Too Damn Hot…

Well, Dear Avid Reader…

Although quite a lot of my attention was being diverted to my recent publication there was still a bit of my mind that continued to dwell in other corners. Here’s a little consideration of things meteorological! As ever I hope you enjoy and maybe, just maybe work up a little … sweat(?).






Each time a blade of the ceiling fan sweeps in our direction I feel the tiniest breaths of air across my flesh.

It’s just not enough; I let my eyes follow a single blade around its tiny orbit and then I try to fix my gaze at a point on the cracked ceiling within its arc. The microscopic respite I feel as the hot air shifts over my sweat soaked flesh is just enough for my nerves to register how unbearably hot it is in between the beats of the blades above.

“Fuck” I whisper unable to believe that Jolie lying beside me can sleep at all. I roll my head and look at the dark skinned body beside me and feel the usual stir within my loins. The air from within my lungs feels like it’s rising from an oven as opposed to the oxygen I’m inhaling from a furnace. I allow my gaze to roam over her form. She shifts fractionally, a murmur escaping her lips as if she can feel the weight and heat of my eyes upon her. I bite my lip as I see the almost black nipple atop her slowly rising and falling chest and a simple autonomic response prevails and a little extra blood gets diverted within me.

“Too hot…” I mutter to myself but my flaccid cock swells and unfurls a fraction as my eyes focus on a point, just millimetres from my lover’s soft nipple as a tiny bead of sweat begins to form. The light of the half-moon reflects of the tiny droplet as the light streams through the open window, the curtains rippling a fraction with just the hint of a breeze from off the Caribbean Sea and I lick my lips, imagining the saltiness of that tiny pearl of sweat upon the tip of my tongue.

The thought of the taste alone within my mind is enough for my cock to stop ‘wondering’ about the idea and to start swelling with a determination that has it actually aching before it is even half erect. I turn onto my side, shifting down on the cotton sheet to stare closer at Jolie’s breast. Satellite beads are forming around the first as it grows and swells; the weight of the secreted fluid starting to warp as gravity fights against the attraction to her flesh. I feel my own nipples harden in sympathy as she mutters quietly in her sleep and I tentatively reach out with a finger; aware of the heat from her dark flesh even though I’m not touching it.too-damn-hot

The spell breaks/is cast as the droplet runs down over the curve of her rising and falling bosom following the path of least resistance and picking up a few of the satellite beads on the way, causing it to swell and roll down her obsidian flesh faster. I have to move my finger fractionally as its path meanders and I feel it connect with the tip of my finger. I bite my lip as I feel my own secretions; on my flesh and from the eye of my fully hardened cock. Goose-bumps briefly erupt down my side in a vain attempt to counter the hot humid atmosphere and I brush my finger across my lips savouring her perspiration.

I drop my hand down between us as delicately as I removed the drop of sweat from my lover’s body, lifting the heavy pearl of my pre-cum from the eye of my cock. I grin at the ‘independent’ frustration of my erection as my finger moves away and my hand, startlingly pale against her almost night-dark flesh in the cold light of the moon, moves up Jolie’s body following her curves within a fraction of an inch forbidding myself any direct contact. My eyes glance upwards as she shifts slightly and I see her pupils shifting beneath their lids and her tongue briefly appear moistening her lips. For a second I’m tempted to transfer my body’s saltiness to her lips but I resist and return my attention to her chest.

I hold my hand above her, the finger with the heavy translucent pearl of my precum hanging downwards; just above her soft nipple. I watch as it rises and falls as she inhales and exhales and each time I lower my hand a fraction like some strange and non-fatal sword of Damocles. My cock throbs, demanding attention and offers a second droplet as if in bribery but for this moment in time it has no chance as the gap steadily shrinks. My heart thuds loudly in my chest as Jolie takes a deeper breath and contact is made.

It appears that my pre-cum likes my lover’s flesh more than my own as almost all of it transfers to her. A thin thread links the two and stretches as I lift my hand up. I stifle a moan as I watch fascinated as my lover’s nipple grows; swelling rapidly seemingly drawn by this one fragile filament of cohesive fluid. Even though it was exactly what I hoped for, the result causes a massive jump in my temptation and desire as always; every single time I’ve tried and largely failed to resist my Jolie’s hard, long nipples.

I start to lean forward and my lover grumbling under her breath turns away from me onto her side. She shifts for some moments; her subconscious maybe demanding a more comfortable or less-hot position, as one hand slips from beneath her and lies parallel to her back as one leg stretches down and the other bends upwards. My own chest rises and falls as I inhale deeply knowing that any aspect of my lover’s body is a source of desire to me and I spend a few moments just gazing up and down her body. From the paler skin beneath her feet, up her legs, over that wonderful ass, dipping down to her waist and up her spine to her braided hair, sprawling across the pillow covering her face.

Briefly I lick the remains of my seed from the tip of my finger and ignore the demands of my insistent member to simply ‘fuck her’. I look down and see her hand open between us and shift forward a fraction and gently lay my hard shaft into the palm of her hand. Her fingers close a fraction but then still as I return my attention to her body. Gently I reach up and one by one shift the heavy braids to reveal her slender neck. Another mutter escapes from her lips and her hand flexes before relaxing beneath my erection.

… “Too damn hot!” she had said when we had crawled into bed and at the time my own libido had been in agreement but that was then and this was now. For the past week our love-making had always been in the morning when it was significantly cooler. As the days had passed the mercury had risen higher and even the locals were showing signs of lethargy with the near 100% humidity. This poor boy from the Emerald Isle had availed himself of every patch of shade and every available body of water at every chance.

Jolie’s own genetic make-up meant that at least she could find some sleep even if it sleeping-joliewasn’t the deep and total sleep she got cocooned beneath a high-tog duvet back in our flat in the winter time. The hot nights were where I suffered; tossing and turning and only getting brief snatches of REM and yet this last week had been on an entirely new level. Tonight had been following the same path till that tiny drop of sweat had formed on my lover’s nipple and ‘little-brain’ had begged/demanded attention. I took my time and examined every square inch of my lover’s body before me. Although tonight the devil upon my shoulder was in full agreement with my aching cock and it wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer!

I reach down, opening my hand flat and gradually draw it over my lover’s ass, just a few millimetres from her flesh, able to feel the heat rising from her body and yet not touching it. I’d done this many times when sleep denied me and I wondered if Jolie had any idea how many times I had resisted disturbing her and eventually taken myself in hand, often beside the bed looking at the curves beneath a heavy duvet; just the mop of hair peeking out. I knew with her naked beside me, (no longer a thought in the back of my mind) that no matter how hot it was (maybe because it was so hot) it wasn’t going to end like that tonight!

Staring closely at her flesh I could see the tiny hairs that covered her flesh struggling to rise as my hand passed over; the grip of that fine sheen of sweat refusing to relinquish its grip. The pitiful breeze from the fan above failed dismally to cool either of us though that minute draft running across my own flesh and particularly around my crotch was exquisite. My lover mumbles as my hand again resumes its journey down her body following the contours as close as I dare. My cock throbs, twitching upon Jolie’s hand, begging, for me to take it in my own hand or slide it against her sleeping form.

My teeth press into my lower lip as I feel a heavy dew drop of my precum seeping from the eye of my hard aching cock. I let my hand drift over the semi-sphere of her gorgeous right cheek and down to my rock hard member. I draw in a deep breath as it twitches against my hand pressing it against my lover’s, whose fingers flex in response. I shift fractionally closer pulling back on my foreskin revealing my sensitive, slick glans. Staring down between us I draw it up off her palm knowing that I leave behind a tell-tale smear and raise it across the curve of her cheek and into the valley of her ass.

“Oh god” I whisper and an indiscernible mutter escapes from my lover’s lips in response as I slowly draw my cock downwards, my eyes riveted to the shimmering trail I leave behind. My chest deflates as I slowly release my breath and let my aching cock head nestle between the tops of her thighs wondering, hoping that the extra slickness I can feel is from her pussy and not just my own imagination. A further mumble escapes her lips as I lay still wondering if she will wake.

My heart beats heavily in my chest and apart from the wildlife outside the window and the regular ‘frup’ of the fan all else remains silent. Carefully I ease myself up on my left elbow and look down at my lover; both arms bent up in front of her face, hands together almost as if in prayer. I let my eyes roam across her naked form seeing the bottom curve of her breast beneath her upper arm. Carefully I slide my hand over her, the flat of my palm once again bare millimetres from her flesh and draw it up over her stomach.

Consciously I twitch my member as it rests just beneath her ass; the heat of the night and the heat of her flesh feeling even hotter as I reach the swell of her dark skinned breast. Jolie mutters again and shifts before me; a small twist of her right leg squeezes my glans more and her right arm slides upwards obligingly exposing the full beauty of her bosom to my view. “Yes” I breathe as I cup my hand and cover her breast feeling her nipple beneath my palm, soft at first and then slowly growing till it presses firmer and then hardening completely.

It takes all my self-control, (which I know is quickly eroding) not to simply catch it between my fingers and squeeze and twist and pull upon it. Her chest rises and falls quicker causing the little nub of flesh to slide across my calloused flesh and again she shifts her legs and stirs; this time her thighs opening and releasing my glans from their pleasurable grasp. I ease my hips forward a fraction, my cock head sliding upwards and feeling the shallow cleft of her quim against it.

Jolie releases a soft sigh and for the first time I’m sure that I can sense dampness from her slit that isn’t to do with the heat or humidity of the atmosphere. Very carefully I shift my hips forward the tiniest fraction of an inch, briefly closing my eyes as I savour the intimate detail of her slit against my painfully throbbing glans. In my mind all there is to see is the dark flesh of her mound slowly shifting and the slick, red flesh within spreading as her quim opens and my slippery glans nestles against it.

Her erect nipple presses harder against my palm as she inhales deeply, my hand cupping her full breast and an indecipherable mutter escaping from her mouth. Her outer lips peel apart even more and it takes all my self-control not to thrust my hips upwards as I feel the upper side of my glans snuggling into the wetness and heat of her vulva. I grind my teeth as my shaft twitches pushing firmer into Jolie’s quim and my fingers press softly into the flesh of her bosom.

I barely stifle a gasp as Jolie shifts her hips back towards me and her hot, wet folds engulf my cock head completely. A long low murmur rises from my lover’s mouth as I taste the ferrous, coppery hint of my own blood as my own teeth dig into the flesh of lips. My body shudders, my hand twitching upon her breast and then I can’t believe and yet dwell completely in the sensation as my cock erupts flooding the entrance to my lover’s pussy with my seed.

“Ahhh… god” I whisper as I feel each individual jet of my ejaculate drive between the walls of Jolie’s semi-dilated pussy. My body shakes as my mind imagines my teenage self all those years ago, ‘a walking gland’ able to get hard and jack off within minutes just imagining the sensations I was surrendering to at this very moment.

Finally I feel my balls quiver and the last of my semen ooze from my cock’s eye and even though there is a colour of guilt to my thoughts at having simply used my girlfriend as a receptacle to my lusts I can feel the warm blanket of sleep washing up from whatever biological imperative is hardwired into my limbic system.

My eyelids shoot open as I feel Jolie’s pussy squeezing my glans, pulling my spent seed deeper inside her.

“If you think you’re gonna roll over and go to sleep, you got another think coming… shit for brains!” she whispers.

“I…I…I” I stuttered.

“Yes, you fucking did” she replied, “Now get down and clean up your mess…and if you’re really good… Wait…” she rolls her hips twisting my glans within her folds; “let me rephrase that! You get me off good and proper, then that cock better be nice and hard again and this time you deliver your spunk into my womb… after I’m satisfied and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you near me again before we’re due to go home!”

I look at the dark shape before me twist about and watch as her arms raise and feel her fingernails dig into my scalp and push my head down over her breasts and past her stomach. My hand slipped under her thighs as I slide between her thighs. “Not my fault” I excuse myself, “You’re fault completely!” I state as I feel her nails dig harder into my scalp and I willingly form my lips over her mound, thrusting my tongues between her folds tasting her sweetness and the saltiness of my seed and our sweat…

“Yeah, yeah” she replies and I can hear the smile upon her lips, “Just suck that cunt clean like a good boy!”

I close my eyes and surrender all my senses to the task before me. A little smile plays about my lips as finally, even though the two of us are drenched in sweat, the night seems cooler now; or maybe it’s just not as hot as the sweet and salty pussy squeezing down on my tongue…


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