normal urge to gag wasn’t as overriding and that I could draw some breath around it each time I bobbed my head forwards. Up and down my mouth moved, my nails digging into his ass; “Ohh fuck… Jamie… I always dreamed you’d be a great cock-sucker…” Paul moaned from above. I opened my eyes as I drew him as far as could into my mouth and throat and saw there was at least an inch remaining of his length between my lips and fingers circling his base.

My eyes watered at the thought of taking it all and even though I tried as hard as I could I never felt my fingers against my lips. Paul’s groaning grew louder and his fingers began to knead my scalp in urgency. I held my mouth as far down his length as I could, sucking hard and feeling the vein beneath it pulse against my tongue as I gripped his base as tightly as I could. A moment later his cock began to jerk between my lips and I felt a thick, salty pearl of his seed leak from his cock’s eye. “Ohhhh fuck” breathed Paul from above as my hand gripped the base and prevented his balls from forcing any more of his cum up the long length of his cock.

His legs jerked and I grinned as his knuckles whitened where they gripped the table; I slowly withdrew my mouth to watch his manhood twitch before me as if it was indeed ejaculating. When his breathing evened out and I was sure his dry-cum had ceased I released the base of his cock and a large single tear of his seed leaked out of the eye. I gathered it on the tip of my finger and rose up to stand before him and wiped it across his lips while his eyes were still closed. His tongue flicked out and gathered the white secretion.

“Mmm…” he moaned sounding very like Jamie’s snores from earlier.

“Now, will you fuck me… please” I pleaded as I moved beside him and leant forward over the table, looking back over my shoulder. He broke from his reverie and turned to look down at me, “I can hardly refuse after that… just hope I don’t become a ‘breeder’!” he grinned.

“Not tonight” I reassured him, “and not with me.”

He stood behind me, his soft hands running over my ass caressing my cheeks, “Has a certain aesthetic appeal I guess” he pondered as I felt the head of his cock nestle between the folds of my oozing labia.

“I-“ my sentence was cut off instantly as Paul slammed his long shaft all the way inside me and I felt the head thrust against my cervix, “Ohhh fuck… “ I gasped.

The soft caress of his fingers turned to a vice like grip on my hips as he withdrew and slammed into me again and again without mercy. My moans echoed around the kitchen as my thighs pressed into the edge of the wooden table with each of his hard and very deep thrusts. I grabbed the far edge and twisted my hips, pushing back to meet his long cock as it impaled me ruthlessly. “Is this what you wanted, Jolie?” he asked and I could hear the grin in his voice and I pressed my forehead against the table top. His long cock seemed to pull so far back and yet his glans remaining within me and then feel it drive deeper than I thought was possible.

“Yesss…” I moaned loudly, “Fuck me Paul… fuck me hard!”

I yelped loudly and my pussy clenched in response as without warning his right hand left my hip and returned sharply smacking my soft flesh as it rippled from his piercing member. A litany of swear words escaped from between my clenched teeth as each blow of his hand excited me more and my cunt pulsed in unison. I’d said ‘anything’ and up until that first blow I had figured Paul would return to his ‘nature’ and after fucking me as I had requested would have fucked my tight rear hole as I imagined he did with his male lovers.

I writhed beneath him feeling my right cheek begin to glow and heat up from the spanking he was giving me. My body was on fire as he brought forth an inner demon I had never known existed and at that moment I hoped ‘anything’ would became ‘everything’!

“Fuck… yes… use me… please” I begged as my juices spat out around his invading manhood and ripple after ripple of excitement, pleasure and sweet pain spread through my body. I ground my chest down onto the wooden surface dragging my engorged nipples back and forth as those sensual echoes began to return towards my trembling cunt and then exploded. Paul’s other hand clamped across my mouth once again and stifled a scream that was far and beyond the one that had escaped when he had just used his fingers.

I bucked wildly against the table, thrashing about as the intense orgasm felt as if it wanted to escape from the confines of my body. My pussy, my cunt I thought, locked down hard on the long, slim shaft within it and my body was dragged back as Paul tried to withdraw and slam into me again. He grunted loudly from behind me and spanked my hip again, my hole twitching around his cock still refusing to release it.

Instead he pushed forward pressing my thighs hard against the table, placing a hand between my shoulder blades restricting my thrashing as his other hand remained clamped tightly over my mouth. I heard him mutter beneath his breath as his manhood twitched and shook against the tight muscles encircling it and then his own loud groan escaped from his lips and I knew he was flooding my womb with his seed. The sensations began to ebb slowly and my body went limp as tears ran down my cheeks but it was still a minute or more before my quim surrendered Paul’s softening cock.

His hand slipped from my mouth, the two of us sighing in unison as he finally pulled his flaccid cock from my slit. My sigh turned into a satisfied moan as I felt a flood of my juices and I imagined Paul’s seed gush out of my abused pussy and run down my thighs as if a cork had been pulled from a bottle. The hot liquid ran down as far as my knee, quickly cooling and causing an eruption of Goosebumps to spread across my flesh.

I tried to stand but my legs refused to obey my commands and I would’ve fallen in a heap on the floor if Paul hadn’t wrapped his arms about me and sat me back on the table. I could feel the heat from my right cheek throb from the spanking I had received as well as our combined secretions pooling on the table top between beneath my oozing pussy. His hand slid through my dishevelled hair and I opened my eyes as I felt his lips land softly upon mine. I closed them again as we shared a long gentle kiss; my trembling hands upon his hips as we kissed like lovers do.

“Thank you” I whispered as our mouths parted.

“You’re welcome” he replied. I didn’t have to open my eyes to see the smile on his lips.

I returned the grin, my fingernails scratching at his hips; “So… anything I said… and anything I meant!” I opened my eyes and stared into his before glancing down to his cock which brought a further smile to my lips as even in its flaccid state it was almost six inches long. “You want me to get that hard for you again and give you my tight ass to fuck?” I asked feigning reluctance although a little surge of juice slipped from my apparently still unsatisfied vagina as I said the words.

He grinned and shook his head, “Are we all just stereotypes to you breeders?” he replied, “I’m not sure if I’m more offended by that or that you think I have such a limited imagination?”

My mouth dropped open as images flashed through my mind. Immediately the thought of being bound to the table and given to whoever Paul liked scared and thrilled me simultaneously. Who am I? I thought to myself, feeling my body tremble I answered quietly, “Whatever you desire… Sir!”

He shook his head, “No, I don’t want to be your master; I want something else” he paused as my eyes searched his, “I want your boyfriend!”

“I… I…oh” I looked up towards the ceiling and imagined Jamie fast asleep unaware how much his best friend desired him and that his girlfriend was running scenarios through her head on how she could bring the fantasy to reality. “Not… not strictly something of mine…” I conceded.

“Tell me you don’t want it, too?” he answered, “Tell me that your cunt isn’t dripping at the thought of the three of us fucking?”

I looked down between us and saw Paul’s cock visibly stiffening, gleaming in a coat of my juices and wrapped one hand around it as I guided his right hand to my slit spreading my legs apart and feeling his hand cup my mound and my juices run between his fingers. “My cunt ain’t dripping” I lied, “and your cock is getting hard again!”

“Do I have a say in this?” asked a voice from the doorway.

The two of us jerked in response; my hand pulling hard on Paul’s cock and two of his fingers slipping in between my soaking lips. We turned our heads to see Jamie standing in the doorway, a pair of briefs discarded on the floor and two mouths opened as our eyes trailed down his naked form to the erect, thick cock in his hand. We both nodded dumbly in answer to his question.

“I can’t believe my best friend just fucked my girlfriend… and that my girlfriend came so hard getting spanked and fucked by my supposedly, gay best friend!” he stepped into the room weirdly on the moral high ground even though his hand was wrapped around his member, gently pulling on it. He stopped on the opposite side of the table, his eyes unashamedly roaming over our sweat covered bodies and down to our hands upon/within each other’s genitalia.

Our eyes were firmly fixed on Jamie’s cock, “I…” began and then clamped my mouth shut unable to think of anything to say and seemingly unable to release Paul’s, now fully hard, cock.

“You got anything to say… best friend?” asked Jamie.

Paul simply shook his head and licked his lips as he stared at his friend’s thick cock. “Eyes up here” demanded Jamie and we both reluctantly obliged, “So… you, hmm, you unfaithful friends… I own you!” he stated.

I don’t know about Paul but I did know that a very broad smile spread across my mouth as I heard those three little words. The person I hadn’t known existed before I had made that promise of sexual submission to my boyfriend’s best friend was utterly overjoyed to be owned; to be the plaything of my boyfriend with the added bonus of the long slim cock in my hand also being part of the scenario.

“Dirty little sluts…” Jamie grinned at our expressions, “Upstairs the both of you… you’re so gonna work for my forgiveness!”


The Beginning… of a long sweaty perverted night…

~ by ftfagos on March 4, 2016.

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