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I guess this is all of my ramblings and meanderings and what not… ‘nough said!!!



Copyright © Frank T. Fagos 2011

The moral right of the author has been asserted.

All characters, places and events in these publications, whether alive, dead, un-dead or alien are either a product of the author’s (warped) imagination or they are used entirely fictitiously.

This work is published subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form other than that in which it is published without the express permission of the author.



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Well a rough guide to some of my less morally suspect stories, thoughts and observations…

Inspiration and Perspiration…

Maybe it all doesn’t start in my mind…

The Politics of Fear…

Should we stay or should we go? Europe!


The universe versus love?


In memory of David Bowie


Thoughts on Ideas


How to be a Woman

A highly recommended read! Not by me!

À bout de soufflé

An adolescent’s moment of decision.

reaching for nirvana

Home Again

A return to where the soul resides

Tis’ the Season

A festive pome for all my Avid Readers

It’s Full of Stars

Waiting for a Big Bang!

Weird Shit

Honest I don’t do drugs…


Perspective viewpoints over time.

And so the story goes…

How do I write a story… who knows???


A trip down memory lane.

Last of the Cynical Romantics

Chaos 2 Theory

Lighting design!!!

Chaos Theory!


Nobody’s Talking

Think ‘Hard Rain’ without the erotica! 18

Man’s Greatest Achievement

The blaze of progress.

As the Frost Thaws

Poem or dreams


The view from on high.


As it says above!

Of Stars and Gods

Meanderings on omni-potent stuff and the heavens above.

Conspiracy Theories… fact or fiction… who cares?



How close can you get?

The edge of the precipice

And the worlds turn on the smallest things.

The Demon Drink

Drunken poetry… sort of!


An end in sight?


Need I say more?


Killing time

The Midnight Smoker

Confessions of an addict

Do Cyclists dream of Electric Scooters…

or the ramblings of a Roadie for a bunch of pedal maniacs.

Angels on the doors of Dublin


Baring the soul


Spin the wheel, throw the dice

Isn’t there enough suffering in the world…

Justifiable rant… probably.

People Watching

The Tube can be so boring…or is it interesting?

The End of the World

Global warming anyone?

The Moment

A pause for thought


Anatomy of a Wake

Self-indulgent author nonsense?

Drunken Meanderings

The evil of drink?

All these years later…

Simple reminisce.

The Faschionista

Dedicated followers of fascism???

Fashion Dictators

Poem’s Don’t Rhyme Anymore Pt 2


Poem’s Don’t Rhyme Anymore Pt 1


Before the Ban…

A pint and a smoke and fine company.







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