What Friends are for!

Hello again, Dear Avid Reader,

Once upon a time there was an erotic site named Lush who would frequently hold story competitions and as oft as not I would already have penned (okay, typed) a tome that met the criteria required. This effort however was crafted the other way around and was to be about pushing the limits of the protagonist beyond their normal desires and sexual limits. Well, i doubt I won but as ever i do hope you enjoy!



I couldn’t believe myself!

But, my heart was pounding loudly in my chest as I surrendered myself to this stranger in a dank, dirty alley and a lustful almost maniacal smile spread across my lips. I felt it start and begin to spread from within my belly as this strangers cock shoved roughly up into my soaking slit. A moan slipped from my lips, getting louder as the first hint of my orgasm grew and grew. The rough brick rubbed against my back, my thin dress barely registering as this ‘man with no name’ drove faster up inside me.

His hand shot up clamping over my mouth as my groans grew and echoed down the alley towards the front of the club where we had just met barely twenty minutes earlier. His own moan escaped from him as my pussy shrunk and clenched tightly around his invading manhood and if it hadn’t had been for his hand I knew he at least would have heard the giggle mix with my moan as I thought about my disappointment when I had been on my knees moments before and had unveiled his cock.

Size doesn’t always matter I thought; he’d been so happy when I had taken all of his meagre five inches (if I was generous) and slim shaft into my mouth. Even as I closed my eyes and the pulsing warmth of my orgasm quickly approached I remembered his comment, “Damn girl, I love being deep throated!”; my own sarcastic thoughts had been simply that was a talent I had never mastered and still wasn’t doing this night. A nervous, almost uncontrollable laughter was spreading through my mind but then the pure, animalistic, irresistible need for pleasure won.

I screamed against his hand and felt my cervix dip down within me even though there was no chance he would feel the sensation within me. Stars exploded behind my eyelid and my hands turned into claws as I gripped the shoulders of his leather jacket and ground my squirting quim hard down against his hips.


I half-walked, half-danced through the throng on the dance floor heading to the corner of the club where I had last seen my best friend Chloe. Equal parts of satisfaction, shame, lust and guilt vied for superiority within my head as I wondered at what I had just done. What I had done, wilfully, greedily after seven years of faithful marriage. It had possibly been the best fuck and one of the most intense orgasms of my life and had absolutely nothing to do with the abilities of the man involved, let alone the size of his equipment.

A nervous smile etched itself on my mouth as I felt my pussy, hot and soaking and tingling behind my soaked underwear clench and squeeze out a little more of my own juices and whatever the stranger had deposited within. The smile remained as I slid behind the high table where Chloe, I and our two friends had been drinking. For a moment I lifted the half-full glass of Pernod and lemonade I had been drinking before placing it back down as the last sensible part of my brain suggested that there was a chance it had been tampered with.

I shook my head and laughed unheard beneath the heavy beat of the bass speakers a dozen yards away. “Maybe you were already spiked?” I accused the glass “maybe you’re to blame!” I lifted the glass and downed the remainder of the drink knowing that whatever had happened was entirely down to my own desire and needs and that all that had happened was that the stranger had been in the right place at the right time.

I looked up and saw Chloe, Marie and Ness dancing over to the left, three or four predators circling them; I could imagine David Attenborough’s narration as he described the wolves looking for the weak one in the pack or trying to separate one from the group. Still the smile played on my lips as it seemed on this night I was the spoils of the hunt and I had been caught coming back from the toilets… the water closet rather than the watering hole.

Guilt and shame reared their heads as I rolled my shoulders aware that there were scratches upon my back from the brick wall I had been fucked against and that my bare knees were possibly dirty from kneeling in the alley as I had sucked greedily on the man’s below-average cock, possibly with the hope that I could indeed increase its length and girth. Still a smile played about my lips as I admitted to myself it was the ‘forbidden fruit’ itself that had made me ‘cum’ so hard. Once again I felt my heart pound within my chest as I knew that sooner or later I would again cheat on my husband.

Jack; a wonderful, caring husband, a good father… an above average lover with an above average cock; most women’s dream! Even after two children and a vagina that had suffered in the process of childbirth, Jack’s cock had enough girth on it and almost eight inches in length that when he drove it inside me I got that wonderful feeling of ‘fullness’! I nibbled on my bottom lip as I thanked the God’s I didn’t believe in (even if I had sworn by them in a church seven years previously) that my husband’s tongue and mouth and enthusiasm when he buried his head between my thighs was the best I’d ever had.

Still. In spite of it all, the fuck I’d just experienced, and there was no other word for it; this taboo was my crack cocaine. Maybe it wouldn’t be next week, or next month, or even this year; but I knew in my heart that I would cheat on my man again. And again!

I looked up and my eyes found Chloe’s as she span about and grinned at me, beckoning me back onto the dance floor. I knew for an instant that my guilt was written all over my face and I saw the puzzlement in her eyes before I put on a poker-face and smiled apologetically and rubbed my stomach. She held the briefest of questions in her steel blue eyes before nodding and returning her attention to teasing the tall Latino to her right while keeping out of reach of his curious hands.

Chloe! Divorced, no kids, my best friend; a gorgeous 32 year old who had no reason to hold back and was the complete symbol of my guilt as the strobe lights flashed across her tight yellow, mid-thigh dress. Chloe, my husband’s sister!


“Allie… Allie?”

I struggled to open my eyes, for a few moments I was lost; even alien within my body, sharp lines of sensitivity etched on my shoulder blades and a deep, pervasive heat within my belly. A voice called me from the distance, insistent and caring all at once.

“Allie” Chloe repeated, “Your stop girl… damn you’ve been a lightweight tonight!”

I forced open my eyes and realised I was sat in the back of Chloe’s car with my friend twisted in her seat looking back at me grinning. I grunted in response and offered a weak smile before looking out the side window to see my home up the short driveway. My home where my loving husband and two children were; I glanced across to our bedroom and could see a faint light seeping around the heavy drapes and knew that Jack had left my bedside light on for me.

I chewed on my bottom lip as the full realisation of my actions and the evidence that was undoubtedly apparent about my person rose in my mind. “No, I’m just fine girl, just needed a power nap was all!” I answered Chloe as the heat within my belly receded and was replaced with a guilty nausea.

“Well, it’s three in the A.M. and your chauffeur has delivered you back to the warm embrace of your family… my last and final stop, out you get girl!” she replied still grinning.

Jack would be sleeping, but I knew it would be a light sleep and that he would probably wake as soon as I entered the bedroom if not when he heard my key in the lock. I thought about my feelings earlier in the evening before my moral lapse, feelings about the end of the night when I’d slip into bed and my husband would wrap his arms about me and often as not I would feel his cock, swollen and then rapidly swelling against my ass as he would bury his head into my hair. These monthly outings with his sister were often marked with a warm wet feeling between my thighs throughout the night in expectation of my return home.

“Oh come on, Chloe… Miss designated driver… you sure you don’t fancy some alcohol?” I asked turning back to face her. The puzzled expression I had seen earlier flashed across her brow, “Seriously, I’m buzzing again, let’s head to yours and crack a bottle of wine?”

“Really, you sure?” she asked, her eyes glancing to my house and along the front to my bedroom in particular, “Won’t Jack be worried… waiting like?”

“Waiting? Nah, he’s snoring like a foghorn by now… come on girl, Tequila; you know that’s a bad idea!” I replied raising a mischievous eyebrow.

“Tequila?” she echoed turning back to face me, “Shit girl… you know that’s such a BAD idea!”

“On James and don’t spare the horses” I ordered as she turned back to the steering wheel catching a wicked glint in her eyes as she caught mine in the rear view mirror. I looked at my bedroom window and my pussy ached a little in disappointment as Jack’s cock sailed past as we headed the mile and a half to Chloe’s flat down at the marina.


After dropping my coat over the back of the couch I dropped down into it and looked out through the sliding doors of the balcony at the city lights across the marina. I texted Jack to let him know where I was and that it was unlikely  that I would be home tonight as I wondered where the stranger was who had fucked me an hour or so earlier was and if he now resided somewhere within the field of my vision. I squirmed a little on the seat as my senses concentrated on my stained and soaked lace panties adhered to my mound.

“Penny for your thoughts?” asked Chloe as she returned from the kitchen carrying a bottle of Jose Cuervo, a pair of shot glasses, a knife and chopping board as well as a whole lemon and a salt cellar.

I grinned and for a moment as I imagined telling her I was thinking about some unknown man’s semen seeping from my pussy. “A lemon?” I asked instead.

“Needs must, fresh outta limes!” she smiled back as she pulled up an armchair and sat down across the coffee table from me. I drew my eyes from the view as she shifted forward to the edge of her seat, hitching up the hem of her dress and spreading her legs in order to lean forward closer to the table and began slicing the table.

I laughed quietly as Chloe’s stance reminded me of the way most men sit, my eyes even dropped between her thighs to check for a bulge that I knew wasn’t there and saw the yellow triangle of her thong. “What now?” she asked without looking up.

I moved to the edge of the couch, making sure to keep my thighs tightly closed, utterly aware of the shortness of my dress and the state of my own underwear. “Well, pilgrim, you sit there like the Duke himself!” I replied with a poor imitation of John Wayne’s drawl.

Chloe looked down at her splayed legs and then up at me as I cracked the bottle of Tequila and poured out two shots; “I guess I do, little lady, but needs must after all.”

After two shots each Chloe rose and headed to the small kitchen to return with a four more shot glasses; the two of us shook our heads at each other at this further ‘bad’ idea but proceeded to line up the glasses, slices of lemon and tiny piles of salt on the table between us.

The two of us held up our first glasses and looked towards each other; “To bad ideas!” we said simultaneously and proceeded to knock back the shots. Both of us fell back laughing as we finished our third shots, salt and lemon. Slowly my laughter subsided and I was vaguely aware that Chloe was already silent; totally silent some part of my brain told me and the paranoia within me quickly caused my own merriment to subside.

I opened my eyes and drew my them down from the ceiling above to see my best friend with an expression on her face I struggled to decipher although I had no doubt exactly where her eyes were focused. My legs quivered as I realised they had spread apart as I collapsed back on the couch and with the shortness of my dress I knew that my panties were completely exposed. Stains and all!

“Was it good?” she simply asked.

“I… I…err…” I stammered in reply.

I watched as it took some effort on Chloe’s part to drag her eyes up to meet mine. “Allie; I was already pretty sure what you were up to earlier,” she stated tilting her head to one side and letting her eyes slowly drop back down my sprawled form; “You were gone far too long in the club, I was almost about to organise search parties. When you returned you had that look of the cat that had got the Dairy Plant let alone the cream. For fucks sake you could have done a far better job of cleaning your knees although only when we arrived back here did I see the tear to the back of your dress.”

I dropped my eyes to my lap and guiltily closed my thighs together, my hands gripping the hem of my dress and stretching it down far beyond its fundamental design. I struggled to take in air as I felt my cheeks burn with a complete blush of guilt; possibly aided by the rapid consumption of Tequila. “I’m sorry” I whispered.

“Not sure why you’re sorry… the real giveaway of course before I saw the state of your panties was you not going home to fuck Jack brains out as you normally do!” she replied as a matter of fact.

My eyes shot up to stare at Chloe’s face, her gaze still focused on the hem of my dress as she nibbled at her lip; “I… wh… what do you mean?”

“Oh come on girl, we’re all aware of ‘Miss-Gagging-For-It’ every month; last year we ran a book on how long it would take you to herd the four of us into the car when we took to stalling!” Chloe laughed loudly and flopped back into her armchair; her eyes now focused on mine and quite deliberately lifted up one bare foot placing it on the edge of the coffee table. Her knee swayed left and right, all the while leaving her bright thong in view; a smirk flashed about her lips as my eyes flicked down briefly. “I’ve always enjoyed watching you squirm and fidget in the car; seeing your impatience and smile grow the closer we got to your house!”

Chloe’s tongue slipped from between her lips, sliding from side to side and back again till they shone. I opened and closed my mouth, trying to find words and totally unsure of the side of my sister-in-law and best friend I was seeing. If she thought that I looked like the cat that had got the Dairy Plant she looked like the cat that had its paw on the mouse’s tail.

“Yes… always been quite the vicarious pleasure knowing that your pussy was getting wetter and wetter the slower I drove each time…. A real appetizer for the main course I suppose?” she breathed raising her eyebrow as she let her knee fall fully to the side. My eyes dropped once again, with her dress pulled across the gusset of her thong was totally exposed; a dark streak bisected her mound, following the obvious contours of her slit.

I stared at her obvious dampness and stammered “M… m… main course?”

“Ohh yesss… each time I drive… well let’s say it always takes me at least an hour to get home… after I drop you off. Of course by which time my thongs are usually soaked, sometimes even ripped!” she answered as her hand dropped and a bright red fingernail slid up the edge of her dampening crotch.

“I… I don’t understand” I lied to Chloe and myself.

She laughed quietly; a mocking laugh that signposted how little she believed me, “Ohh Allie… let me explain” she answered as that fingernail slid across to the wet line on her underwear and dragged slowly upwards. The dark damp patch spread in response and her chest rose and fell, hard nipples straining through her dress as she breathed deeply, “I sneak up to your window and spy on you… on hot summer nights like tonight I can also listen as you suck, fuck or… get licked.” Her voice dropped to almost a whisper on the last word and she writhed in the chair as that red-painted nail traced tiny circles atop, what I had no doubt was a rock hard clit.

I shook my head but my eyes never left my best friends crotch as I struggled to find words; after a number of seconds I answered “I think I should leave… yeah… I should go…”

Chloe’s fingernail pressed hard into the sodden material and her labia parted causing the stained fabric to slide within exposing the outer edges of a closely trimmed bush. “Ohh you could,” she panted, her eyes starting to glaze over “there’s nothing keeping…mmm… you here… but where… fuck!” again the last word was almost silent as her finger slid lower and pushed her thong fully between her pussy lips, disappearing inside her granting me a view of her soaking quim as if she had no underwear on at all. She shook and trembled as I heard the faintest of rips from between her thighs; after twenty of thirty seconds, her twisting finger fully inside her she stilled and relaxed and her eyes once again focused.

“Mmmm… yes, nothing keeping you here, Allie… but where will you go? Home? With your torn dress… dirty knees and let’s not forget your cunt full of another man’s cum! What will my dear brother think of that?” she grinned with full knowledge of my predicament.

“I… I… don’t understand…” I was willing my legs to move but in that moment I knew what the rabbit frozen in the oncoming headlights felt like. “This is wrong” I breathed and shook myself physically, “What are you doing Chloe… watching your brother and me… it’s wrong!”

She shook her head and eased her finger from her wet slit lifting it up to her mouth and licked her juices slowly from it. When she was satisfied, which I was sure was only when I started to fidget at the sight before me; the sight I couldn’t drag my stare from did she answer. “Oh poor sweet naïve Allie… I was never watching Jack, he was just… what’s the word… yes, incidental! What is it, sixteen years and for all that time I’ve wondered, dreamt about what that sweet little cunt of yours tastes like!”

“Ohh my god!” I said sharply, “Chloe!”

A switch seemed to flick in my friend and she leant forward and leant across the table knocking an empty shot glass onto the carpet which didn’t even register in her eyes as she closed the distance between us. I pressed myself back into the couch recoiling from the predatory, ‘unknown’ person before me. “Your choice, dear Allie” she stated, “You can open those long legs of yours and let me drink my fill… clean up the evidence” she grinned, “borrow… have a dress and fresh underwear, get all cleaned up, stay the night and see your beloved husband and kids tomorrow… hell if you want, I’ll take the kids to the seaside and give you all day to get royally fucked by Jack… or you can go home… now!”

“B… b… but… but I’m not gay” I stammered.

An electric shock ran through my body as Chloe’s hands reached my knees as she knelt fully on the coffee table; those red painted nails scratching my flesh seemed to paralyse every muscle in my body. “Strictly speaking the technical term is bisexual and I don’t care… I won’t tell on you my unfaithful sister-in-law; but I don’t have to help you cover up your cheating either!”

A tremble ran up my legs as I felt her nails scratch insistently at my flesh, her right fingers damp against my skin from her pussy juices and saliva. I forced myself to shake my head, “I can’t… please… don’t” I begged as my heart pounded loudly in my chest and my pussy quivered betraying my conscious mind.

“Oh I CAN!” she said deliberately and I felt her hands strain against my knees to push them apart, “or you can go.”

I kept shaking my head, my eyes remaining fixed on my friends that were filled with an unadulterated animal lust. I could feel my traitorous quim leaking; knowing it was staining the ruined underwear again that had finally betrayed me to this stranger, my best friend who wasn’t the person I knew, a person I trusted. The ‘sister’ I never had; a ‘sister’ that now wanted (had always wanted) to bury her face in my dampening slit that was diluting the seed of a complete stranger from an hour or so before.

“I can’t… I can’t…” I whispered, “… go home…”

“I know” she answered without a trace of sympathy as I turned my face away and reluctantly relaxed my thighs as her hand spread my legs wide apart pressing them back against the edge of the couch.

I felt tears run down my cheeks as Chloe’s nails raked up along the insides of my thighs and then I jumped, inadvertently shoving my crotch against the mouth that had covered my mound. I gritted my teeth together as my pussy trembled and quivered in autonomic response; my entire body betraying me as my nipples hardened and ached and begged for me to grab them, pinch them, and twist them. My own hands balled up into fists by my sides as my soiled panties were torn away and Chloe’s tongue plunged into my wet hole.

She was ravenous; a starving woman who had been lost in the desert and had dived into first oasis she had found. Her hands slipped beneath my ass, those nails digging deep into my flesh as she pulled me forward to the very edge of the couch and that tongue, delving, twisting and searching for every drop of my juices as they started flow against the wishes of my brain. I jerked and shuddered as I felt her teeth rub back and forth over my turncoat clit that throbbed and sent sparks echoing outwards through my frame. I’m not going to cum… I’m not going to cum I preached silently to myself within the last, quickly shrinking part of my rational mind.

Chloe moaned between my thighs and I opened my eyes a fraction, casting a furtive sideways look at her ass raised up in the air as she knelt on the coffee table; her hips were twitching and writhing and I knew that her own juices were running down the insides of her thighs. My eyes slammed shut as my tongue had slipped through my teeth and had licked my lips as the wonder of what my best friend and sister-in-law tasted like had wormed into my thoughts. “Nooo…” I whispered and I felt the woman between my legs hesitate for a fraction of a second and knew that she had heard me.

She mumbled incoherently in to my dripping quim and that tongue drove in and out faster and incredibly deeper as her fingers dug deep into the flesh of my ass, pulling and squeezing my cheeks. Sharp points of pain and pleasure shot out from the points of her fingernails and my body started to tremble, heat radiating from my quim as the rhythmic pulsing began deep inside and the last coherent though fled my mind.

I screamed loudly as my juices flooded out like never before and my best friend drank them down greedily. Images of the stranger fucking me in the alley mixed with Jack taking me from behind as I bucked and jerked against Chloe’s face. I was vaguely aware of a muffled laugh of triumph from between my legs as my orgasm overtook me completely.

It was some moments, maybe just seconds, maybe a minute, maybe more before anything other than the sensory input from my tongue-fucked pussy inveigled itself back into my brain. I opened my eyes to become aware that one of my hands was now threaded through Chloe’s hair holding her tight against my crotch and the other was grasping my left breast through my dress and bra. A grin slipped across my lips as I felt self-inflicted scratches on the tender flesh around my bullet-hard nipple.

Tiny shudders haphazardly radiated from my core as I let my hands drop down as Chloe softly and delicately lapped and teased my outer lips and clit. I looked down to see her looking up at me, her eyes soft and grateful. Her hands slipped from beneath me and she placed a single gentle kiss onto my clit; I twitched in response as a tiny, wonderful, torturous spark lit up my nerves. “Tell me Allie… tell me truthfully, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked as she revealed her shiny, smeared face with smeared lipstick and running mascara from between my legs.

I bit my lip and shook my head the barest fraction unable to deny the fact.

Chloe knelt upright on the table, her knees sliding apart nudging another shot glass onto the floor as she grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up and off her head to leave her in just her matching yellow bra and thoroughly soaked thong still bisecting her quim. I seemed to have no will left at all as my eyes wandered over her small frame taking in the details; details that I had been aware of for years including the belly-button piercing, the small pink, crescent shaped birthmark on her right hip and the small black, rose tattoo opposite it.

Her eyes never left mine as she reached behind and unclipped her bra throwing it to the side and then cupping and massaging her b-cup breasts. My eyes dropped down as I resisted the urge to lick my lips as I studied her quim; the short neatly trimmed bush was matted to her skin and shiny trails of her juices were streaked down her thighs. I let out a little gasp as I saw her secretions had formed a small pool on the table beside her left knee.

She looked down and grinned, “I can get a bit messy… though even this is quite something as I’ve barely touched myself.” She reached down and dragged a pair of fingers through the viscous fluid as then held them up to study. “Tell me, Allie, do you like the taste of your own cunt juice?” she asked, a hint of the earlier determination returning to her voice.

I looked at her fingers nervously, “I thought…” I replied my voice trailing off as my eyes went to her and saw that earlier animal lust return.

“You thought, did you? Thought that eating out your cunt, wonderful as it was, was enough?” she asked with a level voice as she rose up to stand on the table.

I nodded dumbly in reply as I watched her hook her fingers into her underwear and draw them down, the crotch reluctant to slip from her soaking pussy till it sprang out and she dropped them to the table and stepped out of them.

“You can leave anytime you want, anytime at all” she grinned as she stepped from the table to stand between my still splayed feet. “You can go home… blame it all on me now; those scratches I carved into your ass could only belong to a woman…” she looked up to the right as she pondered the thought. “I suppose some transsexual or cross-dresser perhaps but I’m sure my brother will get off on a woman using you for her own personal gratification… he might even get off even more knowing his sister sucked that lovely wet cunt of yours and at the end I have the scratches on my scalp to prove just how much you loved it!”

I gulped loudly and felt my dripping pussy twitch as I imagined my husband’s reaction, completely unsure what it would be but in my mind’s eye I imagined his thick cock harder than I had ever known and rope after rope after rope of his seed spraying my pussy, breasts and face as he wanked off above me listening to tales of his sister’s talented tongue.

“So, dear ‘sis’; wanna see just how much of a dyke you can be?” she asked as she stepped up onto the couch and brought her sweet smelling sex level with my face.

I looked up past her heaving chest into those hard eyes as I felt her fingers slide through my hair, those red nails scratching, softly insistent at my scalp and knew all of my resistance was gone. She saw it in my eyes as she gently lowered her crotch down onto my willing tongue.

“Ohhh yesss… you’re mine now!” she moaned as my tongue slipped into her hot wet folds and I had my first taste of another woman’s pussy. “You’re so gonna love this… mmm… and damn, we haven’t even started with my toys!!!”

Chloe had a tangy, almost peppery taste. It took me less than five seconds to decide that it was wonderful as my fingers slid between my thighs and started to tease my hard, aching clit. “Mmmm… toys” I mumbled incomprehensibly into her slit as her juices started to flow once again.

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  1. Ah, do you mean lushstories.com? I could not find your name anywhere. So I left.

    Nice story you wrote:-)

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