Rude Bits…

Now if you are under 18 you know you shouldn’t be in here so please leave now!

Now that they’ve gone (?) please Dear Avid Reader feel free to enjoy the more salacious of my scribbles and to be honest if you are to get all of the references maybe an over 40 age limit would be more appropriate!!!

As ever I hope you enjoy!



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Copyright © Frank T. Fagos 2011
The moral right of the author has been asserted.
All characters, places and events in these publications, whether alive, dead, un-dead or alien are either a product of the author’s (warped) imagination or they are used entirely fictitiously.
This work is published subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form other than that in which it is published without the express permission of the author.


Now very brief and possibly vague synopses of the more morally suspect stories I’ve scribbled… 

Something Borrowed…

A ‘what if’ story about remote possibilities…

The Island

Finding  nirvana but no touching…


Having a nibble in the middle of the night…

Down to Earth

What goes up must come down… again and again!

The First Time

My attempt at Flash Erotica


Tuesday Morning

Caffeine can be bad for you….

A Room with a View

A view of a room…

The Future of Flirting 3.0

Careful what you wish for…

The Compliments fly when the Quality Meets…

When the high and mighty misbehave…

Mistress of the House

The Future of Flirting 2.0

Taking it to the next level

The View from the Top

Sexual politics behind closed doors

No 10

Heads or tails

Different perspectives

Distant Echoes

A dangerous liaison.

A Battle of Will

Fun and frolics at the gym.


Testing, Testing 1…2…3…

Misbehaviour ensues.


The ancient language of the tease.

Risk and Reward

A failure to behave!

Mirror Mirror

Reflections of reminisces.


Darkening Skies

The Devil is in the detail.

Adventures along the Horny Prick Road

A very dubious collaboration and possibly the ruination of a classic!!!

Needs Must

You do what need to be done.


Horny horticulture?

garden surprise

Contact (Shannon’s Story/Michelle’s Story/ Tony’s Story)

Can two become three or one?

Whodunnit/Guess Who/The Usual Suspects

Ever had sex with someone… but you don’t know who?

The Pastor’s Wife

An equal opportunities story, so to speak.

Unexpected Caller

Take a Letter

Classic or Cliché?


Turning ‘phobia into ‘philia!

The Box

Ever wondered what happened to the Pied Piper’s flute?

Consolation Prize

First prize isn’t always the best.

smeared kohl

Welcome to the End of the World

When the time comes we all need someone to hold.

The Pornographer/The Chair/The Pornographer and the Storyteller

A scribbler of erotica! Sound familiar?

The Chair

Happy Christmas Everybody!!!!

Santa cums just once a year?

Killing Time

A pleasant way to bide your time?

A Night at the Opera

Costume Drama anyone?



Nobody wants to be “cute”…

The Point of No Return

A life spent without remorse in 13 parts.

The Morning After…

Rise and shine…

Round and Round

Where no man has cum before!

Up in the air

Seven Days Before

The finality of marriage approaches…

Quiet Please or Pushing the Librarian’s Buttons

There is to be silence between the stacks!

Sneaking Out

On a mission and not from God

Survival of the Fittest

Dare you venture into the wasteland?


A Failure to Communicate

The language of love, perhaps?

The Letter

Can an idea be infectious?

Just Passing

The object of lust?

heaven sent

The Pool

A hangover cure.

Howling at the Moon

There’s only one thing on the mind of a werewolf!


The Uninvited

Careful what you wish for.

A Safe Haven

About time I did a Ghost Story

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Erotic? Maybe… Brutal? Definitely!

Inappropriate Responses

Sick and Erotic?

Hot and bothered

The Way of the Wicca

The age of magic and mystery

Outside Context Problem

Loving the Alien

encounter of the fourth kind?

The Future of Flirting

You might just have to wear shades!

So how was your day, darling?

Always good to get home early after a long day at the office!


We all have our sins to confess.


The Second Law of Thermo-Dynamics

…and still my favourite


They say it killed the cat!

O'Neill- Is'

After the Wake

Widows can look so hot in black!

widow cry. smeared

The Lawn

Memories come back to haunt us?

That Pinball Smile

A reunion a long time in coming…

Didn’t quite fit the ‘heroine’  for Pinball Smile but when auld acquaintances…. mmmm…



Well that’s the story so far… stay tuned….



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