The Island…Pt II

As promised, not too long of a wait. So our ‘hero’ has found a glimpse of nirvana and yet he can only look … What is a boy to do?

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The next week I spent most of my time in the dingy exploring the wrecks and even venturing once to the foot of the shelf’s drop-off and sixty metres down where I found what could have been the remains of a Greek Trireme; if it was it would be over two thousand years old. I rose to the surface having pushed the limits of my time at such a depth deeply frustrated knowing that far better equipment was needed to study it properly.

I sat in the gently rocking dinghy also knowing that even though Maddy had said ‘the sea was mine’, I couldn’t imagine her being pleased about the men and material required that would be anchored just off her Island. I decided for the moment not to mention the potential discovery and simply marked the location on my Tablet as a P.O.I.

I looked at the last of my scuba tanks with any amount of air within it and decided that I wouldn’t use it unless I found something of serious interest. Looking up I saw the sun dipping towards the horizon and figured it was time to head back to the Island. My enforced daylight exile had been doing little to ease the dreams that came to me every night; always Eryn and Stella bringing me to the point of orgasm and then disappearing. “Our little secret,” always on their lips and yet within my mind within the dreams it was Maddy that I was thinking off.

A grin spread across my lips as I watched the sun touch the horizon as I felt an ironic pang of guilt at betraying my fantasy lovers.


Four days later and still no let up with my night time dreams; I broke with my routine and sailed around the western side of the island. The discovery of the possibly ancient wreck was still my secret and the knowledge was gnawing at my conscience each time I was with Maddy so today I had decided to put the Island between it and me. I knew the underwater topography meant that any wrecks would be right up against the cliffs and would soon be disassembled by the stronger forces of weathering and erosion as opposed to those on the lee-side.

Of course once I’d seen the German pilings from the cliff above my curiosity wouldn’t be satisfied till I’d viewed them from close quarters. A person had to hand it to the Germans, even those during wartime; they had an amazing amount of ambition! From above the drop had seen more like thirty foot but from the choppy waves below the cliffs stood sixty feet or more. I could see from colouration of the cliffs that ‘unnatural’ erosion had occurred years before forming what appeared to be a scoop out of the line of the cliff. It took me a few minutes to understand what I was looking at; it was only when I slipped from the dinghy and stood on one of the remaining concrete pilings and dropped the anchor that I saw the surrounding seabed covered in small boulders.

I looked back at the cliff and imagined the German engineers blowing up the cliff face and the entire section dropping away as it followed the almost vertical strata within the rocks. Maybe the debris had been ‘ramped’ when they failed to cut an accessible path with explosives or maybe it was just simply that they ran out of time. I wondered what an echo sounder would reveal beneath the waves; as far as I could tell this was probably the only sizable ‘shelf’ on this side of the island; the rest of the coast dropping down beyond my vision or the thirty metre length of the anchor rope.

I hopped from one piling to the next till I stood a few yards from the cliff face looking up its sheer surface. As a single individual the wartime invaders designs seemed daunting but in my time I had visited some of the seriously impressive fortifications that had been built along the French coast on the English Channel and in comparison this was nothing. Maybe the terracotta talismans did actually work!

I made my way back to the dinghy, pulled up the anchor and headed north intending to explore the northern most tip of the island. A couple of hundred metres along the jagged cliffs I glanced back at the futile efforts of the German War Machine and noticed a small cave within the tidal range at the foot of the cliffs. I dropped the outboard into idle letting the dinghy drift and tried to remember if the tide was ebbing or not. I turned the rudder and drifted with the current towards the cliffs.

A squeeze of the throttle and the small rubber craft coasted up to the cave which would indeed be fully submerged at high tide. I looked at my scuba gear and figured it wouldn’t be an issue either way and tied the anchor rope to a handy outcrop before donning the breathing apparatus. I edged myself to the side of the craft and rinsed my mask. “Interesting” I said to myself as I spied a fragment of the curious frieze. I stood in the dinghy and studied the slice of pottery. The snake theme was prominent on this larger piece with at least a pair of entwined serpents that was reminiscent of Asclepius; I could, with a little imagination, see the Paramedic symbol used by many modern health services throughout the world.

For just the briefest of moments I paused as some other thought tried for dominance over my burning curiosity but it never stood a chance as I slipped into the water and made my way into the cave. In a matter of yards, pulling myself forwards, assisted by the incoming tide, the level of light declined along with the roof and I found the waterproof torch tied to my belt and flicked it on. Eerie shadows danced and rippled with the water as I let the torch bounce free using both of my gloved hands to guide myself deeper beneath the island.

I was probably fifty yards from the open air when the roof above me sloped down and my heart sank as I searched beneath the water for any further way forward. I turned about treading water and looked back the way I had come; only a hint of light suggested that it was actually day and with a feeling of resignation I pushed off against the flowing tide. I’d only taken a couple of strokes when the realisation hit me that the current was there and that it had to go somewhere.

I ceased my efforts and was pushed back towards the apparent dead end till I span about near to the wall in an eddy. Adjusting my mask I grasped my torch and holding my breath looked down into the water. The odd bits of sea flora several yards beneath me swayed in the current; I swung the beam of light outwards as I examined the submerged cave. It was on my second breath I saw the dark shape of a possible further route of to my left and the seaweed about the mouth seemed to confirm that the water was indeed flowing through it. I grinned tasting a hint of the salty water seep between my lips before raising my head back above the surface.

Finding a corner where I could comfortably don and test the breathing apparatus and checking my diver’s watch, setting the timer for seven minutes in case the underwater passage took me down too deep. I pushed myself beneath the surface and let the current guide me as I shone the torch into the mouth of the flooded tunnel. It was narrow but still wide enough to allow me entry without worrying about snagging the tank on my back. Carefully I began to descend.

Almost instantly I felt the smoothness and uniformity of the surface beneath my feet and a brief examination confirmed my suspicion that I was swimming/walking down a staircase carved into the bedrock. The passageway descended for about twenty steps before it levelled out and I swam horizontally for a hundred yards or more. My torch bounced off the smooth worn rocks, catching glimpses of quartz within that appeared like tiny stars whenever the beam passed across them. The roof and width of the tunnel varied greatly in size; the ancient tunnel makers allowing it to follow the natural strata of the rock leaving large air-traps along the way that hadn’t been seen in hundreds of years.

I paused in one and saw how the masons, long dead, had carved buttresses, ridges and crenulations into the rock following the natural forms and had left a work that rivalled some of the finest churches on the surface of the world above. Numerous small alcoves dotted the walls and in every single one stood an urn or statue as if it had just been placed there having just been brought from the kilns or the sculptors’ studios. Here they had been frozen and preserved above the level of the water almost as if the craftsmen had only just put away their tools and swept up. My mind span; if this was merely the passageway, what wonders awaited at the final destination.

I checked my watch and figured that although I was approaching my original estimate I wasn’t anywhere as deep as I had feared and I could easily remain at this level for thirty minutes so I headed onwards. Less than two minutes later I paused within the flooded tunnel and switched off my torch. My eyes adjusted quickly in the dimness and I saw a hazy doorway just ahead that clearly had some light above it. My excitement overtook my sense and I had to consciously control my breathing as I began to feel a little light-headed.

With the torch back on I swam through the doorway to find a circular room with the rotten remains of thick wooden blocks stuck into a wall made of carved blocks. Briefly I washed the torch over the floor and although there had been a large Seal carved there it had now been eroded so much to render it undecipherable. A sun… Helios I wondered in my head and looked upwards. The surface of the water rippled above me and a shaft of daylight played upon it from much further above.  I took my time as I ascended till I broke the surface and looked about as the water droplets ran off my mask.

The ‘staircase’ still led upwards for another fifteen feet and if the tide had been out completely it would have been impossible for me to reach the lowest intact wooden step sticking out of the wall. As it was I still had to remove my tank and breathing gear and after fastening it to one of the partially rotted steps I was free to dive and swim up and only just grab the lowest step. I pulled myself up and sat on the timber and allowed myself a moment of satisfaction before carefully ascending the dozen steps to the mystery above.

My jaw dropped as my eyes rose above the parapet and saw a large temple carved out of a natural cavern before me. There were contradictions all about me as my eyes soaked up all the details lit by the beam of light shining down onto a raised circular wall in front of me and roughly in the centre of the room. Almost all the original carvings on the walls, floor and ceiling had lost their definition over time; this monument to whichever Greek God wasn’t immune to the erosive elements of heat and cold unlike the ‘time-capsule’ I’d seen above the flooded tunnel. It was also visited by man; or as I had no doubt by women!

A blue pipe emerged from the ‘well’ in front of me and snaked across the floor up the wall and eventually up to the shaft directly above and to the unseen windmill pump above ground. Stepping forward the well was almost full of crystal clear water and I cupped my hands and lifted some to my mouth. It ran cool and pure down my throat instantly slaking the thirst I hadn’t realised I had gained from my swim. The light from above reflected of the water beneath and rippled across the translucent rock that formed the walls and ceiling.

Maddy and her friends obviously had some other entrance; I didn’t imagine they came through the tunnel from the sea or abseiled down from the shaft above. Parts of the walls and around the back of the large altar at the opposite end, long flowing drapes of plain white cotton hung, rippling a little as the air currents circulated around the room. They almost seemed to whisper some secret message as they slowly undulated against the walls. The only real colour in the temple was the pale orange cloth that covered the altar; marks on the floor suggested that once upon a time rows of seats or benches had filled the place but now only the Well and the Altar were here.

The only other oddity intrigued me; in front of the three steps to the raised altar were tall, heavily eroded pillars varying in height from a few inches to a few feet and seemingly random in their positioning. Looking up at the ceiling above there were no cracks or chunks missing that could explain this curious erosion or sedimentation; if these were stalagmites where were the accompanying stalactites. Briefly touching one I found it to be as dry as the proverbial bone; “Most odd” I murmured. I counted seven taller than my waist and a dozen shorter as I weaved through them to approach the spiritual centre of this shine to see if there was any evidence to confirm my suspicions that it was dedicated to Helios. The whispering seemed to grow more intense and in my imagination, more urgent.

I placed my hand on the silken cloth covering the altar and saw some carved relief beneath it. Just as I was about to gather up the material the drape to the left moved aside and Maddy stepped through. “Shit” I muttered under my breath as the simple rule she had given me on my first morning on the island echoed through my head. “Feel free with the sea all you like!”

“Oh God, I’m sorry” I said as she looked at me with disappointed and yet unsurprised eyes; I vaguely pointed behind me, “I came in from the sea… I didn’t know…” my voice trailed off as I realised just how poor an excuse it was for invading her temple for whichever God.

She stepped forward and my eyes dropped as she rounded the altar. She was wearing a simple pale orange robe, matching that of the altar except that it was so thin that every detail of her nude body beneath was obvious. I tried to draw my eyes away from her crotch only to get them as far as her breasts adorned with a pair of rock hard nipples. My traitorous cock was already responding and its efforts re-doubled as Stella and Eryn both stepped out from behind the drape, wearing white robes just as sheer.

“Scientists; always wanting to explain the great mysteries when sometimes it is the mysteries that are all we need” stated Maddy, “this shrine has stood for millennia undisturbed except for the natural forces of the world and what would you do, Mark? Show it to the world, do you think the world really cares?”

I felt an inexplicable anger rise within me; “I’m not sure you know what you have here, Maddy!” I forced my eyes to peel away from her and looked about the temple; “This is quite remarkable, you and your family I imagine have done your best and kept it ‘holy’,” I couldn’t hide the sneer that crept onto my lips, “even here, modern methods could restore it to its original wonder… the worn carvings could be brought back to life! Down in the tunnel there are voids that have been perfectly preserved, a true and believable miracle.”

I turned back to face her; Stella and Eryn now flanking her and I guessed she was truly the Matriarch of the island and they were her acolytes; “There are literally treasures back there dating back to before the birth of Christ in pristine condition… priceless in value! The world will care!”

She laughed drily; “Scholars in musty museums, just like you were a few weeks ago, Mark, remember?” I stepped back almost as if I had been slapped and for a brief moment I was back in the museum hunched over some broken piece of pottery oblivious to all but that which was in front of my eyes. “You do, I see; a few old men and women, a few younger ones who have no real idea about life… and what else? Priceless, you say; we’ll sell a couple of relics to finance the works, a couple more and we are bought off and where will they go? Some oil tycoon’s boardroom where none will appreciate it; where if they are seen he will show off his ancient prize to belittle those he wants to rob? Is that what you want… what you desire above all else?”

Her eyes dared me and all at once the wonders around me dwindled and I let my eyes rove down the treasure directly in front of me. I watched Stella and Eryn reach up to the ties upon Maddy’s shoulders; “If you’re going to rape our sacred shrine you may as well start by fucking its believers!” The ties were pulled and the vestment sighed to the floor; a moment later and all three were naked before me.

“I…I…” stuttered and watched as Eryn and Stella stepped forward and removed the small amount of damp clothing I had been wearing till my cock, my thick swollen cock that had never, ever been as hard before sprung free. I looked down and watched as two hands, one young, one old softly stroked my length and caressed my aching balls.

Maddy turned and pulled the altar cloth off and bent forwards over it, spreading her feet apart and waiting patiently as her two acolytes gently drew me forwards by my throbbing member. My heart seemed to echo around the chamber and the drapes rustled as the air about us along with the weird whispering effect increased. My eyes were fixed on Maddy’s ass and her thighs and her warm, wet slit. Stella and Eryn’s other hands reached for their friend’s ass and their fingertips eased open the folds of her labia in an almost ritual-like reveal.

My hands clenched and my teeth grated together as the gap between my angry, precum soaked glans and Maddy’s literally dripping quim decreased. A pulse of energy seemed to spark at the moment of contact, “Oh my God!” I exclaimed and the words rebounded around the shrine again and again.

“Fuck me… if that is your desire” whispered Maddy as she gripped the stone altar. I thrust hard inside her, groaning loudly as her pussy wrapped hot and wet around my invading member.

Stella and Eryn stood, each reaching with one hand to hold Maddy’s wrists and with the other to grasp my ass cheeks and pull and push me back and forth. Their nails dug sharply into my flesh but their encouragement wasn’t necessary as I grabbed Maddy’s hips and slammed my manhood hard and deep inside her. The sound of our flesh slapping together echoed around the chamber mixed with my hard grunts and her rising moans.

The two other women’s mouths moved up to my ears; “Fuck her”, “Use her”, “Take her”, “Rape her” were whispered into my ears faster and faster as my rock hard cock slammed into her quicker and harder and deeper. Maddy writhed and squirmed atop the altar driving her ass back to meet my thrusts in perfect rhythm.

In those moments it seemed as if all four of us were one in forcing my cock all the way into Maddy’s cunt and that was all there was in the world. The world, the Mediterranean, Greece, the Island; even the temple had ceased to exist and all there was, was my manhood and Maddy’s womanhood. I could feel blood trickling from the cheeks of my ass where Stella’s and Eryn’s nails dug into my flesh and still I slammed my throbbing member into the wonderful slit before me.

I gasped loudly as I felt the muscles within Maddy begin to ripple inwards; massaging, coaxing, pulling on my cock as Stella and Eryn’s mouths pressed to me ears; “Fill her womb with your seed” they ordered in unison. Their hands drove my ass forwards, my length completely buried inside Maddy’s pussy as it clamped down hard and my seed erupted into the twitching neck of her womb.

“Ohhh fuck… oh fuck” I cried aloud as torrent after torrent of my semen flooded her quim. Her body arced before me as her own orgasm ripped through her body. Her shaven head jerked wildly in front of me, the flesh upon it mottling weirdly and holding my gaze as she pulled every drop of cum from my shrinking sac. The shrine was eerily silent as I tried to comprehend what I was seeing.

My body trembled as Stella and Eryn slipped from my sides, moving around to the far side of the altar; their hands caressed and fondled Maddy’s flesh as red splotches appeared upon her scalp. Their eyes focused upon her head before the two of them smiled at the look on my face. My confusion was evident as the marks grew darker and darker till I realised deep red hair was growing from what had been bare flesh. Slowly tendril like lengths waved in front of me as her bald head was now completely covered in fine red hair.

I looked down as I felt my shrinking cock expelled from Maddy’s pussy and staggered back almost falling down the steps. “Ahhh…” sighed Maddy as she stood upright and turned to face me, “Been to long ‘sisters’” she exhaled as her two acolytes climbed on top of the altar and the three of them watched me intently.

“What… what’s going on?” I stuttered all at once feeling weak and tired.

Maddy smiled; her tresses growing longer by the second, rippling and writhing atop her head; “You’re finding the answers to mysteries, Mark! That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“I don’t understand” I groaned back as I felt my muscles seem to shrink and my joints begin to ache.

“Of course you don’t, Mark, you’re a scientist! You only believe what you see and if you what you see you don’t understand; then you don’t believe!” she stepped to one side, her arm waving across the relief atop the altar. My eyes followed to see the circular plaque and at first I thought again it was indeed some symbol to the god Helios upon it.

“No…no…” I shook my head and stared at the face in the centre and what I had thought were rays shining outwards. I looked back at Maddy; her hair still growing at a phenomenal rate, the strands twisting and entwining, the entirety undulating and writhing. It was easy to see and yet I couldn’t believe. Each mass of twisting strands, a deep red in colour was over six inches in length and still growing and could easily be mistaken or interpreted as a snake.

A head of snakes! “No… you’re dead!” I whispered and staggered back down the steps grunting in pain as my limbs protested loudly.

“Ahh… Perseus! No never met him and never lost my head,” her eyes flicked upwards to the writhing mass of hair on her head, “Between you and me I think he bull-shitted” she added conspiratorially as she stepped forwards.

My body ached all over, my joints felt as if they had been filled with sand and grit as I took another painful step backwards bumping into one of the strange pillars and groaning loudly as I twisted about to look at it. It crumbled further and fine particles spilling onto the floor quickly blowing away in the slight breeze. I stared at it as I heard a long deep sigh issue from it. “Ahh poor Gruppenführer Steiner,” offered Maddy with a real sense of affection, “He came to build his concrete bunkers and ended up as so much aggregate! But, he’s served us well and now you’re here to keep him company… the others just aren’t as talkative anymore!”

I could feel my neck grate loudly as I turned back to face Maddy; “Maddy…Medusa, such a dime store pun” I croaked as I lifted my hand upwards feeling every fibre, even my bones, protest in agony. My flesh; few minutes ago had been bronzed and supple, was now ashen and cracked, drying out under my gaze. Unable to raise my head I looked up through the grey hairs of my eyebrows and watched the ‘monster’ before me smiling warmly.

“You got to see the funny side” she quipped back.

“That you do…” I said hoarsely; a spasm of pain erupted from my cock as it twitched. Stella and Eryn were entwined upon the altar, a hand each between the other’s thighs thrusting in and out as they gazed upon my suffering. I groaned; “Traitor” I whispered to my manhood, “So my life… for … yours?” I whispered through painfully cracked lips.

“Yes and so willingly given as it should be” Maddy replied, her ‘snakes’ now apparently fully grown. “Always need a hero… actually we probably don’t and probably don’t really need them to be willing either, but you must agree we should hold onto our traditions. Without them we would be lost!”

The light seemed to be fading in the temple but I knew, could feel Steiner beside me, as well as others less distinct, whispering into my head that the death wasn’t coming for me; Death had no idea where I was! The Nazi commander wasn’t even sure if there was an end as long as the Medusa lived. I would have smiled ironically at the bitterness in his voice and that now I could actually understand the whispers it seemed obvious that when I had first entered the temple they had all been saying to flee, to run away.

I felt like laughing as the scientist within me still wanted answers, “So… immortality… for… the… three …of…… you?” I croaked feebly.

Maddy stepped forward and raised her fingers lightly stroking my cheek causing a flare of agony I wouldn’t have thought I could have endured, “Ohh I like that, Mark, still curious… am I that cruel a monster that I would leave you in misery for eternity?”

“Ohh yes” cooed Stella from the altar followed by a deep groan as Eryn punished/pleasured her for interrupting.

“Let’s just say for me, yes… immortality; for my chosen ‘sister’s a very long life without the entire curse of aging” her eyes dropped to my frozen cock, “Your…generous donation will give Eryn another twenty years at least, all fit and full of jizz!” she laughed tilting her back to the altar, “How old are you, honey?”

There was a moment as Eryn considered the question before replying, “Two hundred and eighty… four… I think.”


“Ninety!” she stated simply.

“Came here…hmm… was brought here by the not-so-nice Steiner beside you and my Marsha passed her blessing onto her… through me I give them long and wonderful lives in our little slice of paradise. What more could a girl want?” she added smugly.

I croaked an unintelligible response and would have smiled at the annoyed flicker within Maddy’s eyes. Not the only one cursed with curiosity I thought, even in your perfect isolated little nirvana! My own curiosity wondered if she could read her sacrificial hero’s thoughts but the look of irritation remained upon her face. I grunted, a feeble sound considering the phenomenal level of pain I felt as I forced the corners of my mouth upwards into a smile. Even as I heard my flesh crack and fracture I also heard a curious ‘oh?’ from my fellow heroes.

I was no longer actually seeing with my eyes, I imagined they were just glazed marbles in my skull, but whatever tiny sense I now had seemed focused and amplified by whatever bond it was I shared with my fellow donors. The temple was now our world and even though it seemed an out-of-body experience it was almost as if the temple was our body. Maddy stared at the husk of my body; Stella and Eryn’s fingers ceased their movements and withdrew from each other’s dripping slits.

“What are you thinking, Mark?” asked Maddy and then looked about the dozen or so remains scattered about her. I/we watched her fingers scratching at her thigh as Stella and Eryn slipped off the altar and timidly moved to the steps of the raised dais. I/we could feel/see/hear/smell even taste her curiosity niggling within her mind. A murmur spread through us and we knew she sensed it but couldn’t understand it or decipher it. In Maddy it rose as frustration; in Stella and Eryn it was akin to fear.

She twisted about and stared at her ‘sisters’; “Stop!” she ordered and her command only re-directed and increased their fear towards their Goddess. For the first time I saw/felt a genuinely evil smile wash across Maddy’s face as Stella and Eryn retreated, hugging each other tightly and bumping against the altar.

I was now utterly paralysed and knew I would soon turn completely to stone even if it wasn’t as instant as the various Medusa myths had led the world to believe. Her attention turned back towards me and her eyes dropped to my mouth and the smile that was frozen upon it. Her fingernails continued to scratch at her hip edging towards her slit, “Hmm… I…” she hesitated. I/we watched as her middle finger across her mound and slowly slipped within.

Eryn and Stella were as frozen as all of us barring Maddy, both daring not to breathe as that finger reappeared covered in a glaze of secretions. It rose up between us and her eyes switched back and forth between it and my lips, “I wonder how much you would give just to feel a tiny fraction of what you once were?”

I/we grinned within our gestalt being; be honest Maddy, I/we thought, you just want to know what’s making me smile!

For a moment she remained undecided, “You’re gonna be one of those guys who hates the taste of his own spunk, aren’t you?” she sneered and then brushed her wet finger across my lips.

If I’d had breath, I would have been holding it as warmth spread across and into my lips. Think she’s only got nineteen years now thought that part of our group psyche that was Steiner (Karl appeared in my thoughts as the Gruppenführer’s first name) as our attention focused on Eryn flinching within Stella’s embrace. The tingling warmth spread but before my hopes even began to soar I knew the effect was limited and purely temporary. Thanks Agathon I thought back to one of the ancient Greeks in my mind.

My mind seemed to split in two. Where it had risen into the gestalt consciousness it had simply been the sensation of expanding but now it was being stretched back towards my mortal self. I licked my lips as the flesh around my mouth gained brief life. “You’re wrong…” I hoarsely whispered, “never minded… the taste of… my cum… with… a little cunt juice.” I felt a ripple of laughter ascend and descend through my mind.

“Quite the joker, Mark” replied Maddy, “I wonder will you regret the smile carved into your features after a thousand years?”

The smile that had annoyed her remained upon my lips even though the pain to move any part of my body had returned with a vengeance; “Couldn’t… help it. It was… you’re last question… my answer was… simply…cock!”

A look of consternation and confusion rolled over Maddy’s face; my new found brethren got the joke far quicker than the ancient Goddess before me but then they did have access directly to my mind. The whispering, our whispering morphed; it was no longer some vaguely insistent plea to stop the latest ‘hero’ from feeding the monster before us. There was only one word to describe it and the three women heard it echo around the chamber reverberating off the walls. We were all giggling.

The anger was rapidly rising in Maddy’s face just as the fear was rising within Stella and Eryn as they struggled to cower in the limited space beneath the altar. It was well over half a minute before her own memory gave her the answer.

“What more could a girl want?” she repeated.

We watched as the woman/monster/Goddess before us straightened up; the anger within her filling her completely, her chest rising and falling as she drew in huge gulps of air, her eyes blazing with fury and her glorious deep red hair writhing madly atop her head. We all agreed she was the most beautiful, most terrifying, wonderful, horrible, gorgeous and ugly creature we had ever seen.

This is going to hurt I/we thought.

Her hand rose up and balled into a fist and arced down smashing me across the jaw with all the power she had. My lower jaw broke and ripped from my face; dust and blood splattered the stone flagstones as part flesh, part stone bounced across it to come to rest at the foot of the hanging drapes. Specks or red matter etched themselves up the white material and mixed with the arc of fine white dust fanning out from beside me.

Maddy’s roar echoed around and around her temple till eventually it faded away to nothing. The only sounds remaining were her laboured breathing and the pathetic whimpers from the two naked women beneath the altar. She stared at the ruin of my head and I stared back for a moment before I heard the soft crack and my head tumbled to the floor at her feet.

The searing pain I had felt stopped as soon as my head had rolled forward and as it came to rest so did the giggling as we held our collective breath suddenly curious about the magic that had kept us tethered to the mortal realm. Several swear words echoed through my mind as I returned completely to the collective consciousness. I recognised modern and ancient Greek as well as Italian and German and a couple of others I didn’t know as we realised nothing had changed.

The furious woman turned her back and began to walk away when I began giggling again. I watched her pause and look about her shrine as one by one my fellows joined in. Maybe there was a danger for her if she smashed us all and our remaining grains of consciousness were blown away and for a brief instant I was sure that she was considering the risk. Her shoulders dropped and she marched out of the temple the way she had entered followed by a pair of terrified women.

“I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes tonight” commented one of the older Greeks.

“It wasn’t their shoes you wanted to be in, that got you into this fine mess to begin with” I answered and the giggling grew.


Funny how life turns out!

Maddy had been right about the closeted life I had chosen and if my ex-wife had met her the two of them would probably have agreed that I had been forever immersed in cultures that had been dead hundreds if not thousands of years. Looking back my crime against my ex had been one of dereliction of duty; we had been ‘in love’ once and yet I had simply let our relationship wither through inattention. I’m sure she would not have sentenced me to a punishment like this! (I hope.) Now I had an immense future before me and a wealth of knowledge in a reservoir of minds that stretched back to the very days I had been so focused on.

What I hadn’t been was a hero! Not in any real sense of the word and not within my own mind. When I had stepped up to that altar and willingly, enthusiastically slipped my engorged cock within her I hadn’t wanted to take anything from her or prove myself in anyway. Her transformation into the Medusa of legends had almost distracted me from my transformation into stone. The irony of having discovered so much in those final few minutes and then to become a part of the very history I sought to uncover had infected me to think of that single word and just how funny it was.

The group mind had been fragmented up to that point partly by language although it appeared our thoughts within each other’s minds weren’t hard to understand and my knowledge of Ancient and Modern Greek provided the final link necessary. I’d had no super-ego that condemned me to regret the surrender of my essence and if I was truthful (hard not to be when a dozen other souls can see/experience your thoughts) my life wasn’t all that. The last few weeks on the Island had easily been the best of my banal existence and I was thankful to Maddy and her ‘sisters’ for that.

The whispering shrine became the giggling shrine whenever Maddy visited and over the following years her appearances became less frequent till eventually she only appeared when it was necessary for another to be added to our number. The shame of it was that slowly but surely the central chamber that was our world slowly began to surrender to the corrosive elements of the environment without Maddy and her ‘sisters’ caring for it at all.

As for breaking the curse/blessing of immortal existence if not life; I/we theorised/joked the key would be to suck the very life-force out of her cunt as she was bent over the altar. It proved impossible for a bunch of ethereal ghosts to convince any of the unwitting heroes to do just that especially as we simply enjoyed giggling so much. If only you could see the expression on Maddy’s face each time as it was pressed against her image upon the altar as the latest stud donated his essence to her! We doubted, even at its loudest, our giggling could break the spell the Medusa has over her heroes to the point of failure to perform!

But you’ve got to laugh!


The End… if you don’t count immortality!!!


Well? A story that made itself up as I went along. The earlier thoughts of course were monsters and, okay I admit it, not an original one (still more work to do there) but an interesting re-visit to a very ancient one??? Of course some of you that know me, know how much I like sniggering (manfully of course!) so the idea of giggling at a Goddess or a God for that matter seriously appeals to me.

As ever I hope you enjoyed.


~ by ftfagos on March 25, 2016.

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