The Perfect Lover?

Well hello again, Dear Avid Reader,

It’s been a while and I suppose though it’s not necessarily writer’s block it is the idea of finding an idea I haven’t done before. I did briefly toy, even start what might have been a novel about humanity reaching the stars and the prelim as it were to First Contact. Odd thing was almost the exact method of contact, even down to details had already been done by Carl Sagan in Contact. To be honest it is the logical way an extra-terrestrial race would probably go about it. Ho hum!

Now the following little scribble is based on a familiar tale, there are even clues within before my own final word, that being said I do hope as ever that you simply enjoy it…




“Fuck!” I breathed as I felt his glans spread my labia and ease inside me. His hands were unsubtle as they mauled my breasts through my top as I slowly sank down onto his thick swollen member. Johnny, nude while I was fully dressed, had no finesse at all (yet) but such a wonderfully thick cock, just the right length that filled me to the brim as it eased deeper and deeper within me.

It was always far better to be in control of him; his youthful, he was only seventeen after all, exuberance always got the better of him so my favoured position was to sit astride his lap, one hand one his chest the other on his knee. He’d quickly learnt to slow down when he’d feel my nails dig into his flesh and I felt I was finally managing to coach him in the ways of pleasing a woman rather than just himself.

I groaned deeply as I finally ground my crotch against his and could feel the head of his cock pressing hard into the neck of my womb. The two of us, his thick 8” cock and my soaking wet cunt throbbed in unison as I pivoted around a little. I bit my lip as he pinched and pulled on my right nipple just right and an arc of erotic energy linked breast and pussy. “Mmm… not too hard, not too soft… Johnny… just right!” I murmured.

I eased upwards a couple of inches and eased back down, my eyes tightly shut as I focused purely on the physical sensations deep inside me. A smile of satisfaction spread across my face as his other fingers eased up on my left breast, kneading rather than grabbing now. I squeezed his invading cock hard with my pussy and span further gaining an “Oh Christ, Mari!” from the boy beneath me.

“You see, Johnny” I sighed as I continued to swivel while rising up and down his length, “Do as I say and… ahhh!” I pushed down hard feeling his glans grind into my cervix. It took me a few moments to reform my thoughts, “…and I’ll teach you so much!”

“Yes… Miss” he replied and even without looking I knew there was that ‘shit-eating-grin’ adorning his face. It was cute and annoying all at once and I raised myself up, deliberately digging my nails into his flesh and slammed down hard onto his fat cock. The two of us groaned simultaneously and I began to fuck him faster sliding higher up his length to drive down harder against him. His small single bed creaked and groaned as my tempo increased and Johnny’s hands dropped to my hips as my juices ran out around his invading member soaking my thong pulled to one side and his heavy young balls.

My orgasm was getting closer, slowly building as I drove faster and harder up and down his rock hard pole. I suddenly threw my head back and my pussy locked up instantly as the quick-study beneath me hand slid a hand between us and managed to roll my engorged clit as I had ground our pelvises together.

Stars burned fiercely behind my eyelids, my heart pounded in my chest and I struggled to breathe as the sudden onrush of my orgasm took me completely unawares. I vaguely felt Johnny’s wonderful cock grinding into me as his fingers tweaked and pulled on my sensitive nub. For a few moments all I seemed to be was my impossibly huge clit and unbelievably tight cunt filled with a monstrous cock. My orgasm crescendo-ed violently in a body consuming explosion and I flipped forward like a ragdoll onto Johnny’s chest.

It was at least a minute before my conscious mind regained some composure. The young man was gently stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head softly.

For the first time in probably five minutes I opened my eyes and looked into his. “You’re learning,” I said slightly breathlessly. I felt his cock, still rock solid twitch within me. The shit-eating grin re-appeared! “Okay, what does Johnny want as a reward?”

He attempted a shy innocent look, failing spectacularly and whispered “A blow-job?”

I straightened up, sighing as I felt his shaft twist within me, the glans still pressed against my cervix. Patting him on the head as if he was a good little puppy; “You were a very good boy, I suppose” I replied and eased myself up of his shaft savouring every fat millimetre of it in the process.

I looked down at his fat long cock covered in an abundance of my juices as it popped free. A simply wonderful cock to have in my quim but a literal jaw-aching specimen to have in my mouth!

The ‘grin’ reappeared as I took hold of his slippery shaft and lowered my mouth down positioning my knees either side of his right leg careful not to trap my skirt between us as I lowered my sopping pussy onto his knee.

Young Johnny Brown grinned even wider as he raised his knee willingly into my crotch and I started to lap my juices from his circumcised glans.


I heard the sharp click of heels approaching before I saw the diffused silhouette appear behind the door. I bit my lip as somehow even Pandora’s unfocused image through the distorted glass seemed to evoke a force of will and I felt my plain white cotton panties dampen.

The door opened and she stood there in her business suit comprising a tailored jacket and A-line skirt, a sharply pressed blouse, a dark blue short tie and four inch heels and undoubtedly stockings and suspenders. Her hair as always was pulled back sharply completing the visage of a ‘seriously-don’t-fuck-with-me’ solicitor.

“You’re late!” she scolded me as her eyes flicked beyond me surveying the street.

“My apologies, Pandora” I answered and quickly stepped in through the door as she stepped out of the way.

“The kitchen” she simply stated and I walked through the large lounge into Shaker-style kitchen with a large farmhouse table in the middle. The grin disappeared from my face as I turned about; more time generally meant the comfort of the master bedroom or the lavish en-suite but I wasn’t in the mood for soft and comfy and slow today.

“I am really sorry, Miss Pandora” I offered quietly as I pulled off my coat revealing what amounted to a schoolgirl outfit beneath. Bending over at the hips knowing my skirt would rise and flash the steadily dampening white panties at her I reached down and slowly pulled up my bunched up socks till they rose above my knees. I always felt silly when I dressed in this particular outfit for Pandora being twenty-six years of age but as I neared my destination those thoughts always faded and my nipples ended up rock hard and my pussy wetter and wetter.

I stood up straight, smiling as I heard a low moan from behind me and pulled off the Beany I had been wearing to allow two blonde pig-tails to drop half-way down my back finished with cute red bows. “I am really, truly sorry Miss!”

Truth be told, dress-up and role-play didn’t actually do it for me whereas Pandora was like a heroin addict for it. I was more than happy to play along as I knew what would follow. My tardiness had actually been deliberate, I had waited an extra ten minutes just around the corner which although lessened our ‘fun-time’ during her lunch break didn’t diminish her particular talents and meant I would get what I deserved (and loved!)

“Assume the position, Mari!” she demanded and I obediently turned about and bent over the table like the ‘bad school girl’ she wanted. It was true that if we had a brief fifteen minutes or a leisurely afternoon that Pandora’s tongue and fingers would bring me to a very satisfactory orgasm. In that way she was utterly un-selfish and when time was short, such as today, she ‘got off’ in her own way even if she remained fully dressed the entire time. She actually swore that her legal game actually improved on these type of days and when she returned home and got use of her husband’s cock her orgasms were as intense as any she had ever felt and always multiple.

I rested my forehead against the table and pressed my chest against the rough wooden surface grinding my diamond-hard nipples against it. No bra today as I had planned what I was in for and secretly grinned as I felt Pandora delicately lift my skirt and lay it across my lower back exposing my ‘regulation’ school underwear. I could almost hear her drooling, “Tardiness will not be tolerated Miss Mari!”

I stifled a groan as I felt her hand swoop down and strike my left cheek sharply. My juices flowed out soaking my panties and I knew that the older woman behind me was staring straight at the darkening line. Another blow on my right cheek and my pussy throbbed expelling another surge I knew would start to cause the thin material to become transparent and with each following blow my outer lips would spread revealing themselves. Three, four, five, six blows, each on alternate cheeks that I knew were getting redder and redder beneath my panties.

My pussy throbbed and pulsed as each slap echoed around the kitchen; the simple and pure torture was how many blows would it take before my ‘mistress’ couldn’t resist any longer and pulled my sodden underwear aside and thrust her tongue into my hot, dripping cunt. Seven, eight, nine… I could feel her breath between my thighs and knew she was inhaling deeply of my scent. My knuckles whitened as I gripped the edge of the table, my back tense as I ground my aching nipples against the top… ten, eleven and twelve! I groaned loudly and the thirteenth blow came down even harder although it was echoed by the woman behind me.

“You’re such a slutty lil’ madam, aren’t you?” she admonished me and I felt my panties pulled down rapidly, tearing in the process to my knees. I sighed loudly expecting her face to be thrust hard into my crotch but screamed as a fourteenth brutal blow landed on my ass. My pussy clenched hard as a small but intense ‘micro’ orgasm shock-waved its way through my body. Another hard strike on my other cheek and another tremor erupting from my literally dripping slit.

My body twitched spasmodically as I struggles to spread my thighs restrained by a pair of torn panties that I would never wear again but vaguely thought I might keep forever as a memento. I bucked wildly as the fifteenth bow landed (a new record) and two fingers were thrust deep inside my slippery hole. Pandora groaned in unison behind me and somehow managed to land another blow beneath her fingers striking my engorged aching clit directly.

I didn’t actually pass out but there was no coherent thought as hard intense orgasmic waves followed one another and the blows landed again and again; sometimes on my hot red cheeks and sometimes on my hard sensitive clitoris.

Only afterwards when the onslaught ceased and I slid off the table into Pandora’s cradling arms and kissed her weakly did I realise she had indeed had her face buried in my crotch as I tasted my juices from her lips and tongue and even her face.

“So that’s how I get you to squirt!” she whispered.

As I recovered my sanity I pleaded with her to let me return the ‘favour’. Actually begged!

“Oh I’m sorry my sweet” she apologised, “Still rest assured the accused this afternoon is going down for the full term even if we don’t have time for you to go down on me!”

“And is your hubby around this evening?” I asked hoping the answer would be no.

“He is…” she answered only half apologetically.


I watched three fingers driving deep into my slit, matching the fucking Pandora was getting over the kitchen table in the exact spot where she had taken me. She screamed as she stared out through the glazed kitchen doors in the full knowledge I was there. The bright light within made it impossible for me to be seen leaning against the hedge yet I shifted along so she was staring exactly in my direction.

After all she had sent me a text demanding that I watch and telling me that the accused had indeed suffered the full weight of the law.


“It’s so kind of you to give me a lift, Mr-“

“Call me, Ben” he cut me off, “You’re a grown woman now, Marigold and it’s been years since you were just a slip of a thing babysitting for us!”

He checked the mirrors and waited to pull out into traffic as the torrential rain hammered down onto the roof of the Range Rover. I looked down as my sodden clothes dripped onto the leather seats, “I tend to use Mari, these days… Ben and I’m so sorry for making a mess of your car.” It felt strange using his first name; I must have been eighteen the last time I spoke to him, just before I went off to university and I briefly flicked back to that young mind-set and remembered the crush I had on him.

I bit my lip as one of the few parts of my body that had been dry now moistened.

“Don’t worry about it, Mari, this is just for work. It’s been far filthier travelling between work sites!” he answered as he pulled out into the traffic and accelerated sharply pressing me back into the seat.

I glanced at the man beside me comparing him to eight years previously. He was still as trim as he had been and of course as tall. There seemed to be a few extra lines either side of his eyes but the major change was his jet black hair now had quite a lot of grey running through it definitely accentuating the years between us. I squeezed my thighs together, my jeans damp from the weather sending an extra shiver through me along with that of my warming quim.

“Damn girl, here’s me rabbiting away and you must be frozen” he declared and reached for the heater controls and cranked them all the way up.

“N… n… not at all” I answered and then laughed as my teeth chattered, “well, maybe a little bit?”

His eyes glanced in the rear view catching mine briefly, “There’s a couple of blankets under the box files on the back seat, why don’t you grab them and wrap them around you till the car gets warm?”

“Thank you… Ben” I reached about but was unable to reach so unclipped my seat belt. Keeping an eye on the road just in case I slipped off my raincoat and dropped it into the foot-well; I didn’t have to look down to feel the wet ‘V’ where the rain had got in and soaked my blouse almost to my navel and left two achingly hard nipples poking through my bra and top.

I quickly twisted about and knelt on the seat having to stretch and reach for the blanket, careful not to knock the files to the rear floor. My pussy clenched and felt scalding hot compared to the rest of me as I hoped, almost felt the older man’s eyes upon my ass. I deliberately arched my back pushing my ass up and was rewarded by a slight wobble in the car. I dropped back into the seat and wrapped the blanket about my shoulders leaving my chest displayed before buckling up again.

“Better?” he asked with a small quiver in his voice.

“Much,” I replied as I pushed off my shoes and folded my legs up beneath me, knees pointed towards Ben. My position naturally then had me facing him and I briefly glanced down towards his crotch as he concentrated intently on the road. I slid my tongue along my lips as my eyes detailed the bulge present in his trousers.

I grinned as he shifted a little in his seat quite sure that he’d seen my gaze reflected in the rear view mirror. A thought crossed my mind; “I’m quite impressed that you recognised me after all these years and in the somewhat bedraggled state you found me!”

“Oh…” he hesitated and made a point of slowing down for a junction before continuing, “You haven’t changed that much Marigo-, err, Mari. Unlike some of us, that is!”

“You’ve just become more…” I lighted placed a fingernail and then continued, “….more refined!”

“Refined?” he grinned, “I’ve heard worse. Anyway I always rescue damsels in distress… and I recognised the antiques bag you were carrying.”

I glanced down at the bag in the foot-well beside my shoes noting a hint of steam rising from my blouse as the car heated up along with my own temperature. It didn’t seem to be having a softening effect on my hard nipples though. “So you’ve been keeping tabs on me?”

“Yes,” he grinned broadly, “that and we’re good friends with your parents as well.”

The idea of the man beside me spying on me added to my mood and I felt my underwear dampen. Beneath the blanket I scratched at my thigh wishing, however impractical when searching dusty shops for mispriced gems for my boss, that I’d worn a short skirt. “So, I guess you know I’m back at home till I scrounge together enough for a deposit?”

“That I do” he replied, “but I hope you don’t mind if I make a small diversion to check on one of my sites?”

“Anything special?” I asked knowing that as an architect he had designed some very classy homes including his own.

“Not the best… the client has some, hmm… boring ideas but by no means the worst either.”

“Lead on MacDuff!” I acquiesced.


The diversion wasn’t actually that ‘small’ but the company made the half hour go by in a moment. Ben had pulled up on a deserted site and replaced his shoes with wellingtons before he dashed into the mostly complete building and remained out of sight for ten minutes or so. He’d left the engine running and by this point I had divested myself of the blanket and with the driver’s seat empty had stretched my legs out idly daydreaming about him.

I had indeed had quite the crush on him when I had babysat his little boy. Some of my first masturbatory fantasies had included him lovingly taking my virginity. The ones running through my head now were by no means the ingredients for a romance novel; more akin to a porno shoot. I’d loosened the button on my jeans and slipped my hand inside and was softly stroking my hot sticky outer lips when I saw him making his way back through the rain dashed and fogged-up windscreen.

I grinned and closed my eyes and simply waited for him. Increasing the pressure of my forefinger it delved deeper between my folds and dragged deliciously across my clit as soon as it unveiled itself from its sheath. I moaned through gritted teeth and squirmed on the seat as I savoured the sensations and wondered about the look on Ben’s face. The door hadn’t been opened so I figured he must be standing there looking in watching me; I bit hard on my lip as I curled my finger inside me and my teased quim grabbed it almost instantly.

I sighed loudly and eased my eyelids a fraction apart. I stopped. Ben was nowhere in sight. My pussy tingled, demanding attention as I looked about through the steamed up windows and saw no sign of the object of my lust. “For fuck’s sake!” I muttered.

The pneumatics on the tailgate hissed and I jerked in surprise. A squeal escaped my lips as much from surprise as from my fingernail dragging across my G-spot and my pussy happily gripping my finger. I felt the suspension shift as Ben sat down and pulled off his muddy boots; “Sorry about that, took a little longer than I expected” he commented oblivious to my state.

I looked back between the seats to see the back of his head. Now I was blushing deeply in a state of confusion. My plan of being ‘caught unawares’ had evaporated and I didn’t feel I could just carry on regardless. Reluctantly I eased my finger from my slit, a shiver coursing through me as my hard nub received a tease from my fingernail as it passed. “That’s… alright” I answered a little hoarsely as I looked at my wet fingers; I resisted my natural inclination to lick them clean and waited for Ben to return to the driver’s seat.

The tailgate clicked shut and a moment later he slipped into the front as I pulled my feet back onto the edge of my own seat with my back resting against the passenger door. “All good?” I asked.

He smiled at me, “Oh yes, just fine; you?”

“Hunky dory” I answered.

“I guess you’re not so cold now,” he said cryptically twisting in his seat to face me.

I shook my head, “No… quite cosy now.”

“So I see” he grinned.

I opened my mouth to reply and then paused wondering about his meaning before I looked down and saw that my jeans were still undone, the zip having slipped all the way down exposing a fair amount of my black lacy panties beneath. “Oh!” I blushed deeply.

“So what, Marigold?” he asked, “You thought I’d return to the car, see you playing with yourself and be unable to resist like some teenage, hormone fuelled boy?”

I literally gulped as Ben’s eyes locked with mine and nodded humbly.

“That was the level of thinking you might’ve had the last time we met, but now you’re a woman Mari not a girl!” I blushed even deeper as his words made me feel utterly like a little girl. I couldn’t help but drop my eyes from his.

“So, is there something you want Mari?” he asked softly.

My chest heaved deeply, my nipples aching and my pussy still oozing as I lifted up my face. I let my knees fall apart and after a moment’s hesitation I slid my hand back into my sodden underwear; “Yes Ben, there is!” I answered pulling down the front of the black lace exposing the damp mess of my trimmed bush as I curled a finger back inside myself. I had to seriously admire the man opposite as his eyes remained resolutely upon mine although his tongue did slide out to wet his lips; “I want your cock!”

“Now there you go, you simply had to ask! Hell that was all you probably needed to do a decade ago…” he replied and dropped a hand to rub the bulge in his trousers. “Help yourself Mari!”

I wasted no time and twisted onto my knees, reluctantly pulling my hand out of my jeans and planting a damp handprint on the dash to prevent myself stumbling into the foot-well. Ben smiled broadly and out of sight he flicked a switch and his chair hummed as it slowly reclined. My hands hand undone his belt and pulled down his zipper before it had fully descended.

“Oh yesss…” I sighed as he lifted his hips and I yanked down his trousers and jockeys in a single motion. I took a moment admiring the specimen of manhood in front of me. It was shy of seven inches and as I wrapped my hand about its base my thumb and forefinger just touched. “Perfect!” I declared and pulled my hand down watching his foreskin slowly unfurl to reveal his glistening, pre-cum covered glans.

“Why thank you, Mari” Ben said as his hand reached up and pulled my blonde hair out of the way.

I looked into his eyes, “Oh but it is!” I stated as I flicked out my tongue and slowly dragged around the rim of his glans tasting the strong saltiness of his pre-cum. He sighed as I squeezed the base of his shaft rhythmically, “Just right… not too long, so I can get it all in my mouth,” I looked at his glans and slid a fingernail in a spiral up around his glans feeling his length quiver in response; “and keep it there without gagging or suffocating. I’m sure you will appreciate that?”

For the first time as my nail drag along his cock’s eye the man before me lost some of his composure; “Oh yess… ahhh… yes, I do… I do!”

“And then of course,” I leant forward and kissed the tip softly as I twisted my hand around the base, “just thick enough to stretch my cunt a little and not tear it when fucking me as hard as you can from behind!”

My lips briefly spread and slid down over his glans as my tongue lapped up the fresh dew drop seeping from the eye. Ben’s response was a simple grunt as I felt his fingers tighten in my hair.

I popped my mouth off and released his cock as I straightened up, his hand slipping reluctantly from my hair. “There’s a lot to consider about the perfect cock, Ben!” I stated as I unbuttoned my blouse, “It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect to be satisfactory… ” I pulled off my blouse and made short work of my bra. Staring at his twitching member, watching as another heavy drop of precum emerged I massaged my breasts giving each of my hard nips an individual pinch in turn. “Mmmm… yes… the perfect cock, fat enough to fill my cunt and of course thin enough,” I locked my eyes on Ben’s “to take it up my ass!”


And it was a sublime piece of manhood!

I deep throated Ben comfortably, his glans pushing into my throat as I locked eyes on him, his fingers gripping my head tightly as he moaned loudly. I was even able to bob my head up and down feeling his shaft slip in and out of my mouth as I twisted my head back and forth; sucking hard I could feel his foreskin rolling back and forth.

My underwear was drenched, probably beginning to stain the crotch of my jeans as my jaw finally began to ache. In one way I was disappointed that Ben hadn’t shot his load into my throat but of course my pussy was ‘over the moon’. I gave his length a long hard suck letting his glans ‘pop’ audibly from my mouth.

The car horn beeped loudly as I knocked it in my haste to shed the last of my clothes causing us both to laugh before I straddled his hips. “Ohh… I wanted this so much when I was babysitting for you!” I declared as I gripped Ben’s slippery shaft and pressed his cockhead into vulva, the lips parting easily.

His hands reached out and grabbed my upper thighs, fingers pressed into my flesh holding my tight; “Oh I did too… but I reckon you now… it was worth the wait!” he replied and incredibly slowly lowered me down his shaft.

The two of us sighed in unison as lower and lower I dropped and deeper and deeper his length slipped inside me. I shuddered as I finally came to rest pressing my crotch into his, turning fractionally back and forth as we savoured the ‘perfect fit’.

I loved the Range Rover with so much headroom!

We started off slow but eventually I had my hands against the ceiling as I impaled myself again and again on his rock hard shaft. My third all-encompassing orgasm literally took my breath away and I collapsed onto his sweaty chest looking up with amazement that his cock was still hard within me. He purposely twitched his shaft sending aftershocks through me as he grinned broadly.

I groaned and twitched on top of him. “How…?” I whispered wondering about his incredible stamina.

There was a glint in his eyes that I couldn’t comprehend as once more his hands reached down and eased me up of his manhood. “The wonders of modern science!” he admitted as he eased me forward and his cockhead slipped up between my ass cheeks.

I closed my eyes as I felt his glans nudge against my pucker; “Please… give me a moment” I pleaded.

“Take your time,” he replied and grasped my cheeks slowly sliding his length up and down between my cheeks.

It took me at least a minute for my heart beat to slow a little as my pussy continued to drip onto his thick pubic thatch stimulated by the feel of the ‘blue-steel’ sliding up and down. About the same amount of time for my brain to work as well!

Blue-steel I thought before looking Ben straight in the eye; “Blue… little blue pill? Viagra?”

He grinned cheekily, a grin not a million miles away from that of his son. I tilted my head as I rose up on my knees reaching back to take hold of his shaft. I rubbed his cockhead against my pucker biting my lip and the asking “Tell me Mr Brown when did you know you were going to fuck me?”

I eased back a fraction feeling his glans nudge into my tight rear hole watching his pupils dilate rapidly in response. He groaned loudly and then opened his eyes as I locked my hand tightly just under his cockhead holding it still. “Mmmm… I took it just before I picked you up!” he declared.

I pushed back a fraction allowing his cockhead to spread my pucker and almost slip inside. The truth was it was actually taking all my will not to simply slam back onto his perfect specimen. “I’ve known some teens and young men less cock-sure than that!” I sighed as my pussy twitched, “How come… you knew I’d fuck you…it’s been years!”

Again that familial ‘shit-eating’ grin. “Hmmm… yes, years since we… spoke… but only days since you last saw me?”

“Days?” I tried to ask innocently as my grip loosened on his shaft and his tightened on my ass.

“Oh yeah…” he licked his lips, “I knew almost from the get-go… didn’t know who though… not until Tuesday… you know how these new phones are, the messages just pop up on the display without even having to unlock them!”

I gulped and released his shaft in surrender. Nodding I replied “I do…” as I breathed deeply and relaxed my sphincter.

Ben, Mr Brown didn’t drive his shaft into me; he just held it there with his glans keeping my pucker open, mu own copious juices more than enough lubrication necessary. “Who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth,” he stated, “Must be six months or more and at least once a week Pan’ has fucked me, didn’t really have a choice; not complaining though and hence my little supply of blue pills just to keep up with her!”

Still his shaft remained stationary while my pussy quivered in anticipation. I almost cried when Ben’s cock disappeared from my hole; I looked down at him questioningly. He shifted to the side and a strong hand around the back of my neck pulled me down. I sighed happily, grinning against the leather upholstery, inhaling deeply as I smelt his sweat upon the seat.

His strong hands hoisted up my hips till I was perched on my knees and I felt his wonderfully, still hard cock brush against my cheek. “So doesn’t a message pop up on Pan’s phone as I’m walking past it… from Marigold!” I sighed softly as his hands caressed my ass feeling them spread my cheeks exposing my tight pink hole to his gaze. My other hole dripped, sticky warm juices running down the insides of my thighs. “Well. that got my attention! So I gave the phone  shake and the message appears again,” he squeezed my cheeks tighter as he slipped his cock up between my cheeks. “Let me think… ‘Oh I’ll be there fingers in my cunt!’ Does that sound about right, Marigold?”

“Yes… Mr Brown” I replied not hiding my desire as his cock head nudged my hole.

“Indeed… and lo and behold not ten minutes later she drags me to the kitchen and has me fuck her across the table…” his thumbs edged either side of my pucker and eased it open, my body quivered in response as once again his cock head nudged against my back entrance. “Coincidence, I don’t think; do you Mari?”

I slipped my hands beneath me and gripped my breasts, fingernails digging into my flesh. “No, Mr Brown… I was there… two fingers in my cunt… watching through the doors,” I answered before whispering a single “…please…”

“Oh I will” he answered firmly and I groaned as he pressed harder and my pucker pushed open as his glans eased in and then paused. I groaned loudly but remained still as he continued, “I’d figured Pan was having an affair, a woman doesn’t surprise me but I must admit you were… of course today it was a gamble on my part assuming you still had the same desires as when you were young especially having taken a dose of Viagra…”

I screamed as his fingers dug deep into my hips and he drove his length all the way into my ass. My fingers etched ten deep scores into my chest as my cunt locked up tight sending a squirt of my juices onto the seat below us. “Oh god yesss” I groaned as this perfect sized cock filled my ass. A small grin etched itself on my face as Mr Brown would have been reassured to know that I had by no means given up cock; sure he had only to ask Johnny his son who I’d been fucking for three weeks now after hoping to surprise Pandora and been somewhat surprised myself when I found him with his cock in hand.

I almost laughed as I’d found quite the perfect lover even if it was three different people all from the same family. Of course Ben knew about his wife and when I, quite literally, took Johnny in hand he’d (afterwards) wanted to know why I had a key and he wasn’t at all surprised or bothered that I was his mother’s lover. It sort of felt unfair that Pandora was the only one in the dark but she (okay me as well) had started all of this five months ago when I’d delivered an antique desk to her boss and bumped into her with a serious case of pre-trial jitters.

Mr Brown kept his cock buried deep inside me, “I think it’d be just as well if this was our little secret Mari? Pretty sure Pan gets off anyway on her clandestine lesbian affair, be a shame to spoil it for her!”

I looked over my shoulder grinning broadly as I figured I had the best of all three worlds; “Whatever you think best Mr Brown now shut up, fuck me like you mean it and fill my ass with your cum!”


So Dear Avid Reader,

A ‘shaggy-dog’ story to use the parlance or a slightly different take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Whether or not you guessed about Johnny Brown and his family, gentle Ben and Pandora, yeah I had trouble getting a third believable bear related name, (I think Pooh or Paddington might have been too obvious) I do hope you enjoyed it!!!


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