What I’ve been up to…

So… some of you already know but in recent months I have been polishing my…novel! The Tales of O’Neill have been published. Those self same also know that it is based on the short story within these pages called Curiosity which turned out to have a life of its own… at least within my mind. If anyone cares for a taster feel free to read it, no real spoilers and it became the ninth chapter within the book with a little tweak or two. I couldn’t not include it!

So, if you like you can find the kindle version here…full-cover-a

Or the book version here…..

As ever I do hope Dear Avid (hopefully) Reader that you enjoy my full length novel on the life of my reluctant vampire O’Neill as much as I enjoyed writing about him. Though the editing and the publishing, not so much.


Oh and if you’re curious about the Restricted Files, well they include a few bonus stories from within O’Neill’s world for those that have read the above…


~ by ftfagos on February 6, 2017.

3 Responses to “What I’ve been up to…”

  1. Congratulations my dearest kinky friend.
    Lots of love…

  2. Congratulations! Just bought it.
    Out of curiosity… which is better value for you – Kindle version or paperback?

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