Something Borrowed… 4/4

Well, hello again Dear Avid Reader…

The fourth and final part but well over a third of the story! Well, sometimes I can’t help myself and I had to get our heroine to where i wanted too! All about placing the pieces in the right place just to knock them down… don’t worry, nobody dies! Although it is a little bit of a whodunnit! The other reason why this part is so long is simply weddings are so easy to write about as pretty much the entire structure is already there and just needs fleshing out.

Oh and if you haven’t read the first three parts…

As for those who have without further ado or procrastination here’s some unadulterated porn. Enjoy!



Something New…


I rolled over as the alarm beside the bed chirped ever more insistently for me to rise. My hand slipped across the chest of the person beside me and I only had the briefest of hesitations as I felt the smooth soft flesh of Fiona’s B-cups. I grinned even before I opened my eyes as this was another new experience for me; I’d never actually slept with a woman before (not sure there was much I hadn’t done in a bed with a woman but sleep wasn’t one of them) and feeling my friend’s nipple harden as my fingers brushed them I opened my eyes to see her face, mostly obscured by her long hair, turned towards me. I brushed her hair away and kissed her lips softly revelling in the smoothness of her face. I loved Alan deeply but that rough growth he exhibited on his chin even if he had shaved the night before wasn’t one of my favourite features.

Fiona stirred beneath me and even before she was fully awake her tongue slipped between my lips and her thighs parted as I slipped my own between them. A low moan escaped her mouth as the two of us shifted a little bit further and our mounds slid against one another and except for breaking our kiss to reach across and shut off the alarm clock we remained tightly embraced till both of us reached a pair of very satisfying orgasms.

“I could get use to this… shame you don’t have a nice fat cock though” I admitted to my friend.

Fiona looked up at me smiling, “The feeling’s mutual” she agreed and stroked my cheek; “Does Alan get the hump if you ask him to shave first thing, too?”

I nodded and laughed, “He does… boys; they have no idea just how irritating their beards are! Though when his head is between my legs, not so much.” Reluctantly I disentangled myself from my friend and slipped from the bed looking at my wedding dress hanging from the wardrobe; looking over my shoulder as Fiona rolled onto her side I grinned, “Well, things to do!”

The ceremony wasn’t till two-thirty in the afternoon and the time flew by as we got ready. It was almost a mistake to let Fiona shower with me and shave my pussy completely bald and it took all my will to push her mouth away when she insisted on ‘quality-controlling’ her efforts. After that slight issue the two of us were far better behaved and enjoyed the pampering of the hair-dresser and make-up sessions before I dressed in brand new underwear consisting of a white lacy set of corset, sheer knickers, suspenders and stockings and the obligatory garter belt.

Fiona helped me into my wedding dress that was just off-white with gold laces tied up my back that accentuated my ass and breasts just right. I’d opted for knee-length at the front dropping to half way down my calves at the back. “So a nice blancmange wasn’t tempting?” asked Fiona.

I looked at her Royal Blue Bridesmaid dress still on its hanger as she stood there in a dark blue lingerie; I raised an eyebrow, “Oh, you would have preferred a luminescent pink number with six foot wide skirts?”

“No” she admitted, “Thank you for having taste and no desire to sartorially torture your friend on your special day.”

“You’re welcome” I replied as she tightened the laces up my back.

“And thanks for a reasonable looking best man, too” she grinned.

“Nothing to do with me!” I admitted, “Have you and Harry come that far in a week?” I added.

“Well…no… but I can… dream” she grinned.

It was true, as normally was the case, that I had nothing to do with the choice of Martin. The truth was I barely knew him. In all the time I had known Alan his best friend since school had been working in the Far East and only ever got back once or twice a year and of those times sometimes my own busy work schedule meant that I didn’t even see him at all.

Still he was quite charming and as Fiona noted was very easy on the eye. I was very curious what his speech would be like and Alan was definitely nervous about it and had already asked for unconditional forgiveness just in case. I offered him it but did say there would be penance to pay which he remained hopeful would be a task he would be only too happy about.

Time was marching on and after Fiona stepped into her dress, zipping it up she went to see if the cars had arrived. I walked over to my dresser and opened up my jewellery box to put in my mother’s gold earrings, “Something old” I whispered and momentarily my mind went back to the view through the window the previous night and my slit gave a little twitch. I looked down, “Behave” I admonished myself. Earring in, I reached for the six inch square box that held a new gold necklace I had chosen consisting of alternate strips of gold of varying hues. I knew they would draw people’s eyes down to my cleavage that was relatively conservative considering what I had to work with,

I grinned thinking at least close up Alan would indeed have a good view as I opened the box. I stood there looking at the item that now sat within the hoop of the necklace that had definitely not been there the previous afternoon. “Oh my!” I whispered, “Something new…”


With neither of my parents still alive I stepped up to Liz as we went to leave the house and asked “Would it be possible to borrow your husband?”

She of course said yes and I turned to Jack and asked “Would you possibly give me away?”

I had deliberately been evasive about who I would choose and both Jack and Liz had been surprised and honoured by my request although Liz did tell me off for ruining her make-up before she had even got to the church.the happy couple

A short limo drive later and an acceptable six minutes late I took hold of Jack’s arm as he walked me up the aisle, “You know you could do a whole lot better for yourself” he whispered conspiratorially.

A grin was spread across my face as I looked up to the altar and the groom and best man stood there. Alan I noted fidgeted a little but resisted the urge to turn back whereas Martin was happily (and I hoped flatteringly) whispering a commentary to his best friend. I almost laughed aloud as I looked up at Jack, “I could, but… he does have one or two good points… and I get to keep half now too!”

“Well, I reckon he gets the good stuff from his mother” he answered as we dutifully smiled to those lining the pews. I was thinking that at least one of Alan’s many talents he definitely seemed to get from his father judging from the previous night’s show; “You do realise you are the major bread winner… Alan gets half too!!!”

“Damn” I grinned and hugged Jack’s arm tighter as we stepped up to the altar.


“I do” I grinned as Alan slipped the ring onto my finger and my eyes wandered down to the surprise kilt he was wearing.


As the two of us stood outside the church to pose for the first of many photographs I asked “A kilt, really?… I’m not sure you have enough genetic material to qualify.”

“Yeah, Hawthorne isn’t your typical Scottish or Irish name but I’m sure there’s some… somewhere… and as Martin suggested for want of trying to get inside some Irish, ex-Miss Malone” he grinned, “ there’s definitely going to be some genetic transference!”

“And that’s the reasoning you’re going to use with the older generation?” I replied raising an eyebrow.

“Might take a little refinement, I agree” he answered.

“And what of the little…‘something new’ you left me?” I asked.

He turned towards me, the smile for the benefit of the photographer on his mouth and was just about to reply when Martin and Fiona were ushered up beside us. I grinned up at my husband and looked back to the photographer and resumed smiling for the sake of posterity.


Eventually we all made it to the reception and were seated as the Master of Ceremonies announced that the ‘Father of the Groom’ would actually be saying a few words on behalf of the bride.

Jack stood and smiled as a round of applause rippled around the room. He paused and looked to his side at me before turning back to address the room. His chest swelled as he began; “It was a surprise this morning when Marie asked me to accompany her down the aisle so, don’t worry, there will be no long-winded speech but simply those thoughts I’ve had time to think about in the last couple of hours.”

“I can only imagine how her parents would have felt if they were here today,” he continued, “but, I do know that they simply couldn’t have been prouder of their daughter!” He turned and gazed at me and I smiled back half thinking if Alan turned out to be half the man his father was that I had indeed been lucky; “Before anyone suggests it, I can definitively say I have no conflict of interests here. In actual fact as we walked down the aisle I did try to convince Marie that she could do far better than my son!”

Laughter rippled back and forth across the room, increasing a notch when Alan protested the betrayal of his own ’blood’. Jack sent a withering look in his direction and simply asked if he was wrong to which he got a shake of his son’s head. I could feel tears already welling up in my eyes and I already knew that some repair work would be needed before long. “Marie is simply smart, funny, kind, beautiful, and I can say this as we are not related; one of the most gorgeous brides I have seen in a long time-ouch!” Loud agreements echoed from a few of the male guests and I felt myself blush deeply as I watched Jack rubbing his thigh looking down at his wife beside him.

“I did say a long time… at least thirty-six…wait, thirty-five years I mean!” he defended himself to his wife and another ripple of laughter ran around the room.

Once the laughter had settled down his raised his glass and all about followed suit as the waiters rushed to top up any empty glasses; “I give you the toast- The Bride… and well the groom!”

“THE BRIDE… and well the groom!” echoed the room and I felt myself blush a shade I didn’t think was humanly possible.

Once the toast had been drank Jack went to sit down but then hesitated as the Master of Ceremonies took his arm, handing him something and whispered in his ear. After a moment he straightened up and announced, “It seems we have a forgetful person in the room who will regret his lack of memory when he… or she gets home tonight!” He held up his hand a fob dangled from his fingers, “Someone’s garage remote?” he asked.

I, like everyone else, looked about the room for the owner but no-one stood. Jack smiled and continued “Well I better leave it open for you!” and pressed the button.

The shock was immediate and I had to clench my teeth together to prevent myself from groaning aloud. As it was I dug my fingers into Alan’s thigh through the thick fabric of his kilt as the small but intense vibrations filled my pussy. “Are you okay, babe?” he asked concernedly.

The forgotten duo-balls within me ceased their vibrations as quickly as they had begun but my quim still trembled in response and my already moist underwear got considerably damper. I looked at Alan and flicked my eyes downwards; “Something new…” I whispered to be met by a puzzled look.

“Well, I guess we don’t want to leave it open all day; I better close it for them” Jack suggested over my shoulder and even though I was prepared this time the sensations seemed even stronger as I thought of what my new father-in-law was actually doing to me.a wet bride

Alan leant closer concern replacing puzzlement and it took me a moment to answer with the realisation that my husband knew nothing about the gift I had assumed he left for me. “Nothing…honey… just the excitement” I excused myself seeing in his eyes that he didn’t fully believe my lie but was at a loss for any other explanation.

Jack placed the remote device on the table and I watched Liz pick it up and examine it and feared and yet hoped that another burst of vibrations were on their way to me. Relief and disappointment was mine as she placed it back on the table without pressing the button.

Behind us the Master of Ceremonies announced Alan’s speech and he gazed at me for a moment more before standing up to enthusiastic applause. Truthfully I didn’t pay that much attention to my new husband’s speech; I was doubly distracted as apart from my being now primarily centred around the heat emanating from my crotch; I was also trying to figure out who had placed the wonderful device in my jewellery box. I was convinced that it wasn’t Alan standing beside me and it was unbelievable that Jack or Liz had anything to do with it.

There had been quite a lot of visitors through our house over the last few days, anyone of which could have been the culprit though in truth my prime suspect was my Maid of Honour. I smiled at Fiona who grinned back as she caught my eye and I was at a loss that my best friend for so many years could hold such a ‘poker’ face. I turned my head and surveyed our audience till I found Harry watching Alan and actually listening (!) to his speech. What a good wife I’m turning out to be, I thought as I studied him. Less than a week ago anything beyond a light kiss and a hug would have been almost inconceivable outside of my masturbatory daydreams and the fantasies I indulged in with my toys.

My pussy tightened around the Duo-balls at the thought of Harry’s thick cock filling it after my Hen night. I suppressed the shiver that ran up my spine and found myself thinking it was definitely beyond even the newly discovered persona that I knew, especially if he was ‘working alone’. I was stumped as I glanced at the remote sitting just a few feet away along the table before resuming my wifely duties and paying attention to my new husband.

Alan brought his speech to a close and raised his glass as he looked down at me; “To my beautiful bride!” he toasted.

“TO THE BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!” chorused our family and friends and I felt myself blush deeply.

He sat down and leaned in and kissed me softly with a brief hint of tongue before a nervous look crossed his face as the Master of Ceremonies announced Martin’s turn. “Oh fuck” he whispered.

I took hold of his hand and assured him it wouldn’t be that bad or at least it will be brief. Martin’s grin at his best friend did nothing to dispel Alan’s nerves.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… the Groom and his Beautiful Bride… this is indeed a glorious day!” he began. He looked at his friend and feigned contemplation before continuing; “What can I say about Alan… well I’ve known him since Fresher’s week at university and the shy, unassuming teenager gave me no clue as to the natural-born reprobate I was to discover. I tried to keep him on the straight and narrow-“

“Liar!” interrupted Alan.

Martin grinned, “You see! Scratch the surface and the dark side is revealed!” he shot back; a ripple of laughter ran around the room and I patted Alan’s hand even though I was hoping for all the embarrassing details.. “You’ve had your turn Alan and it was a wonderful speech, now if you can, please behave in a civilised manner!”

Martin paused till Alan reluctantly nodded and then announced, “I’m not much of a speech-maker so I might have prepared some visual aids!” The Master of Ceremonies handed him a remote control and in a matter of seconds a projector revealed itself from the ceiling and an image of Alan as a baby appeared on a large section of unadorned wall. Someone dimmed the lights a fraction and Martin began his commentary; “Thank you Jack and Liz for these early depictions,” he glanced again at Alan; “Don’t worry my friend people were coming out of the woodwork to offer contributions!” Pictures flicked by and we watched Alan growing up before our eyes with only one or two embarrassing photographs from his teenage years. A large laugh erupted as we saw an incredibly long fringe covering most of his face at age sixteen. “Cousin It!” suggested Martin.

Alan was sinking into his chair beside me as we rapidly approached eighteen and sure enough there was a photo of a young man burdened by a large rucksack about to board a train. There were a couple more photographs of a studious Alan as Martin announced “And so ends our tale of innocence and the descent into decadence and debauchery begins!” The room erupted in laughter and Alan buried his face in his hands as an image of him obviously drunk and sitting on a pavement hugging a lamppost was revealed.

A few more snaps mainly of Alan holding up pints of beer or other alcoholic beverages and those close to the Head table laughed doubly loudly as Jack commented about how he thought he had been financing education and not inebriation.

“I have to say that Alan was easily influenced by those of lower morals than me,” his grin broadened at the ‘hrmmph!’ from beside me; “And hence we enter a new phase!” Again the crowd erupted as Alan was revealed in stockings, suspenders, heels, bra and a pair of lace panties that even with the briefest of glimpses did nothing to hide his cock. Although the series of pictures were all from one night or maybe two and obviously he was attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show Martin told it as if he and his fellow students were continually finding Alan in this state of dress.Rocky horror show

“Of course you will all note that the two of us are in kilts today,” he turned to look at me, “A nod to our mutual genealogy… but I have to say Alan didn’t take much convincing to don a skirt!”

The last image that was projected was Alan in the middle of a row of similarly dressed Rocky aficionados high kicking down a set of red carpeted stairs. It remained there till the projector disappeared back into the ceiling and I personally noted Martin to the left with a sizable bulge in his own lace panties. I glanced at him beside me, my eyes dropping and noted that it seemed he was even more of the enthusiast as he had shaved his legs clean for the outfit.

“I am glad to say” he continued, “that Marie is obviously a very good influence on my friend but maybe she should just check her wardrobe every now and then to see that he isn’t falling into his old ways!”

I nodded to Martin in reply and nibbled my bottom lip as I knew that just like my new husband he would be wearing the Irish tartan as it was meant to be worn. He wrapped up his speech making the toast and announced that all should retire to the bar while the hall was prepared for the evenings dancing.

As we headed into the bar the thought struck me and I made a vague excuse and headed back to the table. I bit my lip as I studied the glasses and bottles that adorned the table but it seemed the Duo-ball remote was nowhere to be seen. I gasped loudly as I felt them buzz within me and turned about to see if anyone was looking at me. Lots of smiles greeted me but none suggested that they had control over my leaking quim.


The first few noted of the song echoed around the room.

“Good choice” I said into Alan’s ear as ‘A Rainy Night in Soho’ began.

“Well, I was thinking of a Tammy Wynette number” he replied as he began to lead me around the floor surrounded by our friends and family.

I grinned back at him, “Oh that would have gone down a storm!” I answered knowing he was suggesting D.I.V.O.R.C.E. I pulled him tight against me and pressed my face into his neck, groaning as the device within me was activated.

“What’s going on Marie?” he asked with some concern.

My juices began to trickle down my thighs as the vibrations continued for a number of seconds; my pussy clenching in response. Just before my sweet torturer removed their finger from the remote a small orgasm radiated through my core and for a few steps Alan almost carried me. I managed to look up at him breathlessly and the concern disappeared from his face to be replaced by a lustful curiosity.

I saw Martin lead Fiona on to the dance floor and pressed my mouth to my husband’s ear speaking softly as my Maid of Honour and the Best Man neared. “Someone… and I thought it was you left me a present, something new!”

“And?” he replied as he pulled me tight pressing our hips together. An echo of my minor orgasm dribbled down to add to my already saturated garter belt as in my head I bemoaned the sporran between us knowing that his cock was hardening beneath the kilt.

I wanted nothing more at that point to reach down and slip my hand up beneath the heavy tartan and lead his erection into my aching snatch. “It was a pair of Duo-balls… they’re inside me now,” I looked over Alan’s shoulder surveying the couples now flowing onto the dance floor pausing at Jack, biting my lip as I remembered him pressing the button. “I didn’t know it had a remote!”

“Fuck” breathed Alan against my ear, “So someone has it… anyone?” I felt him look around just as the song ended obviously surveying the crowd for likely suspects. He took my hand and kissed it gallantly as he looked up into my eyes; “This IS a conversation to be continued” he stated with a look of incredulous lust within his eyes as we swapped partners with Martin and Fiona.

“Mrs Brown, before I forget” Martin said as he rifled in his sporran. My eyes went wide as imagined him pulling out the remote; a feeling of disappointment came over me as I didn’t want the sweet, mysterious torment to cease. I smiled broadly in relief as he pulled out a memory stick; “All the photos I couldn’t use in my PowerPoint presentation!” he declared as Van the Man took over the music responsibilities.

“Wonderful” I replied as I slipped the small piece of plastic into my cleavage knowing that his eyes would follow.

“What’s that?” asked Alan from beside us as we began to dance.

“One thing I’ve learnt in our long marriage, Mo Ghrá, is that a wife has to keep a few secrets!” I replied and then was led away by the Best Man.

“He’s a lucky fella!” commented Martin.

“And how come there’s no Mrs O’Neill?” I countered.

“Kismet, I guess” he answered, “there was a close call once but C’est la vie!”

“Tis a shame” I replied as he led me expertly around the dance floor, I felt a mischievous smile spread across my lips; “Still… there are certain wedding traditions that could be… a brief interlude?” I offered.

Martin’s eyes flicked off towards Fiona having divined my meaning instantly; “I have to say that would be a very nice interlude, but she is a married woman.” His dark brown eyes roved around the crowd as he twisted me around to survey the two other bridesmaids, one of Alan’s nieces and one of mine; “And alas Aditi and Joy are a little too young for my taste!”

“Nineteen and Twenty, hmmm… quite the discerning pallet!” I answered.

“Think I wore out my reckless gene quite a few years ago!” he grinned.

“Oh, when you were such a good influence on my husband?” I countered. It was funny that even though I had known Martin for a number of years, albeit off and on, this might be the first conversation I had with him that was to all intents and purposes alone. I had to stop my eyes from dipping as I imagined what lay beneath his kilt.

“I would severely and sincerely deny your inference…” he replied sternly before the corners of his mouth turned up and there was a brief flash of his tongue between his lips. His eyes dipped deliberately towards my cleavage once again, “But, I may have given you evidence to the contrary… knew I should have done some photo-shopping!”

“Oh and whose face would you have replaced your own with?” I asked feeling my pussy demand attention again as I wondered would some of the photos on the memory chip be far more risqué than I had thought.

“Oh no, would’ve kept my face, just given myself a bigger knob!” he grinned as I burst out laughing. I looked down and raised an eyebrow, he grinned even more in response; “If you wanna find out just get down there and have a look!”

I licked my lips and glanced around us; “Hmmm… very tempting,” I admitted, “very tempting indeed!”

The dance soon ended and as Martin kissed my hand I again had the desire to raise a kilt and bring some satisfaction to my frustrations.


The evening went on and even though I thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention my mind was always waiting (hopefully) for my unknown tormentor to activate the device within my wonderfully, nervous quim. As I danced with numerous men I studied them all; for my sins including the officiating priest who was at least sixty years old and even though the Duo-balls didn’t vibrate the Taboo thought caused even more of my juices to leak out.

After a dance with Fiona I asked her for some help in visiting the rest room; a task in logistics that many brides know well. I watched as her teeth bit down on her bottom lip as she knelt before me in the disabled toilet (trust me, we needed the room!) and she raised my skirts and I heard her gasp as my drenched underwear and sticky thighs came into view. “Is it you?” I accused.

I shivered as I felt her nails ascend the flesh above my stocking tops and hook over the waist of my saturated panties; “Huh?” she responded obviously distracted.

“Stick a finger in my cunt, Fihelping handona; like a dutiful Maid of honour!” I demanded and she obeyed without question.

“Oh my god!” she declared as her slender finger slipped inside and felt the device within me; “You horny bitch…” I was about to reiterate my accusation when I felt her slide the balls around within me and her lips lock onto my previously un-abused clit. My orgasm was instantaneous and exploded through my body as I pressed my hands against the wall to steady myself and grunted between gritted teeth.

The next I knew I was unceremoniously slumped on the toilet as Fiona rose from beneath my skirt. “Fuck Marie!” she declared and I opened my eyes to see her mouth, jaw and the exposed flesh of her chest drenched in my juices and quite a few large splashes staining her dress atop her breasts.

“Was it you?” I asked hoarsely.

She licked her lips, her tongue stretching to gather my juices from around her mouth; shaking her head she replied “Was what me?”

I took a few deep breaths as the last trembles receded back towards my dripping slit; “Did you give me that toy? Something new!” I asked.

She grinned at the question; “No, I… you mean you don’t know where it came from?” her jaw dropping open as she finished.

I shook my head stifling a laugh, “No idea… it wasn’t Alan and by the look on your face I know it wasn’t you…”

She noted my pause and I watched a sculpted eyebrow raise; “What?”

I felt myself blush ironically considering that Fiona was now using her finger to gather my cream from around her mouth. “It comes with a remote… the one Jack asked about after his speech!”

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed before clamping her hand to her mouth, “Oh my fucking god!” she repeated significantly quieter, “he… he pressed that button; twice!”

I nodded, “Oh I know!”

After discussing possible candidates I finally used the facilities for their appropriate use and Fiona, very carefully (!), helped clean me up beneath my skirts before replacing my soiled underwear. It took a few further minutes before both of us was suitable decent and I got a promise from Fiona not to say a word when I promised to reveal whoever was behind it, if I ever found out. We returned to the fray and ran right into Alan.

Fiona grinned and giggled and hurried away before he could say a word, “I was beginning to worry about you,” he said turning back to me.

“With a dress like this it takes serious co-ordination and assistance to accomplish certain tasks. I will be needing a hand with it later!” I answered.

“Oh I’m seriously looking forward to that!” he grinned before looking about to see we were effectively alone, “So?”

I shrugged my shoulders and coyly looked down; “Still in there and still no clue who has the remote!” I declared.

I looked up and saw Alan biting his bottom lip knowing that he had already put two and two together; “Let me get this straight, my new wife was stimulated intimately by my father on my wedding day before I got a chance?”

I knew I had the expression of a rabbit caught in the headlights upon my face before I grinned; “I had no idea you wanted to be stimulated by your father!!! That’s a world of wrong… and illegal to boot!”

Even though he knew I was joking he blushed deeply and made to reply pointing an accusing finger at me as he tried to formulate a response; “Stop twisting my words” he laughed.

I nodded; “Yes… your dad did stimulate me… twice in front of all our family and friends!”

“Christ on a motorbike!” Alan replied shaking his head. “And still no idea who has the remote now?”

I shook my head, “And they haven’t activated it since we danced!”

“She says with a touch of sadness!” he replied grinning, “and of course it never crossed your mind to simply remove it?”

“Oh was that an option?” I answered half-honestly as the thought hadn’t actually occurred to me.

He slipped his arm through mine and led the two of us back out into the main hall; “Such a slut!” he uttered before we were within earshot of anyone.

“And that’s why you love me!” I replied.


I was beginning to think my sweet tormentor had left as it had been over three hours since the Duo-balls had been vibrated. The state of my pussy was still a short distance from orgasm with the natural movement as I danced and walked. I’d begun trying to work out those who’d had to leave early and whether any of them was the guilty party but was still at a loss.

Only a few minutes previously Fiona had helped me once again in the disabled toilets and had cleaned me up as the last events of the night were rapidly approaching. It had been quite exquisite as she had delicately wiped my bald mound and sensitive labia, managing to avoid my aching clit.

“No fair” she kept mumbling from beneath my dress.

“No fair is right” I agreed, “but do you wanna go out there with your face drenched in my juices?”

“That would be a hell of a photo for the album” she admitted.

Shortly after I stood on the stone steps that led into the ornate gardens of the venue as Alan knelt at my feet and raised my dress to my upper thigh. His eyes continually glancing up at me, the aroma emanating from my quim obvious to him as I shuddered; his hands slid their way up my stocking clad thigh and hooked around my garter.

My nails dug hard into his shoulder as both of us heard the buzz from my crotch and I gritted my teeth behind my smile as the sensations escalated rapidly. Cameras and I-phones flashed as I struggled to maintain my composure and my leaking slit clamped down on the vibrating balls. Alan remained still for a moment before whipping down my garter and letting my dress drop before standing and embracing me kissing me deeply. I moaned into his mouth and let him support my weight as the waves of pleasure crashed over me.

“Wow! That was some kiss!” someone called as I stood leaning against Alan on shaky legs and a roar of laughter erupted from the crowd around the foot of the steps.

I caught Fiona’s eyes and saw a quizzical eyebrow and nodded slightly to her gaining a lascivious tongue slip from between her lips and roll around. The single men were ushered together and Alan turned his back to them and glanced at me as he rubbed his thumb and finger over the garter that held a strong fragrance of my quim. “I could always keep it?” he whispered.

I glanced at the group of men, some waiting eagerly and some thoroughly embarrassed. I shook my head, “Aim to the right” I whispered and his hand rose up in the air and I watched the token item of my underwear sail high up and come down to be grabbed by a hand that was an easy six inches higher than the rest.

Alan turned about and grinned as he saw his best friend holding the garter. Martin gave a deep bow and called up “Thank you M’Lady!” the item quickly disappearing into his sporran.

Very rapidly boys were replaced with girls as I prepared to throw my bouquet. Just before turning my back I watched with a grin as Martin scratched his nose and hesitated fractionally before dropping his hand.

Loud squeals of delight and eagerness erupted from behind me and as I turned the melee before me was far more animalistic and aggressive than the contest for my garter. Joy rose up the victor and I noted her first glance was towards Martin who was completely unaware of the attention.

Just a few minutes later after what seemed like hundreds of farewells Alan and I were waving through the back window of our limousine as the crowd behind us diminished in size.


I giggled as Alan carried me over the threshold of our hotel room and then threw me unceremoniously onto the four-poster bed. I scrambled around spreading my legs wide and raised myself on my elbows to look at him standing at the foot of the bed. “So I’ve been wanting to know all night!” I declared.

He looked down at the kilt he was wearing; “Just mine?” he asked.

“Oh no, Martin’s as well but he wouldn’t tell me!” I complained.

Alan grinned, “Let me guess; just get down on your knees and find out?”

I laughed loudly before suggesting “How about some middle ground?” and twisted about on the bad letting my head hang off the edge.

“Ohh… that seems fair!” he agreed and stepped forwards till I could reach the hem of the kilt and lift it. My eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the darkness beneath the folds of heavy fabric before I felt the precum dripping head of my new husband’s cock against my lips. I moaned deeply as I opened my mouth and straightened my throat and urged Alan to slide his shaft all the way in.what lies beneath

I heard him groan deeply as my fingers slipped up and grasped his bare ass, nails digging into his flesh as I encouraged him to fill my mouth. My pussy was already quivering in anticipation before I felt him drag my wedding dress up. I sucked and groaned around his invading shaft, my tongue flat as his glans pushed into my throat with each thrust. A flood of juices ran out of my slit as Alan simply grasped my sodden panties and tore them from my hips exposing my aching, denuded quim. Do it, make me cum you bastard I tried to say around his shaft as it slid in and out.

Alan groaned appreciatively at my efforts to talk as his fingers found my clit and began to roll it around. I gripped his ass hard and pulled him all the way into my throat as the pleasant tortures of the day seem to distil down and focus between the balls twisting within me and Alan’s finger finding the perfect rhythm. I held him there as long as I could as my back lifted high up off the bed; my spine feeling as if it had become one single arched bone and my pussy exploding.

Wave after wave of hot ripples echoed out from my core as my quim clenched down on the hard plastic balls within it and a huge torrent of my juices squeezed out past them. I released my husband’s ass and felt his cock withdraw, collapsing back onto the bed panting heavily as my body trembled and twitched with the major aftershocks following my orgasm.

I was lost to the world as I felt Alan roll me over onto my front and begin to untie the back of my dress. I lay there with no resistance, my arms and legs useless as he gradually stripped me off my wedding dress and I was left in just my stockings, suspenders and corset. Once again I felt the heavy kilt slip over my head and a cock slide against my cheeks as a pair of hands roamed over my body.

“You’re all mine, now” he said above me and I reached up and grabbed the erection before planting a soft kiss on the head.

“What?” I exclaimed loudly as I opened my eyes already knowing that the erection against my lips wasn’t my husbands. Beneath the kilt it was hard to see but the slick glans, covered in salty pre-cum was circumcised unlike Alan’s and then the Duo-balls within me began to buzz and the question that had plagued and pleasured me since my father-in-law had pressed that button was answered.

“You utter bastard, Martin” I said from beneath his kilt and slid my mouth over his cock head earning a deep groan as the bed shifted and I knew my husband was moving to between my legs.

I briefly slipped my mouth from the Best Man’s cock which was a good eight or nine inches long and rolled over onto all fours raising my ass in the air. “Cunt first, dear husband” I ordered and resumed sucking Martin’s slim cock.

“Nag, nag” laughed Alan as I felt the Duo-balls eased from my slit for the first time in over ten hours. I held my breath as his fingers spread my ass cheeks and eased the wonderful toy into my tight rear hole.

I moaned appreciatively around Martin’s cock and a moment later felt Alan slam his own into my dripping cunt pushing my mouth forwards. The balls resumed buzzing and I felt one cock head drive into my cervix as the other thrust into my throat. Several thrusts later and an orgasm slowly building the kilt dropped from around my head and I looked up into Martin’s eyes as he reached down and threaded his fingers through my hair grinning broadly.

“Bastard” I muttered around his invading cock and slipped my hand around his ass and twisted a finger into his puckered hole. He gasped loudly and his cock jerked violently in my mouth rapidly followed by his seed erupting down my throat.

My body began to quake and I continued to suck as hard as I could on my husband’s best friend’s shaft long after his balls had emptied determined to not let it soften. Finger worming in and out of his ass as my other hand cupped his balls and scratched wedding night surpriseat his taint. Even when my own orgasm overtook me I held his cock firmly between my lips. A couple of minutes later and Alan filled my womb triggering another smaller but equally pleasurable orgasm.

Releasing Martin’s cock I pushed backwards, sitting on my husband’s twitching shaft still buried within me. Twisting about I looked down at Alan, “When did you find out?” I demanded.

He squirmed beneath me and I squeezed my pussy deliberately around his softened cock as I picked up the remote lying on the bed and pressed the button. I stifled a moan but Alan groaned loudly as I knew his cock felt the sensations through the thin wall between my holes. “Oh god… just before I talked to you outside the toilet,” he admitted.

“But you suspected when I told you!” I stated and he nodded reticently.

I turned back to Martin standing at the end of the bed, stroking that long cock as he waited patiently. “So, you had your fun!” I stated.

“Indeed I did, not quite as hard for me I imagine as it was for you!” he replied.

I looked down at the exposed glans glistening with my saliva and a fresh yield of pre-cum; “Get in here” I demanded and pointed down to my crotch. He obeyed without the slightest hesitation and I was sure that his member twitched in appreciation before he crawled forward and began to lower his head. I raised myself up, allowing my new husband’s still swollen cock, dripping with my cream and his seed to slip from my abused slit. Martin looked up into my eyes as I squeezed my muscles tightly and aided by a short vibration from the Duo-balls deposited even more of our combined juices onto Alan’s stiffening member.

I was about to reach for Martin’s head but I didn’t need too as he lowered his head and ran his tongue up along his best friend’s length before engulfing the head between his lips. I shifted back and sat unceremoniously on Alan’s face as my eyes remained locked with Martin’s. No depression of the button was necessary as my quim began to tremble and my juices began to flow as I felt his talented tongue slip inside me.

In all our days Alan had been fairly neutral when it came to intimate contact with other men. He wasn’t averse to it but he also wasn’t an enthusiast but as I felt his eagerness to devour my dripping cunt and how his cock had almost instantly hardened as Martin’s tongue had run up along it’s underside I knew there was something more between these two friends. I suddenly remembered the memory stick and was amazed to find it still wedged within my corset and fished it out. Martin’s eyes lit up as he saw it and I knew there were even more answers on it than questions I had thought to ask.

Even though my orgasm was rapidly approaching I lifted myself off Alan’s face and shifted to the side. A major look of disappointment filled his features as I knelt beside him even though his chest was rising and falling rapidly with the blow-job his friend was giving him. I glanced at Martin and even though I hardly knew him he wasbest friends capable of reading my mind and began to twist about till his long shaft was above my husband’s head. Alan hesitated and I knew it wasn’t because he hadn’t sucked this long cock before but simply because I was there; “I love you” I simply stated and he reached up and pulled that slim cock down into his mouth.

Ripples of pleasure rolled around my body as I watched the two men sixty-nine; mimicking each other as they took varying amount of cock into their mouth. Even though they were concentrated on each other they knew, especially Martin, they were also putting on a show. My body shivered and pulsed, goose-bumps erupting all over my body along with a set of rock hard nipples and clit that begged to be touched. A mini orgasm spiralled out from my quim as I eased the Duo-balls from my ass and leaned forward.

Martin groaned loudly and appreciatively as he felt them slip into his puckered hole and then resumed his attention on my husband’s balls before returning to his prick. His head was twisted a fraction to me as he saw me place the memory stick beside me and pick up the remote; even though his mouth was full of Alan’s fat cock I could see him grin. I pulled a pillow across and lent it against one of the posts and settled down with my legs spread wide as I enjoyed the show; my thumb twitching upon the button I had loved all day long.

I could see Alan getting close even with Martin’s fingers clamped hard around the base of his cock and I simply knew that it was time. For the first time in my life I truly felt like a Bond-villain at that moment. I could hear the quiet buzz and Martin thrust his cock deep into my husband’s throat as he arched his back downwards. A second later I heard him cough as Alan’s hips bucked wildly and the two of them filled each other’s mouths with their seed.

The power within my fingers and the view before me triggered my own orgasm and I felt a flood of juices run out and dampen the sheets beneath me. It wasn’t anywhere close to the body-consuming orgasms I had known or even experienced earlier in the day and week but it was simply one of the sweetest as I felt my pussy spasm again and again without any actual physical stimulation.

As the three of us settled and the boys disengaged and crawled towards me I grinned back as I saw the copious amounts of seed within their mouths that they wished to share. “Poor Joy” I said to Martin, “she has no idea what she’s missing!”

Two mouths pressed against mine and two tongues vied to share the salty loads within. When we finally broke and Alan and Martin knelt either side of me; my hands gently stroking their depleted and still partially swollen cocks Alan turned to his friend; “Joy…my niece?” he asked (perhaps with a hint of jealousy).

“Oh the girl wanted him badly” I defended Martin.

“As I told Marie, far too young for me!” he responded.

“And you said that married women were off-limits!” I accused as I squeezed his manhood tightly feeling a small, welcome surge.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I lied!”

I turned to my new husband and squeezed his shaft which was already swelling within my grasp; “And you! You’ve never sucked a cock before… that I’ve seen!”two in the hand

“Didn’t lie… you’ve never asked me straight out and the truth is, I have only ever sucked one cock!” he admitted.

I began to slowly pull on their cocks, “And such a nice cock too, you have good taste dear… now it’s my big day so I want them both inside me,” I licked my lips lustfully; “Decisions, decisions… lets feel that nice long cock in my cunt, Martin… be a dear and fuck me in the ass, Alan!”


Even with mine and Alan’s previous this was the first time I, genuinely, was unable to walk the next day and when I woke up with two rough chins either side of me I decided that this was far better than waking up with one single smooth chin even if it did belong to Fiona!

I grinned at all the positions we had tried through to the early hours as the two men quietly snored either side of me. I pulled the sheet away to note it was Martin’s hand cupping my mound and Alan’s was resting upon his friend’s flaccid cock. I nibbled my lip as I wondered what I should do about the situation…

“Damn, I could get used to married life!” I muttered as I wormed my way down between the two bodies.

The End

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