Something Borrowed… 1/4

As ever Dear Avid Reader…

I hope you are well. As for this four parter, well I do have a hidden agenda . A situation that I thought would be entertaining but to get there, well need to jump through a few hoops first. 



It wasn’t that marriage would make any difference to us. It was as much for the tax-breaks as anything else; but to give Alan his due, he did get down on one knee, ring in hand and asked “Do you fancy getting hitched or something?”

Much to the disappointment of our audience in the French restaurant I replied that I would tell him later “if he was a good boy!” He already knew my answer and he was a ‘very good boy’ and at the peak of the orgasm he was giving me I cried out “YES! I’ll marry that tongue!”

Nothing much was going to change anyway; we’d been living together for five years and although some might call us swingers we were just simply not that possessive. An ‘unclosed’ rather than an ‘open’ relationship was how Alan was apt to describe it and for the moment neither of us had any desire for children as we both were pursuing successful careers and still in our twenties (just in my case). We both also didn’t need much of an excuse to throw a party.


Seven days till M-day;

I can’t stop giggling as the people-carrier slips down the narrow country lanes just as the sky is starting to brighten in the east. I know I have to try and control myself as alcohol induced giggles lead to hiccoughs and then often to Technicolor yawns. Harry, my best friend Fiona’s husband is driving and I’m sat in the passenger seat in the tattered remains of my enforced Hen-party outfit. Fiona is leaning in from behind telling her husband about the “Policeman” who came to take down my particulars.hen night

“You should have seen Marie… she was gagging for it when she saw his truncheon!” screeched Fiona.

Harry had already dropped off our friends and I was ‘crashing’ at Harry and Fiona’s house tonight. “It was this… biiiiigggg!” I replied as I held my hands apart by a foot and then increased the gap till my arms were fully stretched and burst into a further set of giggles. Even through the tears running from my eyes I spotted Harry’s furtive glance at my ripped fish-net stockings and couldn’t help but wonder how big his own ‘black truncheon’ was. It wouldn’t be the first time I had wondered about my friend and her husband; it had indeed been fuel for some of my masturbatory fantasies as I imagined his large, dark skinned frame on top of her pale-skinned petite body. In my mind it was a shame that Fiona worked on her tan so much as the thought of his black cock driving in her ‘white’ body had brought me to quite a few orgasms.

“It was just as well she was handcuffed… I think she would have fucked him then and there in front of us if she’d had the chance!” squawked Fiona.

I took a couple of deep breaths and answered “I noticed someone else making up for my lack of access!” I grinned behind me and turned back to Harry, “You know this wife of yours has serious wandering hand syndrome!!!”

The two of us once again brayed with laughter and Harry grinned as he indicated to pull into their driveway. “Yep, that’s why I have to keep her tied up most of the time” he replied with his deep baritone voice as his eyes wandered to my legs again. I could blame it on the drink as I spread my thighs and the ripped remains of my school skirt rode up to expose the suspenders I was wearing. It was true that the stripping Policeman did indeed have a sizable appendage but the man attached to it was far too concerned with his own looks to be attractive to me. Not that a nice cock doesn’t have an effect on me and I knew if it had been lighter in the front of the vehicle it was quite possible that my earlier moist state would have been evident.

Two of us stumbled from the mini-van and grabbed each other for support till we were steady enough to perform a high kicking routine up to the front door. I’m quite sure that Fiona noted her husband’s eyes as they switched from one approaching crotch to the other. We stumbled further through the hall and into their lounge before collapsing down on their large plush couch dumping our handbags beside us. “Be a darling and take off my shoes, honey?” asked Fiona.

I knew I was biting my bottom lip as Harry dutifully knelt in front or his wife beside a heavy wooden coffee table and slipped her four-inchers off her feet. His eyes remained faithful as they stared up the short PVC skirt of her pseudo-nurses uniform. For the first time I wondered if my best friend was wearing any panties, I watched as he kneaded her white-stockinged feet before Fiona stated “I’m sure Marie’s feet need some attention as well!”

Without a word he moved around the coffee table and was before me slipping my Jimmy Choo’s from my feet with a reverence that had me half-shocked and utterly horny. If my pussy hadn’t been damp before, it was now as my best friend’s husband stared up beneath my short pleated skirt at my crotch. I moaned quietly as I felt his thumb work its way along my instep, “Ohh…that’s nice” I murmured in response.

“He is good, isn’t he” agreed Fiona, “Now run along and get us a bottle of Prosecco.” A moan of disappointment escaped my lips as Harry rose and headed to the kitchen; my eyes trailed after him appreciating his 6’4” frame in a way that I hadn’t really done before with an aching pussy between my legs. I turned to gaze at my friend and found a look I hadn’t seen before. She knew of mine and Alan’s lifestyle and had occasionally taken some vicarious pleasure on the occasion when I divulged a particularly pleasant adventure. Though as far as I had been aware that was all it was; her tongue wetting her lips suggested differently and I was positive that she had re-counted my adventures to her spouse.

“Fiona?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, Marie?” she answered and I watched a blush begin to rise in her cheeks despite her bravado.

“What’s going on?” her eyes dropped away and the colour in her cheeks rose further. I reached with a fingertip and raised her chin, “Do you want a threesome?” I asked directly.

She shook her head and I was surprised that I had read the situation wrong; I felt my pussy twitch in frustration before she called up her reserves and managed to raise her eyes to mine again, “No…but…” the rest of the sentence was mumbled and it took me a few seconds to decipher her words. Harry walked back in carrying a pair of glasses and a bottle. His eyes flicked between us and the lust was completely apparent in his eyes. My own took their time and roamed down his body to settle on the sizable lump of his crotch.

“I’d need to see the goods first” I stated. Two broad smiles flashed between Harry and Fiona as he poured two glasses and then standing on the other side of the coffee table pulled his T-shirt up over his head. My eyes roamed over his dark flesh as I slipped my feet up beneath me and reached forward to pick up the glass of wine. “I hope you two are sure of this” I stated knowing that we had already passed the point of no-return as Harry kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his belt.

Fiona also reached for her glass, the wine rippling within the glass as her hand shook; “We are… we… I’ve wanted to see you fuck Harry for ages… I thought you might’ve fucked the stripper-gram earlier…”

I bit my bottom lip as Fiona’s husband pushed down his trousers to reveal a tented pair of briefs, “The boy was too vain for my liking” I answered, “besides I’m not that much of an exhibitionist…” Harry paused for a moment and looked between the two of us before easing down his briefs. I held my breath as I watched his stiff cock be pulled down and exhaled sharply as it flicked up free to bounce against his flat stomach. “Now that there is a much finer specimen of manhood” I congratulated my friend.

“It is a nice cock, isn’t it!” she answered. I took a sip of my wine as Harry stood there patiently; his cock, reasonably thick and over eight inches long quivered against his abdomen. I licked my lips as I examined the bulbous glans, slick with his precum and felt my pussy clench in anticipation.Harry's reveal

I stood up with glass in my hand and walked around the coffee table as Harry remained stationary, his eyes following me until I passed around behind him. The man possessed a solid frame, nothing ‘showy’ but I knew there was a definite strength in his muscles and although his black cock wasn’t the stuff of legend I knew it was more than ‘up-for-the-job’ of filling my aching quim. I dragged the nails of my free hand across a pair of taut buttocks gaining a shiver from him. Fiona squirmed on the couch as I leant against her naked husband, my head resting against his shoulder, “So, Harry here is a bit of a Sub?” I asked.

Fiona’s chest was rising and falling rapidly, her nipples obvious through her bra and the latex nurses uniform; “I think we’re Switches… I think that’s the term…”

“Ahhh… so your turn tonight is it?” I asked rhetorically as I lowered the glass of wine and ran the cool glass against the underside of Harry’s cock all the way to his cock head. I watched as he gritted his teeth and stifled a moan; “Is this the first time you’ve ever invited anyone else to join you?”

Harry nodded and I got the idea that part of their ‘play’ was for him to remain silent as Jane answered “Yes.”

I raised the glass to my lips, my tongue searching the rim and finding a hint of Harry’s saltiness there as I reached down with my other hand and wrapped my fingers around his shaft giving it a tight squeeze and for the first time eliciting a proper sound from between his lips. “So… is he mine to do with as I please?” I asked Fiona.

“Ohhh yesss” she sighed in response.

“Good” I replied and released his cock before bending in front of him, deliberately rubbing my ass against his cock as I picked up the bottle from the table and moved it to the mantel piece. Without looking behind me I ordered Harry, “Lie down on the table…like a good boy!” I watched in the mirror above the fireplace as he obeyed only just managing to fit his frame with the back of his head at one end and his ass on the opposite. For the first time I reached beneath my skirt and cupped my mound feeling the juices ease out between my fingers as I studied the reflection of Harry’s manhood angling up from his crotch.

I turned about and reached under my skirt and unclipped my suspenders before rolling the laddered fishnets down my legs. Fiona continued to squirm on the couch her eyes flicking between me and her husband’s swollen cock. “Please, Fiona; make yourself more comfortable, let’s call it an early present for my Maid of Honour! I am borrowing your husband, after all!” I offered.

“Something borrowed…” she grinned in response and stood up beside Harry’s knees and reached behind her. I knelt beside her husband’s head as the two of us looked up and after hearing the zipper watched as the outfit slipped from Fiona’s frame and crumpled to the floor. I half expected my best friend to cover herself with shyness but instead she reached up behind her and released her bra and shrugged off the straps to stand there utterly naked except for her white stockings. I gazed at her crotch appreciating the utterly white triangle of flesh framing her shaved mound in contrast to the rest of her tanned body.

I lowered my mouth to Harry’s ear; “Damn but your wife is gorgeous… what a lovely bald cunt too, literally dripping!” he flinched for a moment as I tied one of my stockings around his wrist but then his tongue peaked out from between his lips and I watched his cock twitch and a large dew-drop of pre-cum appear from the eye. Fiona pulled up a chair and positioned herself beyond her husband’s knees and began to massage her full breasts, catching her hard nipples between her thumbs and fingers.

As I pulled the remainder of my stocking beneath the table Harry willingly offered his other arm and in a moment he was bound to the table. Looking at his biceps I had no doubt that if he wanted to he would have been able to pull the make-shift binds apart. “Look at her Harry…” I murmured, “and remember!” I added as I tied my other stocking over his eyes, blindfolding him. A disappointed moan escaped his lips as I stood up and pulled the school tie from around my neck and dropping it onto his stomach gaining a slight flinch.

Fiona gazed at me, one hand remaining on her left breast as the other dropped to scratch along the inside of her thigh. “So you two have been planning this?” I asked as I unbuttoned my blouse. Fiona nodded dumbly as her eyes followed my fingers’ progress. Her nails leaving red marks as she scratched harder into her own flesh; “What would you have done if I’d been totally hammered?” “-just used my unconscious body?” I added without incrimination and with a little lust at the thought as I unfastened the knot of twisted material holding the bottom hem of my blouse closed.

Fiona blushed deeply and her eyes dropped to her husband’s cock as she mumbled “That… wasn’t going to happen…”

For a moment I frowned as the idea of being used without my knowledge had appealed and then as my blouse fell apart I considered how I actually was feeling; apart from incredibly horny. I looked at my best friend and realised that I was actually quite sober; definitely merry but considering the amount of drinks I had partaken, or at least I thought I had partaken off. “You were spiking my drinks? All of those cocktails…virgin cocktails?” I asked.

“Not all” she mumbled and lifted her head, a deep blush in her cheeks in contrast with a mischievous grin as she stared at my lacy black, half-cup bra with a pair of hard aching nipples fully exposed.

I looked down at Harry lying before me, “Did you know about this?…Harry?” he shook his head in response. “Don’t lie to me Harry or I’ll just walk away” I lied and got a guilty nod instead. I grinned at him and then at Fiona as I reached up and tweaked my nipples; “I never knew what a pair of conniving reprobates the two of you were” I stated. Fiona’s hand once again began kneading the sensitive flesh at the top of her thighs as I dropped a hand and unbuttoned my pleated skirt letting it drop to the floor around my feet.

I stood for a moment considering my options wondering exactly how far I could ‘push’ Fiona knowing that at least for tonight Harry was my play thing. “Well, as the two of you have been so naughty…” I stared at my best friend, “Hook your legs over the arms of the chair, Fiona; I wanna see that lovely cunt of yours spread wide!”

She nodded dumbly and did as instructed as well as reaching down with both hands and pulling her dripping labia apart. Heavy pants issuing from her open mouth as I watched a trickle of her juices run out onto the padded seat. “Good girl” I stated and reached between my heavy 38DD boobs to undo the clasp on my bra. I massaged my breasts proud that they only dropped a fraction without their support and stepped forward so that my knees were either side of her husband’s head. “Ohh Harry, your sweet wife is spreading her cunt for me,” I offered as he twisted his head and brushed his lips against the inside of my knee; “I can see right inside her, it’s so wet and red. I hope you’re a good husband and eat her out regularly… I fucking would!”

Fiona was biting her lip, her fingers twitching on either side of her quim as I reached down and pulled my lacy black knickers up tight against my own mound and felt my juices seep out through the fine material. A low moan escaped my mouth as I eased them back and forth till the crotch was completely soaked through and slowly began to pull them down. My guess was that my best friend was predominantly straight and yet as her eyes focused on the gusset of my underwear adhering to my slit till it peeled away there was definitely a curiosity there.

I stepped back and slipped my soaking panties of my feet, bending forwards enough to brush my swinging breasts against Harry’s face. His mouth opened wide and his tongue flicked out catching a hard nipple before I stood back up. I looked down as his mouth remained open searching for a hint of my soft flesh. I grinned at Fiona and dropped my sodden panties onto his jaw. Fiona’s eyes flicked from her husband eagerly pulling the wet lace into his mouth, moaning loudly as he sucked my juices from the material to my own finger sliding through the narrow trimmed patch of hair, over my slit and easing inside.

“Tell me Fiona, how long have the two of you fantasised about me?” I asked as I stepped forward astride her husband’s head once again. I bit my own lip as I curled my finger within me and teased my G-spot with my fingernail.

I watched her fingers creeping inwards, still keeping her pussy spread for my inspection; “Ohh fuck…years and years Marie” she moaned.

“And you wait till I’m about to get married before you make your play?” I asked lifting a quizzical eyebrow as I eased my finger back out and raised it up to my mouth.

Slowly I bent my knees outwards lowering my soaking snatch towards her husband’s face as I sucked my tangy juices from my finger. I watched as she sneaked a finger from each hand into her wet pussy, her chest rising and falling rapidly; “We… I wondered… if you were… settling down.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I planted my crotch onto Harry’s mouth and felt him struggle to push my panties out of the way to get his tongue in my dripping slit. My laugh morphed into a sigh and then a low moan as I twisted my hips about, planting a hand beside his chest to steady myself and feeling his efforts rewarded as his tongue snaked into my hot pussy. “Ohh…fuck” I breathed as I pressed harder into his mouth forcing his head down onto the edge of the table, “Like… shit… that was ever going to…Mmmm…happen!”

Fiona ceased any notions of subtlety and thrust a pair of fingers deep inside her own quim as her other hand worked her clit. Harry’s tongue thrust again and again into my aching pussy as I ground harder against his face; whatever pressure I was bringing to bear on the back of his head against the hard wooden table he showed no signs of concern. Just a simple need to suck the juices from my cunt; I gasped loudly as the friction of my lacy panties trapped between us rubbed over my engorged clit as I stared through slotted eyes at my best friend’s fingers sliding in and out of her dripping slit.

Shivers ran up and down my spine as my other hand dropped to the table and I stared down at Harry’s cock jerking of its own accord; the sensations escalating rapidly as my tunnel locked up and a flood of my juices filled his mouth. “Christ!” I groaned and I clamped my thighs together hard trapping his head between them. My orgasm ripped through me violently as muffled moans emanated from beneath me; my body twitching as the feelings overloaded my senses and became all I was.

When I opened my eyes I drew in long deep breaths and on shaky legs released Harry’s head and stepped back to hear him also gasping for oxygen. “Wow” I murmured not having realised that I had been suffocating the bringer of my orgasm. Looking down long streaks of his white seed adorned his chest and abdomen along with my discarded tie, with a final string hanging down from his glans linking it to a collection within in his belly button. His cock was still quite swollen and seemed to be only a fraction less stiff than before I closed my eyes.

I looked up at Fiona whose eyes were wide and chest heaving and flushed. “STOP!” I commanded and she whimpered as her fingers froze. I grinned evilly as I figured she had been right on the brink of her own orgasm. “Did I say you could cum?” I asked and saw the pleading within her eyes. I shook my head and looked down at her husband’s body before me; “Clean that up, every last drop and make sure he is fully hard before I fuck him!”

Reluctantly she pulled her fingers from her slit and dropped down over her husband; “Leave his cock till last” I added and knelt down beside her husband placing my mouth next to his ear. “And did I say you could cum?” I asked as I gazed at his pussy juice covered face.

He shook his head as I lifted the ripped remains of my panties from the floor. “Very naughty” I whispered but still rewarded him with a deep tongue searching kiss savouring the taste of my cunt in his mouth. “Just as well you gave me an exquisite ‘O’; maybe I won’t punish you… too much!” I said as I stuffed my underwear back into his mouth. I knelt beside him rubbing the side of my breast against his jaw, having to administer a light slap as he went to turn his head. My nipple ached as I felt the rough feel of his stubble against my soft flesh as I watched his wife fastidiously search out every drop of his spilled seed.

She looked up at me to see if I was satisfied and with my nod she turned her attention to her husband’s prick. I could see that despite having ejaculated that it was still fully swollen as she wrapped her hand around the base and lapped at his bulbous glans. Harry moaned and I gave him another slight slap on the cheek, “Hush” I ordered and turned a fraction to press an aching nipple against his rough jaw. Reaching forward with my right hand I pinched his nipple between my painted fingernails smiling as I heard a stifled grunt escape his lips.

Breathing deeply I thought about the fact I had never felt in such control before. Alan and me were both indeed switches but the roles had never been as intense as I twisted Harry’s nipple and saw his cock jerk against wife’s tongue. “Let’s see how much of that lovely black cock you can get in that sweet little mouth of yours… slut?” I asked Fiona.

I watched as she looked nervously at her husband’s shaft and knew that she had never managed all of it. I was a hundred percent sure neither could I but my pussy dripped onto the carpet at the thought of watching her try. She gulped nervously and slid her mouth over his glans; her cheeks hollowing as she slowly lowered her head. She quickly managed the top half of his length and drew back up before descending again to leave the bottom quarter on display. I idly toyed with Harry’s nipple as I dropped my other hand to my thigh and scratched at my flesh even though my pussy was begging for more stimulation.

“Come on Fiona, you can do better than that” I commented as she raisWhen Harry met Fionaed her mouth of his saliva streaked shaft.

She looked up at me as she inhaled a deep breath and lifted my hand away from her husband’s nipple and placed it on the back of her head; “Yes,” she breathed, “I can… Miss!”

She thrust her mouth down and I pushed down on the back of her head feeling both husband and wife stiffen as her lips stretched forward and only an inch of hard cock remained on view. My pussy clenched as I held her head firmly down on Harry’s engorged length and knew his glans was pressing into her throat. Their moans echoed in sympathy even though Fiona’s was somewhat muffled; a fraction more of his shaft disappeared before I pulled her head up and she pulled in a deep chest-full of air.

“You’re almost there, slut” I encouraged and I stood up and straddled man and table; my pussy leaking and dribbling my cream onto his chest. Fiona looked up and stared at my soaking slit from just a few inches away as my other hand also slid through her auburn hair. Her eyes shone and she took a deep breath and slipped her lips over his cock head and I pushed down. Harry groaned loudly and his wife gulped his cock into her mouth and down her throat. I shuddered as I felt the power of domination I had over my two friends and felt my pussy quiver and a trickle of my juices run out and pool onto his chest.

I held her there for a few seconds while she gulped at Harry’s member till I felt her head tremble and knew she was struggling for air. I pulled her up sharply and she gasped and grinned as her eyes, full of tears gleamed up at me. “Such a good pet,” I congratulated her and shifted forwards till my slit was directly above her husband’s cock; “and now for your reward!” I still held her head just inches away from my quim as she held her husband’s cock upright and I dropped down impaling myself completely in one motion. “Ohhh fuck!” I moaned.

An equal moan of pleasure sounded from behind me and Fiona’s eyes filled with total lust as she watched Harry’s cock disappear from view. I savoured the feeling of fullness that his cock gave me as I slowly twisted about on his shaft. Looking down at my best friend’s face I released her head and saw her remain exactly where she was as I slowly rose up revealing his glistening black member till only his glans remained within me. A further shudder ran through me as I leant back and placed my hands either side of his chest and slowly began to ease up and down on his wonderful cock. My eye’s focused on Fiona’s face wondering if she would just watch with a hand jerking beneath her obviously fingering herself or if she would lean in and add further stimulus.

Harry writhed beneath me, lifting his hips to meet my thrusts; groaning loudly as I felt his glans bump against the neck of my womb. “Ohhh God!” I groaned, “Ohhh Fi’… you’re husband’s cock… feels so fucking good… in my cunt!”

I struggled to watch my friend as I felt my orgasm began to build; “Ohhh Marie… it looks so gorgeous…” she panted, her eyes locked on my soaking slit driving down onto her husband’s thick cock. Her left hand grasped Harry’s thigh, her painted nails digging into his flesh as her body started to tremble. Fiona’s pants morphed into low and guttural moans and then her eyes closed as she bucked against her invading fingers.

My own closed and I surrendered to the sensations and I arched my back thrusting my pelvis down hard onto the black cock buried deep inside me. Harry also groaned loudly from beneath me and he must have torn his bonds as his hands rose up around me and I felt his rough calloused hand grasp my breasts and his manhood jerk within me flooding my womb with his seed.

My pussy clamped down tightly around his shaft and I felt my juices flow out around his cock running down between my ass cheeks and soaking his sac and (I was sure) the table beneath us. I didn’t quite pass out, but it was a close thing as my orgasm pulsed through my body and took several seconds if not the best part of a minute to subside. The strong odour of sex assaFiona's viewiled my nostrils as I opened my eyes and sat up on the softening cock still within me. Fiona was knelt on the floor, her forehead resting in the deep pile of the rug as her body still twitched. I twisted about and earned a shudder and a low moan of appreciation from Harry as I looked at the beaming smile on his face.

I reached back and pushed the blindfold from his eyes; he blinked and looked up at me as his hands gently caressed my hips. “Good boy” I commented before turning back and reaching down and threading my hands through Fiona’s hair. Groggily she raised her head and looked up at me as I encouraged her to rise up. “All that you wanted?” I asked as I slowly raised my hips and felt Harry’s wilted cock reluctantly slip from my abused slit. I held my friend’s head level with Harry’s thighs as his cock slipped free followed by a viscous outpouring of my juices. Fiona’s eyes widened and I squeezed my vaginal muscles and knew that at least some of her husband’s seed followed suit.

A moan escaped my lips as I squeezed harder knowing that the mix of our juices were flowing over Harry’s member and that Fiona could see every detail. I sighed softly as I raised myself up and stepped to the side on shaky legs looking down at the sticky deposit I had left. “Well… Fiona… I’m off to bed… you’ve got some cleaning up to do!” I grinned as her gaze remained on her husband’s crotch. I leant down and planted a tender kiss on Harry’s lips before walking unsteadily towards the hallway.

I looked back to see my friend leaning in and lapping at the combination of her husband’s spunk and my pussy cream. Even from the doorway I could see his cock twitching and straightening as her head dipped down and she sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Neither of them had eyes for me as they stared into each other’s.

“Hmmm…my work here is done” I whispered to myself and made my way to the spare bedroom.


Coming soon… Something Blue…



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