Well, Dear Avid Reader…

…another scribble that came about from an entry to a competition on Lush; the subject was ‘change’ so be warned that’s exactly what I went for. As ever I do hope you enjoy so without further ado; read on…


Katie nurse

Sometimes the job was too easy!

Of course tonight’s shift was on the private ward with all mod-cons. A nurse barely had to leave the nursing station and yet she could monitor how all the patients in the private rooms were doing and if anything untoward happened they could simply press the opposite corners of the I-pad simultaneously for five seconds and a crash-team would be en route instantly.

Though, this being the private ward meant that it was a rarity that there would be any critical patients at all and tonight was no exception. Only four of the rooms would be in use and all were simply pre-op for surgery first thing in the morning. Sarah and James had settled three of them in already, a knee-op, a breast reduction and a breast enlargement. Katie tried not to imagine the two women side by side in an operating theatre and a ‘Woody Allen’ surgeon simply swapping the two pairs across.

Sarah was gathering her things as Katie looked up to the click-clack sound of a pair of heels approaching the nursing station up the tiled corridor. “Our last wandering patient,” she said softly to Sarah.

The other nurse glanced around and then turned back hoisting her bag onto her shoulder, “Your last wandering patient, I’m off;” she grinned broadly, “have fun!”

Katie briefly stuck her tongue out at her friend and then pulled up the details on the I-pad. “Miss McNally?” she asked.

The brunette smiled and nodded as she stopped before the station, the small wheeled suitcase coming to a halt beside her feet. “Yes, sorry I’m a bit late,” she apologised in a low, husky voice. Katie sensed a deep trepidation within the attractive woman’s voice which wasn’t unusual within the confines of a hospital even for the most routine of procedures.

“If you would confirm your birthdate and hospital number I’ll show to your room and let you settle in before we go through all the rest, if that’s okay?”

Katie watched as the woman before her gulped and nodded; her chest beneath the confines of an immaculate business suit rising and falling rapidly. The nurse got ready to move quickly around the desk as she watched the origins of a major panic attack start to appear. Miss McNally shook her head, her dark, straight shoulder length hair flying out as if she was in a shampoo commercial and the fear and panic disappeared almost completely. She read out her date of birth as she pulled her phone from her pocket and swiped her thumb across the screen and read out her hospital number.

“All good then,” Katie encouraged and led the woman over to room eight and showed her inside. The nurse couldn’t help grin as the woman looked about the room taken aback by the plushness of the décor. The only differences with a top notch hotel were the two screens and neatly arranged tubes for gas and air either side of the hospital bed. Katie swiped an icon across the I-pad and copied the patient’s file to the screen on the left side of the bed.

“I’ll leave you to it, your en-suite is through there,” she pointed to the door in the corner, “and you’ll find instructions for everything else on here” she lifted up an I-pad mini, “Including a call button. I’ll be back in half an hour?”

“Yes… thank you;” her green eyes dropped down to the nurse’s chest, “Thank you Nurse Rose.”

“Katie is fine, see you in a bit.”

She stepped out of the room and flipped back to the patient list just as James came out of the office having obviously used it to change out of the standard theatre-blues into his civvies. “Hiya Katie,” he offered, “don’t expect you’re gonna have a hectic night!”

“Unlike you I’m guessing,” she replied taking her time to look him up and down, “where you headed in your glad rags?”

“Meeting up with the crew from CITU, knowing them probably end up in West 5,” he answered.

“Oh it’s been an age since I had a good boogie,” she answered concealing her jealousy as well as the double meaning she felt behind the word ‘boogie’.

“I’ll be thinking of you; oh it’s Gately on duty tonight, so-“

“-I’ll not see her short of a nuclear holocaust!” Katie finished the sentence about their line manager. It was hardly a problem considering the four patients she had to take care of and it was also a reflection on her experience even though she was meant to be relieved for at least thirty minutes half way through her shift. It wasn’t a problem in any way on the high-tech private ward as the I-pad kept her in touch at all times with all nine rooms and even alerted the duty nurse if their ‘Obs’ varied outside of pre-set limits. “Have fun,” she ended with as her male counterpart walked away; she took a moment to admire his ass in his tight pair of black jeans.

“Oh I could really do with a good boogie,” she whispered to herself.


It was forty minutes before Katie returned to room eight, knocking briefly and entering when she heard the woman within consent. The young woman was sitting in the bed having managed to raise it up to a sitting position to watch the news on the flat screen TV mounted on the wall opposite. She’d changed into a large T-shirt depicting Wyle E. Coyote snacking on a drumstick with the tag-line beneath suggested ‘Revenge is a dish best served BBQ-ed!’

Katie smiled at the obviously brand new T-shirt figuring the woman normally slept in the nude and had bought the clothing especially for her hospital stay. It was far better than some of the negligees she had seen in her time. She pulled a stool across from the wall and perched herself upon it crossing her legs and opening the relevant file. She placed the I-pad down beside the patient’s legs beneath the covers and opened a drawer beside the bed pulling out a plastic wrapped package scanning the barcode over the camera in the pad.

“First things first; I see by your file you have no skin allergies you are aware of, Miss McNally?” she asked pronouncing the surname Mac- an-ally. The young woman faced her and smiled shaking her head.

“Family?” she asked.

Katie nodded, “Lots of cousins and aunts and uncles up near the border,” she tore open the package revealing two sticky pads and a sticky strip. “These will monitor your vitals while you stay with us;” she explained as she wrapped the strip around the woman’s tanned bicep, “If I may?” she asked pointing to the woman’s chest who nodded in reply. She drew down the sheet and slipped her hand up under the woman’s T-shirt smiling at the cartoon figure and placed the first pad on the side of her ribcage just beneath her left breast. “Yourself?” she asked noting some of her family’s Irish brogue drifting into her voice.

“Just outside Athlone a little ways” she answered as Katie leant across her and slid the other sensor up her right side, “call me Marie, please.” She had to reach quite high to place the technological marvel up towards the collar bone above the right breast, normally she would have slipped her hand through the neck or arm hole but both were quite tight. She was as professional as always and ignored the soft warm flesh of the young woman’s breast as her arm slid across it even when she inhaled quite deeply.

“Yep, that’s all good, Marie,” she stated as she consulted the I-pad, “Now just lots of standard questions just to double check the information we have.”

She rattled of the list of questions without having to read the prompts on the screen and just check whether the boxes were ticked or crossed appropriately.

“Okay so your scheduled for your op’ at 7.30 in the morning so no more eating till then and if you do get thirsty please keep it to small sips please.” Marie nodded her eyes briefly hinting at the previous anxiety she had displayed earlier.  “So just need to examine the site to check it’s all clear and prepared,” Katie continued as she scrolled down to the specifics of the case and felt her eyes widen as she read the details; “Oh!” she gasped involuntarily.

Marie laughed as the two women’s eyes met, “I figured you didn’t know.”

“Oh, I’m sorry” the nurse replied her eyes dropping to the patient’s neck examining it closely, “No, not a clue!” she admitted.

Marie stroked her fingers across her throat knowing exactly what the woman was looking for, “It is good work, isn’t it!”

Katie nodded, “Abrahms is the best; you never, ever recognise his work!”

Marie nodded acknowledging the surgeon’s name, “Not cheap, but then again if you can afford it there are some things a girl should never skimp on!”

Katie felt a little colour fill her cheeks as her eyes slid down over Marie’s chest noting a pair of particularly hard nipples poking up through Wylie’s eye and ear. With almost no hesitancy the young woman rolled down the sheets and pulled up the hem of her T-shirt exposing her crotch. Lying there, looking a little alien to Katie’s eyes as it had all been clean shaven was the last remnants of Marie’s masculinity.

The blush deepened in Katie’s cheeks as she leant forward to examine the cock before her. Even though it was strictly speaking flaccid its girth was still quite impressive and was easily over seven inches in length in its present state; the nurse became aware that her cheeks weren’t the only thing heating up as she figured the specimen before her was probably a close second, when it was fully erect, to the largest cock she had ever known intimately. In the back of her brain a little voice was reminding her that it had been over twelve months since she’d had any intimate knowledge at all of any cock.

She rolled her head from side to side and was a little disappointed that the patient had done such a good job of shaving her groin; even the sac with two tiny balls within due to the hormone regimen Marie would have been on for the past eighteen months was completely denuded of hair. Without even realising Katie allowed a sigh escape from her lips.

“Is there a problem?” Marie asked slightly worried and for the first time Katie detected the slight undertone of a male voice.

She straightened up quickly and pulled the sheets up covering the patient, “No, none at all; looks perfect… err, I mean you did a thorough, err, job, shave!” she answered far more flustered than she suspected she had ever been during her professional career including her first years as a student.

Marie lifted the sheet up and stared at her genitalia, the worry still etched on her face; “Tell me, please… is something wrong; will the op have to be delayed?”

Katie pulled herself together, ignoring the uncomfortable and yet stimulating dampness forming in her own nether regions; “No, it’s all fine, there’s nothing untoward. It’s not anything medical, trust me.”

Marie’s eyes shifted to Katie’s, her hands still holding up the sheet while the expression on her face hardened. “You don’t approve?” she asked although it was half statement.

“No… yes; I mean,” she took a deep breath and formulated thoughts which wasn’t helped as Marie lowered the sheet exposing her cock to her once again. Her eyes glanced towards the cause of her consternation before she twisted on the stool and looked at the woman straight in the eye. “I honestly understand the issues of body identity and can only guess at how I would have felt if I was trapped in the wrong body,” she stated drawing another deep breath seeing Marie’s features soften a fraction.

“I know full well that if you’ve got to this day you’ve thought long and hard-“ she paused and saw the corner of Marie’s mouth curl upwards at the accidental pun. “Sorry; you haven’t taken this decision lightly and also that various professionals have had to assess you, which can’t be an easy thing in itself and have approved the procedure. Down the years I’ve seen fifty maybe a hundred people pass through these doors before you for the same ‘op’ and I have never thought it was wrong or even a mistake!”

“So what was that sigh about?” Marie asked looking down at her groin.

“Honestly?” Katie asked and the woman simply nodded; “It’s a real nice looking cock, truth be told and, well, rather liking them myself and knowing that tomorrow it will be no more, seems a shame.” The woman’s eyebrows raised a fraction, “From my personal perspective, of course!” she added hurriedly.

Marie finally lifted up the sheet and covered herself, “I guess I can see that” she said and turned her attention back to the television.

Outside the door Katie slapped her forehead in frustration and gazed down at her crotch. The baggy, uncomplimentary theatre-blues gave no hint to the damp state of her underwear; “You know you’re no help at all” she scolded her genitalia and then grinned as she looked about even though there was zero chance of anyone overhearing her.


Katie sat at the nurse’s station, the I-pad propped against the side with the data being streamed from the four patients displayed in each quarter of the screen. Four sets of observations that couldn’t be any less interesting as she played Sudoku on her phone. Her mind kept wandering away and she had already made three simple errors on this mathematical puzzle as the image of Marie’s cock kept flitting into her brain and the ever present dampness between her thighs insisted on some attention.

A dampness that had already had her raid the supply closet and ‘borrow’ a pair of disposable knickers and an absorbent pad (luckily items that weren’t closely monitored); all of which felt extremely uncomfortable and didn’t lessen the demands of her quim. She closed the game on her phone and lifted the I-pad, her eyes staring at the small camera icon with a red cross through it along the bottom bar of the screen. All of the rooms had cameras for those critical patients whom she figured had never once resided here in the private wing of the hospital.

She tapped on the icon and a window appeared asking her to select a camera; it took her five seconds before her finger touched ‘Room 8’ and the next prompt appeared that she had known would. The security protocol insisted on her personal ID number as she’d known it would just as she’d known she wouldn’t go any further; she could easily lose her job if she couldn’t give a good and purely professional reason for invading a patient’s privacy. “Don’t think hoping for a glimpse of a cock is going to cut it,” she whispered to herself; “no matter how big it is!”

A single beep sounded from down the corridor and she swiped the window away as she heard the soft steps approaching up the corridor. “Hey Katie,” called Senior Sister Gately as she turned the corner; she looked about, “I see the usual Grey-Sloane drama is unfolding!”

“Ohh, never a dull moment here, Dee,” she replied glancing back at the screen to double-check the camera prompts had all disappeared.

The older woman leaned on the front of the counter, folding her arms; “Ever miss the ITU?” she asked.

“A little,” she admitted, “though the shifts I happily left behind!”

“And here you are doing a night shift on the most boring ward in the hospital!” Dee replied raising an eyebrow.

“True, but at almost three times the rate and only when I want them!” Katie answered; “Makes all the difference in the world!”

“You wanna take ten minutes for a fag break?” the woman asked.

“Not anymore! Quit the cancer sticks almost ten months now,” Katie answered proudly but in the back of her head the old demon was still there and the cock in room 8 certainly wasn’t helping her cravings.

“Good for you!” Dee replied impressed, “Maybe one day I’ll do the same… but I doubt it,” she shrugged. She surveyed the corridor once more and stepped away from the desk, “Well, if you want a break from all this excitement around three I could take over for twenty or so minutes,”

“Thanks,” the younger nurse replied genuinely surprised at the offer; “I’ll bear it in mind.” She watched the woman disappear and wondered if her general view of Dee was biased by the hectic workload they had shared on the ITU wards years previously or if the woman had actually mellowed. She heard the main door to the ward click shut before she whispered “Wonders will never cease!”

She pondered the idea of taking Dee up on her offer thinking maybe given twenty minutes she could satisfy the aching need between her thighs without any fear of interruption. She nibbled her bottom lip as her fingers twitched and had figured it would be the best course of action as she was sure that even though her toys waited for her at home a little play with her fingers even in the uncomfortable surroundings of a toilet cubicle might satisfy her soaking slit till she got home. A quiet buzzing began and her attention was drawn back to the I-pad.

Room 8 had taken centre stage on the screen automatically as it alerted her with the single word ‘Artefact’ followed by the flat line of the heart-rate. For a seoond Katie’s own heart added a beat or two as the surge of adrenalin hit her taking her straight back to her ITU days and then her experience simply told her that the adhesive sensor had come loose. “It would be you!” she stated as she rose from the chair, picking up the pad and headed for the room.

She stepped inside and saw the room lit in the red glow of the ‘night-light’ which allowed staff to survey a patient without waking them up with the main harsh lights. Marie was just a lump beneath the covers and even from the door she could see the sheet rising and falling with her breaths. She quietly stepped over to the bed and looked down at the tousled hair on the pillow. It was obvious she was lying on her right side facing her with her left leg raised up, in a semi-foetal position with the left leg straight down the bed.

As she stepped forward she felt something against her foot and looked down to see the patient’s choice of nightwear in a pile of the floor. She smiled, the rooms were kept quite warm, not for the patients comfort but so staff only ever had to contend with a single sheet and perhaps a light blanket if they had to attend to them while they were asleep; like this very instance of re-attaching a sensor and hopefully not having to wake the patient. She placed the I-pad on the side and opened a lower drawer beside the bed, lifting out a sealed sachet of adhesive which she placed into her armpit in order to bring it rapidly to body temperature.

As she gently lifted the covers she felt her pussy dampen even more and made a conscious effort to only draw it down to the patient’s hips. She chewed once again on her bottom lip as she saw the left-hand side sensor still attached which meant it was the right hand one that had worked free of which there was no sign on the white sheet in front of Marie. For a moment she looked at the body before her, arms up in front of her torso covering her breasts and she could see, possibly helped by the dim light, the asexuality of the person before her.

Marie was slight by male standards, even petite by female ones; her flesh appeared flawless and evenly tanned across her back as her eyes traced down the spine to the sheet still covering her hips. Her hand tightened its grip on the fabric and it took all her willpower not to draw it further down. She finally released the sheet and reached up for the small pen-torch hooked in the breast pocket of her scrubs; as she did the warming adhesive sachet dropped from beneath her armpit to the floor.

“Bollocks!” Katie breathed and knelt down on one knee to pick it up; at that moment Marie murmured and rolled on to her back.

Katie stared at the tent that had appeared in the sheets, her jaw dropping open and her tongue sliding across her lips as she gazed at the obvious erection. Her other knee lowered to rest on Marie’s discarded T-shirt; the adhesive sachet now a distant memory as her eyes took in the hard cock easily defined beneath the thin cotton sheet. It was easily over eight inches in length and rose at a steep angle up from Marie’s crotch, the engorged glans thicker than the stem.

Katie salivated, her mouth seeming to compete with her pussy as she leant forwards her chest and a pair of aching, rock hard nipples finding and pushing against the steel bar on the side of the bed. “Oh fuck!” she whispered as she tilted her head mimicking the angle of the covered erection before her. She watched intently as the cotton sheet slowly slid over the hard-on, vaguely aware that it was her right hand that was drawing it down as her left pulled at the tie on her trousers.

In the back of her mind a very small voice was asking her what she was doing, did she really want to lose her job; however it was in the minority as the rest of her mind and her body demanded to see Marie’s fully erect cock. She pressed her chest harder against the rail, her hard nipples between squeezed into the soft flesh of her breasts as her eyes followed the edge of the sheet rising upwards and across Marie’s swollen cock head. She released the breath she’d been holding as finally the white cotton tumbled down the length before her and she could appreciate the erection in all its glory.

Katie heard herself moan as she thrust her hand inside her trousers, ripping the disposable panties in the process and shoving the soaked pad out of the way to thrust two fingers into her hot dripping slit. Just as her fingertips pressed against her G-spot Marie’s hand that had been lying beside her hip opened. For the briefest of moments Katie was confused by what she saw, mostly due to her pussy pulsing tightly around her invading fingers and couldn’t understand what was lying in the palm in front of her.

“Please,” she heard the whisper from the head of the bed, “you can touch it.”

Katie stared at the sensor she had come into the room to re-affix as her befuddled mind finally added two and two and came to the conclusion that Marie had been awake the entire time and had actually contrived to lure her into this very situation. She could feel her head shaking from side to side but her body was rising and the hand that had pulled the sheet down was reaching for the magnificent long thick cock in front of her.

She was aware of Marie raising herself up on her elbows and yet her eyes were unable to leave the erection directly in front of her. Her own fingers within her tightened as she felt the hot, sticky juices from her slit run down the insides of her thighs; another pulse emanated outwards as her fingers finally touched Marie’s cock which twitched in response. “Oh God,” she whispered as she leant even closer.

Marie reached forward and threaded her fingers through Katie’s hair holding it out of the way; “You really do like cock don’t you!” she stated as she felt the nurses slender fingers wrap around the base of her cock, a sly grin curling up the edges of her mouth as the thumb and fingertips failed to reach each other.

Katie managed to pull her eyes away from the length just bare inches from her face to look up at the owner; “Is this you, changing your mind?” she asked cautiously.

Marie laughed quietly and shook her head, “No, tomorrow; I mean today it goes. Call it a… final farewell; tonight it’s yours!”

“Oh fuck,” Katie answered letting her eyes travel back past Marie’s heaving chest with her tiny pebble-like hard nipples to the object of her desire. “Mine,” she whispered and leaned in lapping her tongue over the glans shiny with salty pre-cum. A loud gasp drifted to her ear from up the bed as she teased the eye with the very tip of her tongue and squeezed the base rhythmically.

Marie’s cock twitched in response as she lay back closing her eyes tightly, her hand releasing Katie’s hair and joining the other to massage her breasts as the tongue slowly slid around the glans covering it all in saliva. She raised her hips fractionally as she felt a pair of warm lips kiss the tip sedately before easing apart and sliding so very slowly over the head; the tongue within resuming its gentle caresses.

Katie formed her lips tightly around the bulbous cock head and sucked hard upon it feeling it twitch against her flattened tongue. Her own eyes were open staring down to her hand wrapped around the base seeming an impossible distance away and she knew there was no way she could ever take the full length of this monstrosity into her mouth. She wondered if her pussy would even be able to manage but she was damn well going to try. She pulled her fingers from her slit and brought them up to join her other hand, twisting them in opposite directions, one above the other as she lowered her mouth down.

Marie pinched her nipples hard as her cock was completely wrapped in fingers and mouth; the second hand slippery with the nurse’s juices as it squeezed and twisted upon her length. “Ohh fuck yesss,” she moaned loudly,

Katie grinned about the huge glans happy in the knowledge that the side rooms were reasonably sound proof and with the door shut only the loudest screams could possibly be heard outside. All thoughts of her professional career and sacking had evaporated and now she was determined to make as much possible use of this wonderful cock before it was removed in a few short hours.

Her adoring reverie was shaken as she heard an insistent beeping and reluctantly lifted her mouth from the cock with an audible ‘pop’. She cursed beneath her breath as her eyes locked with Marie’s and she saw the disappointment within them that their time was to be cut short. She gazed at the I-pad and grinned as she saw what the alarm was about. Three seconds later she had found the discarded sensor and stuck it back above the woman’s chest and the device beeped once and was happy again.

Marie smiled at Katie as she let go of her throbbing shaft and pulled of her top quickly followed by the practical bra beneath. She tilted her head taking in the details of the nurse’s body as it was revealed; there was a light clatter as a pair of clogs was kicked off and then, Katie keeping eye contact, bent at the hips and shoved down her bottoms, disposable panties, pad and all. She gave her patient a little twirl and climbed onto the bed straddling Marie’s thighs, totally nude except for a pair of white ankle socks.

She took hold of the long shaft before her and slowly stroked it up and down; “So… if you don’t mind me asking, just a little confused here.” Marie nodded fully aware of the type of question that was to follow. “You apparently like girls,” Katie continued as she rose up on her knees and stroked the head of Marie’s cock against her soaking pussy; “You have one seriously impressive cock,” she sighed as she lowered herself a fraction and the fat glans eased her lips apart. She took a moment to adjust to the girth as it spread her labia fully apart.

“And yet tomorrow it will be gone!” she groaned loudly as she eased down inch by inch feeling it stretch her cunt like it had never been stretched before. “Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph” she cursed and still pushed herself down.

Marie’s hands slid up Katie’s thighs as she watched her cock slowly disappear inside her; she moaned, reciprocating the groans of the woman on top of her. “Yes… I like… fuck,” she whimpered feeling the tightness of the pussy easing down her shaft, “yes, I’ve always liked girls… and tomorrow I will still like them!”

Katie shuddered as Marie’s cock head pressed against her cervix and even though her eyes were now shut tight she was sure there was easily an inch or more of length still outside. Her fingers entwined through the other woman’s upon her thighs as she steadied herself and remained as still as she could savouring a fullness within her she had never, ever felt before. Vaguely she listened to Marie’s reply; “Confused… ahhh… has always been the way I’ve described myself… tomorrow I will be a lesbian… through and through.”

Katie shook her head, a wide grin upon her lips as she twisted upon the shaft buried deep inside her feeling her pussy accommodate itself to Marie’s length and girth. She stared down at the woman beneath her amazed at the view before her and the feeling inside; she looked so petite and even though she was nude and moaning beneath her she actually looked innocent. Her fingers gripped tighter on Marie’s and she ground her cervix down hard upon the large, swollen cock head pressing up inside her.

“Ohhh… fuck!” she breathed as she raised herself up and thrust down hard.

Marie drove her hips upwards to meet the nurse’s thrust and even though the last item of her original gender was to be removed in a few short hours she would also miss the look on a partner’s face as they rode her. The bed creaked beneath them as they worked up a rhythm and Katie tried vainly to fully engulf Marie’s thick, long cock. She bucked wildly on top of her patient as her orgasm overtook her; previously it had always felt like her pussy would shrink down to an impossible diameter with the previous cocks she’d experienced but the monster within her denied that sensation and yet filled her so completely in spite of that.

Marie’s back arched as her own orgasm followed on the heels of Katie’s; it was every bit intense as it had ever been even though her testes were so shrunken with the hormones she was on. Maybe she did miss shooting rope after rope of seed into a willing partner’s pussy but the pleasure was just the same.

The two collapsed down on the bed, their flesh hot and slippery with sweat as their chests heaved against each other. A minute passed and their heart rates slowed along with their breathing when Marie whispered into Katie’s ear, “Now I’ll show you why I like girls so much!”

The nurse squealed as Marie’s hands grasped her ass and pulled her off her cock and pushed her up the bed and planted her gaping pussy straight onto her mouth. Katie grabbed the top rail of the bedhead as she looked down and watched the first woman ever to drive her tongue into her slit. She gasped as she felt her tongue delve deep inside her, swirling about her walls as far as it could reach and her clit dragged from side to side against her hard teeth,

“Ohh… god that’s… wonderful,” she murmured and ground her crotch harder onto Marie’s eager mouth. Ten sharp nails dragged across the flesh of her ass and even though her quim felt empty and hollow after that thick cock had stretched her, a fresh orgasm was rapidly building and she no longer cared what sex the owner of the tongue was and let herself be consumed by the deft and expert talents beneath her.


The club pounded with an acid/disco beat as Katie tried to tell the barmaid her order. She shivered a little as she felt a trickle of sweat run down her spine from the exertions of the last thirty minutes on the dance floor. She looked across and saw James and Dee still going and with quite a lot of tactile contact which with every passing song seemed to be getting more intimate. “Oh and you always protested too much,” she said in the male nurse’s direction.

“Buy you a drink?” she heard from a pair of lips that had appeared as if from nowhere beside her ear.

She turned to see a tall redhead, possibly six feet in height, straighten up beside her and pushing out a formidable pair of breasts directly at her face.

Katie shook her head, “No thanks,” she said loudly in an effort to be heard above the music. A sneer briefly appeared on the woman’s face and she turned away to hunt for other prey. Katie grinned to herself; it was actually a rarity for her to get hit on in West 5, she always presumed she put out an aura of being straight though of course that would be a direct challenge to some in the, strictly speaking, Gay club.

“Not your type?”

Katie rolled her eyes and turned back to her other side to see a petite blonde had taken up the vacated spot at the bar. Again she shook her head, “No, not really.”

The blonde arched an eyebrow, “You sure? I guess you are, it’s just… I’d have guessed that you had dabbled in the Sapphic delights. At least once!”

The woman didn’t seem put out that Katie was ‘straight’, merely curious; “No never, may I be blunt?” she asked and the woman nodded. “I just really like cock!”

“Yeah… I remember… Katie,” she replied with a wink.

“What?” Katie blurted out and then paused and lifted up her hand to cover the woman’s hair. “Fuck!” she exclaimed.

“Indeed we did!” Marie replied, “Don’t you like the blonde look?”

“Bloody hell! So how’s life, Marie?” she asked and couldn’t help but look down briefly.

“Fucking wonderful… so even I couldn’t tempt you?” she asked.

“You went through with the ‘op’, I know… so;” she paused and dragged up the memory of the talented tongue that resided in the mouth opposite her. “Possibly,” she admitted.

“What if I told you I kept a memento?”

Katie stared at the woman opposite knowing that after the trans-gender operation there was very little that was actually left over, let alone being recognisable as a penis and it was always destroyed. “Can’t see how?”

“Well, when I was a Boy Scout we were always told to be prepared… so I took a mould!” she answered with a lick of her lips; “Strangely it fits my new pussy rather well! Wanna put it on and give me the fucking I gave you? Promise I’ll fuck you back!”

Katie knew her eyes were as wide as saucers; she felt her pussy soak the thong she was wearing almost instantly. “What are we standing round here for!” she grinned and grabbed Marie’s hand.

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