Something Borrowed… 2/4

Have you spotted a theme yet Dear Avid Reader?



Something Blue…

Five days till M-day!

I swam up towards wakefulness trying desperately to hang onto the dream I’d been having. Whatever it had been, it had left me with a feeling of warmth and yet unsatisfied desire but something was pulling me away from it.

I tried to open my eyes feeling the sleep crusted in the corners resisting and grinned as I felt a familiar pair of lips and fingers pulling on my aching nipples. “Hey babe!” I murmured and the lips left my right breast and slid up my chest.

“Hey yourself!” Alan whispered as his unshaven chin scratched against my flesh and his lips then slid across mine. Our tongues slid between each other’s lips and around each other before I pushed him away and forced my eyes open.

“Yuck!” I complained, “Someone needs to brush their teeth!”

He grinned down at me, “Wasn’t my fault! If you’re going to be lying here all on display when I get in… moaning… I can’t be blamed for taking advantage!”

“I was moaning?” I grinned as he sat on the edge of the bed; his fingers still idly playing with my nipple as I squeezed my thighs tight together and felt the dampness within caused by whatever I had been dreaming about.

“Well… murmuring… the moans may have begun when I did this!” he answered stretching my nipple.

“Ahhh” I breathed and then slapped his hand away. I sniffed deeply, “I figure you need a shower too and then we can discuss our weekends!” I grinned.

“As you wish,” he agreed and stood up divesting himself of his clothing as he took the few steps to the en suite.

“Messy child” I muttered as he disappeared within. I could picture the smile that had been on his face knowing that the trail of clothes would be gone by the time he finished his shower. For a moment I tried again to recall the dream but it alluded me and I stretched on the crinkled sheets and then slid my legs out from under the covers. The shower started up in the adjacent room as my eyes followed the path of discarded clothing which always led to sex. All those years previously he had been a typical man and had lived his teenage years and most of his university years with a “floor-‘drobe”; it was possibly the only visible change I had influenced and now I almost missed the frantic search for my clothing in the detritus of his bedroom floor before lectures in that final year.

Smiling to myself I picked up the sweet-smoky clothing from a weekend in Amsterdam and wondered what depravities he had been up to. I dumped the items into the wash temptingbasket beside the door after emptying his trouser pockets and leaving the contents beside the sink as I looked through the hazy, steamed up figure behind the shower door. “Room for a little one?” I asked and slipped inside without waiting for an answer.

We caressed and cleansed each other our breathing growing steadily deeper as our hands slowly moved towards each other’s hard/wet genitalia. My eyes rose to meet his as I grasped his thick shaft while my other hand lathered down between the cheeks of my ass determined to start our day with a fitting statement to our debauched weekends. Alan sighed deeply and his hand found mine and stopped it twisting about its girth; he smirked, “I’m under orders!” he answered cryptically and wouldn’t be drawn further and surprisingly was able to resist my unsubtle moves.

By the time we exited the shower my pussy was literally dripping with anticipation as I stared at the grin on his face and towelled off. He led me back to the bed, plumped pillows against the headboard and ordered me to be patient; “I don’t know what it is, either” he grinned as he picked up the remote from his side of the bed and flicked a button to cause the TV in the base of the bed to rise. I looked at him curiously as the much-underused extravagance clicked into place and turned itself on. “Pass me your phone” he said and I stared at the smart device beside me before handing it to him. “I got a very cryptic message from Fiona last night” he answered my curious glance.

It took him a couple of minutes to find a suitable linking cable and then the correct channel for the input before the icons from my smart phone were displayed on the screen in front of us. “Figure this is what we want…Something Blue!” he stated as he accessed a video file in my gallery that hadn’t been there before.

“What?” I replied, strongly suspecting what I might see as blurry, rapidly moving poorly lit images rolled across the screen before settling down and the auto-features of the phone adjusted settings and I was there on the screen grinding my crotch onto Harry’s face as he lay tied to the coffee table. My eyes were locked shut as I surrendered to my orgasm and the now familiar black cock twitched back and forth under its own volition before sending long streams of seed up into the air to splash down on his chest. “Ohhh” I whispered and felt myself blush as I realised it was from two nights previously.

Alan settled beside me, his jaw dropping open as he stared at the screen; “Damn… my fiancée is a Porno Star! Who knew?” he said tilting his head to watching slowly recover from my ecstasy.

“Fuckin’ Fiona… that’s who!” I answered and reached for Alan’s own cock and slowly started to stroke it up and down. A moment later his hand snaked between my all togetherspreading thighs and two fingers slipped easily inside my soaking wet, aching quim.

“Wow” I murmured on screen and heard Harry sucking in air as I climbed off his face. It was quite mesmerising as I watched myself order Fiona, “STOP! Did I say you could cum? …Clean that up, every last drop and make sure he is fully hard before I fuck him!”

She then appeared in the frame, casting a brief glance through the ‘fourth wall’. I squeezed Alan’s cock tight briefly as I thought about how I normally hated actors and actresses doing that in Porno flicks but this time I knew my friend was looking at her known audience. “Leave his cock till last” I said to her as she crawled forwards and her ass and soaking pussy came into the side of the frame.

Alan’s fingers pushed deep inside my slit and without taking his eyes from the screen said “And you had no idea… you’re a natural then, I guess…”

I breathed deeply wanting to succumb to the present sensations but also knowing that I didn’t want to miss a second of this weird vicarious experience. “It… it’s so hot to see… feels…” I laughed as the thought formed in my head, “Feel like I’m watching my cherry being popped… I know that makes no sense… if I’d known… this is… wonderful!”

I saw myself kissing Harry deeply and then whispering something that the microphone couldn’t pick up as his wife diligently searched for the last of his seed. “Just as well you gave me an exquisite ‘O’; maybe I won’t punish you… too much!” my image said as I stuffed my underwear into his mouth.

I nodded on screen to Fiona and she began to lap at her husband’s prick as I proceeded to pinch and twist his nipples quite roughly. I could see the expression on my face and it scared me a little to see such domination within it as I asked Fiona, “Let’s see how much of that lovely black cock you can get in that sweet little mouth of yours… slut?”tv in bed

His cock seemed to look even longer than I remembered it as she, hesitantly at first, took his member into her mouth. “Come on Fiona, you can do better than that” I commented on the screen as she raised her mouth of his saliva streaked shaft.

Alan’s finger were working slowly within me as we watched mesmerised as I reached forwards and placed a hand on the back of her head; “Yes,” Fiona breathed, “I can… Miss!”

I pulled hard on my fiancé’s shaft as Harry’s cock disappeared from view unable to believe the amount of force I could see myself exerting on the back of my friend’s head. They moaned together, one somewhat muffled, before I pulled her head up and she pulled in a deep chest-full of air.

“You’re almost there, slut” my alter-ego encouraged and then straddled Harry’s chest, my pussy leaking and dribbling my cream onto his flesh. Fiona stared at my soaking slit and we saw her hand appear between her thighs and push a pair of fingers into her own slit. “Fuck” breathed Alan beside me, “she’s really getting off on my girlfriend the Domme!” I gasped as I felt his fingers curl up inside me and his palm press and rub hard against my throbbing clit. My slit twitched in response to the scene before me as well as the fingers within me.

I watched Fiona take her husband’s entire shaft into her mouth and keep it there till I allowed her up, sucking air deep into her lungs, “Such a good pet.” I held my breath as I squeezed Alan’s cock tighter watching myself position my dripping slit directly above her Harry’s cock; “and now for your reward!” A hard intense orgasm radiated from my wet pussy as I watched that long black cock slide up inside me on the screen. Stars appeared in my vision as I struggled to keep my eyes open and not miss a moment of my ‘film debut’.

I was only half-aware as Alan’s cock throbbed and then jerked hard within my fist and his seed shoot up into the air beside me, a loud long moan escaping his lips and his fingers twisting within my convulsing pussy. Fiona’s fingers were driving hard and fast into her own dripping slit at the side of the screen as I began to ride her husband inches from her face. I vaguely remembered my desire to pull her mouth to my clit as I slowly came down from my ecstasy. I glanced at the male specimen beside me and bent across Alan’s lap and lapped at his dribbling glans, my eyes still glued to the screen before us.

He briefly removed his fingers and reached around from behind as I lifted up my left leg and groaned about his glans as I felt three of his finger twist back inside me. “Ohhh God!” I groaned on screen, “Ohhh Fi’… you’re husband’s cock… feels so fucking good… in my cunt!”

I sucked harder on Alan’s cock, tasting his first salty ejaculation, not allowing it to soften as I watched my own orgasm build before me; twisting and rolling my hips against his fingers as we listened to Fiona’s pants morph into low and guttural moans as she bucked against her invading fingers.

My cheeks hollowed against the hardening cock in my mouth as I saw myself for the first time have an orgasm, I grinned around Alan’s girth as I saw Harry rip his bonds and saw him grasp my large breasts and drive his manhood deep inside me. I felt Alan’s other hand thread his fingers through my hair and happily let him push my mouth all the way down his length till his glans pushed into my throat. We watched the three on screen recover their senses and I saw myself sitting astride my friend’s husband’s cock like a Queen on a throne surveying her subjects. Reaching back and pushing the blindfold from Harry’s eyes rewarding him with a “Good boy” before pulling up Fiona’s head by her hair and asking “All that you wanted?”

“Oh fuck…” moaned Alan, “Who are you… and what have you done with my fiancée?” he asked as my pussy dripped with my own juices and Harry’s seed on screen down onto his flaccid, slickened cock.

“Well… Fiona… I’m off to bed… you’ve got some cleaning up to do!” my image grinned before leaning down and planting a tender kiss on Harry’s lips before walking unsteadily out of shot. We watched Fiona crawl forwards and begin to lovingly lap at her husband’s cock as he sat up and looked at the phone filming them, grinning from ear to ear.

“Do you think Marie and Alan are going to like this” he asked as he lifted his wife’s hair away from her head to reveal her mouth striving to gather up all of my pussy juices and his seed.

Fiona paused and looked through the fourth wall, “Oh, I reckon you’re fucking right now aren’t you, Marie?” she asked.

I glanced up at Alan and the two of us shifted quickly as I sat down onto his refreshed cock. I moaned loudly as his shaft slipped easily all the way inside me and his hands reached around andoing as toldd cupped my breasts. We returned our focus to the screen, Alan’s chin resting on my shoulder and watched Fiona pulling on her husband’s cock as her tongue lapped at his glistening glans. I slowly rose up and down on Alan’s cock, one hand lightly playing with my hard exposed clit while the other massaged the balls beneath as we watched Harry’s gradually stiffen.

The two of us breathing in unison, keeping it slow while Fiona re-invigorated that long black cock, our movements limited keeping the tempo low till we could ‘join’ our friends on screen. Fiona turned to grin at the camera as she allowed her husband to rise and she rested her hands on the coffee table and looked over her shoulder as Harry looked down and admired her ass.

“Fuck!!!” the two of us called out simultaneously as the low battery symbol appeared in the corner and the video stopped before Harry had even begun to fuck his wife from behind. I twisted my head to look in my lover’s eyes and he nodded as I leant forward, his shaft remaining inside me as I got on all fours and started the video from the beginning.


The two of us fucked three more times during the day and into the econsumedvening watching it; the third time re-enacting what we watched on the screen. A ‘thank-you’ message with a shorter video clip of my mouth sliding down Alan’s cock before erupting over my face in front of the original clip on screen was sent back to Fiona which apparently was received gladly.

This week was certainly shaping up to be very interesting!


Well, Dear Avid Reader, do I have your attention yet? Soon be time for something old…



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