Something Borrowed… 3/4

Something Old…

One day till M-day!

Sitting in the garden feeling butterflies of excitement in my stomach as my wedding vows approach. Grinning quietly to myself; surprised that I am this excited. Alan has just left with his Best Man, Martin and Harry leaving Fiona behind for my last night as a ‘free’ woman. Alan’s parents had just headed for bed leaving the two of us to enjoy the last of the bottle of wine.

I grin as Fiona looks about in typical comedic, conspiratorial style; “I thought they’d never leave” she whispers before giggling.

“And why is that?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

She grins back broadly and a blush rises on her cheeks. “You know…you’re… our… thing!” Her cheeks redden completely as I refuse to put her out of her misery and feign complete innocence. “Ohh… stop it” she begs.

“I have no idea about what you are inferring?” unable to help grinning as she squirms uncomfortably in her seat, “unless of course you are referring to fucking your husband in front of you last weekend?”

“Bitch” she mutters but smiles, “and did you like you’re ‘Something blue’?”

I tilt my head and look her raising my eyebrow, “Something blue? Sorry, I don’t follow… what do you mean?”

“The video” she answers and I watch a moment of doubt flicker in her eyes.

“What video?” I ask innocently, just managing to hold my expression as I watch Fiona’s go through a multitude of emotions in the space of a second.

She looks at my smart phone sitting on the table between us and then towards the house in a vain hope that Alan will reappear and suddenly remember the text she sent to him. I can see in her eyes that she’s trying to work out if he didn’t receive it, did she send it to the wrong number or if Alan, for whatever unknown reason, had simply not told me.

The effort to keep my face neutral while suppressing my laughter and was growing by the second but this was so much fun. “Fi… what are you talking about? What video for…” I paused and gritted my teeth, “Did you film us?” I asked with a formidable amount of false indignation.

She literally gulped loud enough for me to hear and it broke the remaining control I had and the laughter and tears erupted from my mouth and eyes. “You BITCH!” she said loudly this time and I saw the curtains in the window beyond her flutter and my father-in –law-to-be look out of the guest room. He stood there grinning and I clamped my hand over my mouth as he smiled back. Fiona twisted about and saw Alan’s dad, Jack, his torso naked and I was sure the same thought was running through her mind as it was mine. At just shy of sixty years old he showed only a slight increase of weight around his midriff and yet still sported an admirable physique from four decades as a scaffolder,

“” muttered Fiona, “Do you think he’s naked?” she asked voicing my own question.

I had just about gotten myself under control as the curtain fell back into place; “Don’t go changing the subject,” I admonished my friend, “That was very naughty of you filming me last weekend!”

She turned back with a guilty grin on her face, “I couldn’t resist… and you really shouldn’t leave your phone open like that!”

“Oh my fault is it?” I asked taking a sip from my glass.

She shrugged her shoulders in response, “Maybe… maybe not? Did Alan like it then?”

“Maybe… maybe not!” I answered cryptically, “But I guess as we’ve watched it half a dozen times now it’s quite possible… did you and Harry watch it that night?”

She nodded enthusiastically, “We did…we may have filmed ourselves a few times…” she admitted.

“You never told me that! All the times you’ve wanted to hear my adventures and never once mentioned what a pervert you are!” I accused.

She dropped her eyes, “I… was never as brave as you.”

“Christ, I’m not brave” I replied, “Just a horny slut… with little self-control!” I watched Fiona look up timidly like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar and yet the undercurrent of lust within her eyes. “And now that you’ve…” I had to pause to choose my words; “Now that you’ve tasted forbidden fruit?”

Still the redness blushed on her cheeks, “Now… I can’t stop thinking of all the things I want to do!”

“Indeed” I answered and stood gathering the couple of plates and glasses from the table leaving just our two glasses and the bottle. “I’m gonna want examples” I commanded feeling a hint of the dominating character from just a few days previously as I headed inside. I paused just inside the threshold and looked back at my friend shifting upon her seat, one hand grasping her thigh as she held her glass in the other.

Smiling to myself; thinking about that mouth that I knew would be eating out my damp pussy within the hour I loaded the glass and dishes into the dishwasher. After tidying the last of the evening’s detritus away I visited the downstairs toilet and pulling my damp underwear down, grinning as it reluctantly peeled away from my slit, sat. A tiny moan escaped my lips as a jet of hot urine splashed into the water beneath me sending a shiver through my vagina as I imagined Fiona’s head between my thighs and how grateful she was going to be. Grinning, I pulled my lacy panties off and deposited the sodden material into the pocket within my skirt after having thoroughly wiped my wet quim clean.

Straightening my attire I exited the smallest room and made my way outside. I paused on the threshold once again and saw that Fiona’s chair was now empty. Biting my lip I looked around the dimly lit garden and saw a familiar shape outlined against the window of the guest bedroom. “Shit” I whispered as I saw Fiona’s silhouette against the window where my in-laws were sleeping. Having removed my shoes some time earlier I padded silently up behind my friend to see her peeling through the gap in the curtains. My pussy dampened considerably as I realised my friend was indulging the perverted side of her personality I had only just realised existed.

My nipples hardened even more as I gazed through the gap and saw my future mother-in-law sat on the couch within the guest quarters with her legs spread wide and her crotch on display to her naked husband crawling towards it. “Damn, reckon you’re marrying into one horny family!” whispered Fiona having realised I was standing peep show 2behind her. Liz was considerably smaller than her husband at just over 5’ compared to his 6’4” and even crawling on all fours he looked like some Savannah predator about to devour a defenceless young Gazelle. I smiled even more of the image running through my brain and the ‘prey’ before excited about her fate.

I knew the two of us were both looking at the sizable and impressive hard shaft on display between my father-in-law’s thighs as he buried his face into his petite wife’s crotch. “Oh I hope I have another thirty years of hard cock like that” I replied as my hand slid up under Fiona’s dress and two of my fingers slipped beside her own soaking knickers and slipped easily into her soaking cunt. She groaned loudly as I curled them within her wet hole and my thumb found her hard clit.

Her knuckles whitened on the window sill as the light from inside spilled out. I wondered about Jack and whether he had deliberately left the curtains ajar as I eased my fingers back and forth into my friend’s soaking slit. “Ohh… yesss… Marie…” breathed Fiona and spread her feet wider allowing my fingers to twist and worm even deeper within her pulling up her dress with my other hand and dropping it across her back exposing her ass to my view. My eyes flicked between the scene within the house and my arm sliding back and forth as the knuckles of my two outer fingers slapped wetly against the outer folds of my Maid of Honour’s quim.

My future mother-in-law, Liz, grasped her husband’s head and writhed against it her eyes tightly shut and her moans just audible through the double glazing. “Looks like I know where Alan got one of his talents from” I stated and thrust my fingers harder into Fiona’s quivering slit eliciting a deep groan from her. My own pussy was aching for attention and I could feel my juices trickling down the insides of my thighs as I dug my fingernails into my best friend’s ass and she stuffed a set of fingers into her mouth to stifle her scream as her pussy contracted hard around my invading fingers and her orgasm overtook her.

My chest rose and fell, nipples aching almost painfully, as Fiona’s legs shook and I knew the only thing keeping her ass up were my fingers twisting and thrusting into her saturated pussy. Only when I saw Liz thrust her hips forward, her back arching and a litany of swear words sound from the room did I pull my drenched fingers out and my friend collapsed in a heap on the floor. I watched as Jack rose up grinning down at his now limp wife who he lifted like a rag doll. He pulled her round and I was sure his eyes flicked towards the window. I felt my heart thump loudly in my chest as I reached down and threaded my fingers through Fiona’s long hair and pull her around.

My future father-in-law sat down on the edge of the bed and twisted his wife about to sit her astride his lap. I could see Liz shaking as she reached between her legs and guided her husband’s thick shaft to the entrance to her pussy. Without any ceremony or even looking down at Fiona; it was impossible for me to drag my eyes from the scene inside I lifted up my dress and straddled her shoulders thrusting my burning slit against her mouth.

Jack grabbed Liz’s hips and pulled her down hard, impaling her completely on his cock as she twitched and groaned in response. My own slit pulsed and clenched ejecting my own juices straight into my friend’s mouth as it opened over my mound. I shook and trembled as the orgasm hit me hard and fast, a hand shooting out to grab the window sill as I rocked forward. I struggled to keep my eyes open, wanting to see Jack’s cock appear and disappear into his wife’s cunt as my own sent violent, wonderful sensations out through my being.

Fiona grunted and ground her mouth into my crotch as I felt her hands rise up and dig her sharp nails into my ass; her tongue gained depth as my wet hole convulsed with the rolling waves of pleasure assaulting my senses. With both hands resting on the sill I watched Jack’s shaft, looking huge and thick compared to the frame of his wife’s body ram up deep inside her dripping pussy. A further fit-like shudder ran through me as doing as toldmy forehead bumped against the cold glass; I was far beyond caring as my focus remained slowly on watching my fiancé’s mother’s labia be dragged in and out as his father’s fat cock pumped hard and deep within.

Liz cried out and I knew that wonderful cock head was slamming up into the neck of her womb. I wanted it and the cunt it was filling for myself; even if I knew that was a taboo that I was sure even my very broad-minded Alan would be shocked by. Still the image in my mind of me beyond the glass sent me far beyond coherent thought and I felt my own cunt squirt what felt like a huge amount of my pussy juice into my best friend’s eager mouth.

I came too some moments later lying on the ground my body twitching as Fiona knelt over me with some concern on her glistening features. Tremors still ran through my body due in some part to my friend’s fingers now lodged deeply inside my clenched-shut pussy. With a shaking hand I reached down and grasped her wrist stilling its movements; “Please… stop” I begged in a hoarse whisper.

Her teeth appeared in the dim light and nipped at her bottom lip before she slowly eased her slender fingers up between us. My heart slowly began to ease along with my breathing as I watched her meticulously lick her three fingers clean. When she was satisfied she looked down at me; “You know you almost drowned me-“ she looked up as the light within the guest room went out, “I mean I knew you were a deviant sexual animal… but you’re father-in-law… to-be tomorrow?” she asked with no prejudice.

I shakily sat up and leant against the wall, the thought of Jack’s seed now dripping out of his wife’s abused pussy flitting through my mind; “Yes… no… fuck, I don’t know…” I looked into Fiona’s eyes as she sat beside me and threaded her fingers through mine, “Christ, the thought… watching them fuck… it…”

“Blew your mind, it seemed!” she completed my sentence, “I… I know this is going to sound… naïve… but, it is my first… yours was my first pussy and I’ve heard of it… but do you normally…you know?”

“Gush?” I grinned at her embarrassment, “No… that was my first… and I don’t think I’ve ever… fainted… like that before!”

Fiona grinned, “I think I’ll take all the credit then… you didn’t faint completely but you were pretty incoherent there for a minute or so… and maybe I should have been more concerned… I … sorry, couldn’t resist.”

“You’re forgiven” I replied and leant towards her to kiss her lustfully for the time tasting my own juices strongly upon her lips and tongue.


We took ourselves off to my bed after a rudimentary clean-up and a quick shower together to wash the dirt that had managed to get in all sorts of places from the border beneath the window. Fiona’s dress was probably salvageable whereas I consigned my own straight into the waste bin.

The two of us brought each other to one more orgasm each (neither comparing in the slightest to what we had already experienced) before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


Something New…



I rolled over as the alarm beside the bed chirped ever more insistently for me to rise. My hand slipped across the chest of the person beside me and I only had the briefest of hesitations as I felt the smooth soft flesh of Fiona’s B-cups. I grinned even before I opened my eyes as this was another new experience for me; I’d never actually slept with a woman before (not sure there was much I hadn’t done in a bed with a woman but sleep wasn’t one of them) and feeling my friend’s nipple harden as my fingers brushed them I opened my eyes to see her face, mostly obscured by her long hair, turned towards me. I brushed her hair away and kissed her lips softly revelling in the smoothness of her face. I loved Alan deeply but that rough growth he exhibited on his chin even if he had shaved the night before wasn’t one of my favourite features.

Fiona stirred beneath me and even before she was fully awake her tongue slipped between my lips and her thighs parted as I slipped my own between them. A low moan escaped her mouth as the two of us shifted a little bit further and our mounds slid against one another and except for breaking our kiss to reach across and shut off the alarm clock we remained tightly embraced till both of us reached a pair of very satisfying orgasms.

“I could get use to this… shame you don’t have a nice fat cock though” I admitted to my friend.

Fiona looked up at me smiling, “The feeling’s mutual” she agreed and stroked my cheek; “Does Alan get the hump if you ask him to shave first thing, too?”

I nodded and laughed, “He does… boys; they have no idea just how irritating their beards are!” Reluctantly I disentangled myself from my friend and slipped from the bed looking at my wedding dress hanging from the wardrobe; looking over my shoulder as Fiona rolled onto her side I grinned, “Well, things to do!”

The ceremony wasn’t till two-thirty in the afternoon and the time flew by as we got ready. It was almost a mistake to let Fiona shower with me and shave my pussy completely bald and it took all my will to push her mouth away when she insisted on ‘quality-controlling’ her efforts. After that slight issue the two of us were far better behaved and enjoyed the pampering of the hair-dresser and make-up sessions before I dressed in brand new underwear consisting of a white lacy set of corset, sheer knickers, suspenders and stockings and the obligatory garter belt.

Fiona helped me into my wedding dress that was just off-white with gold laces tied up my back that accentuated my ass and breasts just right. I’d opted for knee-length at the front dropping to half way down my calves at the back. “So a nice blancmange wasn’t tempting?” asked Fiona.

I looked at her Royal Blue Bridesmaid dress still on its hanger as she stood there in a dark blue lingerie; I raised an eyebrow, “Oh, you would have preferred a luminescent pink number with six foot wide skirts?”

“No” she admitted, “Thank you for having taste and no desire to sartorially torture your friend on your special day.”

“You’re welcome” I replied as she tightened the laces up my back.

“And thanks for a reasonable looking best man, too” she grinned.

“Nothing to do with me!” I admitted, “Have you and Harry come that far in a week?” I added.

“Well…no… but I can… dream” she grinned.

It was true, as normally was the case, that I had nothing to do with the choice of Martin. The truth was I barely knew him. In all the time I had known Alan his best friend since school had been working in the Far East and only ever got back once or twice a year and of those times sometimes my own busy work schedule meant that I didn’t even see him at all.

Still he was quite charming and as Fiona noted was very easy on the eye. I was very curious what his speech would be like and Alan was definitely nervous about it and had already asked for unconditional forgiveness just in case. I offered him it but did say there would be penance to pay which he remained hopeful would be a task he would be only too happy about.

Time was marching on and after Fiona stepped into her dress, zipping it up she went to see if the cars had arrived. I walked over to my dresser and opened up my jewellery box to put in my mother’s gold earrings, “Something old” I whispered and momentarily my mind went back to the view through the window the previous night and my slit gave a little twitch. I looked down, “Behave” I admonished myself. Earring in, I reached for the six inch square box that held a new gold necklace I had chosen consisting of alternate strips of gold of varying hues. I knew they would draw people’s eyes down to my cleavage that was relatively conservative considering what I had to work with,

I grinned thinking at least close up Alan would indeed have a good view as I opened the box. I stood there looking at the item that now sat within the hoop of the necklace that had definitely not been there the previous afternoon. “Oh my!” I whispered, “Something new…”

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