Peripheral Vision

Well, hello again Dear Avid Reader,

Been a while if I’m honest, guess the muse hasn’t been with me so much. Now this is an entry to a competition on Lush so you have them to thank for the idea. As ever I do hope you enjoy t as least as much as I did scribbling it.



Just for a moment I wondered if the red wine was going to spurt out of my nose as I coughed in surprise to the question that had just been put to me from across the table.

As I rallied myself I reckoned that was an image there would be no coming back from! Of course, officially, this wasn’t a date per se. Just two friends/acquaintances having a meal together; that had been stood up by their best friends who were a happily married couple.

I knew full well that Lisa had manoeuvred us into this position and I was quite sure that Suzy, Lisa’s best friend, was just as aware. Lisa’s husband, Mark, my best friend I was quite sure had tried to dissuade his wife although in the back of his mind I knew for certain that he’d be more than happy if the two of us were each other’s ‘plus-ones’ at his daughter’s wedding the following year.

So, here the two of us were, instead of the usual four for our monthly night out at one of the higher end restaurants in the area that we had all been frequenting for the past eight months. To give Lisa credit she hadn’t been in any hurry to ‘match-make’ the two of us; the very first meal had been a little stilted as Suzy and I both kept a wary eye for what we had presumed had been our friend’s motive. She’d left it just long enough to lull the two of us into a false sense of security!

I guess ‘History’ was on Lisa’s side as we were both divorcees; Suzy just over eighteen months and myself coming up on four years. From what I had gathered I got off easier as Suzy’s seems to have been quite bitter and acrimonious even given the fact there were two teenage boys involved to my one nine year old daughter at the time.

I finally regained my composure and swallowed the last of my wine; “Pardon?” I asked even though I had heard her clearly the first time.

“What is it with men and breasts?” she grinned at me.

“Aye, that’s what I thought you asked” I stalled. I took a moment to ponder her question although I was probably spending more brain power forcing myself not to look at Suzy’s own and wondering if I had been earlier and wasn’t aware.

The woman opposite definitely had a figure worth being attentive of; in my personal opinion she was rounded in all the right places and during previous encounters in larger groups of people I had taken my time to study her physique albeit surreptitiously. Truth be told my own tastes had her breasts as a tad on the large size, probably a D-cup where I always more than happy with a C or even a full B-cup size. The one thing I had noticed on this night was that there was a hint of cleavage on display and the figure hugging Royal Blue dress she was wearing was at least a level higher on my own ‘sexy-scale’ than she had worn previously when Lisa and Mark had been with us.

“Well?” she encouraged my apparent consideration.

I swirled the dark red liquid in my glass, “Well speaking as a man…” I delayed gaining a raised eyebrow from Suzy; “Okay, okay…speaking anthrom…”

“Anthropomorphically?” she suggested.

“Aye, that too” I quipped before continuing, “they’re the most obvious external sign of the difference between male and female… especially given civilisation determining that we should all cover up!”

“That’s very scientific!” she replied obviously not satisfied with my answer.

I shrugged my shoulders a fraction, “There’s the obvious psycho-analyst bamboozler-y; mother’s milk, sense of comfort, ingrained pheromone watch-a-ma-call-it! Of course taking the word of a cross dresser like Freud… hmmm well!”

Suzy shook her head; I concentrated at not looking at her boobs. “Freud was a cross dresser, I haven’t heard that one?” she asked.

“Really,” I grinned broadly, “All I ever hear about is his penchant for women’s underwear!” Suzy still stared at me obviously perplexed. “People are always going on about Freudian slips!”

“Very droll, Martin, very droll!” she smiled at me. I would swear I actually saw the twinkle appear in her eye as she raised her hand and began to idly scratch the flesh at the base of her neck, just a couple of inches above her distracting cleavage.

I could feel my eyeballs drying as I re-doubled my efforts to keep my gaze upon her face; “I always fancied it as ‘playground humour’, always figured it was the best sort.”

“So that’s the sum total of thought you can come up with in answer to my question? They are just extraneous bags of fat and flesh after all!” she challenged me.

“Now who’s being scientific?” I smirked back. “It’s the truth, that’s what they are… I take it you’re not a penis envier…er?”

“Oh I do like a penis” she answered, her finger descending fractionally as I steadfastly gazed into her eyes; “But I guess I prefer to borrow one occasionally, so I guess I’m not.”

“Well, that might just be the opposite of men; I think lots of us would love to have a pair on hand when the mood takes us… breasts that is!” I grinned as I clarified my statement; “From my own point of view I would say I’m much more of a nipple man when it come to the upper chest environs and definitely not a big boob fan!”

“Oh” she exclaimed in what appeared genuine surprise, “So, mine are too big?”

I blinked two or three time to dampen my eyeballs but kept my stare resolutely on Suzy’s face even as that red painted fingernail skirted within the top of her cleavage. For a moment I suspected that my gaze might be better dropping as her tongue slipped from between her lips and moistened her them; lips that matched her nails perfectly.

“N..No” I stuttered, “they’re fine, honestly!”

“Ahh, so you have studied them, then?” she grinned. “Just at the moment you definitely seem uncomfortable in the..err… mammary area; the waiter on the other hand seems quite unable to look anywhere else but into my décolletage!”

I felt a flush of relief but still kept my eyes front and centre, so to speak; “Oh good… no, I mean… I wasn’t… staring… then?”

“No, Martin, you weren’t. I have to say you’ve often flirted with me, quite tactile with a hand upon my elbow, that sort of thing… and that funny way you only ever kiss one cheek and not both and yet I’ve never caught you checking me out. I guess I’m not your type?” she said and I could literally hear and see the question mark at the end of the sentence as she tilted her head and that nail tracked down to the limit of her plunging neck-line.

I took my time taking another sip of my red wine, the only one for the night as I’d volunteered to be the designated driver, considering my reply and the woman’s face before me. “Honestly?” I asked and got a small nod in reply, “You’re definitely… my type!”

The smile returned fully to Suzy’s face before she consciously reined it in. “Still, like I said, never seen you checking me out and normally I can spot it from across the room!” she stated.

I leant forward resting my elbows either side of my empty dinner plate, looking left and right as if looking for potential eavesdroppers on the other tables; Suzy mirrored my stance and I was sorely tempted to let my eyes drop to the even better view of her cleavage. “Truth be told, I’m just a wee bit more subtle than the average possessor of the X-Y chromosomes!”

“Hmmm… so what, you’re more of an ass man?” she asked.

“Oh I do appreciate a shapely derriere and you my dear are definitely in possession of one of those… and yes, bosoms and bums, legs and lips as well as other… qualities help me form a… an aesthetic appreciation” I whispered conspiratorially, “All those wonderful attributes and more can be observed with the briefest of glances or even from the corner of one’s eye. I have wonderful peripheral vision” I confessed holding her gaze.

Suzy leant even closer, this time it was I that imitated her action; “So right now, you’re saying, is that you are indeed staring down my cleavage even though your eyes have never wavered from mine since I asked you about men’s breast obsession?”

I was about to answer when the man who had set off Suzy’s enquiry returned to the table.

The two of us leant back into our seats and I took the time to study the waiter and realised that Suzy’s observation had indeed been correct. I counted five glances at my friend’s chest and not a single one particularly subtle. He gathered our dishes and cutlery and asked if we would care for the dessert menu; a glance towards Suzy indicated that she didn’t, “Coffee?” I asked.

“Yes, please” she replied before looking up at the waiter, her fingernail once again tracing circles just above her cleavage as her eyes dared the young man to look down, “Irish please.”

“A double espresso, please” I stated and the waiter turned his attention to me with a sense of relief and a deep blush about his cheeks.

As he walked away I grinned across the table at Suzy; “You weren’t being quite so provocative earlier, the poor lad… all that blood rushing away from his brain!”

“I have no idea what you mean, Martin?” she replied ‘innocently’ as her fingernail dragged up the top of her dress, drawing it down fractionally as it travelled.

“They are quite the fine pair and the adroit use of your fingernail is a definite cause of… distraction!” I replied.

“For you as well?” she asked as she lifted her finger to her mouth and drew her nail across the tip of her tongue as it peeked out.

“Most definitely” I admitted, my hand twitching a fraction on the table as I wanted to drop it beneath the table and adjust my own swollen member within my trousers to a more comfortable position.

Her eyes glanced at the table top, almost a perfect line towards my crotch and she, ever so slowly, sucked on the tip of her finger directly causing a further diversion of blood-flow within me. I shook my head chewing my bottom lip before breaking into a wide grin.

“Something to add?” she asked.

“Oh, just a pet theory of mine, is all” to which Suzy raised an inquisitive eyebrow; her finger remaining between her lips as her tongue poked out curling around the pad. It was too much for me and my hand dropped beneath the table briefly to straighten my length within my trousers. I watched her chest rise as my action was obviously not lost on her and her hand dropped downwards and for the first time my eyes followed it.

“Please, feel free to explain, Martin” she said as I watched a shiny trail of her saliva follow her fingertip into her cleavage,

It took all my will not to pull on my rock hard member beneath the table and place my hand back onto the table. “Well. I’ve never agreed that women are the ‘weaker sex’; in fact in my book they hold all the power!”

“Nous?” she grinned and it took me a moment to translate the French.

I laughed at the simple play of the word; “Hmmm… Oui, tous” I replied quite sure I didn’t have the tense right but she let it pass. “All the things us boys do, good and bad, great and terrible; it’s all just to get into your pants. Or even your bras!”

“You’re blaming us for all the worlds ills?” I nodded in response as I watched that finger pull on the neck-line of her dress exposing the lacy edging of her underwear beneath. “Hmmm, an interesting point. Now if I was to concede it and of course I’m not saying that I do.”

“Of course” I replied pulling my eyes away and back up to Suzy’s.

“In this little… macro-verse of ours, what would you do if you… weren’t to get into my pants or even my corset?”

I gulped audibly as my mind’s eye pictured the woman before me without her dress on. “Fu… err…” I stammered, “Damn; I think… nothing too bad… maybe… just some extra laundry” I replied and although I was trying to be as cool as the woman opposite I knew that the colour was rising in my cheeks.

“And hypothetically speaking… what if you did get into my pants and corset?” she asked and I watched her teeth pinch her bottom lip.

“Oh, there’s definitely be extra laundry involved… but I would be so much happier doing it!” I answered.

She released her lip and her hands dropped to the table. There was a definite ‘evil’ glint in her eye as she pondered her words. She was just about to speak when our coffees arrived. The smile broadened on her face as she leant back and her nail returned to running along the edge of her dress as she kept her eyes focused on mine and without even having to look directly at our waiter I could see the young man almost drooling.

Once he had gone I shook my head, “Poor boy” I offered.

“He’ll get over it… hopefully there’s a girlfriend somewhere who’ll enjoy the results of my efforts!” she stated. Her eyes flicked down to the table top and again I figured she was almost looking through it to the swollen bulge within my trousers. “Back to the matter in hand,” she grinned, “Which one do you prefer?”

I shook my head failing to understand the question, “Which what?” I asked.

“Which boobie?” she grinned.

I could see Suzy’s eyes water as she stifled her laugh at the expression on my face and leant forward, her forearms flat on the table giving me a perfect view of her bosom. I shook my head to dislodge the shock within; “To be fair, it’s never been a question I have been asked before… truth be told, even though I do seriously appreciate a fine pair of mammaries like your own,” I spent a further moment staring into the woman’s eyes before me before looking down into the deep cleavage on display before me, “Hmmm… I’ve never picked a favourite before… between a pair that is I guess.”

I took my time examining the partial orbs on display and the shadowy depths all the way down beneath her dress and corset; I watched quite fascinated as they rose and fell with her breathing and licked my lips hungrily as she squeezed her upper arms together deepening the wonderful chasm between her breasts. “Well?” she asked after what was at least thirty seconds contemplation.

I lifted my eyes up to Suzy’s and noted a blush to her cheeks that I knew wasn’t due to embarrassment. “I have to make this decision on the… err, information that’s on display? To be sure, to make an informed decision I’d have to weigh up all of the data!” I answered and saw a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she leant back in her seat and raised the white-topped coffee to her lips without saying a word.

I lifted my own black coffee and sipped it and took my time as I dropped a small lump of unprocessed sugar into it before stirring it thoroughly. “Tell me, what’s riding on this decision because at the moment I simply can’t decide” I asked.

Her tongue flicked out between her lips and cleaned the thin line of cream from her upper lip. She took a couple of seconds before responding, “Let’s say… the level of enjoyment in doing your laundry,” she paused and I could see her mulling over a thought and I waited patiently for her to continue.

Her expression changed, a definite hint of seriousness played about her eyes and yet I almost jumped out my skin as I felt her foot beneath the table brush my shin quite deliberately. Mental note: remember to never play Poker with Suzy unless you want to lose I thought to myself. “Let’s see, do you know why Lisa suggested the four of us start going for meals when she did?” she asked.

I shook my head, “I hadn’t really given it much thought” I admitted.

Her eyes began to smile again as she continued although initially my own faded a little. “I had a scare a year ago… one of those ‘serious doctor-type scares’!” she lifted her glass of Irish coffee and downed the remainder in one go in a very unladylike fashion, “A lump was found and cut a long story short it was removed along with a sizable portion of my…” she grinned as she left out a word, “breast. So, now I have a fake boobie and a real boobie!”

“Wow!” I exclaimed glancing down, “I mean… shit, sorry” I apologised as I looked back up into her eyes; glad to see my surprise hadn’t offended her.

“I must admit I did pay quite a bit more for a top-notch plastic surgeon and he did do quite a superb job,” she grinned even more, “ Almost too good cause you realise it’s quite the rarity for both boobs to be absolutely identical!”

I blushed as I shook my head, “No, I wasn’t aware of that fact” my eyes dropping down again; “And hence the question… and I feel even more unsure of my answer now.”


Suzy’s phone trilled and she reached for it, unlocking it with her ring finger before reading the message that appeared. Even before she turned it towards me showing that it was from Lisa asking how the evening was my own phone beeped. I pulled it from the pocket of my trousers and saw a message from Mark, “How’s it going? You know Lisa is insisting I ask you!” I read aloud.

Suzy grinned at me and quickly tapped a reply before sending it and then showing me; ‘Just fine and dandy, very hot and interested waiter at the restaurant!!!!’

I laughed loudly, my spent cock twitching within Suzy’s hot wet quim as she sat astride me on her bed. I tapped my own reply to Mark, ‘OMG I sneezed wine through my nose after the meal. Not one of my better nights!’

Suzy’s pussy rippled wonderfully around my softening length as she laughed in response before leaning forwards, her hair dangling around my face. “I love Lisa dearly, but she isn’t half a nosey parker!”

“Quite possibly” I replied as I cupped her breasts between us, my thumbs rolling her hard nipples tenderly earning a sigh from her lips.

Even with the last hour with unrestricted access which included a thorough examination I was still unsure which of Suzy’s breasts was fake and which was real. I suspected it was the left one as it felt the barest of fractions colder than the other but having no idea if implants transmitted heat better or worse than normal flesh it was just simply a guess. The truth was I didn’t care and eminently happy not knowing.

As for my answer, I cheated and said that I wanted them both just as long as they were attached to Suzy.

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