The Island

Here’s a little tale, a two part-er, Dear Avid Reader.

All started with the title above (albeit with the qualifier of ‘with no name’, thought it was a bit pretentious though so away it went) and then a thought that had occurred to me a while back. In that respect it was a failure; but, still I hope you enjoy anyway…



safe haven

I watched fascinated as the sunlight shimmered off the bow wave as the boat pushed through the azure waters of the Mediterranean,  sitting against the rear rail and glancing up at my ‘captain’. She was standing on the raised platform guiding the boat through the scatter of islands that formed a small part of the Greek Archipelago. She handled the craft with a surety beyond her years and a knowledge that appeared infallible as I glanced down through the clear water to see a jag of rock just beneath the waves pass by on the starboard just a few metres away.

“Damn shame” I muttered to myself as my gaze returned to the sun-kissed flesh wearing a pair of denim shorts and a black bikini top. I’d begun to doubt my ‘Gaydar’ ability in recent years but Stella was undoubtedly not interested in what was between my legs; the fact we were just a few miles from the isle of Lesbos was irrelevant. Even if I had no chance with her she was very easy on the eye! The scuba tanks clanked loudly beside me as the boat rolled with a swell as we neared our destination and I reached down to check their fastening again.

My gaze returned to watch as Stella’s thighs tensed and relaxed as the boat rolled wondering about the chance meeting with her and now a month on the un-named island or rather an island with no name where she and her friends lived. The waters all around this end of the Mediterranean had yielded an abundance of archaeological treasures and yet only a fraction had ever been thoroughly explored; I doubted I’d make any ‘great’ discoveries but it was still a pleasant way to spend my sabbatical away from the British Museum and the ruins of my private life.

“There we are!” called Stella pointing ahead of us to an island in the distance.

I climbed up to the platform beside the young woman, feeling the roll of the boat amplified up here and grabbing the rail beside me tightly as I looked into the distance at the approaching island. It was one of many small islands throughout the Archipelago that didn’t have names but a little odd as it was a decent size; roughly a mile or so long by a half-mile at its widest point.

I knew from Stella that there was only one group of buildings upon it owned by a friend and shared with a third; just three people on an island which in the crowded metropolis I had left behind would accommodate over ten thousand. I felt a weird shiver run up my spine and a sense of agoraphobia; it seemed such a lonely existence.

The island rose from the sea and even though we were approaching from the leeward side I could see no hint of a beach or natural harbour of any sort; just cliffs that varied from twenty to a hundred foot or so. I glanced nervously at my ‘captain’ wondering where she was going to tie up figuring with my basic knowledge of the local physical geology that the other side of the island was lightly to be even more unapproachable.

The boat slipped into the calm waters behind the island and almost instantly the ride smoothed out to the point where I could release the rail and study the coastline closer. Two or three time I glanced at Stella as we neared the approaching cliffs and I felt my heart begin to race as it appeared she was simply going to smash straight into the foot of the cliff. A hundred or so yards out she pulled sharply to starboard and paralleled the cliffs and as I looked forwards I finally saw a wide crevice in the apparent solid wall of rock.

The boat slowed and slipped between sheer walls rising as high as the radio mast of the boat with a comfortable amount of clearance though I did wonder how much draw there was in the narrow inlet. About fifty yards in she slowed the boat to a crawl as a wooden dock was revealed with a steep set of stairs leading upwards, part wooden and part carved into the bedrock. Without being asked I slipped to the bow and grabbed the docking lines and jumped onto the dock as Stella eased it into place.

“Not too scary. I hope?” she asked.

“Well, you did have me thinking for a while there” I replied and looked back down the inlet unable to see the open sea at all, “Strikes me as far more hairy on the way out!”

She twisted to glance behind her and my eyes flicked to the side of her bosom as her bikini stretched, “It is, in a boat of this size only to be attempted in fair weather and during slack-tide. You can leave your equipment on the boat and use the dinghy when you go diving” she said pointing to a black inflatable with a small out-board tied up on the other side of the dock.

We gathered my rucksack and the supplies Stella had brought from the mainland and placed them into a large pannier at the end of the dock attached by rope to a winch high above. I followed the young woman up the steps, enjoying the view as I did so till we reached the top where a handcart was waiting. I looked around surveying the land around us; surprised to see how fertile it was considering the bleak look of the rock as we had approached.

A set of half-constructed fortifications stood nearby, a legacy I assumed of the Second World War incongruous to the rest of the apparently un-inhabited isle. We loaded the cart and I hoisted it up and followed Anna along a well-worn track further inland. It wasn’t until we crested a rise and the land dropped away that I saw my accommodation for the near future.

A shallow valley occupied a substantial part of the centre of the island and was even lusher than the outer edge I had seen. A large area of cultivated land suggested small vegetables and such while a sizable area beyond was taken up with olive and fruit trees at a guess. In the midst of it all stood three buildings, a mid-sized barn with a small windmill affixed to the roof, what might have been a row of stables and a small two room cottage with smoke curling up from the short chimney stack with a wooden arbour to one side of the door. All of them a startling white topped with terracotta tiles.

“Idyllic” I simply said.

Stella turned and looked at me with a soft smile; “A little bit of heaven” she answered and carried on down the incline.

As we neared the structure the rough wooden door to the cottage opened and a woman wearing a white dress stepped out and all at once Stella bounded the last few yards and threw herself into the woman’s arms. I approached at a more sedate pace careful of the cargo on the cart as I watched the two embrace. The shock of long, pure white hair on the other woman’s head was in stark contrast to the Stella’s black bob and as they separated a fraction to look into each other’s’ eyes a stream of Greek bounced between the two.

I lowered the cart onto the rear stand and rubbed my hands together as I tried to follow their conversation. My education had given me a deep and wide understanding of Ancient Greek but only in the written form and so I was only able to pick out maybe one out of ten words that flowed between the two women. Eventually Stella composed herself and twisted about, still in a half-embrace with the older woman. “Mark, this is Eryn.”

“A pleasure” I replied with a slight bow as the woman’s startling blue eyes looked me up and down, “Thank you for letting me stay on your island.”

She smiled, the crow’s feet about those eyes becoming more pronounced and she stepped forward offering my her hand. I took it and felt a firm shake and even though I judged her to be in her late sixties/early seventies she showed no signs of her age in her movements or strength. “You’re welcome, but this is not my island,” she looked to her left towards the rows of trees, “Maddy is out in the fields somewhere but I am sure she will be back soon. Till then let’s open some of the supplies and enjoy a glass of wine beneath the shade!”

We spent about an hour beneath the shade as the hot afternoon sun beat down upon the baked earth between the buildings. A couple of chickens ventured out from the open door of one of the ‘stables’, hopping over the dwarf wall that marked the edge of the shade and after a brief investigation of the stranger within their midst they settled down with barely a cluck beneath the table between our legs. My academic interest rose to the surface and Eryn told a little of the history of the island but I sensed a reluctance to tell me too much until Maddy made an appearance.

If I thought I’d sensed a ‘Gay-ness’ about Stella, Maddy did very little to alleviate it. She strolled into the ‘street’ between the buildings wearing heavy boots, jeans and a dirty white T-shirt, sweat apparent from her toil in the fields highlighting the bra she wore beneath holstering a sizable pair of breasts. The word dyke immediately sprung to mind from the stereotype as I saw her bronzed bald scalp. Even without hair she was what I’d term a ‘handsome’ woman and she held herself with complete confidence as she stepped into the shade, placing a wicker basket of fresh vegetables onto the wall.

She lifted Stella’s half full glass of wine and downed it in one go before taking hold of the carafe and re-filling it, “Hi” she said with the oddest of accents as she offered her hand to me, “You must be Mark.”

“Guilty as charged” I replied as I stood, “It’s a pleasure.”

She held my hand in a grip equal to mine and I felt the hard callouses upon her flesh as a pair of dark brown eyes topped with reddish eyebrows appraised me. “I’m glad to see the girls have been hospitable” her eyes flicked to each as she released my hand and then commented “though they could have brought out a fourth glass!”

My eyes followed hers to see the younger and elder woman blush deeply but both exhibiting conspiratorial smiles at the chastisement. It seemed that the woman before me who was probably in her late thirties was indeed the matriarch of the island. She pardoned herself and went to clean up, disappearing inside the cottage and reappearing ten minutes later simply dressed in a red cotton dress and sandals.

We chatted for a while about the world beyond the island about subjects as diverse as fashion to politics to celebrity. Maddy and Eryn were agog as I tried to explain that there was now a bunch of people who were famous for being famous. Stella who was obviously the one of the three who made the most forays into the outside world placed her hand upon my fore-arm, “You may as well try to explain the colour of the wind” she suggested.

“Very true,” I answered, “It might help if I understood the phenomena myself!”

Shortly afterwards Stella and Eryn made their way indoors and brought out chopping boards, plates and knives as I walked across the street and filled a pail from an old fashioned hand pump and the four of us sat around the table washing and preparing the fresh vegetables for our meal. The sun sank and Maddy fetched an oil lamp straight out of a Saturday afternoon Western and by the time it was fully dark we sat around and ate the fruits of our labour.

I was glad to hear that they weren’t vegetarians and simply could not be bothered to cook indoors on this night and it had been too late to light the fire-pit they used outdoors. Even without any meat in the meal, the food was divine, supplemented by oils and vinegars that would have surpassed any used in the Michelin Star restaurants of the West End of London. We chatted well into the night and the stars above shone out in the cloudless sky as they slowly rotated above us.

Eventually it was time for bed and for the first time I wondered about the sleeping arrangements. I had made no assumptions that I wouldn’t be sleeping in the barn and was mildly surprised to learn that one of the ‘stables’ was to be my quarters. It was spartan but more than enough as Maddy lit another oil lamp to light the room. Before leaving she told me that the last door at the end of the block was the bathroom for all and then bade me goodnight.

I looked about the room; the only non-functional item within was a piece of a Greek frieze or relief attached to the wall. I studied it briefly figuring it was probably over half a millennia old judging by the stone but such a small fragment that it was impossible to identify the source or even the motif. I lifted the lamp and stepped outside, my eyes drawn across the street to the faint light within the bedroom of the cottage. I smiled making an effort not to judge or to wonder.


The next morning I arose early as the sun just above the horizon shone through the small window of my room. My head ached a fraction from the alcohol we had consumed and my thoughts almost immediately wandered to the three women across the ‘street’ that I was sure had no interest in me whatsoever. My ‘morning glory’ had no such qualms as I looked down at the tent beneath the single sheet I had pulled over myself. “You’re going to have to wait” I admonished my erection as I felt the pressure from within my bladder and slipped my legs from the bed and grabbed my shorts, pulling them on without bothering with any briefs.

I stood and stretched and pulled open the door and bathed immediately in the warm rays of the sun before walking the few yards to the bathroom. I hadn’t appreciated it the previous night but now in the daylight I looked about the room that was at odds with the very basic quality of the rest of the farm. A large iron bath occupied one wall that would easily accommodate two people although I figured it would take some planning to fill it with enough hot water as there appeared to be only single taps which must be fed from an elevated cistern somewhere. The walls and floor were tiled, the only colour being a single row running around at waist height with a poor Greco/Roman theme. I winced at the mix of myths and legends depicted upon them.

I stood before the toilet pushing down my shorts and waited patiently for my cock to soften a fraction before I was able to urinate. It was a good three minutes before it happened but the relief was almost orgasmic as the pressure reduced upon my bladder. I stood there for fully a minute before looking down with a wry grin at the amount of urine a bladder could hold. Eventually the hot stream let up and finally ceased before I reached up and pulled the chain to flush the bowl.

A visit to the sink ending with splashing the crystal clear cool water over my face and I stepped back out onto the street. Once again I stretched in the morning sun and surveyed this little oasis of heaven. I glanced across at the cottage and saw Maddy sitting beneath the arbour once again in boots, jeans and white T-shirt. I sucked on my bottom lip briefly and my brain won out over my baser desires and after surreptitiously adjusted my ‘dress’.

“Morning” I called and Maddy looked up.

“Morning. Care for some coffee?” she asked.

“I’ll just put on some more clothes and I’ll be right there,” I answered.

“Perfect” I nodded as I stepped over the low wall; she poured a cup of very dark and aromatic coffee from a small steel pot.

“I hope you slept well, I know it’s a little rough and ready but we don’t have that many visitors” she said as she pushed the cup towards me along with a small bowl of rock sugar.

“Got to admit the cot doesn’t look all that but, yes, slept better than I have for an age” I lifted the coffee and added a single lump before stirring it and then sipping the rich blend. It was probably twice as bitter than my normal choice but I could almost feel it opening up my synapses as it ran down my throat. I looked up to see Maddy watching me.

“One of my vices, thank the Gods Stella picked some up, I was beginning to run low” she said with a broad smile.

We chatted some more and I returned to my room to get some gear before joining Maddy and walking up the track to the half-built German bunker. We stood beside the structure and looked out to sea.  “One bunch of visitors nobody wanted” I suggested.

She glanced to her side and then returned her eyes to the azure waters, they searched briefly and then pointed, “I think it’s about there, a German E-boat, the very strategic value that this island has was the very property that stopped them.” A smile played about her lips, “There’s a shelf that runs out from the island, in places as far as half-a-mile or more on this side of the island, even with our boat and its shallow draft there is really only one sure path to the dock without grounding or tearing a hole in your hull. They tried for ages to get heavy equipment here, probably to build a runway but luckily their efforts failed!”

“Quite the history!” I commented looking closer at the water beneath us and able to see darker and lighter shades as the depth changed as well as numerous rocks just beneath the surface.

“You’ll find plenty of wrecks to investigate especially out towards the eastern edge of the shelf and the dinghy will be safe enough! Not sure how old they’ll be but I think the German wreck is the youngest; the locals know how treacherous the waters are so give the island a wide berth even on the calmest of days” she stated and looked towards me. “Feel free with the sea all you like!”

I looked at her and almost heard the unspoken rule I sensed. The sea was fine but the island was hers! “Thank you, Maddy, I’m sure I’ll find plenty to occupy me, I’ll see you later then” I answered before turning away and heading for the rock-hewn steps to lead me down to the dock.

I dropped the small rucksack I had been carrying into the dinghy and transferred one of the oxygen tanks and breathing apparatus to it before checking the fuel on the small outboard and heading out through the narrow channel. As soon as I cleared the cliffs I headed straight out at a slow speed looking down through the waves beneath realising just how shallow the water was. I passed over a number of rock formations that I could have stood on and only been waist deep; I even lifted the outboard afraid that the propeller might catch one or two.

I came to the edge of the shelf and slowed to a stop before dropping the small anchor into the water and lifting my snorkel, fins and mask. I looked back to the island and saw Maddy still standing at the top of the cliff at which point she turned away and disappeared from sight. I felt a curious shiver run down my spine and took a few moments to shake it off.

I had a total of four hours oxygen in my tanks and even though this trip was more recreational than professional I intended to get the best use possible out of them. Pulling out my tablet, I opened up the satellite picture of the area I had downloaded, noticing as I did the complete lack of signal. I focused in and marked my approximate spot before attaching a pair of net bags to my hip and slipping into the water.

That first day I did find several wrecks including the E-boat, noting that the torpedo tubes attached to the deck were empty which suggested that the boat had been made safe, probably shortly after the war. A long length of twine tied to the guard rail with a small piece of polystyrene marked the spot. Even though it was at least three millennia outside my area of expertise it was still too good an opportunity to pass up for my personal curiosity. The rest of the wrecks I found were all fishing boats only dating back a few centuries and in such bad states they were unlikely to yield anything of interest.

Returning to the island around mid-afternoon soon became my routine and after the first week I had found two wrecks a little way down the side of the shelf that might be of interest and substantially older than the two dozen others I had found. I’d return to my room, make any notes that I felt worth recording and had a short nap before heading across the street to lend a hand with preparing the evening meal. The three women were very good company and by the end of that first week I felt completely comfortable with them all. I had even become inoculated against Stella and her apparent phobia of any clothing greater than nine inches in length.

On the sixth day, I met with Maddy first thing in the morning for that strong Arabic coffee which was starting to feel like a ‘dependency’ and asked when Stella would be next making a trip to any of the other islands or the mainland. “Sorry Mark, she makes the trip when necessary, although of course she’ll make the trip when you want to leave of course!” she answered.

“Ahh… the dinghy couldn’t make it to Limnos or maybe Lesbos?” I asked.

Maddy took a sip of her coffee, “I don’t think Stella would risk that, it’s definitely possible with a spare can just to be safe. What’s so important? You don’t mind me asking, do you?”

“Not at all, just so careful with certain things like managing my scuba gear but then you forget the things you take for granted even if back out there you do them all day. No electricity for my tablet!” I answered blushing slightly.

“Electricity; for a tablet? Now I feel like a… Peron who has no idea what you are talking about!” she replied shaking her head but a smile playing about her lips.

I blushed slightly, “I don’t suppose there is any reason or need for you to know.” I reached down into my rucksack and pulled out the device, “Basically a small computer-“ I switched it on briefly and it started ‘blipping’  almost immediately before I turned it back off, “I can get a charger that runs off solar-cells, should’ve thought about it before!”

She looked at the inert device unashamed at her lack of knowledge; she leant back in her chair and twisted her head towards the window of the bedroom, her full breasts stretching her T-shirt. “Girls!” she shouted, “Road trip!”

I laughed at the term and lifted my eyes back up as she turned back, “Please don’t just on my account” I offered.

She tilted her head and ran her hand across her scalp, “Probably about time I visited the mainland, need a few new tools and it’s been quite a while” she pondered the statement, “What year is it?” she asked and I grinned back completely in the dark about whether it was a genuine question or not.


Strictly speaking Limnos isn’t the mainland but it is a sizable island and I was sure that I’d find a suitable Solar-charger and I already knew I could get extra tanks and top up the one I had partly used. I left Stella with some Euro’s to top up the fuel on the boat and arranged to meet all three in an hour or so at a café down along the sea front. In short order I found what I was looking for along with spare batteries for the Tablet and my underwater camera and a few other supplies. I wandered back towards the harbour feeling a little crowded having seen just three other souls for the week.

I had a sense of needing to get back to the island and even though I had planned and agreed with Maddy that I would probably only be there for a month I felt as if there was nowhere else I would want to be. Ever! The word crept into my head surprising myself. The island didn’t even have a name and the population had no interest in me so the idea that I would happily spend the rest of my life celibate was, at the very least, new to me and strictly speaking utterly alien,

I pondered these thoughts as I wove through the alleys heading downhill along with my recent history and the real reason for my sabbatical. It had been only four months since my wife had walked out on me to set up house with a female lover. I hadn’t a clue about it till I arrived home to find her sitting there surrounded by cases and wearing her coat. The conversation we had that day had been oddly unemotional and in my memory quite ‘foggy’.

I figured it was shock and for a short time, a couple of weeks I raged impotently against the situation; drinking far too much and fucking any piece of skirt that would let me. Once my anger had subsided I reckoned that in the space of twenty days I had slept with twice as many women as I had in the thirty years before I had married my wife. Even a week ago there was still ‘an anger’ within me against Lesbians in general which now seemed like a folly of youth. My old simple fantasies that possibly most adolescents dreamed about had returned and every night since arriving on the island, Stella, Maddy and Eryn had all been fuel for them in various scenarios.

I turned the corner and saw the objects of my desire sitting at the café and for a moment or two I just stood and watched them. All three were at ease but both Maddy and Eryn were constantly looking about at the sights and sounds and the people all about. Stella was simply enjoying watching the looks on the faces of her lovers. On the trip over on the boat I had learned that Maddy hadn’t left the island in five years and Eryn’s last excursion had been almost twice that. Even though being totally at odds with most people’s idea of the modern world, including my own, I could understand completely.

Maddy saw me and waved. The three women turned in unison and I muttered under my breath, “Damn shame” as I walked the few yards to join them at the table. “So, how is the big scary world?” I asked with a smile of the two older women.

The smile widened on Maddy’s face, “Seems smaller…”

“More crowded” suggested Eryn.

I sat down in the vacant chair and Stella leaned towards me, “They’re priceless, all they need is for a sheet glass to be in front of them and they’d be tapping on it to see what the animals would do.”

“Does that make you the zookeeper of the rest of the world?” I asked.

She turned to me, her hand resting on my forearm, “I like that, zookeeper to the world” she repeated testing the words in her mouth; “Yep, like that a lot!”

“You realise that makes you a pet!” suggested Eryn smiling broadly. The three women grinned and Stella patted my arm.

I smiled in return and lifted the glass of wine to my lips. The conversation turned and I found myself to be the oracle especially to Maddy and Eryn explaining some of the changes that had been occurring in the outside world. Smart phones beeping and hybrid cars whispering past fascinated the pair especially Eryn. I felt a sense of relief from Stella as it appeared that being the only conduit to everybody else was sometimes quite hard work.

We headed up the hill into the town and found a restaurant where the conversation continued. We seemed to attract a few curious looks, especially Maddy’s shaven head I suspected and it was easy to bathe in the attention as all three women appeared to have shaken off some taboo I was unaware of and had become increasingly tactile with me. They obviously had no shame about their unusual triple relationship even if it normally existed away from prying eyes and even though I knew I was no part or ever would be I caught numerous looks from men and women each with their own interpretation; whether it was jealousy or disgust.

The meal was divine, each of us choosing different and sharing and tasting each other’s choices. At some point it became simply the best meal I ever had purely because of the company. The service in the restaurant had been second to none and eventually when the ladies allowed me to pay I left a hefty tip and the four us left to head back to the boat down through the narrow alleys to the harbour. Stella led the way as the alley narrowed while I was arm in arm with Maddy and Eryn still chatting away as the younger woman hummed some local tune to herself as we approached a crossing of alleyways.

“OI! GORGEOUS!!!” a shout echoed through the alleys.

I felt the two women beside me tense and I could almost see Stella’s spine stiffen beneath the blouse she was wearing. I slipped my arms from Maddy and Eryn and stepped forward beside the younger woman. I already knew from the accent that the owner of the voice was from my home country and was also very drunk. He stood leaning against the wall to our right in sandals, shorts and tie-dyed T-shirt with a bottle hanging from one hand as he eyed up Stella.

The two other women came up behind us and I moved between Stella and the young man as we made to cross the junction. “Hey mate! Bit greedy innit” he slurred, “You got three and me n’ my mates got none!”

I looked about and sure enough there were two more men on the opposite side, one just rising from the ground and the other I suspected having just finished urinating up against a wall. “Just lucky I guess” I responded trying to diffuse anything before it happened but the hairs on the back of my neck were suggesting otherwise.

“’S’not fair” offered one of the others.

“Yeah give us two. We’ll let’sh you keep ones” slurred the third.

I’d stood my ground as I ushered the three women past and it may have simply ended there but Eryn turned to the last one to speak and a stream of Greek escaped from her lips and even though I didn’t understand a word at the speed of it, I fully knew that several of the words were expletives and far from complimentary.

“Fuckin’ dykes, ain’t they!” stated the first, “and I bet he’s their faggot!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and maybe we still could have walked away but with the women behind me I turned to face three drunken louts, “Well with such grand specimens of manhood like you, can you blame them?”

They grouped together reminding me very much of The Three Stooges; the one on the right was smiling having missed my sarcasm completely whereas the other two hadn’t and both now gripped their bottles tighter in their fists. “You think you’re such a smart-arse, don’t you?” asked the first one, standing in the centre who had spoken and who now didn’t sound as drunk as he had at first, “Don’t reckon you’re gonna stop three of us!”

I’m not a brave man, never have been and previously I had either talked my way out of such confrontations, scarpered or on a single occasion ended very much the worse for wear! My mind, even with the amount of wine I had drunk was screaming at me to run but my mouth was having thoughts of its own. “You’re right, I’m not going to stop the three of you, just one; the first one!” I answered defiantly.

The three of them hesitated and the outer two glanced between them and then at their ring leader; I now knew who was the ‘Alpha’ as he said “We’re solid, all for one…”

“One for all?” I interjected before the others finished the refrain mimicking his accent; “I ain’t so sure of ye’ mates-“ I looked from one to the other, “So you don’t take him to hospital, you try whatever you want with the ladies after dealing with me and I’m reckoning they’ll be four of us in that ambulance not just one!” I finished staring at the central figure and raised my fists in the pose of a centuries-past pugilist.

The man’s face flushed raising the bottle up, its remaining contents spilling down his arm as he rushed forwards. Whatever part of my mind that had instinctually formed the plan smiled as my attacker had assumed from my stance that I was going to fight fair even though he was armed with a bottle. It was probably the adrenalin but when my foot connected with the man’s crotch I could almost hear my rugby coach from school cheering at the perfect drop goal.

He went down instantly the bottle dropped and clattering down the cobbles alley on its way to the harbour. I looked at the two remaining drunks who had barely moved and smiled, “Your chances have gone down and mine have gone up; you should’ve made your move with the heap of shit on the floor! What’s it gonna be?”

They looked from one to the other and slowly edged forward to pick up their friend by the arms. I remained in my boxing stance till they had begun to drag him away and only then did I relax. “Shit” I breathed feeling my flesh run cold and turned away.

Stella, Eryn and Maddy stood there smiling at me, I vaguely noted the older woman placing a length of wood back against the wall before Maddy stepped forward and slipped her arm through mine, “Our hero.”

I blushed deeply as Eryn re-joined on the other side nodding in agreement as Stella stood before me. She paused for a moment before placing her hands on my cheeks and kissing me softly on the lips, the barest hint of tongue slipping between her lips to moisten mine. When she broke away she grinned broadly, turned and began to stroll down the hill; her hips rolling, I was sure for my benefit. I smiled and once again we set off, “Let’s get back to the Island!” I declared.


The rest of our excursion was uneventful although Maddy and Eryn cuddling me tightly on the bench at the back of the boat was wrought with its own issues. Once again Stella was incredible with her knowledge of the waters as the only guide she had was a small searchlight shining onto the almost obsidian surface of the sea.

We soon docked and the four of us made our way up the stairs and down to Maddy’s farm. I didn’t know the time but I figured it was only perhaps ten o’clock or so and was rather surprised when Eryn wrapped her arms about me tightly, even pressing her crotch against the unsubtle bulge in my trousers, wishing me ‘good night’ and then giving me a lingering kiss. I stood there like a rabbit caught in the headlights as her tongue slid once into my mouth grazing mine before disappearing.

I had no time to gather my wits as I felt Stella press against my back her hands sliding beneath my arms and her fingernails scratching sensuously at the flesh beneath my shirt. I could feel her stand on tip-toe, her chin resting on my shoulder and two hard ‘bullets’ of nipples pressing into my back. Her lips caressed my neck, her breath like a liquid fire cascading across my flesh: “Tis’ a shame…” she whispered and drew away her fingernails both raking across my own sensitive nipples.

Maddy stood before me, my discomfort and pleasure obvious as I felt my legs go weak and I sat down heavily on the small wall outside the cottage. “I know it’s not fair, you deserve-“

I shook my head interrupting her, “No… deserve is the wrong word, I did what any decent person would.” My eyes flicked to the bedroom window as the oil lamp within was turned on and a narrow line of yellow light appeared between the curtains, “Not as if I didn’t know what the score was here from the first day I arrived, possibly even before I got on the boat; Stella is so not interested in men!”

Maddy stepped forward her large breasts on a level with my head proving a distraction as she drew in deep breaths. She lifted her hands to cup my chin, the growth of my beard scratching at her flesh as we looked into each other’s eyes. “You are a good man, Mark and I realise that… taking matters into one’s own hand is far from as satisfying,” her eyes flicked to my room across the street, “maybe you should, hmm, take a little night air tonight?” she leaned and kissed me deeply, my hands automatically rose up to hold her shoulders as her tongue slid deep into my mouth swirling around mine.

I know the kiss didn’t last long but for a few short moments my entire world was within it.  She smiled at me, the smile of a friend but her hands reached for mine and drew them down onto her chest, and her fingers encouraging mine to caress her soft flesh. “Ohhh…” I gasped.

She kissed me daintily on the tip of my nose and broke from our embrace. Standing at the doorway to the cottage she looked back at me sitting there as she reached beneath her armpit and pulled the zipper down on her dress which slipped with a sigh down her body to leave her standing there naked except for her sandals. “Enjoy the show” she simply said and walked inside the cottage.

A moment later I heard a squeal from within the room from Stella and I carefully moved round in front of the small window on very shaky legs. If I thought I was going to have to peek through the gap I was wrong as a shadow precluded the internal view and then the curtains were pulled aside to reveal Maddy standing there proud as she looked out at me. A slight frown passed across her lips as she stood there and I sank to my knees on the rough gravel of the street and unbuckled my belt. In a matter of moments I had freed my aching cock and felt the cool night air wash over it; chilling the smear of pre-cum about my glans as the smile returned to Maddy’s lips.

She turned about and my eyes dropped to her ass, my hand squeezing my shaft tightly as it was every bit as glorious as I had imagined. She stepped further into the room and the bed beyond slipped into view and almost in unison both Eryn and Stella peered around the approaching form at Maddy to spy me outside. They had been beneath white cotton sheets but both leaned forward and the covering dropped away to reveal their naked bodies. They crawled as one across the large bed and reached up pulling Maddy down between them, twisting her in the process for her to land on her back.

My hand trembled about my cock as my eyes flicked between the two women as they pulled their lover’s legs apart. Two sets of fingernails dragged up those tanned legs towards an almost denuded mound with just a hint of fuzz above it. My eyes were drawn inexorably towards Maddy’s slit as she raised her hips in the air inviting her lover’s fingers and my eyes within her. I leant forward as the two sets of fingers eased her slit apart revealing a wet glistening hole. My cock erupted in my hand shooting rope after rope of my white seed up into the air to splash upon the window panes.

I rocked on my knees as I imagined that wet hole sliding down my shaft as I flooded her womb with my seed. I could see it pulse as a finger from Eryn and then Stella slipped inside, each taking it in turns to lap their tongues against the top of Maddy’s slit and the hard nub of her clit. My orgasm subsided and yet my cock remained as hard as ever as I began to slowly pump it up and down my eyes locked upon the scene within.

I had no idea how long I remained outside that window, the women twisted and turned into multiple positions; my cock erupting three or four times through the haze that filled my mind, the final time as Maddy knelt before the bed, her face buried in Eryn’s crotch as Stella brought herself off beside her. That glorious ass was just a couple of feet the other side of the window, her own fingers buried deep inside her quim, her juices sparkling as they flowed down her thighs; I knelt up close pumping my cock furiously just an inch from the glass. My orgasm was harder and more intense than any other I had in my life and once again my seed splattered against panes and slowly dribbled down to the sill.


I woke up the next morning with only the vaguest of memories of returning to my cot. The room was bright with the late morning sun and I felt the ache in my cock before the pain in my knees. I looked down past my erection at the gravel embedded in the flesh of my knees and yet a smile played about my lips as the dream I’d had still lingered in my mind. There had been no barrier between Maddy and me; physical or sexually and in my fevered imagination I had filled her womb again and again with my seed. My eyes returned to my aching hard-on, smiling at the residue upon it and upon my stomach where I had obviously ejaculated during the night.

I grinned at the thought of having a wet dream; something I’d never experienced even during my hormone filled teenage years. Tentatively I touched my erection and wasn’t surprised to find it was tender almost to the point of pain especially considering the abuse it had gone through the previous night. Still it ached and yearned for release and I knew the stinging injuries to my knees were going to have to wait until it was sated once more. I thought about the three unattainable women and let my imagination have free reign.

When I did ejaculate it was a pitiful amount even though the orgasm itself felt just as consuming as ever. Almost reluctantly my erection slowly subsided and I set about the delicate task of pulling the small stones and grit from my knees.  After treating the wounds with antiseptic which was sharp enough to make my eyes water I got dressed and headed out into the street,

I looked up into the clear sky and saw that the sun was nearing its zenith, figuring it was nearing midday and shaking my head before wandering over to the cottage. The curtains were still drawn back from the window but the bed within was empty and neatly made. I listened carefully, no apparent signs of life in the vicinity as I grabbed a bottle of water from the shelf just inside the kitchen and then wandered out.

I had no set idea of whether I’d go out in the dinghy or not, looking past the end of the cottage I could see no sign of the three women amongst the rows of trees or inside the barn when I popped my head inside. My feet found their muscle memory and I began to stroll up the path towards the stairs leading to the dock. The concrete shell of the half-constructed fortification grew closer and at the last moment I turned towards it; a voice in the back of my head slightly surprised that I hadn’t given into my natural curiosity already.

The finished building looked like it would have comprised two rooms with a lobby. Heavy hinges were embedded in the pair of arches although there was no sign that the matching reinforced steel doors had ever been fitted. The first room I imagined would have been very dark if the roof had ever been finished as it had no windows whereas the second room adjacent the cliff had the elongated horizontal window for a gun-emplacement. My eyes roved over the floor, noting a pile of tools and a couple of lumps of concrete, solidified and still bearing the ripples of the bags that had once been their containment.

I squatted down noting a scrap of waxed paper still remaining bearing a Greek looking logo and half a word. I smiled as I conceded to myself that the German occupiers were hardly likely to import their materials all the way from the fatherland, I stood, feeling a light sting within the flesh of my knee as I looked out through the hole in the concrete wall at the sea and imagined how the natural defences of the island would have made the location so desirable to the various Martial forces down through the ages.

Even though my own area of expertise preceded modern weaponry I knew how War had changed and especially with the development of flight fortifications of all types were gradually becoming more and more outdated. I looked about and wondered if the Germans had really only managed this tiny effort in their attempts to colonise the island. I walked back through the building and surveyed the land before me. Instead of heading down the stairs to the dock I set off along the edge of the cliff heading south with no real objective in mind.


I’d walked for about an hour or so, examined further evidence of the attempted Nazi occupation where the cliffs on the west side of the island were at their lowest. The remains of concrete pillars were still visible in the waters below where a dock had been partially constructed and four or five buildings looked like they had for a short period been completed and now had fallen, some of them with the aid of explosives. The cliffs continued to rise as I headed northwards till they reached a height in excess of a hundred feet and just inland the flickering metal sails of a windmill drew me to them.

I looked at the relatively modern construction and the remains of what had probably been an older wooden windmill stacked neatly to one side. The windmill stood atop a fissure that ran down through the bedrock of the island, an incongruous blue plastic pipe snaking down through it leading to a source of fresh water which I could only imagine was from a layer far beneath the seabed. I studied another section of the broken frieze hanging from the metal framework; a small snake head possibly etched upon it. A talisman I thought, a successful talisman seemingly able to protect this strategically desirable island from invaders!

I mulled over the pieces of frieze I had noticed around the island. I assumed there must be one down by the dock but I hadn’t noticed it. Of course, Asclepius was the ancient Greek God of medicine but was hardly renowned for protection or warding off evil. I took hold of the small piece of pottery, it could be Ouroboros, but the eternal snake was always depicted in a ring eating itself and being reborn and the partial serpent head depicted seemed to be just the head alone.

My attention returned to the deep hole beside me and carefully peered down the fissure, the white rock almost translucent reflecting the sun’s rays far deeper down the hole than I would have expected. At the very extent of my vision the hole almost seemed brighter; maybe there was a cave leading out towards the sea although it was hard to imagine that the sun’s rays would make it this far below ground. I began to look at the rocks wondering how difficult it would be to climb down; I knew my skills weren’t of that high a standard and any attempt without full equipment would be border-line suicide.

Drawing away from the hole I imagined the time and labour that must have been used before the residents had built a windmill and had to raise the water by bucket and sweat. A small mechanical pump sat at the bottom of the structure and the plastic pipe disappeared into the ground in the general direction of the orchards in the distance. I followed the imagined path of the buried pipe to the regimented trees and slowly ambled in that direction.

As I stepped beneath the dappled shade of the Olive trees I could almost hear my skin releasing a sigh of relief and I realised I had indeed been in the sun too long without enough protection. The wind brushed through the rows of trees, rippling the leaves causing a whisper of noise at it did so. “Idyllic” I whispered back and slowly ambled down the slight gradient that I knew would lead back to the farmhouse.

After about fifty or so trees I stepped into a small clearing and in the centre was a stone water butt where I refreshed my thirst and my flask. A small valve feeding it opened and topped up the level as I lifted the flask out and screwed the top back on. I looked around in a circle to see if any of the women were in view but to no avail. However my eye was caught by a tiny flash of colour about fifty yards away to the east and my curiosity pulled me towards it.

I’d halved the distance when I saw it was a small crop of wild flowers being busied by the local insects and figured it was a simple method of encouraging the pollination of the trees. I figured if I searched I would find a few more scattered through the orchards. It was very picturesque nestled in amongst the regimented rows of fruit bearing trees and I was almost on top of it when I saw the stone slabs in amongst the blossoms.

I bit my lip as I guessed this must be Maddy’s family burial plot and felt a pang of guilt for having intruded. Something niggled in my mind making me pause before turning away and looked closer at the slabs. “Odd” I said to myself as I noted only about a dozen or so markers which seemed far too few but I was making the assumption that Maddy’s family had been resident for generations. I knelt beside the nearest one that bore a single name, “Martha” I read aloud as I deciphered the badly weather worn letters.

“Yes… my mother” offered a voice from behind me.

I stood up quickly and blushed deeply as if I had been an infant caught misbehaving by my own mother. “I’m sorry” I replied, “I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“It’s okay,” she answered and stepped up beside me slipping her arm through mine and looking down at the grave, “been quite a while, now, still hurts but life goes on.” She stood there wearing a pair of practical boots and Cargo shorts with her T-shirt tucked into her belt; not a hint of shame, embarrassment or even the slightest bit uncomfortable. I almost groaned with the internal struggle I felt not to look at her chest and the dark nipples atop them.

“It is a gorgeous spot” I stated feeling the colour in my cheeks subside. “I really didn’t realise it was your families graves when I walked up” I added trying to re-enforce my apology.

Her arm pulled mine tighter to her side and I felt the soft curve of her bosom press against the flesh of my upper arm, “Its fine, honestly… she did love it here, very much but then I think we all do.”

After a minute or so she turned and I followed as she led a diagonal path through the trees walking in silence until she said “You would have liked Martha… a real beauty in her time,” she glanced up at me, “Quite the Fox!” she winked.

I felt the colour return to my cheeks as I wondered; if the gorgeous creature on my arm, who obviously had an appreciation for the female form, thought Martha was a ‘fox’ then she must have been a sight to behold. My embarrassment was further increased as I felt my cock twitch within my shorts at the idea of Maddy’s long dead mother. Christ, Mark you pervert I thought to myself.

We strolled through the trees till I glimpsed the back of the house through the slender trunks and smiled at my host’s perfect sense of direction. The sound of dull repetitive thuds reached our ears and a hint of movement resolved itself into Stella swinging an axe chopping logs and adding to a considerable pile. I glanced at Maddy whose attention was focused on the young woman’s slender and sweat streaked frame as the head of the axe rose and fell with a practiced ease.

I bit my own lip as the small halter top she was wearing was plastered to her upper chest and would have given any contender for a wet T-shirt competition a run for their money. We were a dozen yards away when she paused with the axe raised up and turned to face us. “Look who I found in the deep, dark woods” commented Maddy with a grin.

“No life on the ocean wave, today, Mark?” replied Stella as she lowered the axe.

“Felt like stretching my ‘land-legs’ for a change” I answered as we stepped up beside her. The young woman’s eyes dropped to Maddy’s chest with no embarrassment or shame and her tongue slipped from her mouth and wet her lips hungrily. “If you’ve got more to do, I’ll take over if you like?” I asked.

Stella drew her eyes away from her lover’s chest to the un-chopped pile of trunks, “It’s never-ending to be honest… the more hands the better” she replied looking up into my eyes. My cock twitched once again; if I’d been in a bar in London’s West End in my younger days, the look would have convinced me that my chances of spending the night alone were rapidly dropping towards zero.

I turned to Maddy, bowing my head a fraction, “Thank you for rescuing me from the deep, dark woods, Miss” I grinned as I slipped my arm from her feeling the hard brush of her nipple against the back of my hand as I did and a corresponding twitch in my nether regions.

“You’re most welcome, Sir” she replied and smiled warmly at the two of us before slipping into the house. Stella pointed to a second axe leant against the rear wall of the house and resumed chopping. I only took a moment to appreciate her form; her muscles worked in harmony and smoothly as the blade swung up in the air and down with the minimum of effort.

I took up my axe and gauged the weight before pulling over a second trunk a safe distance from Stella. It took me a good few swings before ancient muscle memory from teenage holidays at my uncle’s farm settled me into a comfortable rhythm. After only five minutes I pulled of my T-shirt, wiping my brow; “It’s been a while since I did any real honest work!” I commented.

Stella smiled and her eyes roamed briefly over my frame before she nodded without a pause in her efforts. In between swings she stated, “It’s been a while – since I did any – unreal honest – work; I use – to be a – tour guide.”

I resumed my own work and the two of us continued in silence except for the heavy thuds of the blades splintering wood. I smiled to myself as my ego urged me to match the young woman’s faster rhythm. Any time I did tended to end in the blade bouncing or twisting and although my own blows were far more forceful than hers, her faster rate accomplished more than mine.

Eryn appeared with a tray and the two of us paused as she placed it down on an upturned log. I smiled as I figured the older woman wearing a light blue dress was actually wearing more clothing than the rest of us on the island put together. A large jug of water along with bread, oil, olives and cheese were prepared for us. As the two of us upturned another pair of logs and sat down I felt Eryn’s hands on my shoulders; “Maddy’s orders,” she simply said and I felt lotion being massaged into my sun burnt flesh.

“Thanks,” I answered rolling my neck, “reckon I need it unlike the natives!” I smiled at Stella and caught her eyes for a brief moment focused between my thighs. For maybe a minute there seemed to be a palpable tension as the younger woman sat opposite nibbling on a piece of cheese as she watched her elder lover rub lotion into my back. My rational mind was like an angel on my shoulder trying to push the little devil off; even after when we resumed chopping the two of them continued to bicker with me stuck in the middle with an aching erection.


That evening there was a tension, although a comfortable one and although I hoped for a re-run of the previous night’s show even if it did leave me frustrated it didn’t happen. Maddy gave me a light peck on the cheek as she wished me, “Good night.” The three of them disappeared into the house and I made my way to my bed. I did pause outside their window but the curtains were closed across and remained so until the light within was extinguished. Reluctantly I crossed to my room and stripped off before lying on the cot and staring up at the ceiling; my erection also pointing upwards.

Sleep was a while in coming, partly I because I didn’t take myself in hand and when it did come; my dreams were vivid and so real.

I was back in my London flat that I had shared with my ex-wife who also put in an appearance; she was standing at the door, a tag-a-long case in her hand looking back over her shoulder at me sitting in the armchair. “At last you’ve found a life; a shame you left it so late!” she stated, her eyes full of a lust I had never seen looked to my left and then down between my knees. I followed her gaze as I felt a set of nails rake across my chest and looked at Stella dressed as she was chopping wood; her halter top still soaked and smelling of fresh sweat.

“She’s gone,” she whispered to me as her sharp nail rolled across my hard nipple, “You don’t need her; the three of us are fine!”

I could hear the door slam and my ex-wife’s heels clack down the corridor as I looked between my legs and realised I was utterly naked and Eryn dressed in that pale blue dress, hands covered in oil was slowly twisting one up and down my hard shaft as the other cupped my aching balls. “We don’t need anybody else,” she agreed as she opened her mouth and slid her lips over my glans.

“Ohhh…” I groaned loudly as those lips carried on their descent slowly but surely till my hard cock filled her mouth and pressed hard against the back of her throat.

I awoke with a start to immediately hear a ‘shh’ whispered in my ear and a pair of soft lips brush across mine. In the darkness I could just make out Stella’s face against mine and knew without seeing that Eryn was indeed sucking my cock into her mouth. I moaned deeply into our kiss as I reached down and threaded one hand into the older woman’s hair as the other slipped around the younger woman’s hips and grasped her ass.

Unlike the dream I had woken from Stella was naked to my touch and smelled of a lavender perfume as our tongues entwined. I closed my eyes and surrendered to them as the younger woman straddled my stomach and I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy press against my flesh. “Our little secret,” she whispered as she lifted her mouth away from mine and shifted forwards leaving a trail of her juices from my navel to my neck and deposited her shaven mound onto my willing mouth.

I could feel Eryn’s mouth sliding up and down my shaft as her lover ground her slit against my mouth; my bristles scratching at the soft bare flesh of her mound as I thrust my tongue up inside her quim and was rewarded by a flow of her sweet nectar. I bucked my hips upwards thrusting hard into the older woman’s mouth as Stella drove her hips down and writhed upon my mouth. Her hard clit pressed and dragged against my teeth as she twisted from side to side; her hands in my hair, nails digging into my scalp.

On top of the loud slurping of Eryn and me I could hear flesh slapping wetly against flesh and knew she was fingering her own pussy as quickly as her head was bobbing up and down my shaft. Faster and faster the three of us writhed and sucked and licked building rapidly to a climax I knew we would all experience together. I groaned deeply into Stella’s spasming cunt as it rippled around my invading tongue as I heard her gasp and moan; “Our…little…secret!”

All at once she lifted her dripping slit away from my face and I felt Eryn’s mouth slip off my cock. I groaned even louder and opened my eyes to see the cracks in the ceiling above; looking about, the room was empty and devoid of any movement except for my twitching cock as rope after rope of my seed shot upwards and splashed down onto my stomach. I blinked rapidly but the women failed to return and even though within my mind I knew it had just been a dream I would swear that I could actually taste the young woman’s juices on my mouth and could feel the rapidly cooling sheen of saliva on my jerking cock.

“Fuck,” I whispered to the room.

I slipped, almost stumbling off my cot and headed for the door. Stepping outside into the cooling night air I looked across to the building opposite and saw and heard no signs of life within. I sniffed deeply and again my senses would swear that I could detect a hint of lavender; “Christ!” I whispered and slowly returned to my cot.

… be continued……


So, Dear Avid Reader, any thoughts on the above? Strictly speaking not much in the way of clues unless, I suppose, you have a weird mind like mine. No worries, you won’t have to wait long for the next part…

Soon xx


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