2016; Can we start again, please?

Well, dear Avid Reader…

I know I have been a poor avid scribbler or at least avid publisher but it has been one of those years or maybe ‘THE’ one of those years! I have been scribbling some but RL keeps getting in the way and also my own prevarication or procrastination isn’t helping. Personally there has been a cloud, albeit a potential cloud in some ways over my head, far worse in some ways than ’94 and yet with only three days to go nothing will probably happen…

…probably, 2016 seems to keep on taking from the very first and possibly to the very last! So many people who have given so much pleasure to others have died and the world does seem a lot poorer for it. We may disagree; I know we will disagree on the quality of some of them as I’m not one just to mourn or feel sorry for the famous just because they are famous as tragedy and sorrow are just as real for the un-famous and without the sympathy of strangers to help. There is also the cynical part of me that in a couple of cases has no feelings whatsoever for the passing of one or two.

Of course we still have the on-going horror of the Human Disease that continues to wage wars that on the whole take their toll on the innocents while people in safety, (hopefully believing they are right as the other option doesn’t bear thinking about) on different sides of the globe fan the flames. Any body count that isn’t quoted down to the single figures is inherently obscene. On top of which we have the ‘morally superior’ using the situations to promote their own agendas primarily through the politics of fear!

I have already talked upon this back when the populace here decided to leave Europe. And now Mr Trump will become Mr President apparently on a ticket of ‘looking after one’s own’. Although with the various statements attributed to him it does seem difficult to ascertain exactly what he is against and what he is for. “The internet will set us free”; I think I have talked about this and more so than ever it scares me that the exact opposite is happening.

I think the quote goes something like “You can fool all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Well, I’m not so sure. The very people who have enabled me to reach every country on the planet at one time or another have enabled those that I fear the very same and as programs and algorithms get ever more complex they can tell Jack all is well while they tell Mohammed the sky is falling.

And there’s the root of my problem with Brexit and the Presidential election and a few other things beside is that it all seemed to be a race as to who could get their lie out there first; by the time it is revealed to be such a 1000, 10,000, a million have seen it and we still have such faith in the printed, even pixelated word that we believe!

Finally I guess this atheist’s prayer is that 2017 can’t be any worse…


~ by ftfagos on December 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “2016; Can we start again, please?”

  1. Find comfort in the fact that you are not alone with these thoughts.
    I’m not sure there is a solution other than to acknowledge that change happens, and the world will continue to spin on its Darwinian axis.

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